What to Serve With Salisbury Steak?

what to serve with salisbury steak

Are you thinking about What to serve with Salisbury steak? Whether you prefer a vibrant side salad, a robust portion of veggies, or the simplicity of bread, side dishes are essential to any meal.

However, selecting the correct side dish may be challenging. Today, we will discuss some of our favorites regarding what to serve with Salisbury steak. 

We’ve compiled a list of side dishes that are so good you won’t know what to pick.

But don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to sample them all because salisbury steak will soon become a mainstay in your kitchen!

We have everything you’re searching for on our post, whether you want something more daring or classic for what to serve with Salisbury steak.

Now, let’s get cooking and light the stove!

What is Salisbury Steak?

A traditional American dish is Salisbury steak. It ranks right up there regarding comfort food, chicken pot pie, and dumplings.

Typically, it is made with ground beef and covered in sauce, onions, and mushrooms. 

It’s easy to prepare and always a hit with the crowd. Many may wonder what to serve with Salisbury steak outside the standard fare of green beans and mashed potatoes.

Even though those two sides are always delicious when combined with gravy and hamburger patties, they can get a bit, well, dull. 

We have everything you’re searching for on our post, whether you want something more daring or classic for what to serve with Salisbury steak. Now, let’s get cooking and light the stove!

What to Serve with Salisbury Steak?

1. Mashed Potatoes

Starting our list of what to serve with Salisbury steak is mashed potatoes and comfort food of the highest caliber.

These are ideal on a chilly winter’s day, and they taste even better when combined with the Salisbury steak gravy!

The key to achieving a smooth and velvety garlic mash is to simmer the potatoes in milk and herbs.

This enhances the flavor of your mash by allowing the flavors to penetrate the potatoes fully.

2. Buttered Noodles

Noodles with buttered eggs make a simple yet filling midweek dinner.

A few ingredients and fifteen minutes are all you need.  This dish won’t put off severe palates. 

Who can resist anything covered in a layer of butter and parmesan cheese? These simple buttered noodles go well with Salisbury steak, but my favorite way to eat it is to pile the juicy hamburger meat on top of the noodles and cover everything in mushroom sauce. Yes, it sounds amazing.

3. Crusty Bread Rolls

Who said making Crusty Bread Rolls required you to be a professional baker? It’s very simple to serve with Salisbury steak and accomplish at home!

It only takes five minutes to make these amazing artisan bread rolls that require no kneading. The remaining portion is for baking and rising.

These rolls have a soft, chewy crumb and pleasantly thick crusts, making them ideal for soaking up the sauce from your steak with no effort.

These wedges go perfectly with your Salisbury steak as a sweet-savory side dish.

After baking for approximately thirty-five minutes, they are broiled to maintain their soft and fluffy interiors and an irresistibly crunchy outside. 

Although a dipping sauce is ideal for sweet potato wedges, you don’t need to make one if you’re using it as what to serve with Salisbury steak.

Dunk them in the mushroom gravy with your steak for the ideal bite.

4. Carrots

In a hurry? Check to see whether you have any carrots in your refrigerator.

After that, brush them with a glaze made of butter and maple syrup and bake them. They will become the tastiest carrots you have ever tasted in 20 minutes. 

The natural sweetness of the carrots is enhanced by roasting, and the maple syrup contributes to the delicately browned edges.

For a delectably comforting evening, serve these buttery glazed carrots alongside your Salisbury steak.

5. Acorn Squash

Acorn squash is the essence of fall, and it will make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside when you match it with your Salisbury steak.

The Real Food Dietitians season the acorn squash with a herby parmesan blend that gives it a deliciously savory bite. 

Although I prefer to use fresh herbs, dried herbs would work just as well in a pinch. Missing the acorn squash? Replace it with sweet potatoes, butternut squash, or pumpkin.

6. Peas and Pancetta

Are you looking to add some authentic flavor to your Salisbury steak? Serve it with pancetta and peas, a traditional Italian side dish.

It’s perfect for a date night or dinner party when you need something elegant but simple to prepare.

The bright pink pancetta and green peas will contrast well with the darker browns of the meat and sauce.

Additionally, I finish boiling these peas with a splash of heavy cream anytime I’m feeling particularly decadent.

7. Sheet Pan Garlic Mushrooms

I understand your thoughts. The sauce for the Salisbury steak already contains mushrooms. On the other hand, double mushrooms are perfectly OK!

Particularly if you keep the mushrooms moist by drenching them in a garlic sauce (you can never have too much garlic), the simplicity of preparation is another aspect of these mushrooms that I adore. 

The oven takes care of the cooking, and there’s not much preparation required for the mushrooms. Moreover, they only require one baking sheet to roast, which simplifies cleanup.

8. Sauteed Lemon Butter Parmesan Green Beans

Even though I adore simple green beans sautéed in butter, they do grow monotonous really quickly.

Fortunately, a recipe like this is all it takes to spice them up with a few basic ingredients.

The lemon juice gives a freshness that balances the flavors, while the butter and parmesan give the beans just the proper amount of richness.

Byron, the recipe developer, also suggests adding pine nuts for an added crunch, but I usually use almonds since that’s what I have on hand.

9. Apple Feta Spinach Salad

This isn’t your normal salad made with spinach. Because of the apples and the maple cider vinaigrette, it has a more sweet and tangy flavor.

Additionally, I adore the crunch that comes from the nuts. The recipe calls for peans, but I occasionally substitute walnuts or almonds.

Even though this salad is straightforward, it is the ideal side dish for Salisbury steak when looking for something crisp and light.

10. Pickled Cabbage

More delicious than a Salisbury steak? Salisbury, of course, served pickled cabbage as what to serve with Salisbury steak.

Pickled red cabbage gives your plate a striking splash of color, and the brine’s sour, tangy flavor is just what you need to balance the richness of the hamburger meat and gravy.

I also appreciate that you can make a large batch of this fast pickle and use the leftovers for recipes like fried chicken, burgers, and fish tacos because it keeps in the refrigerator for up to a month.

Yes, that truly is a win-win situation! To add a delectable French flair, serve this Bistro Salad alongside your Salisbury steak.

This green salad’s bright, lively flavors nicely balance off the heavy, savory notes of your hamburger beef and mushroom sauce.

Pickled onions give this salad an extra burst of acidity, but if pressed for time, add the onions raw; the bright lemon vinaigrette will still work wonders!

11. Cucumber Tomato Quinoa Salad

Do you feel like leafy greens aren’t substantial enough? Instead, try preparing this quinoa salad.

The tomatoes and cucumbers add the necessary freshness to go with your Salisbury steak, and the quinoa base is hearty without being overly heavy.

The simple yet zesty lime dressing that ties these components together will delight your taste senses.


To sum up, Salisbury steak is a dish that works well with various side dishes to make an entrée that will definitely please.

There is something to serve with Salisbury steak on our list for everyone, whether you want conventional home-style cooking or something a little more novel.

So, to elevate your dinner from excellent to great, consider what to serve with Salisbury steak the next time you plan a meal that includes Salisbury steak.

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