What to Serve With Salmon?

What to Serve With Salmon
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Wondering what to serve with salmon? Then you’ve come to the right place! Salmon is one of the easiest fish to prepare, making it the ideal nutritious weekday meal.

This tender and juicy meal is tasty on its own, but you can even make it more delicious by adding the perfect side dishes.

Hence, we’ve compiled a list of the best side dishes to pair with your salmon to make it a complete meal.

1. Golden Garlic Rice

This golden garlic rice gets its gorgeous golden color from a unique ingredient: achiote powder!

This powder comes from annatto seeds and has a light peppery flavor that complements the earthy garlic.

In addition, if you cannot locate this specific item, turmeric will work similarly. This dish seems as though it takes a long time to prepare, but it’s actually one of the easiest on the list!

2. Easy Mixed Vegetable Rice

For what to serve with salmon, try this. This recipe is the perfect way to use up leftovers.

Clean your vegetable drawer and give those week-old vegetables new life by incorporating them into this delightful mixed vegetable rice.

Each bite is an adventure thanks to its light, fluffy texture and flecks of color and sweetness.

This will highlight the slight oiliness and richness of this aquatic tycoon when served alongside a salmon fillet.

Another excellent method for incorporating more vegetables into your diet is to make simple mixed vegetable rice.

Choose this more nutritious option to increase your intake of nutrients when you could have served plain rice.

3. Lemon Brown Rice

Brown rice is noted for its nutty texture and flavor, which can be unappealing.

Lemon, on the other hand, adds a freshness to the mixture that magically contrasts and brightens the whole thing.

This lemon brown rice recipe also incorporates feta, garlic, and dill to emphasize the interaction between depth and lightness.

Its aromatic and woodsy flavor will enhance the freshness of your fish.

4. Sprouted Brown Rice Pilaf

This is a good option for what to serve with salmon. In a way, sprouted grains are living food.

As a result, they are brimming with protein and amino acids, making them even healthier than their sproutless counterparts.

Sprouted brown rice has a wonderful chewy texture that is ideal for pilafs. The almonds in this dish make perfect sense because it also has a slightly nuttier flavor than typical brown rice.

The best part is that sprouted rice is extremely satisfying and versatile. Make a big quantity of this pilaf for dinner and use it as a base for your lunch the following day.

This method will help you save time, money, and stress.

5. Slow Cooker Rice

You don’t have to keep an eye on a pot when you use your slow cooker to make rice. You can simply leave it alone.

This recipe is only for plain rice. However, once you learn how to prepare rice in this manner, you may use it as a quick and simple base for many other rice meals that are in the works.

6. Crispy Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts

For what to serve with salmon, try this. These delicious pearls of crunchy caramelized bliss make a great side dish or even a nutritious snack.

Although they may appear spectacular, making these sprouts requires little time and effort. They are also quite affordable because the main ingredient, sprouts, are inexpensive to purchase.

You can substitute a mild Asian dressing for the excellent parmesan on the sprouts if you serve salmon in an Asian-inspired dish.

7. Keto Stuffed Mushrooms

You already know that mushrooms are among your best pals if you follow the keto diet. These delicious fungi are so flavorful on their own that they hardly require anything else to complete them.

Making mushrooms into a simple side dish by stuffing them with plenty of cheese is a wonderful idea.

Even though they’re simple to prepare, these keto-friendly stuffed mushrooms will impress your visitors. To make these as mouthwatering as possible, serve them right out of the oven.

8. Keto Broccoli With Garlic and Lemon

This is a good option for what to serve with salmon. Broccoli is already well-known for its delicious freshness and crunch, but this dish elevates it to a new level.

This dish makes these fragile stalks extremely juicy and crispy by adding accents of fresh lemon juice and garlic.

The secret is to prepare your broccoli until it is al dente. Many individuals cook their broccoli for too long, causing it to become soggy and unpleasant.

In fact, this is a key factor in the sometimes criticism of broccoli. When properly prepared, your guests will start grabbing bites off the dish before you set it down at the table.

9. Cilantro Lime Caulirice

This recipe is given a freshness boost by cilantro, lime, and creamy cauliflower rice. This recipe is simple to prepare on a weeknight, especially if you prepare the cauliflower rice beforehand.

You can shred and keep cauliflower for a few days before it becomes too soggy to use.

Make use of this as the basis for any subsequent salmon-centric meal preparation recipe. Everyone at the office will be clamoring for the recipe in no time.

10. Keto Roasted Asparagus

Wondering what to serve with salmon? Try this. This dish should make your dinner more enjoyable because of the parmesan cheese that covers its surface.

Asparagus, a springtime vegetable, moves a little closer to autumn with a faint char on its stems. This makes it the ideal complement to a dish with salmon as the main ingredient.

It’s perfect for evening dinners since there is very minimal preparation time required, and only one dish is used.

11. Roasted Root Vegetables

These roasted root vegetables have a golden color that makes me think of the beginning of autumn.

Think of pumpkin patches, warm beverages in plush seats, and watching the leaves change to gold as the sky grows gloomier.

The odd burst of sweetness from a sliver of charred red onion balances out the entire dish of woody veggies.

There are many different ingredients to choose from on your plate because this is not a one-note side dish.

12. Carrot Fries With Yogurt Dip

Have you ever heard of carrot fries? This recipe for carrot fries shows just how great an air fryer can be.

Spend just a few minutes with your cutting board to transform this common vegetable into a spectacular side dish.

You’ll be in the clear after putting them in the air fryer for 20 minutes.

A creamy sauce will go nicely with your salmon and these carrot fries. Greek yogurt dip, ranch dressing, or Caesar dressing are all excellent choices.

13. Roasted Bell Peppers

Roasted Bell Peppers
photo by mystayathomeadventures.com

Still, looking for what to serve with salmon? Try this. Raw bell peppers are crisp, fresh, and brimming with hidden natural sugars.

Those vivid, crispy streaks of color turn golden and crisp after roasting.

Roasted bell peppers have a dark sweetness similar to molasses rather than the fresh sweetness of their raw cousins. Because of this, they are a great option for giving a fresh meal depth.

Red bell peppers are a favorite of salmon. Every time you take a bite, you won’t be able to distinguish between one flavor and another because the two textures are so similar. Heavenly, indeed.

14. Garlic Herb Roasted Vegetables

A plate of roasted veggies, especially ones with garlic and herbs, never fails to scream “delicious.”

Due to its ease of preparation, this dish is excellent for large gatherings. It also appeals to a wide audience.

You can experiment with other vegetable combinations or stick to the classic recipes. Regardless, the fresh salmon pairs perfectly with the fragrant garlic and herb dish.

To bring out the smoky flavor of this side, I suggest combining it with a grilled salmon meal.

15. Bulgur Wheat Salad

For what to serve with salmon, try this. This bulgur wheat salad is a powerhouse of fiber and protein.

You’ll have a dinner plate that touches every nutritious tier of the food pyramid when combined with omega-3-rich salmon!

Anyone can cook this quick and easy salad; the finished dish is flavored with woody notes.

This salad is a play on textures that will accentuate the delicate smoothness of the salmon and is scattered with slices of avocado.

This is one of the nutritious dishes that will make your dinner the finest!

16. Lemon Pepper Asparagus

Salmon pairs best with asparagus, a spring vegetable with a delicate, mild flavor. When you add lemon and pepper to the mix, you get a side dish that’s ready to complement your salmon.

Preparing the asparagus takes only five minutes. Simply snap the stalks, season with lemon and pepper, then sauté in a skillet.

They couldn’t be much easier. Put a spotlight on your salmon’s subtle aroma with a spring side dish that complements its flavor profile perfectly.

17. Cheesy Garlic Broccoli

For what to serve with salmon, try this. Salmon goes amazingly well with roasted broccoli that has cheese on top.

This dish is great for weeknight dinners because it requires three ingredients and takes ten minutes to prepare.

There are also no dishes to wash because you only need one pan! If you’re going to supper somewhere else and unsure what they’ll enjoy, this is a fantastic healthy side dish to bring.

Combining these two classic elements won’t let you down.

18. Cilantro Lime Taco Slaw

Coleslaw and fish cakes complement each other like fries and a burger. The cilantro and lime flavors in this slaw dish make it undoubtedly fresh.

Also, the light, creamy dressing balances the dish’s freshness, which is why the salmon enjoys it so much.

Like any coleslaw, we advise making this dish in advance and letting it sit in the fridge for a while before serving. This gives the food a depth of taste that a fresh slaw lacks.

19. Tabbouleh

photo by simplyrecipes.com

Try this dish if you’re looking for what to serve with salmon. Tabbouleh is a cuisine of Mediterranean origins that is crunchy, sweet, and woody.

Every time you take a bite, you get the sensation of being sprayed by the sea while standing in the warm Mediterranean sun.

Tabbouleh’s taste is unrivaled when served with a hearty fish meal like salmon. With each bite, the two foods play off one another to create delicious new flavors.

It’s time to eat Tabbouleh again if you’ve already had some. If you haven’t eaten this dish yet, prepare to discover a whole new culinary world!

20. Red Lentil Pasta Salad

This pasta salad, which includes crimson lentils and woody chickpeas, is the ideal way to showcase the salmon’s dual freshness and depth.

Everyone enjoys a good pasta salad, and this recipe is simple to make in large numbers. Additionally, the flavors increase stronger the longer you leave them.

21. Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower

For what to serve with salmon, try this. Another vegetable dish that has won the hearts of countless cooks throughout the world is roasted cauliflower.

It may be a tasty addition to practically any recipe because of its earthy flavor and crisp, silky texture.

Salmon goes well with it because the delicate fish is well-balanced by the smokey undertones from the charred cauliflower.

As a result, the two flavors are highlighted, resulting in a harmonious dish.

To further link the two ingredients together, you can wish to prepare your cauliflower using the same spice mixture that you use to season your salmon.

22. Garlic Butter Mushrooms

Salmon and mushrooms go together in many different regional cuisines around the world.

Because mushrooms are so versatile, you can prepare them in whatever you desire with the salmon dish you choose.

In addition, the soft and delicate touch of the salmon is well complemented by the deep, rich flavors.

Your guests will be attracted into a cycle of heavy and light with each mouthful, resulting in an empty plate and satisfied tummies.

The best part is how simple it is to make these garlic butter mushrooms. For almost every recipe you can think of, you can whip them up in fifteen minutes.

23. Easy Honey Roasted Carrots

Looking for what to serve with salmon? Try this. 

These plain-looking vegetables are brimming with natural sugars, and when they are baked slowly and lowly, they turn golden and sweet.

This ideal recipe amps the sweetness by including a delicate honey glaze highlighting the carrots’ natural earthiness.

In addition, the honey adds a hint of floral scent. As a result, you get a flavorful side dish that delightfully complements your salmon.

24. Apple Sweet Potato Bake

These apple sweet potatoes are bursting with warm spices and the taste of the fall. It is the ideal present for backing a fish as light and oily as salmon.

In addition to tasting great, this dish is also easy to prepare and clean up after.

To roast all of your items, you only need one pan, which means that once supper is prepared, you won’t be tied to the dishwasher.

The best part about leftovers is that they are simple to reuse the following day. This bake’s flavors develop over time, making it even better the next day.


We hope you enjoyed our list of what to serve with salmon. Salmon is a rich fish with a unique flavor profile.

And these side dishes help highlight its distinctive color and juiciness.

So pair your salmon with these dishes and have an enjoyable experience!

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