What to Serve With Tri Tip?

What To Serve With Tri Tip
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When it comes to a delicious meal, the sides can make or break the meal.

Tri-tip is a versatile cut of beef that can easily be the show’s star, but it’s important to pair it with the right sides to make a truly memorable meal, so what to serve with Tri Tip?

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing what to serve with tri-tip, from roasted vegetables to creative salads and more.

No matter what flavors you’re looking to incorporate, a side dish here will perfectly complement your tri-tip. Keep reading to learn all about what to serve with tri-tip.

1. Mashed Cauliflower

This is the first on our list of what to serve with tri-tip. Mashed cauliflower is a great side dish to serve with tri-tip. It’s a tasty, nutritious way to add some extra flavor and texture to the meal.

The natural creaminess of mashed cauliflower can be enhanced with butter, garlic, or other herbs. When cooked correctly, it can be an incredibly delicious dish.

For added variety, try adding steamed vegetables like carrots, broccoli, or green beans.

This will provide a nice crunch to your side dish and introduce an array of vibrant colors to your plate. 

If you’re looking for something more indulgent, try adding in cheese and bacon bits for an extra savory experience.

With just a few simple ingredients, you can transform mashed cauliflower into a tantalizing side dish that pairs perfectly with a tri tip.

2. Steak Pasta Salad

Tri tip is a tender, juicy cut of beef that is perfect for grilling. It can become a delicious and impressive meal when served with the right sides.

One of the best side dishes ideas for what to serve with tri tip is steak pasta salad. 

This dish combines cooked tri-tip strips with cooked pasta, flavorful vegetables, and a tangy vinaigrette.

The result is an interesting flavor combination that pairs perfectly with the tri-tip. It’s also a hearty dish that will easily satisfy your guests’ hunger. 

Steak pasta salad is easy to make and will be a hit at your next gathering. You can whip up this delicious side with just a few ingredients and minimal prep time.

Serve it with some grilled vegetables or your favorite potatoes, and you’ll have an amazing meal that everyone will love.

3. Spicy Green Beans

Spicy green beans are a great addition to any tri-tip dinner. They add a little kick to the meal while providing a healthy vegetable option.

To make spicy green beans, start by sautéing garlic and onion in olive oil until softened. 

Then, add your favorite spices (think cumin, chili powder, and paprika) and stir for a few minutes.

Finally, add in some trimmed green beans and cook for about 5 minutes until tender. Serve these alongside your tri-tip for a flavorful dinner.

4. Grilled Shrimp Skewers

Wondering what to serve with tri-tip? Grilled shrimp skewers are the perfect addition to any tri-tip meal. Not only are they easy to prepare and cook, but they are packed with flavor.

Grilled shrimp skewers are a great way to add a touch of seafood to your plate without going overboard. 

They are a great way to provide a lighter option for those who may not be fans of heavier meats.

Skewer your favorite fresh or frozen shrimp, season them as desired, and throw them on the grill alongside your tri-tip.

The delicious smoky taste that grilling brings out in the shrimp is guaranteed to pair perfectly with the flavors of your tri-tip. Enjoy!

5. Potato Fries

Potato fries are what to serve with tri-tip. Not only are they a classic side dish, but they also help balance out the steak’s richness.

Potato fries can be cooked in various ways, from baking them in the oven to pan-frying them in butter. 

For an extra kick of flavor, consider seasoning your fries with garlic and herbs before cooking. Serve them up with some ketchup or aioli for an unforgettable meal.

6. Creamed Corn

Creamed corn is a great side dish to serve with tri-tip. It pairs wonderfully with the savory flavors of the beef and can help add a bit of sweetness to the meal.

This dish is also easy to make, requiring just a few ingredients and minimal preparation time. 

To make creamed corn, start by simmering corn kernels in milk until they are tender. Then, add butter, sugar, and salt to taste.

Finally, thicken the mixture with a bit of flour or cornstarch and season with additional salt and pepper, if desired. This is what to serve with tri tip for a delicious side dish.

7. Caprese Roasted Asparagus

Caprese roasted asparagus is a delicious and flavorful side dish to serve with tri-tip.

Asparagus spears are coated in a mixture of olive oil, garlic, fresh basil, and balsamic vinegar, then roasted until lightly charred.

Tomatoes and mozzarella cheese are then added to the top of the asparagus for a finishing touch. 

This dish will surely be a hit with your guests, and the best part is that it only takes minutes to make.

Not only is it tasty, but it also provides a healthy option alongside your savory tri-tip. 

When paired with the tri-tip, the flavors of the asparagus work together to create a well-rounded meal that will have everyone asking for seconds.

The tomatoes hint at the sweetness and the cheese adds a creamy texture. Whether you’re looking for a quick side dish or something more complex, Caprese roasted asparagus is best for what to serve with tri-tip and is the perfect choice for any occasion.

8. Jalapeno Cornbread

Wondering what to serve with tri tip? Jalapeno cornbread is a classic accompaniment to a delicious tri-tip dinner.

Its unique blend of jalapeno and corn flavors pairs perfectly with the hearty, smoky flavor of the tri-tip.

Whether served as a side or a light snack, jalapeno cornbread adds an extra kick to your meal.

Making your own jalapeno cornbread is surprisingly easy and only requires a few simple ingredients.

It’s a great way to add a little zest to any meal and is sure to be a hit with family and friends.

Serve your jalapeno cornbread warm with some butter or as part of a larger meal with some roasted vegetables and other sides.

9. Warm Brussel Sprout and Blue Cheese

The warm Brussels sprouts and blue cheese salad is a delicious side dish ideas for what to serve with tri-tip.

This flavorful salad combines fresh Brussels sprouts, which are roasted in the oven until crispy, and blue cheese, which adds a creamy and sharp flavor. 

Start by washing and trimming your Brussels sprouts to make this simple dish.

Then, toss them in olive oil, salt, and pepper, before roasting in the oven at 400°F for 20-30 minutes.

Once the Brussels sprouts are crispy, add them to a large bowl with some crumbled blue cheese and your favorite vinaigrette.

Toss everything together and enjoy the rich flavors of this warm and delicious side dish!

10. Grilled Garlic Flatbread

Grilled garlic flatbread is the perfect accompaniment to tri-tip. Not only does it add texture and flavor to your meal, but it’s also easy to prepare.

Start by combining garlic, salt, and olive oil in a bowl and mix them together.

Spread this mixture over pre-made flatbreads and place them on a hot grill or in the oven for a few minutes until they are lightly charred.

Serve the flatbreads warm alongside your tri-tip for a delicious meal. The soft, garlicky flatbreads will contrast nicely with the juicy, tender tri-tip.

The combination of flavors is sure to please everyone at the table. Best of all, grilled garlic flatbreads are quick to prepare and require minimal effort.

If you’re looking for something special to serve with your tri-tip, try this easy side dish!

11. Baked Pinto Beans

Baked pinto beans are a delicious side dish to serve with a tri-tip. These hearty beans have a unique texture and flavor that pair perfectly with the smoky, savory flavors of the tri-tip. 

They can be cooked in a slow cooker or the oven, allowing for easy meal prep ahead of time.

Serve them with your favorite toppings such as cilantro, onions, jalapenos, and cheese for a truly flavorful side dish.

Plus, pinto beans are a great source of protein, fiber, and other essential vitamins and minerals. 

For an added layer of flavor, add a sprinkle of paprika or chili powder to your pinto beans before baking them.

You can also mix in some of the leftover juices from your tri-tip for an extra flavor boost.

No matter how you make them, these beans will complement your meal and leave everyone asking for seconds.

12. Pico De Gallo

Pico de gallo is a delicious, traditional Mexican side dish that is a great accompaniment to tri-tip.

It’s a colorful mixture of tomatoes, onion, cilantro, lime juice, garlic, and jalapenos. The combination of flavors creates a dish that is both spicy and refreshing. 

Pico de gallo pairs well with the savory flavor of tri-tip and helps enhance the meal’s overall flavor.

Serve it alongside your cooked tri-tip, or add it to tacos or sandwiches for an extra flavorful kick. 

For a quick and easy pico de gallo, combine chopped tomatoes, onions, cilantro, garlic, jalapenos, lime juice, and salt.

Mix everything together and let it sit for about 15 minutes so the flavors can blend together. This is what to serve with tri tip for a delicious addition to the meal. 

13. Spinach Salad

A great accompaniment to tri-tip is a simple spinach salad. This green, leafy vegetable provides an excellent source of vitamins and minerals while providing a refreshing crunch to the meal.

To make this dish, combine fresh spinach leaves with a light vinaigrette dressing, along with any toppings of your choice, such as sliced almonds, crumbled bacon, or feta cheese.

It’s a great way to add nutrition and flavor to your plate without overpowering the main course.

14. Steamed Broccoli

When it comes to what to serve with tri-tip, you can’t go wrong with a classic like steamed broccoli.

This hearty vegetable pairs perfectly with the tri-tip flavor while providing plenty of nutritional value. 

Bring a pot of salted water to a boil to make a classic steamed broccoli side dish. Once boiling, add fresh broccoli florets and reduce heat to a simmer.

Cook for about five minutes, until the broccoli is tender but still crisp. Drain and serve with melted butter and lemon juice. Delicious! 

For extra flavor, you can add seasonings like garlic powder, red pepper flakes, or oregano to the boiling water before adding the broccoli.

Mix it up with different types of broccoli, like purple or romanesco, or roast your broccoli in the oven for an even more robust flavor.

Whatever you choose, steamed broccoli will surely be a great accompaniment to your delicious tri-tip.

15. Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are an excellent side dish idea for what to serve with tri-tip. They provide a creamy, rich texture that pairs perfectly with the savory flavors of the tri-tip.

Mashed potatoes are also versatile enough to be served with other sides, like a vegetable medley or roasted vegetables.

Add herbs and spices like garlic, rosemary, and paprika for a more flavorful mashed potato dish. You can even mix in some grated cheese for added creaminess.

Whatever ingredients you choose, mashed potatoes make a great accompaniment to tri-tip. 

16. Fried Rice

Fried rice is an ideal side dish to serve with a tri-tip. It pairs perfectly with the tender, juicy meat, adding a hint of crunch and savory flavor.

Fried rice is easy to make and can be customized with your favorite vegetables and seasonings. 

Plus, it’s sure to please the whole family. Whether you’re having a backyard BBQ or a weeknight dinner, fried rice is the perfect accompaniment to your delicious tri-tip.

17. Green Beans and Mushrooms

This is the next on our list of what to serve with tri tip. Green beans and mushrooms make the perfect side to accompany the tri-tip.

This classic combination of flavors brings out the best in the savory cut of meat and creates a balanced meal.

To really make this dish shine, add some garlic and herbs to the mix, and you’ll have an unforgettable meal.

18. Roasted Onion Salad

Roasted Onion Salad is the perfect side to serve alongside your tri-tip. This savory and sweet salad provides a complementary balance to the robust flavor of the meat.

To prepare, combine sliced red onions and a drizzle of olive oil in a baking dish and bake until the onions are golden brown. 

Then, toss the onions in a bowl with some freshly chopped parsley and a few squeezes of lemon juice.

Serve with a sprinkle of salt and pepper for an extra burst of flavor. Your guests will be delighted with this easy yet flavorful side dish.

19. Sweet-Corn Salad

Wondering what to serve with tri tip? A sweet-corn salad is the perfect side dish to serve with a tri-tip.

Sweet corn kernels add a delicious sweetness to the savory flavor of the tri-tip, creating a pleasant contrast that will have your guests asking for seconds. 

The best way to prepare a sweet-corn salad is to sauté the kernels in a skillet with olive oil and some herbs and spices.

Then, mix in chopped bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, scallions, and a flavorful dressing for an easy and delicious side. 

You can also mix in crumbled feta or goat cheese to add even more flavor to your sweet-corn salad. 

You can use plain Greek yogurt instead of a creamy dressing for a lighter side dish.

If you’re looking for something a little heartier, try adding cubed roasted potatoes or grilled vegetables.

No matter what you choose to mix in, this sweet-corn salad will surely be a hit with your family and friends.

20. Butternut Squash with Onions and Pecans

Butternut squash with onions and pecans is a classic side dish to pair with tri-tip.

This dish is easy to prepare and combines the sweetness of the squash with the nuttiness of the pecans.

The onions add a delicious flavor and a bit of texture. The combination of ingredients creates a great balance that pairs perfectly with the tri-tip. 

To make this dish, you will need butternut squash, onions, pecans, olive oil, garlic, thyme, salt, and pepper.

Start by cutting the squash into cubes and placing them in a baking dish. Toss the cubes with olive oil and seasonings. 

Next, add the onions and pecans to the baking dish and toss everything together. Bake in the oven at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes or until the squash is tender.

Serve this side dish alongside tri-tip for a complete meal that’s sure to please! With this, we come to the last on our list of what to serve with tri tip.


Tri-tip is a versatile cut of beef that can be grilled, roasted, or even cooked in a slow cooker. It’s a flavorful dish that makes a delicious entrée for any meal.

However, to make it even more special, you’ll need to know what to serve with tri tip.

This post discusses the best sides to serve with tri-tip, so you can make a meal your family and friends will love.

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