What is Cookware?

What is Cookware
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We all use cookware; we have all used them for one reason or another. Well, except you live in a cave. Cookwares are essential items in the kitchen.

So, if you would like to expand your knowledge on the topic “what is cookware,” or you have no idea what cookware is, this is for you.

Let’s expand your knowledge, shall we?

What are Cookwares?

Now, for a proper definition. Cookwares are items or utensils used mainly to cook food items. Therefore, they are used primarily in the kitchen area of the house. With this, you should get a better picture of the question, “what is cookware.”

Types of Cookware and Their Uses

It is one thing to have a definition for “what is cookware”? It is another thing to know some of the types. There are different types of cookware with different purposes or uses. Some of the common ones include:

1. Fry Pan

Fry pans are pretty common; they can be considered essential. After pots, they are the second most commonly used cookware.

Some people also refer to them as a skillet. They come in different designs and different materials. Some fry pans can be non-stick, while some are normal fry pans; that is, sticky.

Some of the use of fry pans include;

  • From the name, fry, they are mainly used for frying, scrambling, and scattering.
  • The curved side walls of pans also make way for stirring and sliding foods out of the pan.

2. Wok

This cookware is not so common. Woks often come in different styles as well. Some have round bottoms, while some have flat bottoms.

The rounded bottom woks require a wok ring to allow them to sit well on a burner. They are used in various Chinese cooking techniques such as stewing, frying, boiling, searing, making soup, deep frying e.t.c

3. Roasting Pan

It is a large rectangular pan with both sides low. From the name, roasting, the roasting pan is used in the oven for roasting. The handles allow for easy transportation and loading and unloading in the oven.

The heavy and large pan accommodates roasting turkeys, hams, and other foods. Roasting pans can be used with roasting racks to help elevate the food from the roasting pan surface.

4. Egg Poacher

Another cookware is mainly used for poaching, as the name implies. An egg poacher is often made of 4 – 15 cups. The cups are evenly shaped for consistency.

5. Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron is one of the best cookware because it allows evenly and consistent cooking. As a result, food cooks better with a lesser chance of scorching. They are similar to fry pans; the major difference is in the material they are made out of.

Skillets are made of mainly cast irons; thus, they can be heavy. If you ever decide to purchase a skillet, ensure that they are preseasoned; this would prevent food from sticking to it. It can be used for sautéing, baking and frying.

6. Paella pan

It is flat and shallow. It is compatible with several heat sources. Its sloppy sides allow even cooking. The sides also allow for easy maneuvering.

7. Cast Aluminum Dutch Oven

It is said to be one of the best. Loved by many. It allows even and consistent cooking with less chance of scorching. It is used for making stews and for baking. They are also lightweight and easy to maneuver.

8. Griddle

The popular name is known as a grill pan. It is large and flat or with a ridged surface, comes in different types, and can be round or square. They are perfect for grilling as well as frying.

9. Pressure cooker

What is cookware? A pressure cooker is also a type of cookware. Pressure cookers give an option for quick and faster cooking without wasting water.

However, it also requires to be timed when used to avoid ruining a delicate dish. In Summary, it can be used for boiling.

10. Sauté Pan

Sauté pans are similar to fry pans in design. Although, unlike fry pans, sauté pans have straight sides instead of round sides.

They are also deeper than a frying pan. This is why they can be used for deep frying. They can also be used for sautéing.

11. Brazier

Braziers are also referred to as Rondo pot. They are ideal for long and slow cooking. It can be used for cooking food like meats and vegetables; and also be used for melting butter and heating sauces.

Types of Cookware Materials and Their Pros and Cons

The topic of what is cookware, won’t be well settled if we don’t discuss some of the materials used in making this cookware. The materials that make cookware special.

Several materials are used to make cookware; we have aluminum, steel, e.t.c.

Cookware Material

Cast iron

They are quite common, are good material, and serve a good purpose. There are usually two types: bare cast iron and enamel-coated cast iron. Though the majority believe they are the best material to use.

  1. They are durables
  2. They are good conductors of heat
  3. They maintain temperature
  4. Eco-friendly
  1. They are heavy; this is the major con of cast iron materials.
  2.  They rust easily; to prevent this, ensure they are dried at all times.


They are among the most common type of materials used. This is because people love them. However, they are not always the best.

  1. They are the best conductor of heat
  2. A fine visual appearance.
  1. They are expensive
  2. They bend or dent easily
  3. They can react to some food, which might create poisoning.

Cast Aluminium

This material is also beautiful. Chefs mostly use them.

  1. They are not as expensive; thus, they are an excellent alternative to cast iron.
  2. They are non-stick; they resist sticking to foods.
  1. They are prone to causing reactions to food, especially acidic food.


  1. Excellent conductor
  2. They are lightweight
  1. Prone to discoloration

Stainless Steel

  1. They do not react with food or discolor them
  2. They are durable
  1. Poor conductor of heat.
  2. Prone to scorching


They are often used in casserole dishes. They are in three categories, porcelain, stoneware, and earthenware.

  1. They are good insulators
  2. They are lighter than cast iron.
  1. They are fragile


One of the best but rare materials. It is a combination of two types of cookware materials. Most times, stainless steel is clad with aluminum. Aluminum gives thickness, while stainless still prevents corrosion.

  1. Good conductor
  2. Easy to maintain
  1. They are heavy
  2. They are expensive.

Types of Cookware Handles

Before you go get your cookware, it would also be perfect for watching out for the types of handles they possess.

Cookware handles also vary. Getting cookware with good handles would give you convenient and enjoyable cooking.

Here are some of the types of cookware handles. There are only three main types.

1. Screwed on

This handle is easy to replace since all you have to do is screw it. According to the majority, this type of handle is one of the best.

It is stable; the only problem is that it requires occasional tightening to maintain its stability. Brazier pots and some frypans come with this kind of handle.

2. Riveted

They are said to be the sturdiest available. That is, they are very firm and stable. They also do not require occasional tightening like the screwed-on type.

The one disadvantage of this material is that it is hard to clean than other types. But, aside from that, it might be just perfect. Many Fry pans come with handles like this.

3. Welded

This handle size is welded to the pot or pan exteriorly. This is often used in the cast aluminum dutch oven and some baking pans.

The main advantage of this type of handle is that it allows for a smooth interior, while the disadvantage is that it is not as sturdy as the riveted option.

Things to Consider When Selecting Cookware

Before you go shopping, there are some things you need to consider:

1. Budget

This includes planning with your affordability. Your budget versus your expense. It is best to purchase the best quality you can afford instead of running into debt.

2. Quantity

You have to put the quantity of food you would be cooking in the cookware. The right size of cookware is the key. Better still, you can purchase a cookware set in different sizes for different quantities.

3. Cuisine

This involves cooking the right food with the right cookware. For example, egg frying should be done in pans, not pots; the comfort is different.

General Tips

Before rounding off this topic, “what is cookware? I thought it would be nice to include these bonus tips.

  • Many cookware might be safe in the dishwasher, but washing them by hand is more advisable and recommended. This is because it is believed to increase their longevity. 
  • Also, when you go cookware shopping, it would be best to go for heavy pots and pans. Simply because they are made of better quality and they are more secure. However, the cookware should not be too heavy to cause hazards. You should at least be able to lift them. But, of course, it is not compulsory to get those with heavy materials; it all depends on the budget and, of course, your convenience.

In Summary

We have successfully walked you through the simple introduction to the topic, “what is cookware,” as well as the types and types of materials. With all this information, it should be easy when next you go cookware shopping. 

From this article, what is cookware? You must have also learned about various types of handles. I hope we have been able to expand your knowledge on “what is cookware?” Good luck!

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