12 Best Vegan Substitutes for Buttermilk

Vegan Substitutes For Buttermilk
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Many baked dishes and fast bread require buttermilk as an essential component. It offers a distinctive flavor combination and influences how the final product’s texture is created by interacting with other components.

Although buttermilk was a byproduct of butter production, today’s buttermilk is produced by fermenting milk with lactic acid bacteria.

It is frequently used to prepare biscuits, pancakes, waffles, muffins, and cakes because of its acidic flavor and thicker consistency than milk.

Buttermilk imparts a soft, moist feel to baked products. Baking soda in recipes is activated by its acidity and serves as a raising agent.

However, many individuals don’t have it on hand, and others don’t use it because of dietary limitations. Therefore, they need to develop vegan substitutes for buttermilk.

What is Buttermint?

When people used to make handmade butter by churning cream, they would end up with two items. Protein, sugar, and water would separate to form a thick liquid, while the cream’s fat would solidify as butter. Usually, this liquid was put aside and allowed to ferment into buttermilk for one night.

This milk product’s acidity makes it the ideal component for fast loaves of bread. Baking soda and the acid in it interact to raise the batter.

Additionally, it degrades proteins like gluten, giving food a crumbly, fragile feel. Finally, the acidic flavor creates a more nuanced flavor by contrasting it with sweet spices and sweets.

Vegan Substitutes for Buttermilk

Priorities first! Buttermilk, sadly, is not vegan. It is prepared from dairy-containing fermented milk. Buttermilk is a typical baking ingredient that produces delicate, soft, and fluffy baked products because of its sour flavor and leavening properties.

It’s crucial to reproduce the mild, somewhat creamy flavor of milk and the tang of the acid created by fermentation when thinking about your vegan substitutes for buttermilk.

These two qualities must be present in the appropriate amounts to capture the flavor and permit the necessary chemical processes to produce the desired texture.

Soured Plant Milk

Pick your favorite plant milk and add lemon juice to make it soured. Guggenmos advises adding one cup of almond or coconut milk to a cup with two teaspoons of lemon juice or cider vinegar. Then, wait for the mixture to start curdling for 5 minutes at room temperature. It serves as wonderful vegan substitutes for buttermilk.

Vegan Sour Cream

Another wonderful choice is vegan sour cream that has been diluted with water. Highly effective vegan substitutes for buttermilk since it has the tang and sourness of buttermilk and can be made to have the same consistency by thinning it down with water.

This is an excellent choice for baked products and sauces or dips. Try combining equal quantities of water and sour cream, then replacing them with one.

In other words, replace one cup of buttermilk in a recipe with a combination of half a cup of water and half a cup of vegan sour cream.

We prefer Tofutti to sour cream. Adjust the mixture depending on whether you desire a thicker or thinner consistency. Additionally, you may use this technique for vegan yogurt.

Silken Tofu

Silken tofu, which also serves as an excellent source of protein, is among the vegan substitutes for buttermilk. Some of the tofu’s starches will be broken down by mixing it with an acid like apple cider vinegar.

Combine one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with three tablespoons of water. Combine it with one cup of soft, silken tofu in the blender.

Another choice is to substitute the water and apple cider vinegar combination with 1/4 cup of lemon juice. To prevent it from becoming too aerated, pulse to start and mix on medium. Before applying it, let it sit for five to ten minutes.

Vinegar and Nondairy Milk

Although this alternative is just as simple as the first, it doesn’t make a very excellent copy in terms of flavor. Although vinegar has a lot of acids, it doesn’t have the tang that lemon juice has.

Utilizing apple cider vinegar is one method you may use to capture that flavor better. This adds a delicate sweet-sour flavor to the mix that white vinegar lacks.

But either will suffice in a pinch. Making vegan substitutes for buttermilk with vinegar and non-dairy milk yields 1 cup: When the liquid has thickened, add one tablespoon of vinegar to 1 cup of your preferred non-dairy milk and stir well. Use the mixture at this point.

The vinegar will culture the non-dairy milk and make it chunkier, just like the lemon juice version.

Plain Yogurt and Water

Yogurt’s thick consistency and tangy, acidic flavor are comparable to buttermilk’s. Thus, plain yogurt works well as a stand-in.

While plain yogurts may be used as vegan substitutes for buttermilk in recipes cup for cup, it may be preferable to thin the yogurt with milk or water in recipes that call for a thin batter, like cake.

6 ounces (170 grams) of plain yogurt and 1/4 cup (60 mL) of water or milk should be whisked together to form 1 cup (240 mL) of buttermilk replacement.

Unsweetened Coconut Milk and Acid

Traditionally, unsweetened coconut milk has a relatively low carb count and can be fairly high in fat. When coupled with an appropriate acid, such as lemon juice, white wine vinegar, or apple cider vinegar, it also works well as a substitute for buttermilk in recipes.

Add 1 cup of unsweetened coconut milk to 1 tablespoon of acid to create vegan substitutes for buttermilk. Before usage, stir the mixture and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes.

Check the coconut milk’s carbohydrate content if you’re on a ketogenic diet. Some products are less suited for a ketogenic diet because they include more carbs than others.

Unsweetened Cashew Milk And Acid

Cashew milk is an additional acceptable substitute for ordinary milk. Cashew milk is good for keto diets since it has relatively few carbs.

Mix 1 cup of unsweetened cashew milk with one tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice to create a substitute for buttermilk.

After stirring the mixture, wait for 5 to 10 minutes before using it. Once more, you may use it as one of the vegan substitutes for buttermilk.

Nut Milk And Fresh Lemon Juice

Almond and cashew milk are two types of nut milk that are acceptable on the paleo diet. Check the contents once again before buying nut milk to ensure no extra components are there.

By combining two tablespoons of lemon juice with 1 cup of almond or cashew milk, you may create passable vegan substitutes for buttermilk. After stirring the mixture, wait for 5 to 10 minutes before using it.

Unsweetened Coconut Milk and Fresh Lemon Juice

Since coconut milk typically just contains water and coconut, it is vegan. A paleo dieter should exercise caution when buying coconut milk because some brands can include other substances like thickeners and flavors.

Add 1 cup of unsweetened coconut milk and one tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice to this recipe. After stirring the mixture, wait for 5 to 10 minutes before using it.

Homemade Nut Cream And Lemon Juice

Making your homemade nut cream is an alternative to purchasing store-bought nut milk. For those who do not like plant-based dairy alternatives, homemade nut cream is an acceptable substitute.

It is also smart to avoid the preservatives that might occasionally be found in them. To make these vegan substitutes for buttermilk:

  • In a cup of water, soak raw, unsalted almonds. Both cashews and macadamia nuts work well in this recipe.
  • Drain the nuts after soaking, then puree them in a blender.
  • Add 1 cup of water and two tablespoons of lemon juice gradually while mixing.

Unsweetened Soy Milk and Acid

You must use soy-based milk instead of milk when preparing a vegan replacement for buttermilk. Add one tablespoon (15 mL) of lemon juice or vinegar to a measuring cup. 1 cup of soy milk should be added (240 mL). Instead of using acid, you might substitute 1 3/4 teaspoon (5 grams) of cream of tartar.

Rice Milk and Vinegar

Another non-dairy milk that may be used in place of milk and in many recipes as vegan substitutes for buttermilk is rice milk.

It has a higher carbohydrate content than dairy milk but less calcium or protein. Thus, it does not have the same nutritious value as dairy milk.

However, calcium and other vitamins and minerals are frequently added to commercial types of rice milk. Rice milk has a light and transparent consistency in terms of texture.

You might want to alter the quantity of sweetness in desserts and other sweet foods when using rice milk because of its naturally sweet flavor.

It may be soured or acidified by adding a tiny quantity of vinegar or lemon juice, just as soy and almond milk. Before using this combination to substitute buttermilk in the recipe, let it sit for 5 minutes.


A frequent ingredient that may be included in many recipes is buttermilk. However, some vegan substitutes for buttermilk are suitable for a range of diets, including paleo and ketogenic.

Vegan substitutes for buttermilk include alternative milk, including soy, almond, and coconut milk. Buttermilk alternatives can also incorporate milk and dairy products.

Buttermilk substitutes employ the right acidity to replicate its tart taste. Lemon juice, vinegar, and cream of tartar are examples of common acids.

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