What to Serve With Italian Sausage Sandwiches?

What to Serve With Italian Sausage Sandwiches
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Italian sausage sandwiches are all about the meat, which is fine! But are you looking for what to serve with Italian sausage sandwiches?

To round out your meals with a few veggie-based dishes, here are some delicious additions to consider when serving up Italian sausage on rolls or buns. 

Any of these sides would pair perfectly with Italian sausage sandwiches, whether they’re served with pasta dishes or on their own as side dishes.

Your palate won’t miss the meat at all! These are what to serve with Italian sausage sandwiches.

1. Potato Salad

A potato sale is excellent if you want to serve Italian sausage sandwiches. Add a delicious and classic potato salad to your sandwich, or try it as a side dish. Cut medium-sized potatoes into cubes. Boil the cubed potatoes for 10 minutes, until fork tender.

Meanwhile, in a separate bowl, whisk together mayonnaise, mustard powder, salt, and pepper. After draining the cooked potatoes:

  1. Toss them with the mayonnaise mixture.
  2. Mix in an equal amount of sweet pickle relish and mix until evenly coated.
  3. Add more salt and pepper if desired.

2. Roasted Veggies

Roasted veggies can also be a great side dish for this sandwich. This is what to serve with Italian sausage sandwiches.

They’re a fantastic option for vegetarians and those looking to balance the dish’s heavy protein-heavy profile. Root vegetables work particularly well, like potatoes, parsnips, and carrots. 

For that authentic taste of Italy, you can make your marinara sauce or use a prepared sauce from the store.

Roasting them is the best way to cook them because it caramelizes their natural sugars while softening and browning them, lending an intensely sweet flavor. The more olive oil you add, the better they’ll come out.

3. Caesar Salad

A perfect side dish to serve alongside an Italian sausage sandwich is a Caesar salad, and it’s a quick, easy and delicious dish that pairs perfectly with the savory sauce on the sausage. 

In addition, Caesar salad is easy enough for beginners in the kitchen, as it only requires a few ingredients (fewer than most salads). The best part is you can do all of your cooking right in the same pan!

4. Creamed Spinach

Creamed spinach is a super tasty yet classic side dish for hearty dishes like this. Mix heavy cream and cornstarch in a saucepan over medium heat until it thickens; stir in the spinach and reduce the heat.

If you don’t want heat in your dish, feel free to omit the hot pepper flakes. Salt and pepper to taste once finished cooking. 

Other great sides that work well as complements for these sandwiches are fresh fruit, green beans, or even mashed potatoes. Creamed spinach is an excellent option to serve with Italian sausage sandwiches.

5. Mashed Potato

Potatoes may be the most common side dish for sandwiches, though they are often flavorless and dull. But you can try swapping them out for a dish that’s not just light on calories but also a light on your wallet.

Here are five substitutes for potatoes that go well with Italian sausage sandwiches: Meanwhile, mashed potato adds some crunchiness and zest at the same time.

With mashed potato, you can enjoy your day with your meal. Mashed potato is an excellent option for what to serve with Italian sausage sandwiches. 

6. Baked Sweet Potato

This is what to serve with Italian sausage sandwiches. Serve your Italian sausage sandwiches with a side of baked sweet potatoes for the perfect sandwich accompaniment.

Try baking them in the oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes, or you can wrap each one in aluminum foil and put them on top of the stove. 

When they are done, cut off the top and remove some of the insides before returning them to their skins and filling them with butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon.

Wrap these babies up tight in aluminum foil again and place on the stove at 350 degrees until they are nice and crispy (about 15-20 minutes). The flavors help these sandwiches shine!

7. Creamy Polenta

Creamy polenta makes a beautiful side dish for grilled or roasted meats. One serving of this recipe is just three ingredients: water, whole milk, and cornmeal. Brown the cornmeal in butter first, then pour it into boiling water and milk.

However, allow the polenta to simmer for about half an hour before serving. Ensure you stir periodically during cooking so it doesn’t stick and burn on the bottom of the pot.

You’ll have a delectable, flavorful accompaniment that will take your meal from delicious to sublime!

8. Baked Beans

Baked beans are a flavorful and filling side dish that goes well with Italian sausage sandwiches. Consider using this recipe for baked beans: 

  • Cans of dark red kidney beans drained and rinsed in cold water 
  • Can diced tomatoes, drained 
  • Onion chopped or large shallot 
  • Molasses or sugar 
  • Honey or brown sugar -pinch of black pepper

9. Cornbread

What to serve with Italian sausage sandwiches? Cornbread is an answer. Prepare cornbread and serve with a big pot of collard greens.

Cornbread is best made on the stovetop, so combine all-purpose flour, sugar, melted butter, one beaten egg, and one cup of milk in a saucepan. 

Next, cook over medium heat until it starts to bubble. Reduce heat and let cook for 10 minutes or until browned. Serve warm cornbread with a big pot of collard greens!

10. Sweet Potato Wedges

To me, sweet potatoes are the perfect complement to any savory sandwich. They’re filling, super affordable, and come in various colors for various occasions.

Today I’ll show you how to make wedges that are easy to prepare and hard not to love. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Large sweet potatoes
  • Olive oil (for baking) 
  • Salt & pepper (to taste)
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Garlic powder 
  • Cinnamon sugar mixture*(optional)

First off, bake the sweet potatoes until a fork can easily pierce them. Depending on their size, they may take anywhere from 35 minutes up to 1 hour, so don’t get discouraged if yours take a while before they’re done!

11. Sautéed Summer Vegetables

Sauté onions and garlic in oil until fragrant; add peppers, zucchini, eggplant, yellow squash, and a mix of diced tomatoes. Saute over medium-high heat for 10 minutes or until the vegetables are cooked. 

Also, add tomato sauce and season with salt and pepper. Stir together well, then allow it to simmer on low-medium heat for 15 minutes.

Add fresh basil and red pepper flakes (optional) before serving alongside your favorite Italian sausage sandwich recipe.

Sauteed summer vegetables are an excellent option for what to serve with Italian sausage sandwiches. This savory side dish is perfect as a light lunch or dinner served on its own or alongside your favorite Italian sausage sandwich recipe as a tasty alternative to fries or chips!

12. Corn on the Cob

Sauté one cup of corn kernels in a skillet over medium-high heat for about four minutes. Sprinkle with cumin, chili powder, and salt. Add one clove of minced garlic and cook for another minute. Serve the corn on the cob alongside your favorite Italian sausage sandwich.

13. Cucumber Salad

Italian sausage, fresh mozzarella, and tomato on a crusty roll. These three ingredients are all that is needed for the perfect sandwich. But there’s more to a sandwich than just those three things! Enter side dishes. 

The right sides can transform your sandwich from okay to extraordinary. There are plenty of great options when deciding what to serve with Italian sausage sandwiches.

Still, the best choice for what to serve with Italian sausage sandwiches is, by far, a cucumber salad. Here’s why:

Cucumbers taste crisp and refreshing, which contrasts nicely with a heavy sandwich like this. They have an earthy flavor that blends nicely with the richness of the cheese and flavor-packed meat in this dish. Cucumber salad is a super easy dish that tastes fresh. 

Also, adding cucumbers gives the salad more crunch and pairs well with the crispy bread in an Italian sausage sandwich.

This is an excellent dish for summer when you can buy local cucumbers from your farmer’s market. If you don’t have time to make the cucumber salad, store-bought pickles work too!

Remember: always dress the sides before putting them on your sandwich—they will get soggy if they sit in mayonnaise too long.

14. Pasta Salad

This is what to serve with Italian sausage sandwiches. Pasta salad is one of many persons’ favorite pasta side dishes. You can make it in advance, which is friendly for entertaining guests on a weeknight or when you’re pressed for time.

The pasta stays light, and the vegetables add much-needed freshness, vitamins, and crunch. All those extra ingredients work together to make this dish even more robust. 

In addition, add salty feta cheese because it gives everything an added pop of flavor! This versatile dish can be adjusted based on your preferences and the ingredients you have on hand.

15. Sweet and Sour Coleslaw

Sweet and Sour Coleslaw is a great side dish for your next Italian sausage sandwich. This coleslaw recipe is more precious than sour, but the name fits so well that we couldn’t resist.

The sweetness comes from the cranberries and apples, while the vinegar balances it out and adds the sour element. 

Also, the coleslaw has sugar and salt to keep things balanced and fresh herbs (thyme or parsley). If you’re using this recipe as a side dish for sandwiches, chop it up after it’s been chilled in the fridge. You can also mix everything to get that perfect balance of flavors.


The most crucial thing to remember is that you are looking for what to serve with Italian sausage sandwiches, which is to add more tastes, not more meat, when choosing sides for your Italian sausage sandwich. 

A side of sausage and a sausage sandwich will quickly become too much. Therefore, choose sides that will enhance the Italian sausage flavor in your sandwich instead.

Lastly, a hot Italian sausage sandwich is a delicious, warm meal typically eaten in cold winter. It can be made for either breakfast or lunch, and it’s the perfect comfort food.

But what if you have the munchies in the afternoon? Fear not: just pop open a Coke, drink water, or eat some of these delicious foods. Are you looking for what to serve with Italian sausage? Here are great options for you.

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