13 Substitutes for Alcohol That Will Satisfy Your Cravings

Substitutes for Alcohol
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Are you trying to reduce alcohol consumption but not sure how to replace the social lubricant? No problem!

The fact is that there are plenty of ways to get your party on without relying on alcohol as your primary source of entertainment.

From kombucha to kombucha-inspired cocktails, here are substitutes for alcohol that will satisfy your cravings without ruining your body or your social life.

Fizzy Juice Drinks

Fizzy juice drinks are great substitutes for alcohol. They are refreshing, come in various flavors, and can be easily found at most stores. Plus, they are usually much cheaper than alcohol.

Try one of these fizzy juice drinks if you’re looking for a non-alcoholic option that will still give you a buzz! Some brands include Izze, Twisted Tea, and Reed’s Ginger Brew.

Booze Free Wines

These are becoming more and more popular as people are looking for ways to cut down on their alcohol intake. There are a few different brands, but they all make wine without alcohol.

Instead, they use things like grape juice or fruit concentrate. The taste is similar to regular wine but doesn’t have the same effect.

Non-Alcoholic Beer

If you love the taste of alcohol but not the effects, there are plenty of delicious mocktails for you to enjoy. From fruity drinks to creamy concoctions, there’s sure to be a non-alcoholic beverage out there that will tantalize your taste buds. 

DIY Cold Brew Coffee (Without Alcohol)

If you’re like me, you love the taste of cold brew coffee and want to experiment with substitutes for alcohol. But what you don’t love is the price tag.

Fortunately, making your own cold brew coffee at home is easy. And the best part? You can do it without alcohol.

Here’s how: 

  • First, gather your supplies. You’ll need coffee beans, a pitcher, a funnel, and a strainer. 
  • Next, grind your beans. I like to use a coarse grind, but feel free to experiment with different grind sizes to see what you prefer. 

Now it’s time to add water. Slowly pour about 2 cups of water over the grounds, careful not to disturb them too much. Let the mixture sit for 12-24 hours.

Wine Spritzers

Wine spritzers are refreshing and light substitutes for alcohol. They are perfect for summer days or when you’re craving something fruity. To make a wine spritzer, combine one wine with one part sparkling water or club soda.

Add a splash of fruit juice or fresh fruit for flavor. The possibilities are endless; try experimenting with combinations such as strawberry-lime, grapefruit-ginger, or raspberry-pineapple. 

Sparkling Seltzer

Regarding seltzers, the two most popular options are Perrier and LaCroix. Both can be found in many different flavors, so if you want an alcoholic beverage without the alcohol taste, this is your best bet! 

Vodka Soda

Vodka has fewer calories than red wine and has no carbs, making it a great substitute if you need something to satisfy your sweet tooth but don’t want all the sugar from it regular soda.

Ginger Ale

When you’re feeling queasy, nothing beats ginger ale. The fizzy beverage can help with nausea and an upset stomach. It’s also a great way to rehydrate after a night of drinking.

Not to mention, it tastes great! If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic alternative to your favorite beer or mixed drink, give the ginger ale a try as one of the substitutes for alcohol.

Soda Water

Bubbly and satisfying, club soda is a great way to get your fix without the alcohol. Be careful not to mix it with sugary mixers, which negates the benefits.

Try this fantastic recipe for Club Soda Watermelon: take a sliced watermelon, fill with ice cubes, add 2-3 tablespoons of sugar and sprinkle 1/2 cup of ginger ale or lemon-lime soda over the top. Then cut into wedges to serve!

Grenadine Cocktail

 If you’re craving more substantial substitutes for alcohol, try adding a shot of vodka or rum to the mix. Or, for a non-alcoholic version that’s just as tasty, mix cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, and seltzer water. 

Combine cranberry juice, club soda, and grenadine in a glass. Garnish with a cherry or orange slice, if desired.

This tart and fruity drink are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth without the alcohol. Plus, it’s pretty to look at too! Garnish with fresh berries or a sprig of mint for a refreshing twist.


GT’s Kombucha: This brand has been around for a while and has various flavors. Their original flavor is our favorite.  Health-Ade Kombucha: This brand is known for its unique flavors, like watermelon and ginger lemon. They’re all delicious!

Iced Tea

Black iced tea is among the great substitutes for alcohol because it still has that rich, full-flavored taste that you’re looking for without the added buzz.

If you’re looking for something fruity, add some freshly squeezed lemon juice or a splash of your favorite fruit juice. 

Add a natural sweetener like honey or agave nectar for a bit of sweetness. And if you want to get creative, you can add some herbs or spices like mint leaves or cinnamon sticks.

Hot Toddies

There’s nothing quite like a hot toddy on a cold winter’s night. But if you’re trying to avoid alcohol, you don’t have to miss out.

This recipe uses herbal tea, honey, and spices to give you all the flavor of a traditional hot toddy without the booze. Add some cinnamon sticks or cloves for an extra kick!

It’s not that hard to find good drinks without alcohol. You just need to be willing to experiment with different flavors and ingredients until you find something that works for you.


Plenty of options are available if you’re looking for a way to reduce your alcohol consumption or quit drinking altogether.

From kombucha and mocktails to seltzer water and non-alcoholic beer, there’s something for everyone. And, who knows? You might just find that you enjoy one of these substitutes for alcohol more than alcohol.

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