8 Best Substitutes for Powdered Milk

Substitutes for powdered milk
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Powdered removes the liquid from regular milk and turns it into powder. It is wrapped with essential nutrients like calcium and potassium and is also a good source of protein.

Powdered milk doesn’t need to be refrigerated and has a much longer shelf life than liquid milk.

There are many reasons you will need substitutes for powdered milk, especially if you don’t consume food made from milk due to an allergy or on dietary alternatives.

What is Powdered Milk?

It is milk that has been refined and dried through evaporation. Various types of milk, including skim, whole, and even non-dairy milk, are available in powdered form.

Russia, in 1832, organized the first production of powdered milk. In modern times, it is often made by spray drying, and it was mainly used as a recipe in the production of cottage cheese and curds, homemade oatmeal packets, and so many other uses.

Powder milk is very easy to transport and has a longer storage life than regular milk, making it essential in areas with little access to liquid milk.

Best Substitutes for Powdered Milk

Powdered milk has many uses and can be substituted when the need arises. It can be used in baking making ice cream milkier, denser and silkier, and generally improves taste. 

But what happens when you run out of powdered milk while making your favorite cookies? You use a substitute.

Here are eight best substitutes for powdered milk;

1. Regular Milk

They are great substitutes for powdered milk; the main benefit of regular milk is its nutritional content and flavor, similar to powdered milk.

Regular milk also contributes liquids to recipes; hence only use it for recipes that require water. However, the only difference between them is just the calorie content, with regular milk having 149 calories while powered milk has a calorie count of 159.

2. Coconut Milk

It is made with spray-drying coconut cream. It is high in fat and are good substitutes for powdered milk, especially in cooking.

Coconut milk is naturally vegan and lactose-free; however, some brands add sodium caseinate, which contains protein.

Generally, it can be substituted for milk powder at 1 to 1 unless stated otherwise, and it has a similar texture to that of dry milk and can be used in soups, curries, and fish, as well as meat-based recipes and sauces.

3. Rice Powder

It is an important move for those who are vegan or lactose intolerant. However, it is important to note that rice powder is sweeter than milk powder and is best recommended for dishes like desserts, baked goods, and smoothies.

Rice powders can be difficult to find in stores and always easier to purchase, and they are a suitable substitute for powdered milk for anyone allergic to soy.

4. Cashew Powder

People can generally use cashew nut powder instead of powdered milk; they best describe the milky flavor and sweet texture of powdered milk, and they can be good substitutes for powdered milk in equal amounts unless stated otherwise. Always blend the powder with some liquid to attain a smooth consistency to avoid clumps.

5. Potato Milk Powder

For those suffering from soy intolerance, potato milk powder has its original potato taste. For replacement, you need the same quantity of milk powder as the required for substitution.0ne of the benefits of potato milk powder is that it is free of lactose, soy, and gluten.

6. Soy Milk Powder

Just as dry milk is made from the evaporation 0f regular milk, soy milk powder is made from evaporating soy milk and is free from lactose and vegan.

Soy milk powder does have less calcium than dry milk but has a similar amount of protein.

Some people may be allergic to soy and should use other dry milk replacements because its low calcium content may cause stomach pain, including gas, and can be used in the same ratio as dry milk.

7. Evaporated Milk

Dry milk has no liquid content at all, while evaporated milk is made by removing 60 of the liquid content from the milk, and it has some similarities to condensed milk but is slightly less sweet than dry milk.

Evaporated milk has a long storage life and doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and it has an aroma similar to milk but thicker in thickness and color.

Evaporated milk suits best as a substitute for powdered milk in liquid-based recipes where you want a thicker consistency, like coffee or tea.

8. Coffee Creamer

They are found in liquid or powder form and are made from a combination of sugar, water, and vegetable oil. Coffee creamers are usually dairy-free and made with a large amount of sugar.

Coffee creamers are used for more than just adding taste to your tea; they come in different flavors and are best substitutes for powdered milk in certain baked goods. 


It is very easy to make substitutes for powdered milk in different recipes as long as you make sure it’s safe for your personal use, and also, there is no compromise in the taste of all other alternatives.

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