What to Serve With Watermelon Salad?

What to Serve With Watermelon Salad
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Are you wondering what to serve with watermelon salad? Then you’re at the right place!

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of sides that pair perfectly with your watermelon salad.

Watermelon salad is a simple and very versatile dish. You can pair this tasty salad with different foods, depending on the dish you’re planning.

Moreover, watermelon is perfect for summertime. So without further ado, let’s get into the different sides that go well with watermelon salad.

1. Garlic Bread

This fantastic side dish goes well with just about any meal. It is delicious, quick, and simple to prepare. You can enhance the flavor of your meal by serving garlic bread.

In addition, it’s really simple to prepare, making it ideal for busy weeknights. The bread is soft and fluffy inside and nicely crunchy on the outside.

2. Dinner Rolls

For what to serve with watermelon salad, try dinner rolls. Dinner rolls boost the flavor of any meal.

You can choose the flavor that best goes with your cuisine because they are available in various flavors. 

Also, you can eat them anytime because they are simple to make. They also make a great side dish due to their fluffy texture. For even more richness, brush the rolls with butter after baking.

3. Biscuits

This Southern staple pairs well with just about every meal and are very simple to prepare. These biscuits have a classic flavor, but if you want to spice things up, you may add some herbs and spices.

Toss in some minced thyme or rosemary, or sprinkle cayenne pepper on top before baking.

And for a true treat, drizzle honey or jam on top of your biscuits. So the next time you’re searching for a mouthwatering side dish, try biscuits.

4. Cornbread

Are you still wondering what to serve with watermelon salad? Try cornbread! Cornbread has never gotten its due.

It’s extremely versatile and can go with almost any meal. Besides, making it isn’t as difficult as many may imagine.

Cornbread comes in a huge variety of flavors, from sweet to savory. And the texture can be anything from fluffy to thick.

In addition, you can always add a small amount of sugar to it to make it sweeter. There are a few things you can do to spice up your cornbread. 

Add some finely chopped green onions or jalapenos to the batter. Alternately, spread some melted butter over the cornbread’s top and then top it with paprika or garlic powder.

Cornbread is suitable for any occasion. On a cold winter day, pair it with a big pot of chili. Or, in the summer, enjoy it with some barbecue.

Therefore, remember cornbread the next time you’re looking for a tasty side dish.

5. Baked Sweet Potato

For what to serve with watermelon salad, prepare baked sweet potatoes. Baked sweet potatoes are a wonderful addition to any dish for taste and texture.

They are also rather simple to make, so you may prepare them for a special occasion or weekday.

6. Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Roasted sweet potatoes are pretty simple to cook, and they add flavor and nutrients to any meal.

Simply slice them up, mix them with some olive oil, your preferred herbs, and spices, then roast them in the oven until they are soft and browned.

In addition to being naturally sweet and tasty, sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

Because of their versatility, you can eat them roasted, mashed, or even baked into a mouthwatering sweet potato casserole.

7. Sweet Potato Fries

If you’re wondering what to serve with watermelon salad and want something crunchy, sweet potato fries are your best bet.

Moreover, these fries are amazing and quite simple to make. And you can use any herbs or spices you like.

They are wonderful as a side dish for a summer barbecue or a quick weeknight meal.

Just be cautious not to overcook them; you want them to be lovely and crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.

8. Fruit Salad

For a tasty and healthful side dish, why not add fruit to your watermelon salad? The fact that you can easily alter this dish to your preferences and make it work for every occasion makes it even better. 

Use ripe fruits that are in season for the finest flavor to enhance the flavor of your fruit salad.

Add some honey or agave nectar for a little extra sweetness if desired. You can also add a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice for some extra pop.

9. Potato Salad

This is also on our list of what to serve with watermelon salad. It’s filling and flavorful, and you can easily customize it to your liking.

Finding the perfect flavor balance is essential for making superb potato salad. Of course, no potato salad would be complete without some mayonnaise. 

Just be careful not to add too much, or it will become too heavy. Potato salad made to perfection is flavorful, fluffy, and light.

10. Grilled Salmon

Salmon is a protein that pairs well with watermelon salad. The spicy flavor of the salmon blends wonderfully with the sweetness of the melon. 

In addition, you may serve this dish as an appetizer or a main course, and it is simple to prepare.

To prepare grilled salmon, begin by marinating the fish in a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, and your preferred herbs and spices.

The salmon should then be cooked for 3-5 minutes on each side in a grill pan that has been heated to medium-high heat. Before cooking, oil the pan to avoid the fish sticking.

This meal is ideal for a weeknight dinner or a summer barbecue. For a full dinner, serve it with a simple salad and some crusty bread.

11. Grilled Chicken

For what to serve with watermelon salad, try the grilled chicken. You can customize this recipe to your preferences, and it is simple to prepare.

For instance, you can flavor the chicken with various herbs and spices. To give the chicken a fresher flavor, you may also cook it with little lemon juice. This recipe is ideal for picnics or barbecues in the summer.

12. Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is an excellent side dish for the watermelon salad. The soft, sweet kernels of corn are delicious.

Consider spicing up the corn by adding some herbs and spices to make it even nicer.

Add additional herbs and spices to the corn to make it even nicer. If you want to add a little heat, use cumin, paprika, or chili powder.

For a more summery taste, you might also try adding some finely chopped fresh basil or thyme.

13. Baked Beans

Although baked beans might seem like a weird addition to a dish like a watermelon salad, I assure you that they are excellent! If you’re looking for what to serve with watermelon salad, you can try baked beans.

In addition, the freshness of the watermelon and the sweet and smoky beans combine beautifully, and the different textures create an intriguing and tasty salad. 

Add some chopped bacon or smoked sausage to the baked beans to make them even nicer.

Try swapping out the smoked sausage for chipotle peppers in adobo sauce if you want something a little bit spicier.

Finally, ensure to modify the quantity you use according to how hot you like your dish to be. 

14. Quinoa

Adding quinoa to your watermelon salad is a terrific way to boost the amount of protein in the dish and will offer a lovely nutty flavor to balance out the sweetness of the watermelon.

In addition, it cooks quickly—boil it in some broth or water for approximately 15 minutes. Try boiling the quinoa in chicken or vegetable broth rather than water if you want to give it even more flavor.

Furthermore, you can use some finely chopped herbs, such as mint or parsley. Add some toasted slivered almonds or chopped pistachios to the salad’s toppings for some added crunch.


There you have it – our list of side dish ideas if you’re wondering what to serve with watermelon salad.

Serving a side dish with your watermelon salad is necessary for a truly delicious result. So pick your choice from the list above and enjoy!

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