21 Different Types of Pineapple Fruits

Types Of Pineapple
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Discover the different types of pineapple available throughout the world. The pineapple, scientifically known as Ananas Comosus, is a tropical plant with wonderful edible fruits.

Individual berries merge around a central core to form the pineapple, a tropical fruit. It tastes great and has a lot of health benefits.

Vitamin C, manganese, and antioxidants are abundant in this fruit.

Vitamin and thiamine are two other nutrients. It also aids digestion and builds strong bones while boosting the immune system. They are fat-free, sodium-free, and cholesterol-free.

The fruit is a herbaceous perennial with over a hundred different types and a maturation time of over three years.

It can bear fruit three times during its lifetime. It also produces flowers in various colors, including lavender, purple, and red.

If you want to know about the different types of pineapple, continue reading this article to learn about the different types of pineapple.

1. Abacaxi Pineapple

Abacaxi Pineapple
by VIc Lic is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Abacaxi Pineapples have a sweet flavor and are considered the tastiest of all pineapple varieties.

Their meat is delicious and white transparent in hue, and they are tall and spiky.

They aren’t used commercially because they’re too fragile to ship. It is a well-known variety in the Bahamas, Florida, and Brazil. Also, It has bluish-green leaves with a reddish-purple hue.

2. Queen Pineapple

Queen Pineapple
by ax is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The majority of queen pineapples are grown in Australia and South Africa.

They’re also known as Queen or Common Rough pineapples, and they’re a smaller variety that can withstand diseases and low weather better than other pineapple varieties.

The fruit is dark-yellow in color and fragrant, with a little core. Queen pineapples aren’t utilized as canned pineapples since they don’t scan well, so people eat them fresh instead.

They also come in various types, such as the Natal Queen from South Africa and the MacGregor, with firm flesh and a vigorous, spreading plant.

3. Red Spanish Pineapple

Red Spanish Pineapple

Red Spanish pineapples are the most common form of pineapple found in the Caribbean, weighing between three and six pounds and being orange-red.

It’s a hardy type with light-yellow fruit that’s highly aromatic and heavy in fiber.

Also, Red Spanish pineapples travel well and are thus transported virtually all over the world, even though their fruit isn’t as soft as other varieties.

Furthermore, there’s also the Cabezona, which has such a huge stem that You must chop off the fruit with a machete, and the Valera, which is a little variety with narrow leaves with purple or green accents and purple fruit with white meat.

4. Smooth Cayenne Pineapple

Because it is the principal pineapple variety farmed in Hawaii, You may find smooth Cayenne pineapple in practically any grocery store or supermarket in the United States.

The fruit is larger and heavier than the majority of other varieties.

This pineapple variety is a superb canned fruit since it has a low fiber level and a high acid content.

The flesh is a distinctive yellow color, while the rind is orange on the outside.

Furthermore, Smooth Cayenne pineapple is lovely to eat fresh as a delicious Hawaiian side dish!

At first bite, you’ll detect the luscious and delectable flesh of the Smooth Cayenne apple.

5. Brecheche Pineapple

These pineapples are petite and olive in color, with medium-sized leaves.

The fruit is more yellow in color and cylindrical in shape, and the plant has no spikes. In addition, this is one of the different types of pineapple.

6. Cayena Lisa Pineapple

This pineapple is a medium-sized plant with long, broad leaves and a cylindrical fruit that is reddish-orange on the outside and pale yellow on the inside, with a few spikes on the tops of the leaves.

7. James Queen Pineapple

This is a robust pineapple variety with a highly spherical form. They feature a golden-yellow exterior, a deep-yellow interior, and long pale green leaves with many very powerful spikes.

8. Panare Pineapple

The name ‘Panare’ comes from a Venezuelan Indian tribe that grew it. It’s a medium-sized fruit with long, spiky leaves.

It has a deep-yellow flesh that is orange in color. With a little core and minimal fiber, it has a faint smell.

9. Mauritius Pineapple

Red Malacca, Malacca Queen, and Red Ceylon are all names for the Mauritius Pineapple. It is a widely grown cultivar in India, Ceylon, and Malaya.

The pineapple is a tiny fruit with golden flesh. It’s a delicious fruit mainly eaten fresh or used in juices. This is one of the different types of pineapple.

Furthermore, these pineapples are small and compact, with narrow dark-green leaves, a conical form, and a vivid yellow interior and exterior. They have large eyes as well.

10. Maipure Pineapple

Maipure pineapples are cylindrical and have a bright yellow color on the outside with a lighter color on the inside.

Their dark-green leaves have red dots and spikes on the leaf tips.

11. Montufar Pineapple

These are medium-sized plants with yellowish-green or green leaves that are short or medium in length; the fruit is yellowish-green on the outside and yellow on the inside.

12. Pernambuco Pineapple

These plants have a lot of spikes along the edges and are highly aggressive.

The oblong-shaped fruit has rounded eyes in the upper part of the plant and deep in the base, and it is yellow both inside and out.

Furthermore, Pernambuco Pineapples are robust plants with thick skin covered in spikes. It has an oblong form and is yellow on the interior and the outside.

They have a mild flavor and are tiny, soft, and juicy. Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and Venezuela are the only nations in South America where they can be grown.

13. Sugarloaf Pineapple

The Sugarloaf Pineapple has a strong rind and a cylindrical form. They are softer than other varieties, and even when fully ripe, they remain green.

Their flesh has a creamy texture and a floral scent, which is delicious. In addition, the flavor is sweet and has a honey-like flavor.

Also, In Puerto Rico, the Philippines, South America, and Cuba are a popular variety.

14. Ripley Pineapple

Ripley Pineapple leaves are reddish-green with brown dots. They are spherical, oblong fruits that are dark green when fully mature but pale copper when fully ripe.

The fruit is sweet and succulent, with a moderate quantity of fiber. It is a small plant that is grown in Queensland.

Furthermore, Ripley Pineapple leaves are reddish-green with brown dots. They are spherical, oblong fruits that are dark green when fully mature but pale copper when fully ripe.

The fruit is sweet and succulent, with a moderate quantity of fiber. It is a small plant that is grown in Queensland. This is one of the different types of pineapple.

15. Roja Espanola Pineapple

This fruit is barrel-shaped and yellow-orange; it comprises several small individual fruits that combine to form a pineapple.

This pineapple has a sweet, pleasant flavor, and each of the individual fruits has a cover, or eye, made up of small leaves.

Furthermore, Espanola Roja Pineapples have a barrel shape and flesh yellow-orange in color.

They are made up of little solitary fruits that clump together to form a pineapple. The flavor is sweet and delightful.

16. Rondon Pineapple

This elongated fruit features a yellow-orange exterior, a white inside, flat, slightly deep eyes, and a dark-green plant with red spots. Also, there are no spikes on it either.

17. Singapore Spanish Pineapple

These pineapples feature pale orange exteriors and golden interiors and are cylindrical in shape.

The plants themselves are modest in size, with long, narrow dark-green leaves.

18. Champaka Pineapple

Champaka Pineapple is a massive plant with long dark green sword-like leaves that are spiky and have reddish markings.

It has a reddish-orange surface and a yellow inside and is cylindrical. Also, this pineapple is not meant to be eaten uncooked.

19. Spanish Jewel Pineapple

This pineapple species has a cylindrical shape and white fruit with an orange-colored inside. It features long dark-green leaves with reddish markings.

20. Mordilona Pineapple

These pineapples are huge, cylindrical in shape, and have a bright orange hue. The flesh of Mordilona pineapples is sweet and juicy, with a cream color.

They are widely grown in Colombia’s and Venezuela’s northern Andes.

21. Pink Glow Pineapple

Consider trying a pineapple with pink flesh. If you’re a pink-obsessed person, you’ll adore this lovely Pinkglow pineapple!

It looks impressive, but it also tastes great, with a sweet candy undertone. The flavor may be comparable to that of Golden pineapple!

Del Monte has finally released the Pinkglow pineapple to the market after a 16-year development period.

Also, It’s always been a beautiful fruit, with a bright yellow and dark green exterior and a dull salmon-pink interior.

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