15 Different Types of Food Slicers

Different Types of Food Slicers
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This article discusses some of the different types of food slicers in the kitchen.

Food slicers are practical kitchen tools that simplify various cutting foods into uniform slices.

The food slicer is frequently designed to work with a specific food, like meats or boiled eggs.

These kitchen appliances are offered in straightforward designs suitable for domestic use. Larger food slicers are also perfect for commercial kitchens like those in restaurants.

The slicer is offered in models that are straightforward tools that are operated by hand.

Electricity is used in larger, more sophisticated models to help with the extremely precise cutting of cheese or meat.

Basic food slicers are typically made up of metal and plastic parts and are small enough to be used with one hand.

Larger types need two hands to operate the device correctly. Here are some of the different types of food slicers.

1. Manual Meat Slicer

A manual meat slicer requires manual action to cut your food.

You must move the carriage or the slicer blade to cut the food. There is no electricity of any kind in this slicer.

Your muscle is used in this manual slicer. This could be a fantastic choice if you are slicing a small amount of food.

There might be better choices than this if you need to slice many lumps of meat. After some time, it might get challenging or exhausting.

2. Electric Meat Slicer

An automatic meat slicer is another name for an electric meat slicer.

This automated slicer saves a ton of time. It has a motor that propels the carriage for you using electricity.

Furthermore, this prevents you from having to do any significant work. Most electric meat slicers only have one speed and let you switch to manual slicing.

Furthermore, the best of both worlds is yours with this capacity for change.

You do not need to hold the food you want to slice because an electric meat slicer has a tray that moves back and forth.

You can slice a lot of food at once by doing this. This slicer is one of the different types of food slicers available.

3. Commercial Meat Slicer

Professional kitchens and delis are where you’ll find commercial meat slicers.

Although a commercial slicer is not typically found in a person’s home, you can still purchase one.

These slicers cost more money. You can slice a lot of cheese and meat with this slicer machine.

A commercial food slicer can quickly slice a large quantity while maintaining uniform thickness and size.

Furthermore, the commercial meat slicer category has various choices, each with unique features and specifications. This slicer is one of the different types of food slicers available.

4. Deli Slicer

Meat slicer, food slicer, and deli slicer are all synonyms for the same machine.

These slicers are employed in professional settings to slice large quantities of deli meat and cheese quickly.

What kind of food they can slice depends on the size of their motors. While some slicers can only cut cheese, others can also cut meat.

Furthermore, following the manufacturer’s instructions when using your deli slicer is important. A blade guard on a deli slicer prevents cuts to your hands while slicing food. 

Additionally, ensure your hands are always shielded from the slicing blade to ensure your safety. This slicer is one of the different types of food slicers available.

5. Mandoline Slicer

Mandoline slicers are flat-surfaced cutting tools with razor-sharp blades that are sometimes spelled like mandolins. You can quickly slice fruits and vegetables with it.

The food slices perfectly uniformly as you move it across the blade. To alter the type of cut, you can hold the food at various angles.

Some mandolines can even slice and dice food. Because you must hold the food as you move it across the blade, using a mandoline can be risky.

Many mandolines come with a holder to hold the food in place without your hand touching the blade.

Furthermore, consider wearing a cut-resistant glove to prevent injuries to your hands.

Furthermore, a mandoline can produce julienne cuts and has specialized attachments that can produce vegetable crinkle cuts.

Additionally, they have a diagonal blade to give your vegetables a fancy appearance. This slicer is one of the different types of food slicers available.

6. Spiral Slicer

A spiralizer is another name for a spiral slicer. A spiralizer is a slicer with thin blades that can cut raw fruits and vegetables into noodles. An example is a pencil sharpener.

Noodles emerge from the other side after you insert the vegetable and turn the crank.

A quick and effective way to slice your vegetables into a unique shape is to use a spiralizer. Also, this device is a great idea to remind yourself to eat more vegetables.

7. Fruit Slicer

You can slice and core fruit with a fruit slicer in a single motion. For slicing pears, apples, and other fruits, it works wonderfully. This tool makes it easier to slice fruit for tarts, pies, and snacks.

These slicers have a carbon steel or stainless steel blade to quickly and easily cut fruit into wedges. With each cut, this slicer creates eight wedges. Even vegetables can be cut by it.

Furthermore, the slicer’s strong, ergonomic handles give you leverage as you cut through the fruit. Also, you can clean this slicer quickly and easily in the dishwasher.

8. Apple Slicer

Traditionally, an apple peeler was a piece of equipment used to remove the peels from various fruits and vegetables, including potatoes, apples, cucumbers, and pears.

The best apple peeler, however, also slices and cores the apples in addition to just removing the skin.

Furthermore, these peelers allow for manual or automatic switching. The majority of apple peelers are strong and have lifetime-rated parts.

Apple peelers are simple to use and come in a variety of styles. This slicer is one of the different types of food slicers.

9. Vegetable Slicer

An apparatus that can slice, dice, or chop vegetables is a vegetable slicer.

All types of cheese, fruit, and vegetables can be quickly and easily cut through with them.

Many of these slicers come with seven blades, allowing you to slice your food quickly.

Spiral, ribbon, straight cut, cheese grater, julienne, large, and small dicers are some of the removable blade options.

Also, these razor-sharp blades enable you to slice all of your food evenly. The food you slice is collected on a tray by this slicer.

Furthermore, you can avoid messing all over the kitchen thanks to the food tray.

Since the base is non-skid, your countertop is not constantly disturbed. This slicer is one of the different types of food slicers.

10. Potato Slicer

A potato slicer comes with a handle and a box where the potato is placed. Pushing the potato through the blade is simple and easy, thanks to the long handle.

Also, you can easily slice through the several types of potatoes and create French fries and potato chips.

Since these potato slicers are made of stainless steel, rust is not a concern. It is simple to clean by running it under water and, if necessary, using a brush.

Different blades are included with some slicers to get different French fry cuts.

11. Tomato Slicer

The most delicate tomato fruit is what a tomato slicer is designed to cut. One type of tomato slicer has a pusher that guides the tomato through to the blade.

The tomato is subjected to pressure gradually rather than all at once, thanks to the pusher’s curve.

The tomato can be sliced quickly and effectively with this food pusher without being crushed.

In addition to strawberries, this slicer can also cut up mushrooms and organs.

A different variety of tomato slicers resembles an apple slicer. A top layer holds the blade, and the bottom portion cradles the tomato.

However, for the ideal amount of leverage to push the slicer down at once for an even slice that doesn’t crush the tomato, there are handles on either side of the slicer.

This slicer is one of the different types of food slicers. Tong-equipped tomato slicers are another variety.

The tomato is gently held between two pieces of metal by tongs. A knife can pass through the slots in the tongs.

The tomatoes are cut when a knife passes through the gaps. Also, You must do each cut separately and one at a time.

However, this slicer may take more time and create an enormous mess.

12. Onion Slicer

An onion slicer intends to slice firm vegetables and fruit, which includes onions.

This slicer has a curved pusher that distributes pressure evenly across the onion rather than just in one spot.

Some varieties of onion slicer models cut the vegetable into pieces, while others cut it in a blooming style.

This method divides the onion’s top into long, narrow pieces while leaving the bottom of the onion intact. With this slicer, you can cut various fruits and vegetables.

Furthermore, celery, cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, olives, and pickles can all be chopped. You can also cut strawberries, pears, bananas, oranges, lemons, and limes.

13. Lettuce Slicer

An entire head of lettuce can be cut in half by a lettuce cutter. You can cut through other fruits and vegetables with it as well.

Without crushing the lettuce, a cutter can cut through an entire head of lettuce. However, because the blade does not bruise the lettuce, your lettuce stays crisper.

The cutting area on this cutter is large enough to cut most lettuce heads.

You might have to cut a particularly large head of lettuce in half. Depress the handle, and the chopper will lower onto the lettuce.

14. Egg Slicer

A tool for slicing hard-boiled eggs is known as an egg slicer. The egg is sliced into even pieces by the slicer. The majority of egg slicers are made of aluminum or stainless steel.

Also, egg slicers have wire blades that cut through the egg when the top piece is pressed down.

The egg rests in a pocket on the slicer’s bottom. An egg slicer makes individual slicers.

To make eggs for eggs salad, cut the egg once, turn it at 45 degrees, and then cut it again.

If you want to slice many eggs, it will take a while because this slicer can only cut through one egg at a time. 

Furthermore, if you only have a few eggs that you want to slice, this egg slicer is a fantastic option. This slicer is one of the different types of food slicers.

15. Salad Shooter

A salad shooter, one of the different types of food slicers, is an easy and fast way to slice, shred, and cut vegetables, fruit, cheese, and many more foods. The food can be easily sliced and placed on a plate or bowl.

Additionally, no other bowls are required to hold the food you are cutting. Any food can be made into chips using this machine. As an electric food slicer, this device requires a plug.

Furthermore, you can thinly slice all the ingredients in a single minute. You can alter the cut you desire in terms of size and shape.

Two different types of blades on a salad shooter let you cut a variety of shapes.

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