What to Serve With Yorkshire Pudding?

What To Serve With Yorkshire Pudding
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Yorkshire pudding is a rich and delicious side dish that’s easy to make.

It can be served as part of an English breakfast or alongside other traditional English dishes such as fish and chips, roast beef, boiled potatoes, and more.

If you want to impress your guests or your family with an extra special meal—or if you want to create something new and different—it’s worth considering what to serve with Yorkshire pudding.

Here are three ideas to get you started.

1. Beef bourguignon

This is what to serve with Yorkshire pudding. Warm beef bourguignon is a rich, hearty dish that perfectly matches the rich flavor of Yorkshire pudding.

If you want to make this dish, be sure not to overcook it – it should be friendly, thick, and ready in about an hour.

In addition, if you want to enjoy warm beef bourguignon, let it rest so that all of its flavors can sink in.

For a genuinely flavorful side dish to serve with your beef bourguignon, try our easy recipe for red wine cranberry sauce!

2. Oxo Roast potatoes

Are you looking for what to serve with Yorkshire pudding? Try these perfect roast potatoes from Oxo. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mix olive oil, salt, and pepper in a bowl. Scrub the potatoes clean and leave any brown peelings on, adding flavor.

Next, cut into quarters or halves and place in a baking dish or roasting pan lined with aluminum foil that has been coated lightly with cooking spray or olive oil.

Also, pour enough olive oil mixture to cover the potatoes. Toss until each piece is evenly coated, and then pop them into the oven for 20 minutes.

Remove from the oven when the pork is tender and golden brown on top.

3. Savory Potato Puree

Thick, creamy potato puree is so comforting and tastes excellent, smothered on toast and mixed in with your eggs.

It’s quick and easy to make on your stovetop when potatoes are mashed or shredded and can be spiced up any way you like it!

Leftover rice – Whether leftover rice pilaf or wild rice mixed with mushrooms, adding some rice will help fill you up.

4. Chicken Tikka Masala

A curry dish usually features chunks of chicken in a tomato-based sauce. You can recreate the dish as a side dish to accompany your Yorkshire pudding. 

Do this by substituting chicken pieces with strips of grilled chicken or baked or fried tofu cubes. Combining ground cumin, ginger, and tikka masala spice mix creates a sauce. 

Also, you can add one extra cup of water or vegetable broth if you find that your sauce is too thick or dry.

Add your mixture to an empty pot on medium heat and allow it to simmer until it starts bubbling.

5. Lemon Juice and Sugar

Yorkshire pudding is a favorite dish in England and is often eaten at breakfast. It has also become popular in America as an appetizer and dinner time, especially during Thanksgiving. 

The traditional way to eat it is with gravy or brown sauce. However, it can be served in a variety of ways!

One classic option is to serve your pudding hot with fresh lemon juice squeezed over top and some sugar sprinkled on top. 

Alternatively, you could use brown sugar or maple syrup. Please ensure the lemon juice drizzles down into the center of your puddings, so they have that slightly tangy flavor while remaining sweetened.

6. Roast Beef With all the Trimmings

Roast beef goes great with mashed potatoes or other starchy side dishes like macaroni and cheese or smashed garlic potatoes.

You can’t go wrong with a roasted or braised vegetable, carrots, asparagus, cauliflower, or Brussels sprouts. Finally, no roast beef meal is complete without Yorkshire pudding as dessert!

7. Sausages

Sausages make a great side dish if you want to serve them with Yorkshire pudding.

You can cook and serve many different types of links, from Cumberland sausage (a pork sausage made from a mixture of ground pork, herbs, and onions) to sausages made from vegetables like carrots or tomatoes. 

Depending on what kind of meat you prefer, these will come in all different flavors and shapes. Plenty of cured meats make an excellent side dish if you’re in the mood for some cold cuts.

8. Mince and Onions

Mince and onions are one of those combinations that are tried and true, yet nobody knows where it comes from.

But everybody knows it tastes good, and it goes great as a side dish to go along with Yorkshire pudding. 

Interestingly, Mince is traditionally made of beef or lamb, but ground turkey also makes a great mince.

Add onion, garlic, cumin, paprika, salt, pepper, and fresh herbs like thyme or rosemary. And don’t forget the Worcestershire sauce.

Add some vegetables if you want it hearty (but don’t recommend making this low-carb). Cook on medium heat until browned, then add some beef stock or water if necessary.

9. Chilli Con Carne

Yorkshire pudding is a traditional dish made from a batter consisting of eggs, flour, and milk or water.

Some recipes call for eggs whisked together before the milk is added, and some don’t have any eggs. 

Whatever type you decide on, this staple of British cuisine should be served with something delicious and appropriate in both taste and texture.

We recommend making your chili con carne as one possible side dish as what to serve with Yorkshire pudding.

1O. Quiche

Quiche is a dish typically made with eggs, cream, salt, and other ingredients. Traditionally quiche is served as an appetizer or side dish. 

Looking for what to serve with Yorkshire pudding as a side dish, this recipe would go wonderfully with some chicken and vegetables – perhaps roast potatoes and carrots. 

The versatile nature of this quiche recipe means it can be adjusted according to your taste preferences. You can go on the adventurous route and try out different flavors!

11. Ice Cream and Golden Syrup

Suppose you’re planning a feast and serving delicious, fluffy Yorkshire pudding.

Then you may be searching for what to serve with Yorkshire pudding, and ice cream and golden syrup are great options.  

Meanwhile, let’s not go crazy with something tricky or complicated here; we need a crowd-pleasing dish that will make everyone at your dinner table happy. And ice cream is just that thing.

12. Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese

Smoked salmon and cream cheese are a quick way to spice up your side dish. A little salt and pepper will give it just enough flavor, then mix in some chopped dill if you have it on hand.

The crunch of the salty fish nicely complements the creamy smokiness of both ingredients.

If you don’t have any cream cheese on hand, you can substitute butter or mayonnaise (mayo) as a replacement; in fact, many variations go well with smoked salmon.

Either way, they are suitable for what to serve with Yorkshire pudding; sure, this one will be delicious!

13. Garlic Roasted Green Beans

Finding what to serve with Yorkshire pudding is essential when you’re ready to dig into a plate of these delicious puddings.

Garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper, white wine vinegar, and green beans. Roast at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes or until green beans is crisp-tender. 

Next, stir in minced garlic, fresh lemon juice, olive oil, and salt; cook for 2 minutes more or until heated.

Remove from heat; stir in white wine vinegar and season with freshly ground black pepper to taste.

14. Apple Sauce

The combination of apple sauce and Yorkshire pudding will surely please kids and adults alike! Stir-fried veggies Enjoy some nutritious vegetables with a flavorful sauce. 

It may not seem like much, but eating one cup at lunch or dinner could help reduce your daily calorie intake by 400 calories.

Wild rice is Another great grain that is low in carbs and calories while being high in protein as well as various nutrients that promote heart health.


Having what to serve with Yorkshire pudding makes a difference. And it’s nice to have a variety of options.

Choosing which side dish is suitable for you depends on what you want in terms of how filling, healthy, easy, or sweet it will be.

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