What to Serve After Mussels?

What to Serve After Mussels
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Are you curious about what to serve after Mussels cooking and eating? A variety of side dishes and desserts will perfectly accompany your meal.

Mussels are a popular seafood dish that is enjoyed all over the world.

The taste can vary depending on which type of mussel you get, with some being briney while others have more of a sweet taste.

While they’re typically eaten alone or with just plain white rice, there are plenty of what to serve after Mussels sides you could enjoy with them. 

Whether you made some steamed mussels for dinner or you’re hosting an event and would like to present guests with something unique, we have a few ideas for what to serve after Mussels and desserts that pair perfectly with the delicate flavor of mussels.  

1. Frisbee Salad

Frisbee Salad
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Frisbee salad is first on our list of what to serve after Mussels.

If you’re looking for something to pair with your mussel appetizer, frisee salad is a delicious and healthy option that will leave your guests feeling full and satisfied. 

The base of a frisee salad consists of dark green curly lettuce, which offers many plant-based nutrients, including vitamins A and K for bone health and iron for energy production.

Adding other ingredients such as fruits, eggs, nuts, or cheese makes this type of salad much more nutritious.

Regularly eating these types of salads can help regulate blood sugar levels thanks to their high fiber content. 

2. Fresh Herb Focaccia Bread

Fresh herb focaccia bread is also on our list of what to serve after Mussels. It is an Italian flatbread that has become a popular snack and side dish worldwide.

With its light yet crunchy texture, hearty flavor, and host of flavorful herbs, this type of bread is a favorite for many. Here are the two key facets that make fresh herb focaccia bread delicious. 

What separates fresh herb focaccia bread from other types of flatbreads is its range of flavorful ingredients.

It is typically made with strong herbs like rosemary, thyme, oregano, garlic, and sometimes sage to create a bold taste. 

Sometimes what to serve after Mussels will be added with extra virgin olive oil or chopped, creating an appetizing aroma that attracts all your senses.

A unique feature of focaccia bread is that it takes quite a bit longer than other traditional types of flatbreads, usually about 30 minutes, compared to around 20 minutes for their plain counterparts. 

This allows for more flexibility when baking, allowing you to experiment with the number and type of herbs and spices used and let the dough rest before baking to enhance the flavor further.

The high-heat baking process also contributes to the characteristic crisp texture of this type of bread, making it ideal for what to serve after Mussels, such as dips and sandwiches.

3. Butter Braised Asparagus & Peas

Asparagus and peas are renowned for being excellent sources of vitamins and minerals.

Still, most people are unaware they can be cooked together to make an incredible dish after a Mussels dish.

Butter braising ensures the vegetables retain all their nutritional value while adding a tantalizing hint of sweet buttery goodness. 

One tasty way to enjoy asparagus and peas is by butter braising them.

This classic cooking method involves slowly cooked vegetables in melted butter, allowing the natural flavors to be extracted while providing a light-yet-pleasing buttery taste.

This type of braising preserves the vegetables’ essential vitamins and minerals while creating a rich flavor profile. 

Both asparagus and peas look beautiful when butter is braised. The bright green color of asparagus contrasted with the softer yellow hue of shelled peas are a stunning sight.

Butter braising brings out the sweetness of both vegetables, giving them a delightful, delicate flavor without overpowering them with salt or fat, which makes this dish perfect for any meal occasion. 

The combination of these two as what to serve after Mussels works beautifully together for a dish guaranteed to please everyone at the table, even those who usually avoid veggies!

You only need fresh asparagus and shelled peas, some freshly grated parmesan cheese, unsalted butter, garlic powder, salt, and pepper to create this amazing side dish or main course opportunity.

4. Marinated Tomato and Onion Salad

Marinated Tomato and Onion Salad
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Marinated tomato and onion salad is a fresh, vibrant, and healthy dish full of flavor.

This Mediterranean-inspired salad is perfect for any occasion; be it lunch, dinner, or a potluck picnic.

The tomatoes and onions are marinated in olive oil, red vinegar, and herbs to give this salad its amazing flavor profile.

Tomatoes are an essential part of the Marinated Tomato and Onion Salad as they give it a sweetness and acidity that makes it so delicious.

Tomatoes are also rich in vitamins A and C, which make what to serve after Mussels even healthier.

Not only do they provide nutrition, but their bright red color adds vibrancy to the dish. 

The onions add crunch and sharpness to the salad, which balances out the sweetness of the tomatoes.

They provide depth to the flavor profile with their mild spiciness. Onions also contain antioxidants that can help prevent cancer.

Plus, onions are very low in calories, so you can enjoy what to serve after Mussels salad without worrying about your waistline!

5. Preserved Lemons Gremolata

Preserved lemon gremolata is a traditional condiment originating in North Africa but popular worldwide due to its unique flavor and ability to enrich dishes.

It’s often used as an accompaniment to meat dishes, but it can also be used in salads or as an ingredient in stews and curries. But what makes what to serve after Mussels so special?

Gremolata is made primarily with preserved lemons, oil, garlic, and parsley.

The secret lies in the combination of flavors; the intense saltiness of preserved lemons is balanced by the sweet lemon zest from fresh lemons; garlic and parsley are added for extra zest (which also adds a pungent aroma); olive oil ties all the ingredients together, creating a creamy texture and intensifying their flavors.  

Moreover, preserved lemons give gremolata its unique tangy flavor that many people find irresistible.

They also act as a preservative for what to serve after Mussels, allowing them to be stored for several days without spoiling.

Additionally, this condiment has been gaining popularity over recent years due to its versatility.

It can be served on toast with butter as a breakfast dish; dolloped on grilled meats like steak or fish; used in salads as a dressing; mixed with yogurt or mayonnaise, creating tiropita or tzatziki; combined with grains like couscous; spread on crusty bread like bruschetta before topping with cheese or tomatoes; etcetera. 

6. Garlic and Thyme

Garlic and Thyme 
by ilovebutter is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Garlic and thyme are also on our list of what to serve after Mussels. They are two of the most popular seasonings used to flavor steak.

This classic pairing adds bold flavor, complexity, and a rustic appeal to steaks that can be prepared in various ways. 

By combining freshly minced garlic and crushed thyme, steak becomes flavorful and tender on the inside while boasting a perfectly charred crust on the outside.

Garlic is one of the most widely used spices across all types of cooking, especially when it comes to seasoning beef.

It has an aromatic taste with notes of mild spice that adds depth to the savory flavors of the steak. 

When paired with thyme, these two classic seasonings bring out the natural umami flavors of steaks, making them even more delectable.

Thyme is an herb commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine known for its pungent aroma and earthy flavor profile.

It balances out the strong garlic taste while providing subtle hints of citrus and mint, enhancing the steak’s flavor even further. 

When cooked together, garlic and thyme create a distinctive yet subtle smokiness to steak that makes it unique.

Using garlic, thyme, or both together when preparing steak, you can transform a simple cut of beef into an unforgettable culinary experience filled with bold and assertive flavors for your guests to enjoy.

7. Green Salads

Green Salads
Photo by totsfamily.com

Green salads are incredibly versatile, healthy, and delicious as what to serve after Mussels. A good option that can be tailored to any taste while providing great nutritional value.

With the right dressing, green salads become even more flavorful, making them a fantastic addition to any lunch or dinner table. 

Parmesan dressing is a beloved classic that pairs effortlessly with most green salads and is sure to bring out their flavor.

Parmesan dressing is easy to make at home and allows you to control exactly what goes into it, making it healthier than store-bought options.

Its creamy texture combines well with crunchy elements such as croutons or nuts, balancing the salad’s texture. 

As for flavor, parmesan cheese dressing is rich and salty but not overwhelmingly so.

It lends perfectly to accompanying earthy flavors like spinach and arugula and sweeter tastes like avocados or pears.

Furthermore, it provides a great vitamin boost since its main ingredient is calcium-based dairy products. 

8. Seafood Paella

Seafood paella is a delicious, crowd-pleasing Spanish dish for dinner parties and family meals.

This zesty meal will tantalize your taste buds, traditionally made with rice and seafood such as clams, mussels, and shrimp. Read on to learn more about seafood paella and its origins.

The origin of seafood paella dates back to the mid-19th century when it first appeared in Valencia, Spain.

Traditionally, Valencia favored an all-seafood version using local ingredients like clams, mussels, fish, and shrimp.

Over time, however, what to serve after Mussels has evolved to include other delicious ingredients like tomatoes, peppers, and chorizo – creating what’s now known as “mixed paella” or “paella mixta.” 

Today there is a myriad of ways to make seafood paella.

In addition to the traditional all-seafood and mixed varieties, vegan versions incorporate plant-based proteins such as tempeh or tofu into the mix.

Of course, no matter which variation you choose, one thing will remain consistent: that classic combination of aromatic saffron rice paired with tender shrimp and succulent mussels will never disappoint your taste buds!

9. Baked Cod

Baked cod is next on our list of what to serve after Mussels. It is one of the most delicious and popular seafood dishes around the Mediterranean.

Not only is it easy to prepare, but it’s also an excellent source of protein and healthy fats. 

The first method starts with seasoning the cod with garlic, lemon juice, and herbs like oregano, thyme, parsley, or dill.

The cod can then be placed into an oven-proof dish and topped with sliced tomatoes, olives, capers, and salt.

Once everything is in the baking dish, drizzle extra virgin olive oil before baking until the fish is cooked. 

The second method begins by marinating the cod in a blend of fresh herbs, such as basil or cilantro, along with red wine vinegar or white wine.

Once the marinade has been prepared, add some crushed tomatoes or tomato sauce to a baking dish before layering on the flaky codfish filets soaked in the marinade. 

Bake what to serve after Mussels in an oven preheated to 350°F for about thirty minutes or until the fish flakes easily when touched with a fork.

Whichever method you choose for preparing your Mediterranean-style baked cod dish, you will surely have a tasty meal! Enjoy!

10. Pita Chips

Pita Chips
Photo by whatjewwannaeat.com

Pita chips are nutritious as what to serve after Mussels that have recently become increasingly popular.

Made from pita bread cut into triangular shapes, it is now possible to find them in a variety of flavors, textures, and colors.

Some notable benefits of pita chips include their great taste and versatility. 

Pita chips are made from pita bread, a whole-grain food containing numerous vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

They are also low in calories, making them a great snack choice for those trying to watch their weight.

Most pita chips contain around 120 calories per serving, making them an excellent source of complex carbohydrates with less bad fat content than many other snacks on the market. Even better yet, many brands are vegan-friendly too! 

When most people think of pita chips, they typically envision eating them like any other chips- as part of nachos or enjoying salsa or dip as an appetizer. 

11. Blistered Padron

Blistered Padron
Photo by velvetedition.com

The Blistered Padron Peppers are a popular tapas that serve after Mussels native to the town of Padron, Spain.

They are small, green peppers with an amazing flavor and can be served hot or cold. You will want to make a dish of blistered Padron peppers to impress your guests during your next dinner party. 

The blistered Padron peppers get their name from where they originated in the Galician municipality of Padrón near Santiago de Compostela in Northwest Spain.

They are sweet and flavorful but have some pepper-like heat as well. Padrons are one and four inches long with pointed ends and thin-skinned walls.

The edible part is only the pod, so there is no need to spend time de-seeding them. 

You will need olive oil, sea salt, and a bounty of Padron peppers to serve this traditional Spanish dish.

First, the peppers are heated in olive oil at medium heat until their skins blister, giving them their signature flavor. 

Then they are cooked until they turn bright green and begin to soften, releasing their moisture and sweetness while maintaining some crunchy texture.

Finally, sprinkle them with sea salt for additional flavor before serving them as a tapas plate or side dish to other entrees. 

12. Garlic Confit Toast

Garlic confit toast is a delicious and versatile appetizer or side dish that goes well with many meals. With its simple yet flavorful ingredients, garlic confit toast will surely be a crowd-pleaser.  

Garlic confit toast is an appetizer or side dish made from crème fraiche, garlic cloves cooked in butter and oil, and bread slices toasted until golden brown.

The final product has a rich and creamy texture with a hint of garlic flavor that can be enjoyed as an appetizer or side dish with main courses such as steak and pasta.

Another great thing about what to serve after Mussels is that it’s incredibly easy to prepare. 

In addition to being incredibly flavorful, garlic confit toast offers many health benefits.

The garlic used in the recipe is an anti-fungal agent with heart-healthy components like Allicin that reduce cholesterol levels. 

Furthermore, the olive oil used for cooking not only gives the garlic confit toast a unique flavor but also helps boost your immune system due to its high amount of antioxidants.

When combined together, these ingredients make for a very nutritious yet what to serve after Mussels for any meal!

13. Angel Hair Pasta With Garlic and Herb

Angel hair pasta with garlic and herbs is a delicious, simple dish that’s sure to please the whole family.

If you’re looking for an easy, flavorful Mussels option that won’t take too long to make, look no further. 

The beauty of this dish lies in its simplicity; it only requires a few ingredients and can be cooked within minutes.

The subtle flavor of angel hair pasta pairs nicely with the fragrant garlic and earthy herbs.

This makes it perfect for pairing with richly flavored sauces or adding as a side dish to your favorite grilled proteins.

It’s also incredibly versatile; you can substitute different types of pasta or mix up the types of herbs you use for additional flavor elements.

Add some spice, add red pepper flakes, or topping it off with freshly grated cheese.

For an even heartier version, top it off with grilled chicken or shrimp for a complete meal that’s sure to hit the spot.

14. Polenta

Polenta is an Italian dish usually made of boiled cornmeal and is a favorite among many home cooks for its versatility, flavor profile, and affordability.

This creamy polenta with garlic and basil butter recipe is the perfect accompaniment to mussels, as its rich creaminess perfectly balances out the subtle brininess of the seafood.

Adding butter, garlic, and basil creates a well-rounded flavor profile that will leave you wanting more. 

For this version of creamy polenta with garlic and basil butter, you will want to start off by heating up some vegetable broth in a medium saucepan over high heat.

Once it comes to a boil, reduce the heat to low or simmer and stir in some coarse yellow or white cornmeal. 

Cook according to package instructions until very thick (about 10 minutes). Once cooked through, remove from heat and add butter.

Taste test once cooled, then season with salt and pepper as needed. 

Melt butter in a small pan over medium-high heat to prepare the garlic and basil butter for this creamy polenta recipe.

Once melted, add cloves (or more) of minced garlic and cook for about 1 minute until fragrant.

Add a handful of freshly chopped basil leaves, then season with a pinch of both salt & pepper before removing from heat.

Drizzle your deliciously flavored butter over your finished polenta, and give it all one last stir before serving alongside steamed mussels or other seafood dishes!

15. Fresh Fries

Lastly, on our list of what to serve after Mussels is French fries. It is a classic staple for nearly all meals.

Whether served as the perfect side dish for burgers or dipped in homemade ketchup, french fries are a comforting treat for everyone. 

While deep-fried french fries have been popularized in countless fast food joints and supermarkets, oven-baked French fries might be the way to achieve that same crunchy, delicious delight!

Oven-baked French fries have become increasingly popular as an alternative to their deep-fried counterparts because they require less fat and fewer calories while offering the same great taste.

Oven-baking requires only one tablespoon of oil compared to the five tablespoons of oil needed when deep frying. 

The baking process requires no turning since the oven completes your work! 

One of the advantages of making your own oven-baked French fries is customizing them according to your tastes.

Using different types of potatoes (Russet, Yukon Golds, or Sweet Potatoes) gives your dish an even more unique flavor! 

You can also add seasoning based on preference, such as garlic or red pepper flakes.

Finally, you can choose between traditional shoestring cuts or wedges if wedges and opt for either a regular or extra-crispy texture. 


After an exquisite meal of mussels, having something light and refreshing is the perfect way to finish the evening.

A glass of zesty white wine complemented with a combination of fruits or chilled sorbets can serve as the final course. 

To add a touch of class to the evening, serve a tart or custard-based dessert, like a lemon tart or vanilla custard brioche.

For those looking for what to serve after Mussels hearty following the mussels, consider presenting them with various fruits and cheeses.

Any one of what to serve after Mussels options will surely wrap up an unforgettable meal!

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