What to Serve With Prawn Dumplings?

What to Serve With Prawn Dumplings
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Are you looking for what to serve with Prawn Dumplings? Prawn dumplings are a delicious and popular Chinese dish that can be served hot or cold.

It’s made with cooked prawns, onions, garlic, ginger, and spices wrapped in wonton wrappers or similar dough. 

Their unique smoky-sweet flavor makes them ideal for appetizers or main dishes. Served on their own, prawn dumplings can make for an amazing meal.

But if you want to take it to the next level, what to serve with Prawn Dumplings will elevate the flavors of this classic dish and make it even more satisfying.

Here are some ideas of what to serve with prawn dumplings for an unforgettable culinary experience!

1. Vegetable Stir-fry

Vegetable Stir-fry
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Stir-frying is starting our list of what to serve with Prawn Dumplings. It is a Chinese cooking technique that quickly cooks small pieces of food in hot oil over high heat.

The flame’s strength causes the food to cook rapidly while evenly distributing its flavors throughout the finished dish. 

Once all of the ingredients are chopped and measured, you can typically complete stir-frying a vegetable within just 10 minutes; this makes it perfect for busy weeknight dinners or quick lunches on short breaks during the day.

The key ingredient to any good vegetable stir fry is vegetables, preferably lots.

Not only do vegetables lend flavor, texture, nutrition, and balance to the dish, but they also add an array of colors that make every bowl as vibrant as it is delicious. 

Depending on what’s available in season, what to serve with Prawn Dumplings may include leafy greens such as bok choy and spinach, crunchy roots such as carrots or daikon radish, cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower or broccoli, mushrooms for their meaty texture, or starchy tubers like sweet potatoes or potatoes added for heft and heartiness. 

To ensure proper doneness without any overcooking many chefs rely on garlic and ginger to provide depth to stir fries rather than overpowering herbs like rosemary or basil; these aromatic ingredients take very little time to cook but infuse a lot of flavor into dishes with each bite.   

2. Fresh Hot and Sour Soup

Fresh Hot and Sour soup is also on our list of what to serve with Prawn Dumplings. One of the most popular tasty and nutritious dishes is Fresh Hot and Sour Soup.

Often served as an appetizer and a full meal, this savory soup has a unique flavor many people enjoy. 

Fresh Hot and Sour Soup is a classic Asian dish consisting of vegetables, mushrooms, egg, bamboo shoots, pork, or chicken in a soupy base made from chicken or vegetable broth.

The sour taste comes from adding vinegar, while the hot element comes from copious amounts of chili peppers. 

The refreshing, tangy flavors perfectly balance each other to make it one of the most beloved dishes throughout Southeast Asia. 

The flavor explosion in your mouth will tingle your taste buds delightfully when you take a sip of the broth.

With its sweet-sour-spicy combination, Fresh Hot and Sour Soup are pleasing to your palate and delightfully satisfying due to its complex tastes.

The tender ingredients and the slightly chewy texture make it an enjoyable experience regardless if you eat it every day or on occasion. 

Whether you’re enjoying this classic dish at a reputable restaurant or cooking it from scratch at home, individuals with all culinary backgrounds can enjoy Fresh Hot and Sour Soup…even those new to Asian cuisine! 

You’re good to go as long as you can access some fresh ingredients and basic pantry staples like soy sauce and vinegar!

So don’t hesitate–what to serve with Prawn Dumplings for some flavor-packed goodness today!

3. Fresh Spring Rolls

Fresh Spring Rolls
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Fresh Spring Rolls are made from fresh vegetables and rice shaped into small balls, sometimes called “Chua” in Vietnamese.

Spring Rolls, or Chua Viet Nam, originated in China, where they were first served as dim sum. They are widely available throughout Southeast Asia, but variations depend on the region.

The Fresh Spring Roll mix can be as simple as finely chopped cabbage, carrots, and Napa or beluga lentils with only seasonings added, or it may include shrimp, pork belly bits, tofu, and other meats.

The most popular herbs used to flavor what to serve with Prawn Dumplings are cilantro, mint, and scallions.

Some Vietnamese restaurants add bean sprouts and pickled vegetables to their spring roll mix, while others may include slightly sweetened condensed milk to give them a tasty glaze.

4. Fried Rice

 Fried Rice
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Fried rice is next on our list of what to serve with Prawn Dumplings and one of the world’s most famous dishes.

Millions of people enjoy this tasty Asian delicacy every day, with its classic combination of white rice, vegetables, and pork or chicken, making it an unmistakable dish. 

Fried Rice has been around for centuries but has seen a surge in popularity in the last few decades due to its convenience and accessibility in restaurant and takeout settings.

There are wide varieties of variations of fried rice worldwide, each regional dish offering something different for more distinct tastes.

From traditional Chinese-style high-heat cooking to Japanese-style low-heat frying, there are endless possibilities for Fried Rice. 

Even American takes on fried rice are prevalent in fast food restaurants, with versions featuring everything from soy sauce to ketchup!

One thing’s for sure: fried rice is here to stay! Additions like vegetable proteins like tofu and seitan add new dimensions, while bold seasonings like sesame oil give an extra dimension of umami flavor notes.

The beloved alliums garlic and onions form a musty sweetness that rounds out the delightful textures of crunchy vegetable pieces.

Whether cooking a meal at home or getting takeout from your favorite spot, there will always be room for a generous scoop of delicious fried rice on every plate!

6. Garlic Sichuan Fried Green Beans With Garlic Sichuan Sauce

Garlic Sichuan Fried Green Beans with Garlic Sichuan Sauce is a delicious and flavorful side dish that can be cooked in just minutes.

This classic Chinese recipe features fried green beans cooked until lightly crisp, tossed with a savory garlic-infused Sichuan sauce and served with steamed white rice

It is what to serve with Prawn Dumplings in any Asian meal, from stir-fries to dumplings and noodles. 

Making Garlic Sichuan Fried Green Beans is an easy yet incredibly flavorful dish. The key to this dish lies in preparing the garlic-infused Sichuan sauce.

Suppose you are looking for an authentic version of this popular Chinese dish. In that case, we highly recommend using either homemade or store-bought chili oil paste, soy sauce, and other seasonings according to your preference.

The chili oil paste adds flavor and heat to the final product, so it’s important not to skimp on it!

The choice of green beans you use will also have an effect on the outcome of this recipe, as some varieties are more tender than others when cooked.

When choosing your green beans for this recipe, we recommend a variety such as Chinese Long or French string beans. 

Once you’ve selected the beans, the key is how long they are cooked: too short cooking time results in overly crunchy beans, while too long will make them mushy.

For best results, shoot for 2-3 minutes per side in hot oil before removing from the heat. Longer times may also be better, depending on your personal preferences!

7. Egg Drop Soup

Egg drop soup is a classic Chinese dish with origins tracing over 1,000 years.

The simple yet flavorful broth combines with soft egg strands to create a satisfying soup suitable for any time of day.

The earthy flavors of egg drop soup make it an iconic symbol of traditional Chinese cuisine that has found success around the globe.

Thanks to its delicate texture and vivid yellow appearance, it stands out as an embodiment of culinary art in simplicity. 

This protein-packed soup is known for its warm and nourishing properties, making it an ideal addition to any meal.

Whether served as an appetizer or used as the main course, soups like these can easily satisfy even the hungriest appetite while adding a bit of Asian flair. 

What’s more, this one-pot serve with Prawn Dumplings can be made quickly and easily using just a few basic ingredients compared to some other complex recipes making it perfect for those who want something light yet still luxurious for their mealtime needs!

From casual home cooks to professional chefs alike, egg drop soup’s longtime presence in Chinese culture makes it a top choice among those seeking something truly unique and exquisite in their dishes. 

It is sure to bring warmth into your kitchen with every bowl prepared!

Ultimately, egg drop soup can please everyone from newbies trying out something different all the way up to hardcore connoisseurs.

No matter how you interpret this timeless recipe, you’ll always enjoy it.

8. Kimchi

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Kimchi is also on our list of what to serve with Prawn Dumplings and is one of the most iconic flavors in Korea. It’s a traditional side dish that has existed for centuries and remains popular today.

Kimchi is known for its characteristic tangy flavor. It has a distinct soreness from the fermentation process, which adds a unique zing to any dish. 

It has a piquant taste thanks to combining traditional spices like garlic, ginger, fish sauce, and chili peppers.

The full-bodied flavor of kimchi contrasts well with subtle dishes, making it an ideal accompaniment to many different types of meals.

The texture of kimchi can range from crunchy to tender, depending on how long it’s been fermented.

Either way, its crisp texture contrasts with other ingredients in dishes. Kimchi fans love the spicy kick they get from every bite!

It is often made with chili peppers or other hot spices, as well as salt and sugar for balance. 

Along with what to serve with Prawn Dumplings, tanginess, and spice, kimchi also contains umami flavors thanks to ingredients like anchovy sauce and kelp powder used during fermentation. 

An unmistakable garlicky aroma emanates from kimchi due to the generous amount of garlic used when making it, a trait many Korean dishes share. 

When you open a jar of kimchi, your nose will be hit immediately by a strong yet pleasant garlicky smell that lingers in the air long after it’s been opened up.

Providing a savory depth of flavor that lingers on the tongue, fermented kimchi takes your taste buds on an incredible journey into umami territory unlike anything else!

The complexity behind each bite reveals why so many people return repeatedly for more delicious treats such as this: what to serve with Prawn Dumplings!

9. Potsticker Rice Noodle Bowl

Potsticker Rice Noodle Bowl is a delicious and comforting dish that combines some of the most beloved Asian flavors to create something truly special.

This easy-to-make recipe features flavorful ground pork filling, crisp vegetables, fresh herbs, and a tasty combination of noodles and rice.

Whether you’re looking for what to serve with Prawn Dumplings on traditional Asian noodle recipes or need a satisfying meal low in fat and calories, this regional specialty has it all!

The Potsticker Rice Noodle Bowl is a classic Chinese dish from Beijing. It features delicious crisp potstickers filled with juicy pork and crunchy vegetables, smothered in fragrant sesame oil for an inviting aroma.

The perfect marriage of chewy rice noodles and fluffy jasmine rice provides the perfect base for tasty toppings like sliced scallions, pickled ginger, crispy peppers, soy sauce, and garlic chili paste.

The result is an umami flavor explosion that will have your mouth watering! 

The name “potsticker” comes from its preparation: each dumpling is first fried before being boiled inside the bowl.

What to serve with Prawn Dumplings secret lies in the combination of spices used to season the pork filling, sweet soy sauce, white pepper powder, and cumin powder, which give it its signature flavor. 

For those who enjoy variety in their meals and have limited time or resources but still want to chow down on something flavorful and hydrating simultaneously, then this bowl is perfect for you. Easy to make ahead of time as well as easy on your wallet.

Not only does it make for an affordable what to serve with Prawn Dumplings, but it also allows for inventive variations so people can experiment with their own taste preferences by adding more vegetables if desired or even spicing things up!

It’s also vegan-friendly when made without pork, thanks to all the vegetables involved making it both interesting and nutritious!

10. Chinese Broccoli

Chinese Broccoli is a leafy green vegetable in the same family as other cruciferous vegetables, such as kale, cauliflower, and bok choy.

It has a slightly bitter flavor and is commonly used in Chinese cuisine. This popular vegetable can be used in numerous dishes or eaten independently. 

What to serve with Prawn Dumplings aroma adds an extra flavor when cooked. Its freshness adds an immediate burst of nutrition to any dish.

Chinese broccoli tastes slightly bitter when raw but is usually sweet when cooked. 

This veggie has a smooth texture and crunchy outer layer when cooked correctly. The earthy flavor makes it perfect for stir-fry dishes paired with soy sauce and ginger. 

A great addition to vegetarian meals due to its high nutrient values and mild taste.

Quick cooking helps maintain the nutritional value; steaming or stir-frying are both excellent options for cooking this veggie quickly without sacrificing flavor or losing nutrients from overcooking it. 

Subtle herb notes become more evident when eating Chinese broccoli than regular broccoli florets alone, making adding bold flavors without overpowering your meal’s overall taste profile desirable.

Great for using up small scraps of other vegetables by adding them into one big bowl of prepped Chinese broccoli before combining your favorite ingredients into one dish (such as stir fry).  

11. Char Siu Roasted Eggplant

Char Siu Roasted Eggplant is last on our list of what to serve with Prawn Dumplings.

It is a popular Chinese dish that combines the sweetness of char siu pork with the umami of roasted eggplant.

The two ingredients have a lovely complimentary flavor profile, and it’s an easy recipe to make. 

The classic char siu sauce is made from hoisin sauce, soy sauce, five-spice powder, honey, and garlic, which gives it an irresistible smoky-sweet flavor that pairs perfectly with roasted eggplant slices.

Eggplants are cooked until they are slightly charred on the outside but still tender on the inside; this creates a pleasant contrast when paired with the aromatic sauce. 

Not only does Char Siu Roasted Eggplant taste amazing, but it can also be tweaked to meet any dietary needs.

You can use vegan versions of char siu pork or opt for a gluten-free substitute for soy sauce or other sauces used in traditional recipes.

Additionally, you can adjust the level of spice according to your own preferences. Just be sure not to overpower that essential smoky-sweet combination! 

Altogether, Char Siu Roasted Eggplant has quickly become one of the most sought-after dishes by Asian foodies everywhere!

It’s easy to make yet still maintains its complex flavor profile thanks to quality ingredients in perfect unison; a must-try for anyone looking for an enticing culinary experience!


Prawn dumplings are a great way to add flavor and variety to your dinner table. A dish like this can be served as an appetizer, a main course, or a snack!

What to serve with Prawn Dumplings guarantees that the meal won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Whether steamed, boiled, or pan-fried, served simply or with some added herbs and spices, one thing is for sure: what to serve with Prawn Dumplings will always make for delightful dining!

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