15 Best Street Foods in Madrid

Best Street Foods In Madrid

Are you looking for a unique culinary experience? Look no further than the array of delicious street foods in Madrid.

From classic tapas to churros con chocolate, Madrid’s street food is some of the best in Spain.

Whether you’re looking for a quick snack on the go on or an evening of delicious eats, there’s something to satisfy every craving. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best street foods in Madrid, including where to find them and what dishes are worth trying.

Read on for the ultimate guide to the delicious street foods of Madrid!

1. Mercado de Antón Martín

Visiting Madrid is incomplete without sampling the delicious street foods in Madrid found in Mercado de Antón Martín.

The market, located in the city’s heart, is renowned for its abundance of culinary delights, with a wide selection of items to suit every palate.

From traditional Spanish favorites like churros and tapas to international treats like bratwurst and kebabs, Mercado de Antón Martín has something to please everyone.

The array of dishes available at Mercado de Antón Martín is quite impressive, ranging from light snacks to full meals.

You can even sample some of the more exotic fare, such as grilled octopus or potato croquettes. There are also plenty of drinks available, including beer, wine, and sangria. 

The market’s atmosphere is relaxed yet vibrant, with plenty of locals and tourists gathered around the food stalls to share a bite or two.

You will enjoy the street foods in Madrid, and not only that, the vibrant colors and sounds of the market will captivate you and transport you to another world.

Whether you’re a foodie or not, a visit to Mercado de Antón Martín is sure to be a memorable experience.

2. Mercado de San Antón

The Mercado de San Antón in Madrid is an amazing spot to explore and enjoy some of the best street foods in Madrid.

This bustling indoor market has been a staple in Madrid for decades and has become a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

Here, you can try all sorts of delicacies, from tapas to sandwiches and even paella. You’ll be able to find traditional Spanish dishes, as well as other international flavors.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grab a bite to eat and enjoy the atmosphere of this wonderful market.

The friendly vendors at the Mercado de San Antón are always more than happy to serve up whatever food you may have your heart set on. 

Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or something more substantial, you can find it here. Plus, you can also purchase fresh produce, meats, and cheeses while you’re there. Get ready to indulge in some of the city’s best street foods in Madrid!

3. Mercado de San Ildefonso

If you’re looking to experience the best of the street foods in Madrid, look no further than Mercado de San Ildefonso.

This bustling market is located in the heart of Madrid and serves up a wide variety of delicious local dishes.

From fresh seafood to paella and tapas, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Also, the market features a variety of international cuisine, including African, Indian, and Asian fare.

Additionally, you’ll find a range of snacks and sweets to snack on while exploring the area. This is the place to go if you’re looking for an authentic Madrid street food experience!

4. Mercado de San Miguel

The Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the best street foods in Madrid.

The market offers an array of traditional Spanish dishes, from hearty paellas to melt-in-your-mouth croquettes.

With dozens of stalls set up and a bustling atmosphere, it’s no wonder the market is known for its amazing street food.

Aside from the many tapas stands, you’ll also find local and international favorites such as pizza, noodles, hamburgers, and other traditional cuisines.

The selection and variety of foods are sure to impress even the most experienced food connoisseur. No matter your tastes, you can find something at the Mercado de San Miguel that will tantalize your taste buds.

For a real treat, be sure to grab some delicious churros from one of the many vendors at the market.

These deep-fried dough treats come with a choice of sweet dipping sauces, making them a perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth after sampling some of the savory foods.

Whether you choose to sit down at one of the stalls or take it to go, you won’t be disappointed by the delicious street foods in Madrid that the Mercado de San Miguel offers.

5. Lolo Polos Artesanos

If you want to savor the delicious street foods in Madrid, you must try Lolo Polos Artesanos.

This local restaurant serves up some of the most mouth-watering tacos and burritos around, made with fresh ingredients and delicious homemade salsa. 

Plus, their incredibly affordable prices make it the perfect spot to grab a quick bite while exploring the city.

Whether you’re in the mood for tacos, burritos, or even a quesadilla, Lolo Polos Artesanos will satisfy your taste buds.

6. Medri, El Mundo tiramisú

If you are looking to experience the best street foods in Madrid, then be sure to check out Medri and El Mundo Tiramisú.

Both of these popular street food joints offer delicious and unique flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

Medri offers a selection of tapas, tacos, and sandwiches that feature traditional Spanish ingredients, while El Mundo Tiramisú is known for its specialty desserts like homemade tiramisu. 

For a truly unique experience, try both and explore the city through its amazing street food. From the light and tasty tapas to the indulgent desserts, Madrid has something for everyone’s palate.

So make sure to head to one of these spots and try some of the best street foods in Madrid. Bon appetit!

7. Il Siciliano

Regarding street foods in Madrid, one of the best places to visit is Il Siciliano. This little slice of Italy has served delicious pizza, calzones, and other Italian specialties for years.

The menu features both classic and creative recipes that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. 

Further, the pizzas are made with freshly made dough and toppings like anchovies, capers, and mozzarella.

While the calzones come with a variety of fillings, such as eggplant, ricotta, and spinach. The lively and friendly atmosphere makes Il Siciliano the perfect spot for a casual lunch or dinner.

Il Siciliano is the place to go for an unforgettable meal, whether you’re looking for a quick bite or something more substantial.

8. San Wich

The Spanish capital of Madrid is a hub of culture, art, and stunning architecture, but there’s also a thriving street food scene!

One of the top street foods in Madrid that you should try while you’re in the city is the San Wich. The San Wich is a Spanish sandwich that is unique to the city.

It’s made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, including Jamon (Spanish ham), manchego cheese, fresh tomatoes, olive oil, and pickles. 

It’s an incredibly delicious snack and perfect for when you’re on the go! You can find them at most local cafes and restaurants, or you can grab one from a street vendor for a true taste of Madrid.

So, be sure to add the San Wich to your list of must-try street foods when you visit the vibrant city of Madrid.

9. Tasty Poke Bar

Madrid is home to a wide variety of street food options. From classic croquettes to a range of tasty tacos, there’s something for everyone.

But one of Madrid’s most popular street foods is the poke bar. This trendy dish offers a mix of proteins and vegetables marinated in a flavorful sauce.

It’s a great way to get your fill of tasty and healthy food on the go. Plus, the Poke bars are usually quite affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy them.

So if you’re looking for a delicious snack while exploring Madrid, make sure to try out the Poke bars.

10. 154 Ruiz

If you’re looking to try some of the best street foods in Madrid, then you should definitely check out 154 Ruiz.

Located in the heart of the city, it is one of the oldest street food vendors in Madrid, having been around since the 1950s.

It’s known for its variety of delicious and savory snacks and meals, ranging from roasted peppers and chorizo to octopus and squid dishes. 

With a wide variety of flavors, there’s something for everyone here. It’s no surprise that this popular spot has been featured in many travel and food magazines throughout the years.

In addition to its amazing food, 154 Ruiz is also known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. 

The staff is always happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have, and they strive to make sure everyone is comfortable and enjoying their experience.

Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a full meal, you won’t be disappointed at 154 Ruiz. So, if you’re in Madrid, don’t miss out on this great spot for delectable street foods in Madrid!

11. Cocido Madrileño

Cocido Madrileño is one of the classic street foods in Madrid, and it’s a dish that’s been around for centuries.

It’s a hearty stew that usually contains chickpeas, potatoes, various cuts of pork, and some vegetables. It’s often served in a bowl with bread on the side. The ingredients vary from place to place, but the flavor is always delicious!

The best part about Cocido Madrileño is that it’s a great way to experience the flavors of Madrid without breaking the bank.

Plenty of street vendors in the city are selling Cocido Madrileño, so you can easily find a bowl to enjoy. It’s also a great way to try something new while still having a classic taste.

So if you’re looking to try some delicious street foods in Madrid, Cocido Madrileño is definitely worth trying!

12. Pincho de Tortilla

When visiting Madrid, be sure to sample the city’s famous street food. One of Madrid’s most popular street foods is the Pincho de Tortilla, a slice of omelet-style egg with potato, peppers, and onions. This dish is typically served on a baguette or as a pintxo (tapas) in many bars around town. 

Moreso, the combination of the savory egg and the crunchy bread makes this a delicious and satisfying snack.

Not only is it tasty, but it is also very affordable and convenient for anyone on the go. So when exploring Madrid’s streets, try the Pincho de Tortilla for a delicious, traditional Spanish treat.

13. Huevos Rotos

Huevos rotos is one of the most popular street foods in Madrid. It’s a classic tapas dish made up of potatoes, chorizo, and eggs.

The potatoes are cut into cubes and fried until they are golden brown and crunchy, while the chorizo is added to give the dish its unique flavor. 

The egg is then cracked on top and cooked with the other ingredients. The result is an incredibly flavorful and savory dish that you can find throughout Madrid.

Not only is it delicious, but it’s also incredibly affordable. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a full meal, huevos rotos is sure to satisfy your cravings.

This simple yet tasty street food is perfect for trying out the flavors of Madrid on a budget. In fact, you can usually get a plate of huevos rotos for less than five euros. It’s also a great way to experience the variety of tapas options that are available in this city. 

From classic dishes like croquetas and patatas bravas to unique combinations like fresh seafood and vegetables, there’s something to suit every taste.

With huevos rotos, you can truly taste Spain without breaking the bank. We are almost done with this list of the best street foods in Madrid but don’t stop reading!

14. Oreja a la Plancha

Oreja a la Plancha is one of the most iconic street foods in Madrid, and it is a must-try for any visitor to the city.

This dish consists of grilled pig’s ear, marinated in olive oil and spices, and served with a sprinkling of salt and lemon juice. The combination of textures and flavors makes it an incredibly satisfying snack. 

It’s no wonder why Oreja a la Plancha has become such a favorite amongst locals and tourists alike. For the full experience, be sure to enjoy it with a beer or glass of wine while you explore Madrid’s streets.

15. Chinese Bao Buns

Finally, we have Chinese bao buns on this list of delicious street foods in Madrid. Madrid is renowned for its unique and delicious street foods, and Chinese bao buns are no exception.

Bao buns, also known as steamed buns, are a classic Chinese street food often filled with savory ingredients like pork, beef, or chicken. 

When served in Madrid, they are often topped with a delicious mix of diced onions, jalapeños, and cilantro.

These flavorful bites of goodness can be found at many of the street food stands in the city. Chinese bao buns are a great choice if you’re looking for a quick snack or an easy lunch option. 

Not only do they taste delicious, but they are also incredibly affordable and easy to find. So next time you’re in Madrid, don’t forget to try some of the city’s delicious street food – Chinese bao buns included! We will draw the curtains on our list of the best street foods in Madrid here!


Experience the unique flavors of Madrid with a tour of the city’s best street food. From traditional Spanish tapas to international flavors, Madrid has something for everyone. 

Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a full meal, Madrid’s street food vendors are sure to have something to satisfy your taste buds. Read the above to find out some of the best street foods in Madrid that you didn’t know of.

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