16 Best Substitutes for Worcestershire Sauce

Substitutes For Worcestershire Sauce
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There are so many wonderful dishes that wouldn’t be the same without Worcestershire’s distinctive flavor! Worcestershire sauce is a must-have item in any cook’s pantry since it’s adaptable, tasty, and convenient.

Anchovies, molasses, tamarind, onion, garlic, and other ingredients are added to the vinegar base of Worcestershire sauce, a fermented condiment.

The taste is salty, sweet, and has a noticeable tang from the vinegar. The most popular kind of Worcestershire sauce should not be consumed by vegetarians or vegans and should not be included in kosher meals that contain meat.

The product could or might not be gluten-free, depending on the brand. It might be difficult to find substitutes for Worcestershire sauce. It has a highly unique flavor that may give casseroles, meat stews, soups, sauces, and marinades a flavor boost.

We’ll talk about substitutes for Worcestershire sauce in this article:

1. Balsamic Vinegar

The major component of Worcestershire sauce is this. To enhance its flavor and taste, more ingredients are added afterward. It tastes remarkably like Worcestershire sauce.

And because of this, it is among the great substitutes for Worcestershire sauce. Balsamic vinegar is obtained from unfermented grape juice. Its flavor is very sweet, tart, acidic, and tangy. It is dark in color.

This vinegar has several health advantages, including decreasing cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure, blood sugar, and acid reflux.

When using this alternative, combine equal portions of balsamic vinegar and tamarind paste to give the mixture thickness.

2. Salt

If you’re in a bind and don’t want to make a second trip to the shop, salt is one of the easiest and most accessible substitutes for Worcestershire sauce.

The savory component of Worcestershire sauce can only be partially compensated for by salt. Savoriness is just one of several flavors in Worcestershire sauce, even though it can be the most prominent one.

After adding salt, if the meal still feels missing, you can add a little soy sauce or lime for added depth.

Simply check how much Worcestershire sauce your recipe calls for and add the amount of salt that Worcestershire sauce contains to replace the salt.

If your recipe already calls for salt, increase it or use different substitutes for Worcestershire sauce. One pinch of salt equals one tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce (add more per taste)

3. Fish Sauce

Because Worcestershire sauce contains a lot of fermented anchovies, it has a flavor a little bit like fish sauce. Small fish are fermented for a long time in salt to make fish sauce.

Fish sauce is made from the liquids produced when the fish corpses eventually start to decompose. Fish sauce is renowned for its pungency and umami-like earthy, savory flavor. It is, nevertheless, an extremely flexible component.

Fish sauce may add depth and improve the taste of various meals, including meats, roasted vegetables, and mushrooms.

Use half of the Worcestershire sauce at first if you wish to replace it with fish sauce. It’s preferable to start with a small amount of fish sauce because it has a lot more intense flavor.

4. Vegemite

Consider this to be Marmite’s Australian counterpart. Because Vegemite tastes like Marmite, Worcestershire sauce may be perfectly replaced. Once more, you may add a tiny bit on its own or combine it with soy sauce, lemon juice, and hot water to make it even more resemble Worcestershire sauce.

5. Soy Sauce

Soy sauce has an umami taste and is black, sweet, and thick in texture. It contains a lot of sodium. Therefore, it is not advised for those who have high blood pressure.

It is prepared by fermenting soybean paste suspended in water for two to three days. A good source of protein, magnesium, sodium and healthy fats is all found in soy sauce.

Soy sauces are wonderful substitutes for Worcestershire sauce since it fulfills a comparable function to that of Worcestershire sauce by imparting a similar umami-like savoriness to a meal.

The sole distinction is that Worcestershire Sauce won’t have the same fun tanginess. You may also use some vinegar, red pepper flakes, or granulated sugar to make up for the lacking subtlety of Worcestershire Sauce.

Soy sauce dissolves easily and has a consistency akin to Worcestershire sauce. You may replace them in all recipes in a 1:1 ratio because their savoriness is likewise very similar.

6. Barbecue Sauce

American condiment barbecue sauce, often known as BBQ sauce, has a sweet and salty taste profile like Worcestershire sauce. It has a moderate flavor and is frequently used to garnish barbecued meats such as beef, hog, and chicken.

But there are a ton more applications for BBQ sauce. It may be used as a topping for sandwiches, pizza, calzones, and fries. It is a very adaptable component.

Almost every savory dish, occasionally even ones that are sweet or spicy, pairs well with BBQ sauce. Look no farther than BBQ sauce if you want substitutes for Worcestershire sauce with something that delivers the same degree of acidity and savory flavor. Barbecue sauce is equal to 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce.

7. Coconut Aminos

You’re a vegetarian, or you dislike seafood. You may use these as excellent substitutes for Worcestershire sauce. Coconut aminos are created by fermenting a mixture of sea salt and coconut palm sap.

It is devoid of soy, wheat, and gluten. And since it has a salty, savory, and umami flavor, it may be used as a marinade or dipping sauce.

Additionally, you may swap it for salt in soups. It benefits those who follow a low-sodium diet. Use an equal amount in place of Worcestershire sauce.

8. Oyster Sauce

Soy sauce, cornstarch, and caramelized oyster fluids make the oyster sauce. It adds sweetness and umami taste to sauces and stir-fries. Make a 1:1 swap when using it as a substitute for Worcestershire sauce. You can more easily regulate the quantity of salt in your food since it is less salty.

9. Anchovy Paste

Small foraging fish known as anchovies may be found in fresh and saltwater environments. Creating anchovy paste or sauce follows a similar procedure as making fish sauce.

The shop offers tubes and tins of anchovy paste. It tastes distinctly salty and fishy and might include vinegar and other seasonings.

Anchovy paste is somewhat thick in texture. So you might want to dilute it first if you intend to use it as a dressing. Do not replace more than half of the Worcestershire sauce your recipe asks for because it has a strong flavor.

10. Sherry Vinegar

After at least six months of barrel aging, Sherry vinegar is created from sherry wine. It tastes quite similar to Worcestershire sauce.

It’s less hot, though. It works well as a 1:1 as one of the substitutes for Worcestershire sauce, thanks to its sweet, acidic, and funky flavor.

11. Shaoxin Cooking Wine

Chinese rice wine is called Shaoxin cooking wine. It is frequently salted and has a taste similar to dry sherry. It is hence extremely comparable to Worcestershire sauce. Due to its alcoholic flavor, it is preferable to use it in cooked meals.

12. Marmite

Englishmen invented the savory culinary spread known as marmite. It is a viscous, sticky-brown by-product of making beer with a distinctly salty, earthy flavor.

To give food an umami flavor, marmite is commonly put over toasted bread, salty biscuits, and crackers. Marmite has been identified as a strong vegan source of B vitamins and has nutritional benefits.

Any recipe may have a tiny amount of marmite substituted for the Worcestershire sauce and get identical results. Just remember that marmite has a strong vegetable flavor, so if you use too much of it, the flavor of your recipe may alter.

13. Pickle juice

The tangy, sweet, and salty tastes are substitutes for Worcestershire sauce in most dishes. Pickles frequently also contain dill, mustard seeds, and other spices.

Many of the same taste elements in Worcestershire sauce are present in this. Use the same quantity as you would for the sauce in your dishes and, for an added kick, consider adding some soy sauce.

14. Honey

Similar to using honey in place of Worcestershire sauce, we advise combining it with other ingredients for improved flavor. To get it closer to the original ingredient, combine honey with fish sauce and vinegar.

15. Molasses

Molasses are sometimes cited as substitutes for Worcestershire sauce since it is one of the key components, particularly when combined with vinegar, salt, and fish sauce. Because molasses is so potent and potent enough to be overwhelming, you only need a tiny bit.

16. Miso

Miso, which is made from fermented soybean paste, may take the place of Worcestershire sauce in a lot of your favorite dishes. When combined with hot water, the umami flavor functions well by itself.

However, you could also use some vinegar, a dash of molasses or sugar, and a tiny bit of fish sauce to make it even more, resemble Worcestershire sauce.


Before contemplating a substitute for an item, you should always examine what it adds to other recipes. The ingredient’s replacement needs to be able to give your dish a similar component.

To guarantee that any of the aforementioned substitutes for worcestershire sauce may produce the same effects, you need to consider what Worcestershire sauce adds to the table before using it.

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