What to Serve With Tabbouleh?

What to Serve With Tabbouleh
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Are you looking for what to serve with tabbouleh? You’ve come to the right place!

Although tabbouleh is usually served as a side dish, some people serve it as a main meal due to how healthy and nutritious it is.

So if you’re planning on making tabbouleh your star meal, you may wonder which side dish pairs perfectly with it.

Read on to find out how many interesting dishes you can serve on its side.

1. Mushroom Crostini

Mushroom crostini is an eye-catching side dish that will impress your guests. You get the much-needed crunch from the toasted baguette base.

Not to mention the topping, which is a rich goat cheese spread with umami-packed caramelized mushrooms.

2. Beef Shawarma

This beef shawarma will give your lunch a Lebanese twist. It’s the ideal lunch to eat on the go because it’s made with tender beef strips and Middle Eastern flavors like cumin and oregano. You’ll love how the tahini sauce enhances the juicy meat.

3. Oven-fried Feta Rolls

For what to serve with tabbouleh, try these oven-fried feta rolls. Moreover, the garlicky, herby feta filling is delicious, but this recipe takes it a step further by drizzling them with a spicy chili butter honey sauce.

4. Moroccan Carrot Salad

Try this Moroccan carrot salad if you want a colorful side dish with your tabbouleh. There is no lettuce in it, just like in tabbouleh.

Just a ton of carrots and warming spices like cinnamon and cumin. The contrast of bright green and orange will look fantastic on the plate.

5. Sautéed Eggplant

You can prepare sauteed eggplant for any occasion, which tastes especially delicious if you want to avoid the meat.

An Asian-inspired sauce with only 4 ingredients is mixed with tender slices of eggplant.

6. Vegetable Kabobs

If you’re wondering what to serve with tabbouleh, prepare vegetable kabobs. A colorful kabob made from fresh vegetables is a summertime favorite.

You may use whatever combination of vegetables you like, but red pepper, red onion, and zucchini are the best combo! To finish up the vegetables, brush them with fajita butter.

7. Grilled Shrimp

What is the key to a fantastic shrimp side dish? Keep it simple with plenty of garlic and butter. Grill, grill, grill!

Shrimp cooked on the grill has a slightly smoky flavor that is impossible with stovetop cooking.

8. Falafel

Falafel is a need for any meal with a Middle Eastern theme, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with them.

Put a couple on top of the tabbouleh or form them into patties to serve as burgers with your salad. It will be tasty either way!

9. Homemade Pita Bread

Serve some handmade pita bread alongside your tabbouleh for a pleasant dinner.

These soft pita pockets are excellent for scooping up some tabbouleh or dipping into the accompanying sauces.

The aroma of your freshly made pita bread will fill the entire house.

10. Honey Lemon Chicken

Wondering what to serve with tabbouleh? Make honey lemon chicken. You won’t want to eat plain chicken ever again once you’ve tried this chicken. 

Moreover, it is just impossible to resist because it is covered with a tangy sauce with a hint of sweetness from the honey. Try adding a teaspoon of sriracha to the sauce if you want your food spicy.

11. Greek Tzatziki Sauce

Serving tabbouleh on a mezze plate with various dips, such as Greek tzatziki, is one way to enjoy it.

The creamy freshness and refreshing bite of the Tzatziki sauce complement the delicious herbs in the salad. 

And even that isn’t the finest part! This sauce is minimal in fat and calories, so you don’t have to feel bad if you overeat it!

12. Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese are a tasty, creamy, and filling side dish. Because this side dish can be quite heavy, it goes well with a light and fresh meal like tabbouleh.

There are many different mac and cheese recipes available. Make your preferred version or experiment with other cheeses like gouda or pepper jack instead of the traditional cheddar cheese.

You can also make gooey or crunchy mac and cheese, whatever you choose. Whatever the case, presenting this side alongside a warm bowl of tabbouleh can satisfy your visitors without filling them up.

13. Roasted Cauliflower

For what to serve with tabbouleh, try this dish. Roasted cauliflower goes nicely not only with tabbouleh but also with baked fish, chicken, rice, and even burgers.

In fact, many health-conscious people choose roasted cauliflower as a substitute for hamburger patties.

For individuals who are constantly on the go, this meal is a perfect choice. You can whip it up in a matter of minutes because it is so simple to make.

Basic ingredients like salt, pepper, and olive oil are also required for roasted cauliflower. Simply top your chopped cauliflowers with the seasonings and roast them.

14. Mashed Potatoes

If you’re looking for what to serve with tabbouleh, try making mashed potatoes!

You will almost certainly come across mashed potatoes when searching for the greatest side dishes for a meat-based meal or a simple salad. 

Add some of your favorite vegetables, chopped and tossed, for more crunch and flavor. This side dish will complete your meal, making tabbouleh the ideal pair.

Furthermore, this meal takes less than 30 minutes to prepare, even for inexperienced cooks.

15. Chicken Shawarma

Chicken shawarma is the way to go if you are searching for a simple and quick side dish to serve with tabbouleh. The preparation process only takes about 20 minutes. 

You may prepare tasty chicken shawarma from various recipes, depending on your preferences and the available ingredients.

Shawarmas are usually quite delicious and spicy. As a result, it will blend in beautifully with the tabbouleh’s light and refreshing flavor.

16. Butter & Garlic Fried Rice

Last on our list of what to serve with tabbouleh is the tasty plate of fried rice. This recipe, in particular, produces a delicious buttery side dish bursting with garlic flavor.

Simply place all of the ingredients in a rice cooker, turn it on, and wait until the rice is done.

After that, you may remove the rice from the pot, combine it with some butter, and serve it as an entree or a side dish.


We hope our article on what to serve with tabbouleh has helped you find your perfect side dish. You can always experiment with other side dish recipes besides those listed here.

However, avoid anything too spicy or greasy, as it may overpower the light flavors of tabbouleh.

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