What to Serve With Italian Pasta Salad?

Pasta Salad 
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Italian pasta salad is the perfect dish to bring to a potluck because it’s delicious and easy to make. Moreso, it takes very little time to prepare. 

But as delicious as it is, you can always take it up a notch by deciding well on what to serve with Italian pasta salad.

Plenty of options are available, so pick the best ones according to your preferences and the number of people you’re serving.

Here is a list of what to serve with Italian pasta salad

1. BBQ

BBQ, the first on the list of what to serve with Italian pasta salad, has a quick and easy way to serve it. Thus adding some flavor. You can either purchase the pre-made BBQ sauce or make your own.

If you want to make your own, combine ketchup, brown sugar, and cider vinegar in a pot over medium heat for 10 minutes.

Wait until it thickens and tastes good. However, this BBQ sauce will only be enough for one batch of pasta salad.

2. Burgers

Burger joints are popping up all over the place. Try this if you’re looking for a burger as good as the restaurant-style burgers you’ve had before. You’ll need ground beef, cheddar cheese, onion, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. 

Shape the meat into six patties about an inch thick. Grill them on medium-high heat for about 4 minutes per side or until done.

Add the onions to the pan and fry them for a few minutes before turning off the heat. Layer one burger on a bun with some cheese and onion. 

Next, Place it back on the grill for just a minute or two until it melts before removing it from the heat. Puzzles on what to serve with Italian pasta salad and burgers solve them!

3. Tortilla Chips and Salsa

If you are wondering what to serve Italian pasta salad, you can’t go wrong with tortilla Chips and salsa. A little bowl of chips and salsa is the perfect light and fresh pairing for this crunchy, tangy pasta salad. You can use store-bought salsa or whip up a batch from scratch in just 20 minutes!

4. Hot Wings

If you’re looking for what to serve with Italian pasta salad, look no further than these hot wings. The tangy sauce will complement the crunch of the vegetables and crisp pasta in the salad.

As an added bonus, most people don’t have to cook hot wings from scratch. If you have a deep fryer or a pot of boiling oil, they’re ready in minutes!

5. BLT

If you’re in the mood for some bacon, try adding BLT, as this is next on what to serve with Italian pasta salad. Bacon is a great source of protein and fat that will help balance out the carbs in the pasta.

It also goes well with tomatoes and lettuce, which are both common ingredients in pasta salad.

Plus, bacon has a salty flavor that can cut through the sweetness of the dressing or mayo. In addition to bacon, you can serve this salad with avocado.

6. Baked Beans Or Calico Beans

Another popular food in summer is baked beans. The smooth, baked beans or calico beans pair perfectly with Italian pasta salad. Upgrade to calico beans cooked with ground meat and bacon to make the dish even more substantial!

7. Fruit

Serving sweet fruit beside savory salad pasta gives you an extraordinary meal. Fruit is on the list of what to serve with Italian pasta salad.

Delicious alternatives include sliced watermelon, fruit salad, pineapple spears, and plain sliced apples and grapes.

8. Chicken Sandwich / Chicken Salad

If you are getting confused about what to serve with Italian pasta salad, consider a chicken sandwich or chicken salad. Both are easy and quick to prepare.

Use bread slices, mayonnaise, lettuce, thinly sliced onions, tomatoes, and grill for the sandwich. To make the salad, combine cooked chopped chicken breast with celery sticks and raisins in a bowl. Then top it off with your favorite pasta salad dressing.

9. Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is a delicious and simple recipe to serve with pasta salad, whether you boil it or grill it. Especially if your salad already has protein. 

Wonder why it is on the list of what to serve with Italian pasta salad. Here’s why: the pasta’s silky, creamy texture contrasts beautifully with the corn’s crisp and crunchy texture. Voilà!

10. Roll-Ups

Another fantastic side dish that can be prepared ahead of time is roll-ups, or pinwheels, as they are also known.

My favorite pinwheels are made with roast beef and spicy mustard, but ham, cheese, or turkey are also common choices. Still bewildered about what to serve with Italian pasta salad? There it is, roll-ups!

11. Fried Chicken

A great side dish to serve with pasta salad is fried chicken. The two dishes are very different in terms of ingredients, but the contrasting flavors and textures make for a great meal. Plus, fried chicken can be made in advance and frozen until you’re ready to eat it.

Here’s how: Cut the pieces into small strips or cubes. Heat oil on medium-high heat, add salt to the flour, and dredge each piece in flour before adding it to hot oil. 

Fry each piece of chicken in oil until golden brown and cooked through. Then, remove from oil with a slotted spoon and place it on a paper towel-lined plate.

12. Italian Chicken Drumsticks

Whether it’s a summer cookout or a fall family reunion, you’ll find no shortage of great recipes for Italian pasta salad. But what to serve with Italian pasta salad? 

You can’t go wrong with these crispy, juicy drumsticks that are seasoned and fried just right. They come in packs of ten and make an easy appetizer that your guests will love!

13. Hot Dogs

This is the last on our list of what to serve with Italian pasta salad. We love hot dogs for quick, easy, and delicious meals. You can put many different toppings on your dog, but here are some of our favorites: ketchup, mustard, onion, sauerkraut, and corn relish.

Also, you can add chili or cheese sauce for a heartier meal. Not into hot dogs? Try these side dishes instead!

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