9 Different Types of Chicken Cuts

Types of Chicken Cuts
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One of the most popular meats in the world, chicken is a mainstay of many cultures’ cuisines due to its adaptability.

Utilizing every component of the bird makes it simple to produce delicious recipes that reduce food waste and satisfy customer cravings.

Many different types of chicken cuts are available, from tenderloins to drumsticks, each with its own textures, flavors, and cooking techniques. 

To choose chicken for your butcher shop, restaurant, or catered event, use our post to examine the most popular types of chicken cuts and their qualities.

The chicken’s breast, tenderloin, back, wing, leg, drumstick, and thigh are the components that are used in cooking.

Due to the myoglobin and fat content, these essential components have various tastes, textures, and preparation techniques. 

However, if a customer wants to sample a range of dishes, you can also serve chicken as an entire bird.

Knowing how each component works best with particular dishes and cooking techniques will help you choose the best types of chicken cuts for your menu since chicken meat is used in many different cuisines.

Let’s get started on our blog list of types of chicken cuts.

1. Whole Chicken

Whole Chicken 
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A whole chicken is starting our list of types of chicken cuts which offers more alternatives for recipes than purchasing a single cut because it comprises all chicken cuts sans the giblets.

A whole chicken can also be prepared in a variety of ways, such as grilling, deep frying, and smoking. 

More flavor variety is provided by utilizing various seasonings and marinades.

A whole chicken that has been divided into two breast halves and two leg quarters can be purchased, as can an eight-piece entire chicken.

2. Breast

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Chicken breast is also on our list of types of chicken cuts. Perhaps the most popular cut, chicken breast, is made of two pieces that are split during butchering. It is a lean, mild white flesh. 

These are made from the flesh that lies below the vertebrae and sternal rib junction. It offers several health advantages and is more expensive than thighs, wings, legs, and drumsticks.

On the contrary, overcooking a chicken breast will cause it to dry up and ruin the dish.

3. Tenderloin

In the food industry, chicken tenderloin is known by several other names, such as goujons, fingers, strips, and tenders.

Tenderloin meat, which is located beneath the breast cut, originates from both sides of the breastbone and is not connected to the ribs. 

It is moister than most white meat cuts and has a softer texture as a result of its position. It is ideal for breading and frying for a dinner that is suitable for a family.

4. Back

The back, which runs from the base of the neck to the tail and contains the vertical ribs and hip bones, is frequently incorporated in other cuts of meat.

Some wing and leg cuts also include pieces of the back, and this cut frequently has little flesh left over after the remainder of the bird has been butchered.

Although there is some flesh, it is difficult to remove due to the presence of bone and tissue. As a result, soup and stock are the main uses for these types of chicken cuts.

5. Wings

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Chicken wings are white types of chicken cuts that are a mainstay of sports bars and restaurants on game days across the nation. They can be served whole or in pieces.

Wings are less expensive than breasts or thighs, contain less meat without compromising flavor, and go well with a variety of sauces. 

Wings are excellent for smoking because, while being white flesh, they are juicier than breasts and have a concentrated flavor.

For appetizers and happy hour menus, boneless wings are an alternative to traditional wing cuts.

6. Chicken Leg

One of the succulent and adaptable types of chicken cuts, chicken legs can be prepared and served in a variety of ways.

Although the terms “chicken legs” and “drumsticks” are frequently used interchangeably, a leg cut of meat contains both the thigh and the drumstick. 

Additionally, these types of chicken cuts require more time to cook than chicken thighs and drumsticks, and the meat is more flavorful as a result of the fat and bones inside.

Since it is filling and rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, it is perfect for a single-person lunch.

7. Drumsticks

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A drumstick is the lowest portion of the chicken leg and is frequently served by itself as a popular finger meal.

The thigh is removed, and the cut contains the patella with the hock and knee joints separated. 

Drumsticks, however, are also a portion of chicken leg cuts that include the thigh. These types of chicken cuts have a distinctive pink tint and are extremely juicy and tasty.

To improve the flavor of drumsticks, many people marinate and season them heavily before grilling, baking, or frying them in oil.

8. Chicken Thigh

The portion of the leg above the knee and hip joints is referred to as a chicken thigh.

Thighs are a preferred dark meat cut that is tastier, moister, and has more flavor than chicken breasts. 

These types of chicken cuts are frequently prepared with marinades to enhance the meat’s juiciness with various cooking techniques.

Furthermore, chicken thighs are typically less expensive than chicken breast portions.

9. Wog

Wog is ending our list of types of chicken cuts without the head; this is essentially the entire bird. 

It contains whole breasts, thighs, drumsticks, wings, and back but excludes giblets, which are additional chicken organs such as the heart, liver, and gizzard.

Sometimes a whole chicken is sold entirely after being divided into the breast halves, ribs, back, wings, things, and two drumsticks.


Why not? Chicken is one of the most popular meats consumed worldwide. You start to get hungry just thinking about chicken. 

It is the delight of every non-vegetarian eater. Chicken is incredibly versatile, juicy, and soft.

The greatest chicken cut types must be purchased for the best results. 

But are you familiar with the numerous types of chicken cuts? Trust me, when you prepare chicken correctly, whether, with a drumstick or a wing, it becomes more appetizing and wonderful.

Listed above is a brief about the types of chicken cuts. 

So why are you still waiting? Hurry to the market and seize the one you choose. It will be a great pleasure and a body-pleasing diet.

You can always try out new recipes using any chicken cuts and incorporate an enticing and healthy diet into your everyday routine.

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