What to Serve with Caesar Salad

What to Serve With Caesar Salad?
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Are you wondering what to serve with caesar salad? Then you’ve come to the right place! Caesar salad is a favorite for many people.

It pairs perfectly with grilled vegetables, poultry, steak, seafood, and sandwiches.

It’s a simple and quick meal you can easily whip up after a long day at work or even for the family.

Moreover, it’s a great option if you want something nutritious. We’ve compiled a list of the best side dishes with Caesar salad. Let’s go!

1. Garlic Bread

Garlic bread complements any dish, but especially a caesar salad. It makes a fantastic substitute for a sandwich and is delicious and nutritious. 

This is not difficult to prepare at home, but you can get it made to order at your neighborhood deli if you want.

Watching your garlic bread closely while it cooks is important because it should be done before serving.

This implies that you must start the recipe before preparing your main dish. If you’re using a smaller loaf, you can use a tiny loaf tin or a glass baking dish.

Adding some shredded mozzarella cheese and a splash of olive oil will give your dish a more traditional look.

2. Roasted Red Peppers

For what to serve with caesar salad, try roasted red peppers. Roasted red peppers are an excellent way to boost the flavor of a caesar salad.

But be mindful that they’re rather spicy, so if you’re serving this to kids, reduce the number of red chili flakes you add.

Just chop up some fresh chilies, then scatter them over the salad while seasoning to taste.

3. Grilled Artichokes

It’s impossible to go wrong with grilled artichokes as a side dish for a Caesar salad.

When looking for a vegetable high in fiber, low in fat, and a great source of antioxidants, artichokes are the ideal option.

They are also such a filling vegetable. Before serving, you can grill them until they are cooked, then slice them into quarters.

Also, this gives them a nice smokey flavor that pairs perfectly with the creamy dressing.

You might choose to season your artichokes with salt and pepper for more flavor or toss them in a bit of olive oil before cooking.

4. Baked Potatoes

You can’t go wrong with baked potatoes when looking for what to serve with caesar salad. It’s one of the most versatile ingredients in every kitchen.

You may roast them for a pleasant snack, pack them cold for a nutritious lunch, or reheat them to go with a satisfying dinner.

We recommend a crispy roasted potato rather than a fluffy, steamed one. You can add toppings like sour cream, cheese, and chives to enhance the flavor.

5. Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Garlic and Bacon

You don’t need much to go with a salad, but you can ensure that my dinner includes a side dish of roasted Brussels sprouts.

They are highly nutritious and healthy; therefore, it is excellent to incorporate them into a well-rounded diet.

The mixture can also include chopped almonds, creating a wonderful crunch with the tender, delicate sprouts.

They are available pre-cooked in grocery bags, or you may prepare them yourself in the oven.

6. Green Beans

For what to serve with caesar salad, you can go with green beans. Green beans are a nutritious and excellent source of fiber addition to a caesar salad.

Be careful not to boil them too long, or they will get mushy and lose their bright green color. So blanch them for no longer than 30 seconds.

7. Grilled Corn on the Cob

Grilled corn is a wonderful side dish to serve with a Caesar salad since it gives the meal more flavor and texture.

Each ear of corn should have the top sliced off with a knife, some olive oil, and salt sprinkled on top, and then it should be grilled until charred.

8. Simple Polenta

Simple polenta is a delightful, quick-to-make side dish that goes well with a caesar salad. Just prepare some polenta in a pan and chop it into cubes to serve.

For added flavor, you can sprinkle some grated parmesan or cheddar cheese on top before serving.

9. Oven-Baked Chicken

If you’re looking for what to serve with caesar salad, prepare oven-baked chicken! Preparing a quick and wholesome meal like this for your family is wonderful.

The key is to prepare everything beforehand, then place your chicken in the oven and let it cook while you prepare the rest of the meal.

This is a great choice if you want to cook many vegetables because the chicken will be done and ready to serve before your guests arrive.

10. Potato Salad

Potato salad is both a classic and simple dish to make. This recipe doesn’t require special preparation equipment, making it a great choice for cooking ahead and serving with a more complicated dish.

You may add various flavors to this dish, from fresh herbs and citrus fruits to garlic and red pepper flakes.

Tarragon mayonnaise, balsamic, and white wine vinegar are a few of the best dressings you can use!

11. Mashed Potatoes

You can add mashed potatoes to your list of what to serve with caesar salad.

They add a delectable creaminess and are the ideal complement to all the crunchy croutons and crispy lettuce.

It’s important to get the perfect potato for this, so we suggest either Maris Piper or Idaho potatoes because of their fluffy, light texture.

12. Pasta Salad

Making a pasta salad is ideal if you want to add freshness and color to your meal. It will take a bit more work to prepare for this, but it will be worthwhile if you do it well.

Pasta salads are a fantastic substitute for the standard iceberg lettuce salad because they are more aesthetically pleasing and have several health advantages.

You can make pasta salad with any gluten-free pasta available at the supermarket or buy a ready-made pack.

They taste great when served with a variety of toppings and garnishes, and you can also use them as the base for a quick lunch or snack.

13. Grilled Vegetables

A few grilled vegetables on the table are a welcome addition for a quick side dish. So you can add them to your list of what to serve with caesar salad.

You can pick from grilled asparagus, mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, or any combination!

This is a fantastic choice if you want to serve something different from the main course while providing the same flavors that your guests have come to expect from your cooking.

14. Fish Tacos

You can serve up a few fish tacos if you want to try something a little different.

Fish is a great side dish option because it is versatile, inexpensive, and goes well with just about anything. Salmon is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for something a little healthier.

15. Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are the ideal side dish for any meal, whether hosting a fancy dress party or a roast dinner. If you’re still looking for what to serve with caesar salad, try it out.

They are delicious, filling, and a fantastic way to cut costs on food. Also, you can choose the ideal mix for your guests because they are available in different varieties.

Get the proper-sized tray for the number of guests if you’re entertaining a big crowd!

If they seem like they’ll be too much, you can easily divide them up into separate bowls; they’ll all taste great, though.

16. Tempeh Bacon

Most people pair bacon with caesar salad, but tempeh can be used to make it vegan.

The protein-rich tempeh is marinated in tamari and maple syrup, giving it a sweet, savory, and smokey flavor.

This tempeh bacon will be a hit with even your non-vegan friends. If you don’t have liquid smoke, use more smoked paprika to compensate for it.

17. Lemon Thyme Roasted Salmon

Add some flavor to your regular Caesar salad by adding some of this roasted fish to the side. You won’t find an easier salmon recipe than this one.

It takes 15 minutes to cook everything because it fits in one baking dish. The result is a delicate, flaky salmon bursting with tangy citrus notes from the lemons and thyme.


Now you have countless options for what to serve with Caesar salad.

But always choose a side dish that will complement rather than overpower your main course. Thanks for reading!

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