19 Thanksgiving Food Crafts to Keep the Kids Entertained!

Thanksgiving Food Crafts
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It’s that time of year again – the kids are coming home and bringing friends with them, you’re trying to think of new things to make and do, the grocery bill is getting higher, and then you have to go out and buy more food (will someone please think of the turkeys!). 

But never fear! There are plenty of fun ways to keep kids busy without breaking the bank or your sanity! No matter what age your kids are, they’re sure to enjoy these thanksgiving food crafts.

From turkey crayons to Pie Pops, there’s something for everyone. And best of all, these crafts can double as place settings or decorations.

So get ready to get crafty with your kiddos this Thanksgiving! Here are thanksgiving food crafts from around the web, each more fun than the last! Happy crafting!

Table of Contents

  1. Pie Pops
  2. Apple Pies
  3. Pilgrim Cupcakes 
  4. Turkey Bento Box 
  5. Turkey Veggie Cups
  6. Turkey Pudding Cups
  7. Chocolate Popcorn Balls
  8. Oreo Acorns
  9. Pumpkin Pie Cake Pops
  10. Indian Corn Thanksgiving Favors 
  11. Turkey Fruit and Cheese Plate
  12. Turkey Pizza
  13. Donut Hole Acorns 
  14. Harvest Corn Nutter Butters 
  15. Scarecrow Cookie Pops
  16. Tootsie Pop Turkey 
  17. Turkey Pretzels
  18. Rolo Pilgram Hats
  19. Fruit Turkey 

Pie Pops

What’s Thanksgiving without pie? This classic dessert is always a hit, and it’s pretty easy to make. Just roll out some store-bought dough, fill it with your favorite apples (we like Granny Smith), and bake away. Top it with a scoop of ice cream, and you’re good to go!

Apple Pies

What’s Thanksgiving without apple pie? This classic dessert is delicious and easy to make with the kids. Simply roll out some store-bought dough, let the kids cut out shapes with cookie cutters, and bake according to the recipe. For an extra special touch, top with a homemade cinnamon sugar glaze.

Pilgrim Cupcakes

What better way to show your kiddos the meaning of Thanksgiving than by making some Pilgrim cupcakes? These thanksgiving food crafts are so easy that even the littlest ones can help. All you need is some cupcake mix, dark chocolate frosting, and candy corn. 

First, bake your cupcakes according to the package. Once they’re cooled, frost them with the chocolate frosting.

Then, add two candy corn triangles for the Pilgrim’s hat and one for the buckle on their belt. That’s it! Now you have some delicious and festive Pilgrim cupcakes that are perfect for Thanksgiving.

Turkey Bento Box

This turkey bento box is too cute and would be perfect for kids thanksgiving food crafts! It’s also a great way to use up any leftover turkey. Just take some bread, butter it, and add whatever cheese you want on top.

Cut the bread into a rectangle shape, fold it half lengthwise, then cut across one of the short ends to make triangle-shaped sandwich pockets. 

Fill with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and leftover turkey breast from your Thanksgiving feast.

Start by cutting out three triangular shapes from black construction paper (cut an approximately 3-inch square from one end of each piece). These will serve as the feathers on the turkey’s tail feathers.

Turkey Veggie Cups

These turkey veggie cups are a fun and easy way to get your kids to eat their veggies! Simply cut out some turkey shapes from construction paper and glue them onto clear plastic cups.

Then fill the cups with your child’s favorite veggies. Add a little ranch dressing or another dip, and you’ve got a healthy and fun snack that’s perfect for thanksgiving food crafts!

Turkey Pudding Cups

These turkey pudding cups are a perfect and easy way to keep the kids entertained while you cook Thanksgiving dinner! All you need is some instant pudding mix, some plastic cups, and some craft supplies. 

Simply make the pudding according to package directions, then let the kids decorate their own turkey cups! Add googly eyes, feathers, beaks, and whatever else you have on hand.

These thanksgiving food crafts are sure to be a hit with all the little ones at your holiday gathering!

Chocolate Popcorn Balls

These Cupcake Liners Turkeys from The Jenny Evolution are so stinkin’ cute and couldn’t be any easier to make! All you need are cupcake liners, toothpicks, and eye and nose candy.

Put a little glue on the back of the candy and stick it on the toothpicks. Then glue or tape the toothpicks to the back of the cupcake liner. So easy, right?

Oreo Acorns

All you need for this simple and fun Oreo acorn craft are some Double Stuf Oreos, Hershey’s Kisses, and mini chocolate chips. First, twist the top of the Oreo open and add a small amount of glue to the top of the Hershey’s Kiss. 

Stick on a mini chocolate chip for the acorn top, and then press the two cookies back together. That’s it! Your kids will have a blast making these with you, and they also make great thanksgiving food crafts.

Pumpkin Pie Cake Pops

These Pumpkin Pie Cake Pops are fun and easy to show your friends and family how much you care this holiday season! Simply bake a pumpkin pie, let it cool, then cut it into small bite-sized pieces.

Next, dip each piece into melted white chocolate, and decorate with festive sprinkles. Write a personal message on each pop with edible markers for an extra special touch.

Your loved ones will be so impressed with your thoughtful gesture, and they’ll be sure to remember it for years to come!

Indian Corn Thanksgiving Favors

These Indian Corn Thanksgiving Favors are a simple and easy way to show your friends and family how thankful you are for them! All you need is some corn husks, candy corn, and a little bit of ribbon.

Simply tie the candy corn onto the corn husks with the ribbon, and you’re done! These thanksgiving food crafts are sure to please everyone on your list.

Turkey Fruit and Cheese Plate

This turkey fruit and cheese plate is a healthy and easy snack for the kids. It’s also a great way to use up any extra fruit you have lying around.

Simply cut up some apples, pears, or other fruits into bite-sized pieces. Arrange them on a plate in the shape of a turkey. 

Add some shredded cheese for the feathers and sliced olives for the eyes. If you’re feeling extra festive, you can add a small piece of cooked bacon for the turkey’s wattle!

Turkey Pizza

This Thanksgiving, try something new and make a Turkey Pizza! This dish is easy to make and only requires a few ingredients. Plus, it’s a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen. Spread on the sauce and top with cheese. Use the turkey baster to draw on a turkey face.  

Donut Hole Acorns

These Donut Hole Acorns are a fun and easy way to dress up your donuts for Thanksgiving! All you need is some mini chocolate chips, donut holes, and icing. Simply dip the donut holes in the icing, then press on the chocolate chips. That’s it! These would be perfect for a class party or as an after-school snack.

Harvest Corn Nutter Butters

These are a perfect little treat for after school or as an addition to your child’s lunchbox. All you need is some corn nuts, butter, and sugar. 

What’s more fun than a scarecrow cookie pop? Make them with your kids! These Thanksgiving food crafts are easy and only require a few ingredients.

Plus, it’s a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Sugar cookie dough
  2. Candy corn
  3. Chocolate chips
  4. Lollipop sticks
  5. Orange icing
  6. Brown icing

Tootsie Pop Turkey

What you’ll need: Tootsie Pops, brown and red craft foam, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, scissors, hot glue gun. How to make it: 1. Cut a small triangle out of the brown craft foam for the turkey’s beak. 2. Cut two small circles out of the red craft foam for the turkey’s wattle. 3. Glue the beak and wattle onto the Tootsie Pop. 4. Glue on two googly eyes. 5. Cut two small pieces of pipe cleaner for the turkey’s feet. 6. Curl the pipe cleaners around a pencil to give them a spiral shape. 7. Glue the feet onto the bottom of the Tootsie Pop stick

Turkey Pretzels

What’s more fun than eating pretzels shaped like turkeys? Making them! This simple craft is perfect for kids of all ages.

All you need is some pretzel rods, chocolate chips, and orange candy melts. First, melt the candy melts in a microwave-safe bowl. Then, dip each pretzel rod into the melted chocolate and coat evenly. 

Next, place the pretzels on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet and press an orange candy melt onto the end of each pretzel for the turkey’s beak. Finally, let the chocolate harden before serving. These festive thanksgiving food crafts are sure to hit your Thanksgiving feast!

Rolo Pilgram Hats

These adorable hats are made with Rolo candies and mini marshmallows. They’re perfect for a class party or even at home if you want to keep the kids entertained while you cook. 

Simply twist two pieces of candy together, add a marshmallow on top, and voila. You have a hat! If you want to get creative, you can add facial features with icing or chocolate chips.

Fruit Turkey

This turkey is made of fruit and is a perfect healthy snack for the kids! You will need apples, pears, bananas, grapes, blueberries, blackberries, toothpicks, and an orange. Start by cutting the apples and pears into thin slices. 

Next, cut the bananas into thirds. Assemble the turkey by placing the sliced fruit onto toothpicks in whatever order you like. We started with grape feathers outside and worked our way in with smaller pieces of fruit.

Place two blueberries or blackberries for the eyes and an orange slice for the beak. These fun Thanksgiving food crafts can be enjoyed as a snack or decoration!


Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and food. But sometimes, the kids can get bored while cooking and preparing. We’ve compiled a list of Thanksgiving food crafts to keep them entertained! 

From edible turkeys to Pilgrim hats made out of candy, there’s something for everyone on this list. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the holiday with your loved ones without worrying about the kids getting bored.

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