21 Different Types of Mexican Soups

Different Types of Mexican Soups

It is interesting to know that the flavors that come together in the bowl distinguish the different types of Mexican soups and stews. A flavorful blend of spices and herbs opens the door to a world of possibilities.

The taste possibilities are unlimited, whether it’s vegetarian soup, chicken soup, or tortilla soup.

If you’ve ever visited Mexico, you’ll know that the local marketplaces are brimming with delectable culinary delights. Also, Soups and stews are among the most popular of these delicious foods.

It’s uncommon to see street food and small shops embrace soups so enthusiastically. This cultural emphasis on soups has resulted in the discovery of several delicious dishes.

Furthermore, the majority of the recipes are easy to prepare at home. To make your task easy, read on as we discuss some of the different types of Mexican soups.

1. Mexican Chicken Soup (Caldo de Pollo)

Nothing beats Caldo de Pollo for a classic, soothing chicken soup for a Mexican spin. A splash of lime juice, succulent chicken, nutritious veggies, fire-roasted tomatoes, and sweet corn come together.

2. Mexican Tortilla Soup

This is possibly the most straightforward tortilla soup recipe ever! This hearty soup is great for lunch or dinner, and the taco spice adds a lot of flavor.

The toppings are optional, but shredded cheese or sour cream on top will elevate this tortilla soup to new heights. You may also make it gluten-free or dairy-free. Furthermore, this is one of the different types of Mexican soups.

3. Green Pozole

Pozole is a soupy, aromatic Mexican soup in three colors representing the Mexican flag: red, white, and green.

Pozole Verde, or green pozole, is typically made with a combination of hominy, chicken or pork (or both), onions, garlic, salt, and a green sauce made with poblano and jalapeno peppers, green tomatoes, lettuce, radish or spinach leaves, oregano, cumin, pumpkin seeds, salt, garlic, and onions.

The ingredients are covered with water, boiled until thoroughly cooked, then combined with the sauce and simmered for a few minutes.

Furthermore, the stew is traditionally served in individual bowls with shredded lettuce, sliced onions, lemon wedges, and chicharrónes on top.

4. Caldo de Res

Caldo de res is a tasty Mexican soup filled with bits of beef and vegetables like corn and chayote squash that is ideal for highly chilly winters.

Also, this soup is served with lime wedges and maize flour tortillas on the side, like with typical types of Mexican soups. Coriander is recommended as a garnish for the soup.

5. Sopa De Lima

Despite its name, Sopa de lima, a typical meal from Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, is a spicy, savory chicken and tomato soup, which suggests limes are the main component.

On the other hand, the soup is flavored with Yucatan limes, bittersweet and spicy, and hot habanero peppers.

Because you may find native Yucatan limes all across the peninsula, it’s no surprise that they’re used in various Yucatecan cuisines. Sopa de lima is a substantial, healthful soup from a warm area that works well as a winter comfort dish.

Although the exact origins of this soup are unknown, some food historians believe an old Mayan cuisine inspired it.

6. Menudo

Menudo is an old-fashioned soup made with garlic, onion, chile, hominy corn, and tripe. Although Menudo is unmistakably Mexican cuisine, it is unclear where it originated. The meal is said to have originated with northern farmers who prepared it with leftover cow parts.

Others claim it was created in the state of Mexico. The reality is that there are two forms of this soup: Menudo Rojo and Menudo Blanco, regardless of their geographical origins.

Also, Menudo Rojo is famous in northern Mexico and Guadalajara, but Menudo Blanco is famous in Sinaloa and central Mexico. This is one of the different types of Mexican soup.

7. Green enchiladas Chicken Soup

With a creamy broth of green enchiladas sauce, salsa verde, cheeses, and soft shredded chicken, you can’t go wrong with this green enchiladas chicken soup.

The soup has the same flavor as your favorite chicken enchiladas, but it’s much better—yum!. Also, this recipe can be made in a slow cooker, on the stove, or in an instant pot.

8. Slow Cooker Chicken Corn Chowder

Chicken, corn, veggies, and cheese abound in this hearty chicken corn chowder with a dash of paprika. Simply combine all ingredients in a slow cooker and cook on low for three hours.

Top this chicken corn chowder with sour cream, lime juice, guacamole, or a few splashes of spicy sauce for a kick for a fantastic supper.

9. Caldo De Queso

Potatoes, green chiles, chicken broth, and cheese make up Caldo de queso, a simple Mexican soup. It’s crucial to add the cheese last to turn the soup creamy without causing huge mounds of cheese to form in the broth. On the side, fried corn tortilla chips are commonly served with the soup.

10. Pozole

Pozole is a soup with a thin consistency. The chili and pork give it a deep flavor. What’s remarkable about this soup is that it’s up to interpretation due to its contentious roots.

When it comes to toppings, there are no hard and fast rules. Also, Pozole green, pozole Rojo, and pozole Blanco are the three most popular varieties.

Add Mexican food classics like avocado and lime, or go for something different like cabbage. Once again, we’re dealing with a soup that takes upwards of 6 hours to prepare. As a result, individuals prefer to cook in large batches to make the cooking time worthwhile.

11. Chicken Tinga

The first stew on the menu is chicken tinga, a Filipino delicacy. To bring the stew to life, this dish uses smokey flavors.

The two primary ingredients in chicken tinga are chicken and chipotle chiles. The chicken would be cooked in a slow cooker in an ideal world. A cooktop, on the other hand, can accomplish the job.

Before allowing the components to come together in the pot, some preparation is required. It would be best if you roasted the tomatoes and peppers. This is the source of the smokiness.

Furthermore, The charred tomatoes and peppers make a lasting impression on the chicken, resulting in a delicious dish.

Also, the keys to effectively duplicating the originality of this dish are adding onions and garlic to brighten up the mixture and allowing the ingredients to simmer all day.

In addition, this meal is delicious on its own, but you might be surprised to learn that it also works nicely as a taco or tortilla filler.

12. Caldo de Siete Mares

Finally, there’s a soup with the main element that isn’t meat or vegetables. The Caldo de Siete Mares is famous for its seafood. Because the seafood is so powerful, the broth must be as mild as possible.

This meal is quite popular in Mexico’s coastal regions because it requires fresh fish. You can adjust the spiciness and lime taste, as is common with most Mexican soups. Shrimp is the most popular seafood used in this dish.

13. Mole de Olla

Mole de olla should be served immediately. As a result, one might expect it to be consumed on cold days.

However, on hot days, southern and central Mexico residents prefer to consume this particular soup. This is the case because the mole de olla soup regulates body temperatures.

Unfortunately, many Mexicans are forced to cope with the hot weather without the aid of automatic cooling equipment. As a result, they rely on gastronomy to keep the temperature stable.

Furthermore, the soup blends beef and veggies for a delicious flavor combination. The vegetable-heavy contents are good for your health and regulate your body’s temperature.

In addition to the protein in the meat, the soup contains various vitamins and minerals. This soup is made entirely in a huge saucepan. In Spanish, olla means pot, and mole signifies components.

This corresponds to a big saucepan full of components. This is one of the different types of Mexican soups.

14. Birria

Nowadays, beef is used as the primary ingredient in birria. When you first created the meal in Mexico, the main ingredient was lamb.

However, due to a lack of lamb, you changed the recipe. If lamb is widely available in your area, use it to produce true birria; otherwise, beef will suffice.

Cook until the flesh is very soft, regardless of the meat you’re using. The meat must be shredded so that it may be easily separated.

Furthermore, the soup is seasoned with dried chilies, which adds a great kick. This is one of the different types of Mexican soups.

15. Caldo De Camaron

Caldo de camaron is a Mexican soup with soft shrimp, chayote squash, and carrots in a chili-and-stew tomato broth.

You can find the meal all over Mexico, and its origins can be traced back to the ancient Nayarit, who made a fiery chili-based soup with shrimp.

Furthermore, Chopped avocado and a squeeze of lime juice are advised as garnishes for the soup.

16. Lime Soup

Lime soup is, without a doubt, the clearest soup on this list. Despite its ease of preparation, the soup remains supreme in flavor and freshness. Lime soup is supposed to be light and refreshing.

Regardless of the weather, the lime soup will make you feel revitalized. It isn’t a hefty meal; thus, it isn’t the main course. Also, it is an excellent entrée.

Furthermore, the soup has a tart flavor from the limes and a spicy kick from the habanero. In addition, the lime and the heat combine to create a genuinely unique excellent heat flavor.

17. Blackened Corn And Smoked Pork Soup

This Mexican soup recipe combines fresh sweet corn, smoked pig butt, onions, green chilis, and salsa-style tomatoes to make a substantial dinner that everyone will like.

Also, you can add potatoes or noodles to the soup to make it more versatile. It can also serve with sweet cornbread or maple dinner rolls as a side dish. Furthermore, this is one of the different types of Mexican soups.

18. Sopa de Fideo

Try this Sopa de Fideo to amaze your guests, often known as a Mexican noodle soup. A blended tomato sauce made from sliced tomatoes, onion, garlic, and chicken stock is the show’s star.

This soup is traditionally made with chicken bouillon, but you can make it vegan by using chicken or vegetarian broth. Furthermore, this is one of the different types of Mexican soups.

19. Mexican Pinto Beans

These creamy and hearty Mexican pinto beans are the epitome of comfort food. Aside from the beans, the dish is completed with fire-roasted tomatoes, vegetables, broth, and Mexican seasonings.

Furthermore, It’s delicious and served with bread rolls, cornmeal, or a steaming rice bowl. Also, don’t forget to add sour cream and salsa to each bowl.

20. Mexican Cabbage Soup

This Mexican cabbage soup dish is sure to please cabbage enthusiasts and your pickiest diners. Celery sticks, carrots, tomatoes, and potatoes are among the vegetables included. Also, finishing the soup with chopped cilantro and freshly squeezed lime juice will make a difference.

21. Picadillo

Picadillo is a tasty dish made with potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, and ground beef that has been seasoned with black pepper, patis (fish sauce), sugar, and salt.

Garlic, onion rings, tomatoes, and ground beef are sauteed until brown in this recipe. Season it with salt and pepper, then pour in some water.

Finally, throw in the vegetables and simmer until they are soft. This is one of the different types of Mexican soups.

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