16 Different Types of Bagels

Types Of Bagels
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This article discusses the many different types of bagels that are made up of multiple flavors/ingredients.

When was the last time you tasted a warm, fresh bagel oozing with decadent cream cheese? It’s challenging to decide between the various bagel flavors. 

Millions worldwide eat bagels daily as one of the most common breakfast items. It shouldn’t be surprising that bagels have a devoted following, given their popularity as food items.

These devoted bagel lovers are well-versed in all matters pertaining to this popular breakfast item. Regarding the proper way to consume this “ring of kneaded bread,” bagel lovers have strong opinions.

Today’s bagels come in a wide range of flavors and sizes. After all, why choose just one delicious bagel when you can indulge in a variety?

Here are the numerous varieties of bagels that the simple plain option has developed into, whether you want an “original” with cream cheese or a choco-chip one, one for breakfast, lunch, or brunch. 

And here is our list of the different types of bagels;

Table of Contents

  1. Everything Bagels
  2. Chocolate Chip Bagel
  3. Cinnamon Raisin Bagels
  4. Plain Bagel
  5. Blueberry Bagel
  6. Onion Bagels
  7. Salt Bagels
  8. Asiago Bagels
  9. French Toast Bagel
  10. Poppyseed Bagel
  11. Egg Bagel
  12. Whole Wheat Bagel
  13. Pumpernickel Bagel
  14. Garlic Bagels
  15. Cheddar Bagel
  16. Sesame Bagel

Everything Bagels

There is no better way to describe it! Everything bagels are made up of “everything” from all the best bagels.

The concept behind these flavorful bagels is straightforward: instead of choosing just one bagel flavor, why not try them all?

Because this bagel flavor seems to have emerged from the world of spices and seeds. Everything bagels are thought to be the most fashionable after plain ones.

An everything bagel has a delicious mixture of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and fried onions. And occasionally, a pinch of salt to give you a taste of everything you could want. Put, any savory cravings can be satisfied by an everything bagel.

Chocolate Chip Bagel

Think about a stack of decadent chocolate chip bagels as if cookies and muffins with chocolate chips weren’t enough.

Chocolate chip bagels bring out your long-buried inner child, the one who enjoys spreading chocolate on practically everything despite parental advice to the contrary.

Every bite of a chocolate chip bagel contains one of the decadent bagels’ chocolate chip fillings. However, the proper method of eating chocolate chip bagels is to toast them until you see that lovely, cracked, golden top. When the bagel is warm, bite into it to enjoy the gooey, melting chocolate inside.

Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

Although cinnamon raisin bagels don’t have the same versatility as plain bagels. They are still delightful and tasty, reminding us of foggy autumn mornings.

As one might anticipate, cinnamon raisin bagels are not overly sweet. But they do offer a delicious combination of raisins and cinnamon.

Furthermore, the cinnamon adds a light kick of spice to balance the sweetness of the bagel and the raisins. While the raisins give cinnamon raisin bagels their chewy, stringy texture.

Also, any time of year is a great time to enjoy a cinnamon raisin bagel, but the fall and winter are when they’re at their best. This is one of the different types of bagels.

Plain Bagel

Even though flavored bagels with a drizzle of chocolate or a caramel crust may sound incredibly alluring. There are times when you need a plain bagel.

The world’s other gourmet bagels are fantastic, but a plain bagel can be absolute perfection. Nothing short of delicious, a simple but extraordinary crusty bagel exterior followed by a very soft, warm, chewy center that melts in your sweet mouth as soon as you bite into it.

Contrary to its name, a plain bagel is much more than just a baked ring of dough. So you can never go wrong with one.

Also, you can use it as a blank canvas to change this picture of simplicity into something entirely different, perhaps by adding a layer of cream cheese or some salted butter.

Blueberry Bagel

Blueberry bagels are an authentic breakfast delicacy that can make the morning. Going from the cooking bowl to your mouth in less than two hours!

The only difference between a blueberry bagel and a traditional plain bagel is that the baker adds the blueberries as the dough is mixed in the mixer.

The blueberry juice will soon cause the bagel dough to turn a lovely shade of purple. In addition to having a pleasing purple interior, blueberry bagels are sweet and fragrant due to the fruit flecks in the dough. This is one of the different types of bagels.

Onion Bagels

There is no denying that onions can and frequently do improve the flavor of most foods. Onion bagels have a flavor best described as bold and unforgettable.

These bagels have a rich garlic-onion flavor and a particularly crunchy texture. Onion bagels are famous worldwide and are compared to Brad Pitt of the bagel flavors.

Although scallion cream cheese goes best with onion bagels. Some people might prefer to slather a thick layer of glistening butter over the crunchy top of an onion bagel.

Also, before adding flour to the bagel dough batter, stir in chopped or dehydrated onions to create the best gooey, oniony bagels. Also, the delicious smell of onions will soon permeate the bagel dough.

Salt Bagels

Although salt and bagels aren’t particularly favored, try to picture biting into a salty bagel with plenty of excellent cream cheese. Doesn’t that sound indulgent and revitalizing?

In most dishes and on various foods. A pinch of salt can solve many flavor problems and puzzles. However, if you salt a bagel excessively, all you will taste is salt.

So to properly prepare salt bagels. Sprinkle a little salt on top, and remove any extra crystals. And then bite into a hot, oozy salt bagel without hesitation.

Asiago Bagels

We don’t know of any other combination that would be more wonderful than bread and cheese if they weren’t a match made in heaven!

One of the best culinary pairings of all time is unquestionably cheese and bread. The deliciousAsiago bagel is a unique and delectable representation of this perfect food pairing.

Also, the perfect combination of warm, fresh bread and layers of rich, salty, smooth cheese is offered by Asiago bagels to snackers.

On the taste buds, this combination creates a symphony of flavor. As their name suggests, Asiago bagels contain delicious Asiago cheese and Italian cheese.

Asiago cheese, which is only made in Italy on the Asiago plateau, which is situated in the foothills of the Veneto region of Italy, is made from Italian cow’s milk. This is one of the different types of bagels.

French Toast Bagel

Even if you are one of those, who cannot stand the thought of consuming anything other than coffee in the morning. The delicious French toast bagels will make you want to have breakfast every day of the week.

These soft, sweet bagels are well worth the money they cost to buy or make. A French toast bagel can be the ideal way to sate your sweet tooth if you must have a lovely breakfast treat.

Furthermore, the French toast custard soaks into every crevice of the bagels, which is their best feature. Thus, the flavor of French toast permeates every piece of dough.

Also, wash the bagel bread with the cut side in the glossy French toast mixture to get the best out of a French toast bagel.

Poppyseed Bagel

These bagels are worth all the trouble of dealing with the poppyseeds stuck where you don’t want them. Even though they would typically cause a significant inconvenience (poppyseeds getting stuck in your teeth). The flavor of poppyseeds is unmatched, having a deep, extraordinary flavor.

Poppyseeds have a flavor that is best characterized as nutty and finely granulated. Poppyseeds also have a delicious and pleasant fruity flavor. For the majority of Americans, poppyseeds and bagels go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

Furthermore, these seeds give the bagel its crunchy exterior and soft, chewy interior. So every time you take a bite of a poppy seed bagel. You can enjoy the contrast between the crunchy and chewy textures.

Egg Bagel

These bagels are frequently described as a beautiful fusion of two of the world’s most fantastic breakfast foods: eggs and bread.

Although egg bagels have a sizable cult following. The majority of their devotees strongly believe that these bagels are consistently underrated.

Also, egg yolks are added to the bagel dough recipe to create egg bagels. Egg yolks give the mixture a lovely flavor. Additionally, it gives the bagel dough a soft texture.

Even though egg bagels are delicious and unique, most people have a love-hate relationship. The “hate” is a result of the fact that the texture of an egg bagel is very different from the traditional original bagel’s crusty and crunchy exterior. This is one of the different types of bagels.

Egg bagels are absolute perfection in terms of flavor, texture, consistency, and even color, though, for true egg bagel lovers! To ensure the ideal balance of salty and sweet.

It is best to serve egg bagels with a lox and cream cheese spread because they are a little sweeter than plain bagels. Alternatively, top your toasted egg bagel with a fried egg to up your protein intake.

Whole Wheat Bagel

This is the ideal variety of bagels for ardent bagel fans who want to indulge in these delectable treats but must exercise caution due to health and/or dietary considerations.

By indulging in whole wheat bagels, the health-conscious can spare themselves from experiencing the entire guilt of carbohydrate overload.

Although whole wheat bagels are just as delicious as the other varieties. They are nutritious and packed with many health advantages.

A whole-wheat bagel is made with whole grains and whole-grain flour. As the name implies. As opposed to the regular refined grain flour typically used to create a plain bagel or loaf of white bread.

Pumpernickel Bagel

German bread, known as pumpernickel, is a dark, dense variety. Rye that has been ground coarsely and sourdough starter are traditionally used to make this bread. These days, you might even come across a loaf of pumpernickel bread made from rye flour and whole rye berries.

The origin of that unusual word, “pumpernickel,” is an old Bavarian phrase that roughly translates to “hard” in English.

The term “hard” describes how dense this bread is after it has been entirely made. It might also refer to the tricky and challenging process of turning the pumpernickel grain into flour.

However, when consumed in a bagel, expect to taste something different but intriguing. A typically chewy and soft bagel gets a rich and distinctive flavor boost from pumpernickel. This is one of the different types of bagels.

Garlic Bagels

There is no such thing as using too much garlic in cooking in most of the world. Particularly in some regions of the US.

Garlic is undoubtedly one of the most versatile ingredients to use in cooking. In foods, it is added. A bit of garlic adds a lot of flavors and boosts the presence of other flavors.

However, as soon as you bite into a garlic bagel, the garlicky crunch makes a crisp sound. To the ears, the sound is like music.

Making homemade bagels correctly will produce garlic bagels that taste like a delicious breakfast version of garlic bread. This is one of the different types of bagels.

Cheddar Bagel

Cheese, especially cheddar cheese, is something you can never have enough of, just like there is rarely such a thing as too much garlic or onion in food! Even though cheddar bagels resemble bread rolls with melted cheese on the outside and inside, they are delicious.

As previously stated, cheese and bread are a traditional and compelling combination. So it should be no surprise that cheddar bagels are so delicious!

Furthermore, you can add sliced jalapenos to the dough before the cheddar cheese kicks cheddar bagels. When you later eat your homemade cheddar bagel, this gives your mouth a burst of cheesy, spicy flavors.

Sesame Bagel

Sesame seeds have a delicate flavor and a bright nutty flavor that livens up both savory and sweet dishes. The nutty flavor and incredibly distinct crunch of sesame seeds transform an ordinary bagel into an extraordinary one.

A sesame bagel is straightforward, delicious, and crunchy. It has a warm flavor that goes well with butter, plain cream cheese, and even flavored cream cheese.

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