What to Serve With Orange Chicken and Rice?

What to Serve With Orange Chicken and Rice
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Orange chicken and rice are the perfect combinations of sweet and savory. But you might be wondering what other side dishes you can serve up with this Chinese takeout favorite. 

This list of what to serve with orange chicken and rice will have you covered! From veggies to carbs, each side dish will complement the flavor profile of your meal while adding some variety to your plate.

Best of all, these sides are easy enough to make on a weeknight after work so that you can enjoy dinner in no time!

1. Chinese Cucumber Salad

This Chinese Cucumber Salad is the perfect side dish for what to serve with orange chicken and rice. It’s light, refreshing, and has an outstanding balance of sweet, sour, and salty flavors. The best part is that it’s super easy to make! 

You thinly slice cucumbers, onions, and carrots (or jicama) together to make this. Toss in a bit of sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, salt, and sesame oil for a fantastic flavor combination. Add some sesame seeds for extra crunch too! 

You can also switch up the vegetables you use in this recipe for other similar ones like cabbage or broccoli. If you are looking for what to serve with orange chicken and rice, Chinese cucumber salad is a great option.

2. Chicken Salad

One of the best things about chicken salad is its versatility. You can serve it as a main dish or as a side. It’s also perfect for picnics and potlucks. And it’s a great way to use up leftover chicken. 

Just chop up your cooked chicken, add celery, grapes, apples, and dried cranberries, then top with mayonnaise. For added flavor, you can stir in some curry powder or cumin.

3. Steamed Vegetables

This is what to serve with orange chicken and rice. When it comes to orange chicken and rice, we think steamed vegetables are the perfect side dish. 

They’re healthy, soak up any extra sauce, and cook quickly. Plus, you can steam various vegetables so everyone at the table can find something they like. 

4. Roasted Broccoli

This simple roasted broccoli recipe is the perfect side dish for any meal, but it pairs exceptionally well with orange chicken and rice. The key to making the best-roasted broccoli is to get the florets nice and crispy. 

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Spread the broccoli onto the baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil, and season with salt and pepper.

5. Egg Drop Soup

This delicious soup is the perfect complement if you want to serve it with chicken and rice. It’s light and refreshing, with a hint of sweetness from the chicken broth. 

Plus, it’s packed with nutrients from the eggs. Egg drop soup is easy to make, too – whisk some eggs into chicken broth and let it cook until thickened. Serve with a sprinkle of green onions on top.

6. Mashed Sweet Potatoes

There are different schools of thought regarding what sides to serve with orange chicken and rice. The classic approach is to keep it simple and help with steamed rice and broccoli on the side. 

Another option is to go for a more veggie-heavy route and add a mix of sauteed veggies. And finally, if you’re looking for something a little heartier, you could add in some fried rice or lo mein noodles.

No matter what you choose, we guarantee that your orange chicken and rice will be delicious!

7. Garlic Naan

No matter what cuisine you’re eating, there’s always room for garlic naan. This delicious Indian flatbread is the perfect accompaniment to orange chicken and rice. 

Meanwhile, the savory flavors of the garlic complement the sweetness of the chicken, while the naan provides a crunchy contrast to the rice. Plus, it’s easy to make and can be enjoyed by everyone at the table.

8. Green Beans With Mushrooms

Green beans are a classic side dish that goes well with just about anything. For this orange chicken and rice dish, we like to add mushrooms for an extra earthy flavor.

Sauté the green beans and mushrooms in olive oil until they’re tender—season with salt and pepper to taste.

Then, add a splash of soy sauce for extra umami flavor. Serve alongside your orange chicken and rice for a complete meal. Green Beans with Mushrooms is what to serve with Orange chicken and rice in your next meal.

9. Pineapple Cups

One of the best things about orange chicken is that it pairs well with many different sides. Our personal favorite is pineapple cups. They’re super easy to make and only require a few ingredients: canned pineapple.

Cut the pineapple into small bite-sized pieces and top each one with a cherry. Then, use a toothpick to skewer the cherry and pineapple together. Finally, drizzle each cup with orange juice before serving.


No matter what to serve with orange chicken and rice, it’s sure to be a hit! Try serving it with steamed broccoli and carrots for a healthy option or fried rice for a heartier meal. 

For a sweet touch, top the dish off with mandarin oranges or a sprinkle of brown sugar. No matter what you choose, your family and friends are sure to love this delicious dish!

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