13 Different Types of Potato Vodka

Types of Potato Vodka

Only 3% of vodka is produced worldwide from potatoes; most vodkas are derived from grains, such as wheat or rye. 

Even though some people believe that potatoes are a poor basic ingredient, potato vodkas are still well-known because of their outstanding taste, which makes them ideal for mixed beverages.

Here are the best types of potato vodka we identified if you want your beverage to have more taste.

1. Born and Bred Vodka

Channing Tatum’s search for the best vodka in the US led to the creation of this vodka. Before encountering Grand Teton Distillery in Driggs, Idaho, he tested vodkas from 25 other distilleries. 

They partnered together to produce this vodka after he tried their vodka and loved it. The vodkas that Grand Teton Distillery produces have won several gold medals. Channing was fortunate to choose one of the top distilleries in the country. 

This vodka is special since it has undergone 20 distillations. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any unwanted effects from impurities when you consume this vodka.

Additionally, the successive distillations ensure that the vodka retains its appeal owing to its clear appearance. 

There are hints of potato, vanilla, and banana in their scent. You will first detect the vanilla’s gentle smoothness.

The flavor of a banana will gradually come through when you consume it. Finally, a warm, spicy sting will come over you.

2. Chase Original Potato Vodka

This is one of the best types of potato vodka. 250 exquisite locally grown potatoes from a Herefordshire family farm go into making Chase Original.

Additionally, it is prepared in a copper pot, maintaining its exceptional quality, flawless finish, and original origin.

The greatest potato vodka martini can be made with this silky, creamy vodka. Its palate is creamy with a waxy, oily texture, and its scent hints at freshly cut potatoes. Its finish is clean and smooth, with excellent earthy mineral notes.

3. Karlsson’s Gold Vodka

Börje Karlsson, known as the “Father of Absolut,” created the Swedish brand Karlsson’s Gold Vodka from fresh potatoes.

The 80-proof vodka has a pleasant vegetal scent and a clean, somewhat earthy taste with a touch of sweetness, nuttiness, and a smooth finish.

A laboratory-inspired container with graded volume levels is also available for Karlsson’s Gold Vodka. It is one of the highest-priced types of potato vodka available on the market, costing around $40 per bottle.

4. Chopin Potato Vodka

The majority of vodkas are too bitter to drink neat. Drinkers often choose tequila or whiskey when they want a beverage they can sip neat. Fortunately, this vodka’s creamy, full-bodied taste allows you to drink it neat. 

You’ll detect a few undertones of green apple and vanilla. The fact that it does not burn is another benefit of taking it neat.

This vodka is among the best types of potato vodka not only because of how good it tastes. Since the distillation is done in a copper column, it has the best distillation. 

Vodka becomes better tastes and smells once copper removes sulfides from it. Sulfides don’t necessarily have drawbacks unless you have an allergy to them. 

People allergic to sulfides may endure diarrhea, headaches, and edema, claims Health Line. You may drink this vodka without fear of any negative effects if you have allergies.

5. Ultimat Vodka

There are some potatoes in Ultimat vodka. The ingredients for this ultra-premium Polish product include potatoes, rye, and wheat.

It is triple-distilled, put through ceramic filters, and then into a gorgeous crystal decanter with a cobalt blue tint.

With hints of lemon and cucumber, Ultimat vodka has a sweet, grainy taste and a creamy texture. Peppery, mineral, somewhat bitter, and dry describe its finish.

Ultimat vodka has a crisp flavor and is excellent for mixing in beverages and cocktails, as well as for drinking plain or poured over ice.

6. Zodiac Vodka

Another Idaho-made vodka made from potatoes is Zodiac. Black Cherry and Original flavors are the only ultra-smooth tastes in this single-filtered vodka.

This neutral potato spirits vodka is created in a four-column process using just potatoes. Additionally, it undergoes a 91-stage distillation using birch charcoal filtration and spring water from the Rocky Mountains.

This naturally smooth, handcrafted potato vodka has no additives. This is undoubtedly one of the best types of Potato vodka.

7. Woody Creek

The best vodka in the world is sometimes regarded as Woody Creek. According to Conde Nast Traveler, it received a double-gold award for Best Vodka in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The vodka is extraordinary only based on the fact that it won the competition. 

There is a little sweetness to the vodka. Polish Stobrawa potatoes were used to manufacture them, which is why it is so sweet.

These potatoes are famous for their rich flavors and high starch content. It has a smooth and creamy feel. 

Amazingly, unlike other vodkas, it doesn’t burn your mouth off. In all honesty, hardly many people like vodka. Due to its flavor, even those who don’t like vodka suddenly enjoy it. 

Therefore, this specific brand would be the greatest to attempt before consuming other vodka brands if you wanted to sample vodka for the first time. This is one of the best types of potato vodka.

8. Cirrus Vodka

Cirrus vodka is a handmade, 100 percent potato liquor from Richmond, Virginia. It is created from premium Russet potatoes that have been triple-distilled and charcoal-filtered. 

Silver and gold medals were earned by Cirrus vodka in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2005 and 2006, respectively. 

This vodka has a distinctive light, vanilla, and earthy taste and is creamy and smooth. You may sip it neat to get its full flavor, but it also works well in cocktails and mixed cocktails. Try it if you can locate it in a shop close to you; you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

9. Blue Ice American Vodka

Since the vodka is so clear, no sediment is left behind. You may swirl it to reveal a light transparent coating within the glass.

Regarding flavor, it has alkaline qualities similar to cocoa and is a little sweet. On the tongue, it has an oily, somewhat thick texture. 

You won’t experience any intense burning while you drink the vodka. Instead, you will have a warm, cozy sensation when the vodka passes through your body. Some fans of vodka also take the aroma into account. 

Honestly, drinking vodka when it smells strong, like rubbing alcohol, is difficult. Even if you could consume this vodka, you would easily feel embarrassed.

For example, you’ll continue to anticipate others to make fun of you for consuming cheap alcohol. Fortunately, this vodka smells strong and wonderful.

You’ll like the bottle even if you don’t enjoy vodka or this particular brand. It is shaped like an extended horseshoe. 

The bottle is icy blue and features molding and crenellations on the back that resemble icicles and ice. It may even be used as decor. This is one of the best types of potato vodka.

10. Cold River Vodka

Cold River vodka is a homemade potato liquor using local Maines potatoes and water from the Maines Cold river. A copper pot is still used to triple distill this vodka, bottled at 40% ABV.

With a hint of black pepper, the aroma of Cold River vodka combines vanilla, butterscotch, and potato flavors.

It has a butterscotch caramel taste with black pepper and charcoal notes and a creamy, smooth texture.

Although it tastes fantastic when plain, this silky and flavorful vodka also adds a pleasant flavor to cocktails and mixed beverages.

11. Vesica Vodka

Due to its notes of berry fruit and caramel, this Polish vodka is sweet. It has a warm aftertaste and a creamy texture on the tongue. Considering its flavor, this vodka may be enjoyed in ways other than just drinking. 

According to Taste of Home, you may use it to prepare recipes like martini cheese dip, watermelon vodka sorbet, chicken thighs, Bloody Mary soup with beans, etc.

There are no sediments or cloudiness in the vodka. It has been filtered using activated carbon, giving it clarity.

Organic contaminants that might otherwise change the vodka’s flavor, color, and aroma are eliminated through activated carbon. This vodka is distilled many times through activated carbon to maintain its clarity.

12. Luksusowa Vodka

The most popular potato vodka is Luksusowa. Its name signifies luxury in Polish. It’s also a wonderfully luxurious vodka.

The first batch of this award-winning Polish vodka was created in 1928 using potatoes from nearby fields and fresh, pure water. It is triple-distilled, charcoal-filtered, and bottled at 40% ABV.

Due to its excellent flavor, Luksusowa is now one of the world’s most popular types of potato vodka.

You can taste its sweet, crisp, somewhat greasy flavor in the first sip, with a faint bite and a rich, rich aftertaste. It may be consumed straight up, on the rocks, or in cocktails.

13. Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka

Boyd & Blair potato vodkas are made in small amounts from Pennsylvania-grown potatoes, and they have a rich taste and a wonderfully smooth finish.

These premium spirits blend well in cocktail recipes or are wonderful served plain over ice.

Barry Young, the brand’s master distiller, used a 100% handmade process to add champagne yeast to potatoes to bring out their inherent sweetness. You’ll detect a creamy, sweet flavor that feels smooth without sharp bites.

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