14 Best Substitutes for Chocolate Chips

Substitutes For Chocolate Chips
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Chocolate chips are a necessary component for many baked items. The list includes everything from cookies to brownies to loaves of bread to cakes. Chocolate chips are frequently in the spotlight.

There are several options for substitutions if you have a dish that asks for chips but doesn’t have any on hand.

Depending on how the chocolate chips are used in a particular recipe, you may need to use specific substitutes for chocolate chips.

1. Baking Chocolate

In place of one ounce of chocolate chips, use one ounce of semi-sweet baking chocolate or one ounce of unsweetened baking chocolate together with one Tablespoon of sugar.

To give cookies, muffins, or pastries the appearance of chips, chop the bar into bits. Your chocolate chunks probably won’t maintain their form quite well when you bake them since baking chocolate includes more cocoa butter than chocolate chips.

One ounce of chocolate is the same as one square of baking chocolate. Furthermore, cut the bar into pieces to make cookies, muffins, or pastries appear like chips.

Your chocolate chunks may likely lose their shape when cooked since baking chocolate contains more cocoa butter than chocolate chips. Baking chocolate squares are comparable to one ounce of chocolate.

2. Chocolate Bar

Use the same quantity of your preferred chocolate bar, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or whatever you like or happen to have on hand as substitutes for the recipe’s chocolate chips. Use weight measurements rather than volume measurements to acquire a genuine 1:1 replacement.

In this situation, a measuring spoon or cup won’t provide an accurate measurement. Use a double boiler to melt your chocolate bar if your recipe asks for melting chocolate chips.

Simply cut the bar into bits and include them if you’re substituting the chips in a baked good recipe. Stabilizers are present in chocolate chips to assist them in maintaining their form when heated. Expect your chocolate to melt because they aren’t found in chocolate bars.

Another choice is Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses. They will take longer to melt since they are larger than chocolate chips. Put them on a chopping board and coarsely slice them into little pieces.

Like chocolate chips, you may use kisses in cookies and other baked products by measuring weight rather than volume.

3. Carob Chips

Carob trees are a species of Mediterranean shrub, and their pods are used to make carob chips. Carob is dried, roasted, and converted into powder like chocolate, from which chips can be created.

Carob is well renowned for having a naturally sweet flavor similar to chocolate. Well-liked low-sugar substitutes for chocolate chips are carobs.

Additionally, it is a healthy alternative to chocolate because it is high in fiber and low in fat. Although they taste close to chocolate, they lack the same depth of flavor and meaty texture.

Carob chips are an excellent option for avoiding animal products because they are frequently vegan. Additionally, they don’t have any caffeine. They may also be found as specialty dog treats from pet stores and are healthy for dogs.

4. White Chocolate

The addition of white chocolate chips to desserts is very common. They are renowned for their supple, creamy flavor.

Although they are not chocolate, despite being termed “white chocolate,” they taste like chocolate chips and have a similar consistency. Simply use the same amount of white chocolate as the number of chocolate chips your recipe asks for.

5. Cocoa Powder

Combine three tablespoons cocoa powder, three tablespoons sugar, and one tablespoon butter to create substitutes for chocolate chips in your recipe.

This will give baked goods a robust chocolate flavor, changing how they appear and feel. You won’t get a dessert covered with chocolate chips; instead, you’ll get a chocolate-colored treat.

For best results, include your substitute as you add the wet ingredients to your recipe. Instead of a delicacy speckled with chocolate chips, you’ll get a chocolate-colored goodie. When adding the wet components to your recipe, substitutes should be used for optimal results.

6. Caramel Chips

Caramel chips are another variety of chips that can take the place of chocolate chips. They are often utilized in various baked items and are highly popular.

They will give your baking richness and taste since they are creamy and have a beautiful, strong caramel flavor. Additionally, you’ll add a delicious caramel flavor, making your dinner much more distinctive than you could expect.

7. Vegan Chocolate

You may still include chocolate if you choose a vegan alternative to chocolate chips. Only sugar, unsweetened chocolate, and cocoa butter are present in vegan chocolate.

It is suitable for vegans because it does not include any milk. As you may still enjoy chocolate, these are perfect substitutes for chocolate chips.

These chocolate chips are an excellent option whether you choose to live a vegan diet or have a dairy sensitivity.

8. Cocoa Nibs

These tiny cocoa nibs are excellent substitutes for chocolate chips. Although they have a few different flavors, the taste and fragrance will be nearly the same. You may add sugar to chocolate chips to achieve a sweeter taste because they are tiny particles of crushed cocoa beans with a bitter flavor.

9. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is another ingredient frequently utilized in sweet baked products and desserts as one of the substitutes for chocolate chips.

Your cookies or other baked goods will be flawless even if the texture and flavor could be different. The texture will be pleasant, and the flavor is difficult to pin down.

It may be used in nearly all recipes that call for chocolate chips. Also, change the amount you add because the texture is varied.

10. Yogurt Chips

Yogurt chips are wholesome substitutes for chocolate chips. Every dish benefits from the yogurt chips’ small size, sweetness, and creaminess. The flavor is unique, which is excellent for baking in particular. They may be melted, stirred, and added to your recipe before use.

11. Flavored Chips

There are various possibilities if you want to add a flavored chip with a texture similar to chocolate chips. If you use various varieties of chips, your cookies will resemble chocolate chips and have a variety of delectable flavors.

You may use your preferred chips in place of the same quantity of chocolate chips by adding flavored chips to the mix. They make pleasant and convenient substitutes for chocolate chips.

12. White Chocolate

If you don’t have any chocolate chips in your cupboard, you may use white chocolate instead. Despite being frequently referred to as chocolate, white chocolate is not chocolate and has a flavor that is distinct from ordinary chocolate.

Terrific substitutes for chocolate chips, though.Particularly in cookies since it provides the baked goods the same consistency as chocolate chips.

When substituting white chocolate for chocolate chips in cookies, just chop it into pieces the same size as chocolate chips before adding them to your baked goods.

13. Butterscotch

Butterscotch chips are among the list’s most ideal alternatives since they are similar to chocolate chips. These chips are warm and sweet and work nicely with many cookies and baked goods, especially those containing vanilla or peanut butter.

The flavor contains molasses, caramelized sugar, and brown butter. There is no need to make modifications because the fats and content are comparable to chocolate chips. Just include what the recipe calls for.

14. Dark Chocolate

For chocolate chips in cookies, dark chocolates are particularly popular substitutes for chocolate chips. This is due to the comparable color of chocolate chips and black chocolate to white chocolate.

Dark chocolate may also be used in place of chocolate chips in cookies by simply being chopped into bits. Use a ratio of 1:1 when substituting dark chocolate for chocolate chips in cookies.

For every cup of chocolate chips in the recipe, replace it with a cup of chopped dark chocolate bars.


Even while chocolate chips are a necessary component, particularly when preparing chocolate chip cookies, there are alternative items that may be used as substitutes for chocolate chips if you don’t have any.

Some of the most popular substitutes for chocolate chips are included in the article. White chocolate, dark chocolate, and vegan chocolate are a few of the alternatives to chocolate chips mentioned.

You may integrate little chunks of all these different kinds of chocolates into your dish by dicing them up. Since vegan chocolate doesn’t include any milk, it is a healthier alternative and a suitable choice for those allergic to milk.

Another alternative to chocolate chips that has a flavor that is nearly identical to chocolate chips is carob chips. Choose the one that is perfect for the food you are preparing or baking, and consider if it complements your recipes.

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