10 Most Popular Traditional Egyptian Food

Traditional Egyptian Food

The Pyramids, Sphinx, Pharaohs, Hieroglyphics, Mummies, and Ancient Temples come to mind when we think of Egypt, But not the traditional Egyptian food.

However, we’re here to inform you about the delicious foods that are readily available in Egypt and are, to say the least, extremely tasty! The meal is an essential component of Egyptian culture, as it is in other nations.

You may find different variants of the same food all over Egypt, from north to south, with each region contributing its flavor or twist to the recipe.

Gathering and celebrating with family and friends – over excellent food, of course – is an essential aspect of Egyptian culture, as it is in numerous Middle Eastern countries.

From breakfast to dessert, here are some top classic Traditional Egyptian food favorites that every visitor should taste at least once when visiting this beautiful nation.

1. Kushari

When you talk about Kushari being a traditional Egyptian food, you speak of: Rice, spaghetti, little round macaroni, vermicelli, fried onions, black lentils, and hummus, topped with rich tomato sauce, garlic and vinegar sauce, and chili sauce, all arranged artistically. Furthermore, this international dish dates back to the mid-nineteenth century.

It is inspired by the cuisines seen by Egyptian soldiers while on tour in India and Europe. Albeit, it is usually seasoned with typical Egyptian herbs and spices.

Kushari is typically topped with chickpeas, crispy onions and garlic juice, and hot sauce and served hot or cold.

2. Ful Medames

This cuisine, which consists of lava beans served with oil and lemon juice, is one of Egypt’s most popular essential dishes.

If you wish, you can also add garlic or onion. You can eat Ful with butter, spicy oil, olive oil, tomato sauce, pepper, pastrami, parsley, sausage, and boiled or fried eggs, among other things. Ful is thought to have been first prepared in ancient Egypt.

Furthermore, this dish is trendy in the northern towns of Cairo and Giza, so keep an eye out for it if you’re traveling through this area.

3. Tamiya (Falafel)

Egyptian breakfasts traditionally include falafel, ful, eggs, cheese, and pita bread. You can coon falafel using chickpeas.

However, Egyptians use fava beans in their ta’meya. After soaking the fava beans overnight to soften them, they should be ground in a food processor.

You combine them with a fresh blend of cilantro, parsley, white onion, garlic, and leek, which gives ta’meya its brilliant green hue—cumin, coriander, paprika, cayenne, salt, and pepper, as well as chickpea flour. 

Furthermore, It’s no surprise that this traditional Egyptian food Ta’meya is such a popular Egyptian dish; it’s full of distinct, fresh flavor.

4. Fattah

Fattah is one of the traditional Egyptian foods, and a Nubian meal is frequently served for religious occasions.

Layers of fried bread and rice are layered on top of a tomato sauce simmered with garlic and vinegar, beef soup, and huge pieces of meat. It’s a fantastic dish, but it’s also incredibly fattening, so save it for special occasions.

Furthermore, Fattah is still a staple dish on the first day of the Islamic feast nowadays (Eid-al-Adha). Crispy bread, rice, pork, and a vinegar/tomato sauce make up this dish.

You use Lamb for rare events, and beef is for everyday occasions. It’s also typically served with rotisserie chicken and tomaya in the Lebanese style.

5. Shawarma

You’ve probably had shawarma before because it’s such a popular street food. It is derived from the famous Greek gyros, but the Egyptians have added their twist.

Shawarma is produced with either chicken or beef marinated in Middle Eastern spices and cooked on a spit all day with a fat-melting top.

Also, the meat is shaved and placed in a wrap, where it is perfectly wrapped. As is customary for Egyptian cuisine, you can also serve with tahini and chicken with Tomoya (garlic sauce).

In addition, It’s a quick supper that’s also a healthy alternative to fast food and won’t break the bank.

6. Sarah

This traditional Egyptian recipe will appeal to vegetarians.

Sarah is a flavorful vegetarian meal made of ground fava beans, seasoned with dill, leek, green pepper, fried onions, and spices, and served as a thick mash or paste.

As a side dish, it’s sometimes served with grilled pork or seafood. As the main course, it’s usually served with Egyptian flatbread and green onions.

A thinner and lighter form of besarah can be found in some parts of Egypt. The fava beans have been blitzed into a runny paste to form a dipping sauce.

7. Bamia

Bamia is a thick stew made with okra, tomatoes, and spices served with bread, rice, and salad and originated in the Middle East.

The Egyptian version frequently includes lamb chops, which become wonderfully soft and delicate throughout the stew’s long cooking time.

Egyptians add ta’aleya, a type of garlic cooking sauce, coriander, cardamom, and onion to enhance the dish’s flavors.

Bamia is the Arabic term for okra, one of the main ingredients in this filling and delicious dish.

8. Molokhia

Molokhia is a traditional Egyptian food with a long history. It’s a stew made with a leafy green sliced into little bits and cooked in a broth with ground coriander and fried garlic.

Rice, bread, and your choice of chicken, beef, or seafood are typical accompaniments. However, The preparation of this meal varies according to the location of Egypt.

Furthermore, Molokhia may be served with shrimp or fish in coastal cities like Alexandria.

 Molokhia is the name of the leafy green used in the stew, sometimes known as jute mallow (corchorus olitorius).

In addition, It’s high in critical vitamins, including iron and potassium, as well as Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, making it a nutritious Egyptian dish.

9. Alexandrian Liver Sandwich

It’s street food, but you can also prepare it at home. You will use Spicy pepper for cooking the liver, with garlic or onion.

The sausage is typically cooked in various ways, most commonly with tomato sauce and spicy pepper, and you serve it with pickles.

The liver is one of Egypt’s cheapest meats, and it’s especially popular in Alexandria, where the iconic Egyptian liver sandwich was born.

This is one of Alexandria’s best street food lunch alternatives and one of the country’s must-eat meat meals, combining Egyptian spiciness with the Western sandwich.

10. Mahsi

Mahsi is an Egyptian dish that consists of stuffed vegetables. It is a popular traditional Egyptian food that is also suitable for vegetarians.

Mahshi is filled with zucchini, eggplants, bell peppers, tomatoes, cabbage leaves, or grapevine leaves with a rice stuffing (similar to Greek dolma).

Rice, herbs (parsley, cilantro, and dill), tomato sauce with seasoning, and a pinch of cinnamon make up the filling. Some folks add minced meat to the filling for a more substantial dinner.

Mahshi is a meal that you must have if you visit Egypt. You’ll be smitten.

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