What to Serve With Fries? 26 Side Dishes

What to Serve With Fries
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Fries are a staple dish around the world. Everyone loves them, from little ones to adults, and they’re simple to make.

They are so wonderful that we want to eat them all the time. But what to serve with fries?

Although they can be enjoyed on their own, adding the right side dishes can elevate your meal.

So whether you want a complete, filling meal or e quick snack, we have 20 tasty options for you.

Let’s go!

1. Popeyes Sweet Heat Sauce

To make this sweet and spicy sauce, you only need six ingredients, including apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, honey, garlic salt, cayenne pepper, and red pepper flakes.

In addition, this sauce is very enticing and really improves the flavor of your fries.

If you wish to offer this sauce to your visitors, put it in a lovely bottle and keep it out of the sun.

2. Onion Rings

Is pairing fries with onion rings a good idea? If you agree, prepare this fantastic combo at home and give it to your children as starters or just as snacks.

You may prepare onion rings in an air fryer for a tasty treat. In addition, because onion rings are sweet, they go perfectly with salty, spicy, and sweet potato fries.

3. Roast Beef

For what to serve with fries, try roasted beef. These two recipes go well together, enabling you to serve your guests delicious food.

In addition, these dishes are crowd-pleasers, giving you every opportunity to impress even the most demanding diners.

4. Chicken and Stuffing

Do you have any experience eating chicken with stuffing? This is another term for the deliciously flavorful stuffed chicken.

The zesty and fragrant stuffing in the juicy, tender chicken begs you to want more.

Experience the fusion of various flavors and textures by serving this fantastic recipe with sweet potato fries.

5. Tortilla Soup

The combination of sweet potato fries and tortilla soup is excellent. On a chilly winter night, the combination can keep you warm and comfort you.

Take a taste of the delectable soup using the ingredients provided. To suit your preferred spice blend, you can also improvise the recipe.

In addition, you can substitute a different ingredient to create the soup you choose if you prefer beef to chicken.

6. BBQ Sauce

BBQ sauce made at home tastes great. It’s a great option for what to serve with fries.

This sauce tastes fantastic with numerous kinds of snacks and other homemade treats, not only fries.

After trying this recipe, you won’t miss the harmful preservatives in store-bought sauce.

7. Mango Salsa

Finding a side dish to pair with fries doesn’t have to be difficult. These fries work well with mango salsa, so serve the two together for lunch.

You need mangoes, jalapenos, red onions, lime, and cilantro to make the most fabulous mango salsa. This is a delicious delicacy that will bring you a lot of happiness.

8. Chicken Tenders

Any food lover’s dream dish is serving crispy, juicy, healthy chicken tenders.

You can make these chicken tenders in your oven with just a few ingredients and an easy process.

Serve the tenders with fries once they are done cooking, and savor the comforting combo.

9. Honey Mustard Sauce

For what to serve with fries, try the honey mustard sauce. Fries and honey mustard sauce go together like butter and honey.

Even your children will find it difficult to resist the sweet and flavorful sauce when paired with fries.

10. Hamburgers and Sliders

What could be better than fries and burgers as the ideal lunchtime snack? The combination of burgers and fries is timeless for a reason—it simply works.

The flavorful combination of the savory burger patties and the salty fries creates a meal full of flavor.

You may also give sliders a try if you’re seeking something a little different. Snacking on these small hamburgers is a great idea.

The crunch of the fries is all you require to complete the experience as you get lost in the mouthful, cheese bite-sized burger.

11. Turkish Eggs

If you’re searching for something a little bit healthier, Turkish eggs or Cilbir can be the best alternative. It’s on our list of what to serve with fries.

These eggs are cooked in yogurt after being poached. By using some finely chopped veggies or herbs, you can alter the dish.

The result is a fluffy and airy egg with a hint of yogurt tang. It makes a complete dinner when combined with salty fries.

12. Mac and Cheese

Everyone enjoys mac and cheese. The ideal comfort food is this traditional dish. Additionally, it pairs perfectly with french fries.

It tastes amazing when crunchy fries are combined with creamy cheese sauce.

Also, it makes sense why people like this pairing so much. Of course, you can always give your mac and cheese a little twist.

Feel free to use your imagination when preparing this dish because there are numerous variations.

For a touch more flavor, include some bacon or jalapenos. Or, for a different flavor, try using a different kind of cheese.

13. Korean Corn Dog

For what to serve with fries, try this dish. Korean corn dogs refer to items that have been battered or deep-fried, like mozzarella cheese, fish cakes, or hot dogs.

The outcome is a tasty delicacy that is crispy and cheesy and suitable for any occasion.

Furthermore, French fries pair wonderfully with Korean corn dogs. If you have a lot of fries, you may even double-coat the corn dog with them before deep fried it.

You’ll produce a tasty and distinctive corn dog that your visitors will undoubtedly enjoy either way.

14. Chicken Wings

Here is yet another traditional pairing: chicken wings and fries. Both chicken wings and fries are crunchy, so your mouth will be filled with firecrackers.

The addition of chicken wings to your fries will provide the meal with some much-needed protein and additional flavor.

You should be aware that combining these two side dishes is not the healthiest choice. Therefore, be sure to limit your consumption.

15. Grilled Corn on the Cob

This is another great idea for what to serve with fries. You will likely enjoy corn on the cob if you enjoy fries.

What is there not to love? You may grill, roast, or even boil corn to make a delicious side dish.

The best cooking method overall (at least for us) is grilling. In addition to being tasty, grilled corn on the cob is also quick and simple to prepare.

Simply husk the corn and remove the silk is all that is required.

After that, drizzle some butter or olive oil over the corn and add your preferred amount of salt and pepper.

After doing so, put the corn on the grill and cook it for 10 to 15 minutes.

16. Poutine

Even though this is technically a dish in and of itself, it still deserves mention. Fries, cheese curds, and gravy are the main ingredients in the Quebecois cuisine poutine.

It has mouthwatering flavors that will blow your mind and are packed with savory delight.

Also, it will fulfill all of your fries’ desires and demands and is super simple to prepare.

Although beef gravy is typically used, you can adjust it to meet your own requirements or preferences.

17. Chili

For what to serve with fries, try chili. Every person who tastes a classic chili is delighted.

However, every family undoubtedly already has a unique recipe that has been handed down through the years, and you may give it a little twist if you want.

The two foods go well together for dipping: Fries and chili! Put two and two together, and you will spend the foreseeable future dipping and scooping your chili with fries.

18. Tofu Nuggets

Why not get tofu nuggets with your fries if you don’t like chicken or other meat? These can be flavored however you want and are incredibly simple to make.

Do not limit yourself to using only common items like soy milk, paprika, or barbecue sauce.

If you’re searching for meatless options for whatever reason, these may easily replace chicken wings, and the fries go great with them. Try it—you won’t regret it!

19. Chicken Gyros

This is another fantastic idea for what to serve with fries. The popular chicken gyros is a global classic that pairs amazingly well with fries!

Gyros have some protein, carbohydrates, and delicious toppings, just like a wrap or burger.

Warm pitas are stuffed with tender chicken and garnished with tzatziki sauce, onion, cucumber, and tomato.

You can’t go wrong with one of these; everyone will adore it. The fries provide the meal’s portion of crispiness and saltiness. 

20. Grilled Vegetables with Pesto

It might be a good idea to include grilled vegetables and pesto on your platter if you want to add some variation.

It’s unexpected, but the combination of grilled vegetables, pesto, and fries works wonderfully. And when no one is watching, you may dip your fries in the pesto!

21. Southern Fried Prawns

Why not try Southern fried prawns if you’ve already had Southern fried chicken? They are ideal for presenting with dirty fries since they are quite delicious and are crispy, crunchy, and moreish. So if you’re looking for what to serve with fries, try them out.

Making them from scratch will require a deep-fat fryer, but it will be worthwhile if you want to truly amaze your visitors by serving them something unique.

Furthermore, serving fresh lemon wedges is essential because the juice’s zesty flavor brings out the best in the flavors of the seafood. 

22. Grilled Chorizo Sausages

Do you like a hearty main dish to go with some greasy fries? Grilled chorizo sausages are a wonderful delight!

Moreover, you can cook them indoors or outside on the barbeque, and they are juicy, salty, smoky, and a little bit sweet.

Though you can still make your own if you prefer, most large supermarkets now carry excellent chorizo sausages.

23. Pulled Pork Buns

For what to serve with fries, try this dish. Pulled pork buns are a wonderful main dish to pair with fries, especially dirty fries.

It’s simple, you can prepare everything in advance if you have company around for dinner, and it tastes great whether you serve it plain or with your favorite barbecue sauce or hot sauce.

Some good suggestions include garnishing with gherkins, pickles, and coriander, as well as shredding crunchy vegetables like carrots and cabbage for added texture.

24. Creamy Avocado Ranch Dressing

This dressing is the ideal way to give your fries a spicy edge. Because it is creamy and vibrant, all your other flavors can stand out.

For a little more flavor whenever your fries need a boost, add as much as you’d like or spoon some at the table!

25. Grilled Fish Tacos

Consider cooking fish and serving it with vegetables for a lighter meal.

With the right amount of spice and crispiness provided by this recipe, you can enjoy your sweet potato fries without worrying about producing a huge mess.

26. Spicy Meatballs

For what to serve with fries, try spicy meatballs. This combination of sweet potato fries and spicy meatballs will appeal to those who enjoy the savory and crave a little zing.

Also, don’t be scared to turn up the spice; the natural sweetness of the fries will assist in balancing the heat of the meatballs.


Fries go with nearly everything! After going through the list above, you need not worry about what to serve with fries. Pair your delicious fries with any lovely dishes and enjoy a tasty meal!

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