What to Serve With Italian Sausage?

What To Serve With Italian Sausage
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Have you been trying to find out what to serve with Italian sausages?  We put together this list of what to serve with Italian sausage so you can take your Italian sausage to the next level. 

The first recommendation is that you don’t go overboard with the sides; when it comes to serving Italian sausages, less can be more.

You don’t want to make things too complicated or risk ruining your appetite before the main event arrives at the table.

Here is the list of what to serve with Italian sausage that we think complements perfectly without being too much or too little.

1. Italian Antipasto Pasta Salad

The first on the list of what to serve with Italian sausage. This recipe uses tri-color spiral pasta, cherry tomatoes, pepperoncini, fresh basil, and an herbed vinaigrette. The dish is so quick and easy that you can make it the night before. 

The antipasto pasta salad recipe is easy, delicious, and perfect for a party. It can be made ahead of time and includes all of your favorite antipasti, such as bell peppers, olives, artichokes, and pesto. 

Add in cooked pasta for a heartier salad, or break up the grains by adding pine nuts or sunflower seeds for some crunch.

This recipe could also easily be made into a grain salad by using rice, quinoa, or couscous instead of the farfalle (butterfly) pasta.

2. Kale Chips

Our next pick for what to serve with Italian sausage is kale chips! They’re easy to make and super healthy. Kale has a great nutritional profile, and this recipe gets even more nutrients by adding one ingredient you may not have thought of–mustard powder. 

Meanwhile, adding mustard powder gives the kale chips a more savory flavor. But it’s really there to bring out the flavor in the other ingredients, so don’t worry if you don’t have any on hand. We added sesame seeds and chia seeds (which have Omega-3s!)

This is because these are nice alternatives for seeds that might be less readily available depending on where you live.

If you’re concerned about maximizing your health or vegan options, simply use water instead of chicken broth as one of the ingredients.

3. Toasted Sweet Potatoes

Wondering what to serve with Italian? Sweet potatoes are a great choice for any meal, especially this one! Plus, they’re extra festive and can be whipped up in no time. 

While mashed sweet potatoes are delicious on their own, mix things up by adding some of your favorite holiday spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, or ginger.

Get your sweet potato roasting by tossing them in olive oil with salt and pepper, then lining them on a sheet pan covered with parchment paper. 

The last step is the best one though—the wait! All you have to do is leave the potatoes in an oven that has been preheated to 350°F (175°C) until they are tender.

The last crucial ingredient? Butter! Don’t forget to add that perfect finishing touch because it’s just as important as salt and pepper.

4. Fresh Fruit Salad

There are a million things you can serve with Italian sausage, but one of the best things is an easy fresh fruit salad that’s not just sweet and juicy but has plenty of greens as well. 

Ripe grapefruit, oranges, berries, or whatever seasonal fruit you like best are all great choices. They should give your dish a nice crunch when paired with hearty bread or polenta. 

To make the salad even healthier than it already is, drizzle some balsamic vinegar over the top to bring out the sweetness and add a little tartness. You’ll be full and happy in no time!

5. Homemade Potato Chips

This is what to serve with Italian sausage, and it is for a reason! Homemade chips don’t take long to make and are so easy, especially if you use a mandolin or food processor. Just make sure you slice the potatoes as thin as possible for crispier chips and less for softer ones. 

So, after cutting the potatoes into slices, soak them in water for about thirty minutes. The rinsing step is important because it removes excess starch from the potatoes that can cause problems when frying.

Next is draining the potato’s water and lightly coating them with oil (this creates an exterior layer of heat-protecting fat). 

And finally, place your slices onto a wire rack set over a large cookie sheet lined with paper towels (to absorb any extra oil). And bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit until browned and crispy on both sides.

6. Homemade Macaroni Salad

Italian sausage is a spicy, dry sausage that can be made from beef, pork, or a combination of meats. It has become more common in recent years for this traditional dish to be served in North America alongside other dishes. 

But what to serve with Italian sausage? Homemade macaroni salad is a great option. This food makes an excellent choice for dinner if you’re craving a hearty meal. 

7. Grilled Asparagus Wrapped in Mozzarella & Prosciutto

Grilling is a great way to incorporate veggies. Grilling asparagus turns it into the perfect light dinner or snack. The ingredients here are simple and delicious, and they go well together. 

Asparagus is naturally high in fiber, folate, iron, and vitamins A and C. Cheese provides protein, calcium, and B vitamins.

Prosciutto can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Because it contains large amounts of niacin, riboflavin, and choline—which help your body get rid of excess homocysteine that can form arterial plaque.

8. Rice Pilaf

Casseroles are perfect for any season because they typically offer up a tasty combination of warm, hearty dishes. Rice Pilaf is one dish that is always welcome at the table, and it’s very simple to make. 

To ensure the rice and veggies remain firm, add them later rather than mixing them with water before cooking.

9. Mandarin Orange Salad

For starters, a Mandarin Orange Salad. Prepared from fresh oranges and tangerines, this flavorful dish can be made in minutes, and it’s perfect when it comes to what to serve with Italian sausage or other grilled meats or fish. 

Start by slicing citrus fruit into quarter-inch-thick slices, removing the peel, and thinly chopping any segments left on the peels.

Then place them in a bowl with the segments that were removed. In another bowl, mix chopped walnuts and goat cheese (or feta cheese) until combined, then stir into the citrus fruit mixture.

10. Cheese Board

This is what to serve with Italian sausage.  If you need suggestions, consider using some of these fun cheeses and spreads for an impressive cheese board or platter. 

  1. Aged Pecorino Romano – Such a strong, intense cheese with a bitter aftertaste Delicious on its own or with fig preserves or port wine cheese spread.
  2. Parmigiano Reggiano – A luxurious hard sheep’s milk cheese melts well when heated and pairs perfectly with olives and pears. 
  3. Bleu d’Auvergne – This triple cream cheese has a milder taste that can be enjoyed for breakfast with fruit preserves and pastries!

11. Italian Crusty Bread

Are you looking for what to serve with Italian sausage? This crusty bread is an option. We all love bread dipped in olive oil, which is what you’ll typically serve with an Italian meal. It’s delicious and flavorful, the best option, especially if you’re a gluten person.

12. Butter Lettuce Salad

Start with butter lettuce or a head of romaine lettuce. Tear up the leaves, arrange them on a plate, and top with chopped shallot and olive oil.

Slice grape tomatoes in half if you have them available, and slice large slices of pepperoni. Scatter over the salad, and finish with a bit more,e, olive oil, salt, and pepper.

13. Creamed Spinach

A staple on most Italian tables, creamed spinach is simple to prepare and a delicious complement to almost any dish. Simply cook down a bag of spinach (fresh or frozen) in some milk until it reaches desired consistency. 

Add salt, pepper, garlic powder, and nutmeg for flavor. This can be made ahead and reheated in the oven on your time.

Risotto is also a great dish for pairing with sausage. This, too, can be made ahead by cooking rice according to package instructions.

Creamed spinach is a delicious dish that satisfies all your comfort food cravings without blowing your healthy eating plan. It also comes together quickly, making this dish ideal for hectic weeknights.

14. Mandarin Orange Salad

A salad is good for any entree, especially with a spicy bite! Our Mandarin Orange Salad is refreshing, light, and a great way for our family members who can’t have dairy or gluten to enjoy something with all the flavor.

Also,  it is vegan-friendly if you’re cooking for someone with more specific dietary requirements than your standard gluten-free eater.

15. Mushroom Gravy

We love thick and velvety mushroom gravy to complement Italian sausage’s rich and hearty taste. It takes very little time to make, with ingredients you may already have in your pantry. 

Ingredients needed for this dish include shallots, butter, vegetable broth (or water), and all-purpose flour (to thicken the sauce). Also include minced garlic, thyme, salt, and pepper. 

To start cooking this dish, fry the shallots until translucent in a skillet or saucepan on medium heat with butter. Add thyme and cook for another two minutes, then add the garlic. 

What next? Cook for one minute before adding flour. Cook while constantly stirring until it forms a roux (3-5 minutes). Slowly add the broth while stirring until you get desired consistency.

16. Braised Fennel

Fennel is a perfect complement to pair with Italian sausage, and maybe you are looking for what to serve with Italian sausage. The dense, white flesh helps temper the oil and fat while also acting as a medium for capturing their flavors in the braising process. 

But this braised fennel recipe will take your meal up a notch if you’re looking for something beyond flavor and fragrance and into total transformation.

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Fennel (2 bulbs)
  • Onion
  • Cloves garlic
  • Fresh thyme sprigs (dried thyme)
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 
  • Olive oil or other cooking oil (for browning)

17. French Potato Salad

Combine potato with celery and onions. Stir together mayonnaise, water or broth, salt, and white pepper. Simmer for ten minutes until the potatoes are done. 

Also, add croutons and Parmesan cheese before serving. Serve with a cold meat course such as an aged roast beef or sausages for a delicious meal everyone will love alongside Italian sausage.  

18. Sauteed Broccoli

When it comes to finding what to serve with Italian sausage, Sauteed broccoli is a great option. Heat the olive oil or bacon fat over medium-high heat in a large frying pan.

Add chopped garlic and cook just until aromatic (about 30 seconds). Next, add broccoli, toss to coat and add salt and pepper; season as desired.

19. Roasted Broccoli

One of the best ways to cook this vegetable is by roasting it. All you need is some olive oil, a head of broccoli, and salt and pepper. Ensure your pan or roasting dish is covered so that water doesn’t boil away and leaves you with mushy broccoli.

Like the vegetables do at your grocery store’s produce department. Cover it with aluminum foil if you don’t have a lid handy!

 Cook at 425 degrees for 25-30 minutes, depending on the size of your broccoli pieces. Be mindful that smaller pieces will cook faster, so test them often. You are done! What to serve with Italian sausage is ready. 

20. Peperonata

This Sicilian dish has a hearty side, which can also be made into a meal by itself. Peperonata is a vegetarian dish, using only olive oil, salt, and red pepper flakes for seasoning.

The sauce consists of stewed tomatoes, onions, red bell peppers, and garlic. Meanwhile, all the ingredients are slow-cooked for a long time until the flavors meld together perfectly.

And the vegetables soften in just the right way to create an irresistible flavor profile. This dish pairs perfectly if you want to serve it with Italian sausage. 

21. Frittata

We love frittatas for many reasons, one being that they are incredibly versatile. They can be served warm, at room temperature, or cold, making them a great breakfast option.

The best part about this dish is that the frittata itself cooks like an omelet and can be filled with anything you want. This is the right option for what to serve with Italian sausage.

To make our favorite egg-and-sausage frittata, we start by cooking smoked sausage in a medium pan and then breaking up the pieces with a spoon when they are fully cooked.

22. Green Beans with Shallots and Garlic

You will be surprised that this is on the list of what to serve with Italian sausage. Green beans are a flavorful alternative to potato fries, and this easy recipe takes about 15 minutes from start to finish.

Cooked until just tender, then sauteed with garlic and shallots. Seasoned generously with fresh black pepper. 

No more than two tablespoons of butter–instead, use the grease from cooking the sausage for richness. Served on the side of your favorite plate full of skillet pork sausage and peppers, you’ll be glad you tried this colorful alternative!

23. Grilled Asparagus with Lemon Vinaigrette

Make a hearty salad for your friends by mixing it with seasonal ingredients like basil, cucumber, and red onion. Drizzle over some olive oil and finish with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. 

All the veggies make for a filling side dish without taking up too much space on the table. And if you want to turn this dish into more of an entree, add some hard-boiled eggs or olives before serving! 

24. Whole Wheat Spaghetti

No explanation is needed for this one – it’s just pasta! But don’t stop at plain old spaghetti try going a step further and add whole wheat pasta instead of white flour. This can also help lower your cholesterol levels.

25. Baked Potato Wedges with Melted Cheddar Cheese

With this, you have what to serve with Italian sausage. Baked potatoes are always a crowd favorite, but sometimes they just don’t cut it as the only side dish. Don’t worry, though, because potatoes are awesome and can be served in so many ways! 

If you want something quick and filling, try our recipe for Baked Potato Wedges with Melted Cheddar Cheese. These will quickly become a favorite at your house too!

Recipe 0f Baked Potato Wedges with Melted Cheddar Cheese 

  • Red potatoes (washed, dried, skin on) 
  • Olive oil (plus more if needed) 
  • Salt 
  • Ground black pepper 
  • Shredded sharp cheddar cheese

26. Strawberry Arugula Salad with Feta and Balsamic Vinaigrette

If you are wondering what to serve with Italian sausage, make this your option.  Mince the parsley. Add dressing and toss. Divide between four bowls.

Plate it atop a bed of arugula; season the strawberry pieces with salt and pepper and top with the feta cheese. Drizzle the remaining vinaigrette over all, then garnish with lemon zest. 

27. Mashed Cauliflower

Making cauliflower mashed potatoes is not only low in calories. It also provides an alternative texture for family members and friends with dietary restrictions.

When cooked correctly, the cauliflower mash has a similar consistency to potatoes and can be seasoned in much the same way.

28. Coleslaw

Our favorite way to serve coleslaw is as a light, summery side dish. Thinly-sliced cabbage mixed with sweet and tangy sour cream, flavorful apple cider vinegar, and a little sugar is the perfect foil for what to serve with Italian sausage. 

And if you’re making it for a barbecue, turn it into slaw dogs by tossing everything together and stuffing in between hot dogs.

But we also like coleslaw topped on a Croque madame or stuffed into warm baked doughnuts. If you can’t find sour cream, substitute plain yogurt or buttermilk!

29. Zucchini Sticks

This is what to serve with Italian sausage. It is an appetizer that r is a classic and can’t be missed. Vegetables make the perfect complement to breadcrumbs, garlic, and parmesan cheese.

Zucchini is the most common veggie used but try making this with yellow squash or red pepper too!

Brush zucchini or other vegetables with olive oil and dredge in breadcrumbs, chopped fresh basil, and grated Parmesan cheese.

Use your hands to squeeze any excess liquid out of the zucchini (to avoid it becoming soggy). Bake at 425 degrees F for 20-30 minutes or until golden brown and crispy on the outside. Serve immediately for the best taste and texture!

30. One Pot Creamy Tomato Pasta

This dish is a culinary delight of butter, cream, and pasta. In minutes you will have a great meal on your table that the whole family will enjoy.

So what can you serve with Italian sausage? One of our favorite recipes for this scenario is a one-pot of creamy tomato pasta. 

Start by cooking some linguine in salted water and lightly coat the pan with olive oil. While the pasta cooks, chop up onion and garlic and then saute them in the same pan with salt and pepper until they are translucent; add crushed tomatoes as well as some water or red wine (both work nicely)

Next,  bring it all up to a light simmer. Continue to cook over medium heat until the sauce has thickened slightly, around 10-15 minutes or so.

31. Creamy Polenta

Whether baked, fried, or creamy, polenta is a stunning side dish for what to serve with Italian sausage dripping with buttery corn flavor.

In this instance, choose the creamy variety, which is topped with a combination of salty mushrooms and sweet caramelized onions.

All you need for a meal fit for a dinner party is a juicy sausage! This recipe is our favorite because it is both comforting and elegant at the same time.


While it’s true that Italian sausage is delicious on its own, it’s not always the easiest thing to pair with other foods—particularly if you’re eating a vegan or vegetarian diet. 

Here are some of our top picks for what to serve with Italian sausage when you want something other than the bland traditional pasta noodles that come in the package with your sausage.

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