What to Serve With Wings?

What to Serve With Wings
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Wings are delicious and can be a whole meal on their own. But you need to have them with side dishes, especially when they’re a main course. So, what to serve with wings?

There are countless ways to eat wings, and the flavor combinations are nearly unlimited.

Moreover, there are also different nutritious and delicious sides that pair perfectly with wings.

We’ve compiled a list of 18 sides you can pair with your wings to have a fantastic meal. Just wait till you discover what spices and flavors work best for you, and you’re good to go!

1. Sweet Potatoes

Surprisingly, wings taste good with a simple but nicely baked sweet potato. It’s effortless to make and quite satisfying. Just add a little butter, and you’re ready to go!

While baked or fried sweet potatoes are delicious on their own, you can take them to the next level by stuffing them.

You can stuff them with different things, such as cheese and broccoli. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the sweet, salty, and creamy flavor combo.

In addition, the healthy side dishes of sweet potatoes and broccoli complement the delicious wings nicely.

2. Brussels Sprouts

Wondering what to serve with wings? Try brussels sprouts. These vegetables receive a lot of unfair criticism, but when prepared properly, they taste rather tasty.

You can make wonderful, crispy, and caramelized Brussels sprouts if you prepare them correctly.

3. Garden Salad

When it comes to nutritious side dishes, we can’t forget about the classic garden salad.

The dish offsets the heavy nature of wings by being light, energizing, colorful, and nutrient-dense.

Salads are wonderful because you can customize them to your tastes. Pick your preferred greens, vegetables, protein, fruits, nuts, and dressings. Use just fresh ingredients, and you’ll be fine.

4. Coleslaw

For what to serve with wings, try preparing coleslaw. But why not try a new dressing this time?

Some people find regular mayo dressing to be overly creamy, especially when combined with another rich meal.

A vinegar-based dressing will give your slaw a refreshing flavor that works well with any wing. It is also significantly healthier than the traditional dressing and very simple to make!

5. Cauliflower Salad

Try to prepare a cauliflower salad to go with your wings. This is great, especially in today’s world, where people are looking for lighter options. 

It is wonderful, a lot healthier, and contains significantly fewer calories. And making them is pretty simple. 

The cauliflower should be boiled until it is as tender as a cooked potato. In this way, even your children won’t realize they are consuming a vegetable!

6. Potato Salad

This is undoubtedly among the most popular side dishes to serve with wings. It’s delicious, satisfying, and rich.

The contrast between the hot wings and the chilly potato salad also pleases the palate. 

Use red, white, or russet potatoes to make potato salad. Cut them into bite-sized pieces after boiling them for 20 minutes. 

Combine it with salad dressing, buttermilk, and salt and pepper. For added taste, you can also include onion and celery.

7. Mac and Cheese

Try mac and cheese if you’re still wondering what to serve with wings.

Don’t you enjoy dishes that are simple to prepare yet also delicious? Mac and cheese are a beloved classic for side dishes, and for a good reason.

Unquestionably, the dish of rich, velvety, creamy pasta and crispy, succulent wings is a match made in heaven.

The best part is that it comes together quickly, whether you make it from scratch or pour it out of the box.

8. Avocado Fries

This is a lovely dish you can pair with your wings. Avocado fries have a crispy outside and a creamy interior. 

Furthermore, since avocados are high in healthy fat, you can eat as many as you like without feeling guilty.

You may bake them or fry them in an air fryer for an even more nutritious side dish. 

Avocado fries are great when eaten with a basket of wings and a creamy dipping sauce.

9. Stuffed Mini Peppers

Stuffed peppers pair nicely with wings and are spicy and cheesy. You might try to serve the wings with something less fatty, as they were probably fried.

Therefore, why not bake some stuffed peppers rather than the classic jalapeño poppers?

Don’t worry about it being too hot, either. Because cooked peppers lack their raw spiciness, they can be eaten.

In addition, the great flavors of the cheese and bacon help balance the peppers’ spiciness.

10. Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad

If you’re still wondering what to serve with wings, try this dish. Ranch dressing and wings pair well together, much like chips and salsa.

It’s simple to double this necessary pasta salad for cookouts and potlucks to serve a more significant number of people.

You can adjust it to your tastes by adding chopped raw vegetables or drained canned beans for more protein. Make it with whatever short pasta you have in your pantry.

11. Pretzels

It’s easy to make and bake these delicious, soft golden pretzels. When served with wings, they are a fantastic crowd-pleaser.

They are likely to disappear quickly at potlucks and gatherings on game days since they are salty, addicting, and have a soft interior with a browned outside. Don’t forget to add a bottle of your preferred light or dark beer.

12. Classic Bruschetta

For what to serve with wings, try preparing this dish. This recipe provides the ideal companion for your game day meal and is frequently offered as a passed snack.

You can spend more time on refreshments and having fun because it only requires a few simple steps and ingredients.

Make your own adventure out of these Italian crostinis by heaping them high with canned fish, charcuterie, cheese, olives, or whatever else you may find in your cupboard.

13. Spicy Corn Carbonara

Here is another fantastic side to pair with wings. This meal is rich and creamy without being heavy.

It is made with milk, egg yolk, parmesan cheese, and a lot of sweet corn, making it ideal for a warm-weather occasion.

14. Crispy Roasted Artichokes

Still, wondering what to serve with wings? Try crispy roasted artichokes! You might choose to serve roasted vegetables as a side dish if your wings are fried.

This serving of artichokes will work perfectly. Hard artichokes become crispy and golden after some time in the oven. If you serve them with a garlic aioli dip, they are really delicious.

15. Baked Potato Chips

These are considerably crispier than potato skins. It’s enjoyable to consume some crunchy, salty snacks in between bites of wings. Small, bite-sized baked potato chips come with a variety of toppings.

They can be offered at a sizable gathering or on game day. They are also ideal for a snack in the afternoon if you are spending the day at home.

16. Buttermilk Skillet Corn Bread with Tomatoes and Onions

If you want a side dish with wings that can be divided if you are hosting a large party and serving a massive container of wings, then prepare this dish. 

In most cases, the tomato-scallion topping is mixed with olive oil, salt, and pepper before being spread on the cornbread. However, you may use maize kernels, bell pepper, or zucchini instead.

17. Carrot and Beetroot Salad

For what to serve with wings, try preparing carrot and beetroot salad. This quick and easy salad is perfect for serving with your favorite wings when you need something to eat right away. 

These beets and carrots don’t actually need any additional dressing because they are soaked in lovely balsamic vinegar.

It’s simple enough for a regular dinner but sophisticated enough for a formal event. Perfect!

18. Asian Cucumber Salad

This salad’s three main ingredients of sesame seeds, cucumber, and onions combine to provide a mouthwatering flavor.

The soy sauce and rice vinegar in the dressing, which is definitely Asian-inspired, combine all the flavors. 

This Asian cucumber salad is a must-have for your upcoming barbecue because it’s so easy to prepare and deliciously served alongside your hot wings.

The recipe calls for chili flakes, but you can leave them out for a kid-friendly side dish.


After reading the above list, you shouldn’t worry about what to serve with wings again.

Whether you’re making a simple dinner or hosting a big party, there’s something for you. So pick your choice and enjoy!

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