25 Best Street Foods in Hong Kong

Street Foods In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is home to some of the world’s best street foods, and it’s no surprise that foodies from around the world flock to the city to experience its tantalizing offerings.

Hong Kong’s street food scene is vast and varied, from classic Cantonese favorites to modern twists on traditional dishes.

With so many delicious treats to choose from, it can be hard to decide which ones to try. To make things easier, here, in this list, are some of the best street foods in Hong Kong that you must try.

If you’re looking for a truly unique and delicious culinary experience, then look no further than Hong Kong’s street food scene.

This bustling metropolis has something to offer everyone, from dim sum to noodles to seafood dishes.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most delicious street foods in Hong Kong that you can’t miss.

So if you’re planning a trip to this amazing city, make sure you add these tasty treats to your must-try list!

Street Foods In Hong Kong
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1. Lung So Tong

Lung So Tong, otherwise known as Dragon’s Beard Candy or Cotton Candy, is a type of the various traditional street foods in Hong Kong.

This sugary snack dates back to the Ming Dynasty and is made with sugar, maltose, peanut, sesame, and coconut.

The candy is made by stretching a hot sugar mixture into thin strands that resemble thin strands of cotton.

The candy itself is sweet and chewy and often comes in different shapes, sizes, and flavors. You can find this traditional treat in numerous markets and streets in Hong Kong.

It’s a sweet treat for adults and a favorite among children. In addition to being tasty, it also has a mesmerizing sight of its preparation, sure to draw in any passerby.

2. Mang Guo Ban Ji

Mang Guo Ban Ji, or Hong Kong-Style Mango Pancake, is one of the most beloved street foods in Hong Kong.

This delicious treat is made with a crunchy, golden-brown outer layer of batter that encases a sweet and juicy mango filling.

This delicious combination of flavors makes it a favorite among locals and visitors. The best way to enjoy this Hong Kong street food is to buy it fresh from a street vendor.

The freshly cooked Mang Guo Ban Ji will be hot, crispy, and fragrant. The mango filling inside is sweet and juicy, adding a fruity twist to the savory pancake. Enjoy this delicious snack on the go or while taking a stroll through the city.

3. Jiang Zhuang Nai / Jiang Zhi Zhuang Nai

Jiang Zhuang Nai, also known as Ginger Milk Curd, is one of the classic street foods in Hong Kong. It is a creamy, sweet dessert made with evaporated milk, sugar, and ginger juice.

The unique flavor of ginger gives this street food a zesty taste that will tantalize your taste buds. This dessert is usually served in a bowl but can also be enjoyed on its own or with some rice.

Another variation of this street food is Jiang Zhi Zhuang Nai, also known as Ginger Milk Pudding. This dessert version is thicker and creamier than the original and has a delicious custard-like texture.

It is often topped with condensed milk and other sweet toppings. Whether you are looking for a sweet snack or something more indulgent, this street food will satisfy your cravings.

4. Jidan Zi / Gai Daan Jai

Jidan Zi, also known as Gai Daan Jai or Hong Kong Egg Waffles, is a must-try when visiting the street food scene in Hong Kong.

These delicious and unique waffles are made from a batter of egg, sugar, and flour that’s poured into special molds and cooked over a hot griddle.

The resulting waffle is a sweet treat with crispy golden brown outside and a soft and creamy inside.

Street vendors often serve Jidan Zi with various sweet toppings such as condensed milk, red bean paste, ice cream, peanut butter, and fruit syrup.

There are also savory versions of this street food, which are typically filled with sausage, ham, egg, or other ingredients.

No matter what type of topping you choose, Jidan Zi, one of the street foods in Hong Kong, is sure to be a delicious snack you won’t forget!

5. Dan Tat / Dan Ta

Dan Tat or Dan Ta is a traditional Hong Kong street food made from pastry crusts filled with egg custard. It is commonly seen in the streets of Hong Kong and can be found in many local bakeries.

The crust is usually made of shortcrust pastry, and the egg custard filling is sweet and silky. It is often served warm and can be eaten as a snack or a dessert.

Dan Tat is one of the most popular street foods in Hong Kong and can be found at most Chinese-style bakeries. It’s usually served warm, and its sweet and creamy texture makes it an excellent snack or dessert.

It is also very affordable, making it a great option for budget travelers. Whether you are looking for a quick bite or a tasty treat, Dan Tat satisfies your cravings.

6. Bolo Bao

Up next on our list of the best street foods in Hong Kong is Bolo Bao, or Pineapple Buns. These delicious buns feature a crisp and crumbly crust that is lightly sweetened with a sugary topping.

The soft, fluffy interior is then filled with creamy butter that gives the bun a slightly savory flavor.

The street-food snack has a long history in the city, having been invented in the 1950s by a local baker. It’s since become a beloved favorite among Hong Kongers and can be found in every corner of the city.

Bolo Bao is typically served as an accompaniment to breakfast or as a snack throughout the day. Enjoy it plain, or try it filled with various flavors such as peanut butter, cheese, or sweet red bean paste.

7. Lo Mai Chi / Nuo Mi Zi

One of the most iconic street foods in Hong Kong is Lo Mai Chi, also known as Nuo Mi Zi, or Hong Kong Mochi Balls.

These sweet and chewy glutinous rice balls are made with a filling of either red bean paste, sesame paste, or peanut butter and covered with a layer of shredded coconut. The rice balls are boiled in water until they become soft and chewy and served hot.

The best way to enjoy Lo Mai Chi is to bite into the center and let the warm filling ooze out onto your fingers.

A popular street vendor may offer these treats with various condiments such as sugar, sesame seeds, and even crushed peanuts.

This delicious street food is often enjoyed as a snack or dessert and will satisfy any sweet tooth.

8. Hong Kong-style Zhen Zhu Nai Cha

Hong Kong-Style Zhen Zhu Nai Cha, commonly known as bubble milk tea, is one of the most popular street foods in Hong Kong.

This iconic drink combines tea, milk, and chewy tapioca pearls or bubbles. It comes in various flavors and is the perfect snack to quench your thirst on a hot summer day.

The popularity of bubble milk tea has made it a staple of street foods in Hong Kong. Bubble milk tea is easy to find and is one of the most affordable street food options.

If you’re looking for a unique flavor, you can customize your own drink with different toppings like popping boba, jellies, and syrups.

So next time you’re in Hong Kong, make sure you try bubble milk tea – it’s an experience you won’t forget!

9. Kao Buolo Doufu Chuan

Kao Buolo Doufu Chuan is a classic street food in Hong Kong. The grilled pineapple tofu skewer is made from cubes of tofu, marinated in a special sauce, and skewered onto a stick.

The skewer is then placed onto a hot grill and cooked until the tofu cubes are golden brown and slightly charred. 

The skewer is served with a sweet and savory dipping sauce that complements the smoky flavor of the grilled pineapple tofu.

Kao Buolo Doufu Chuan is a popular snack or appetizer among locals, who enjoy its combination of sweet and savory flavors. We are far from being through with this list of delectable street foods in Hong Kong!

10. Char Siu Bao

Char Siu Bao (buns with barbecued pork) is included in this list of the best street foods in Hong Kong.

These fluffy white buns are filled with sweet and savory pork, making them an irresistible treat for locals and tourists alike.

The dough of the buns is made from wheat flour and yeast, which is then steamed until soft and fluffy. 

The filling consists of roast pork flavored with traditional Chinese seasonings such as soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, and honey.

Char Siu Bao is often served at dim sum restaurants and can be enjoyed hot or cold. They are a must-try when exploring the streets of Hong Kong!

11. Xiao Long Bao

Best street foods in Hong Kong? Xiao Long Bao, or Shanghai Soup Dumplings, is one, and in fact, also one of the most popular.

These steamed dumplings are filled with various fillings, such as pork and crab, and each bite bursts with flavor. 

They are served with a side of black vinegar and ginger, allowing you to customize your own unique taste. Despite their small size, they are incredibly filling and perfect for a quick snack while exploring the city.

Whether you get them from a street vendor or a Michelin-star restaurant, these dumplings are sure to be a hit.

12. Yun Tun Mian / Wantan Mee

Yun Tun Mian, also known as Wantan Mee in Hong Kong, is a delicious and popular street food. It consists of springy egg noodles topped with shrimp wontons and slices of BBQ pork, all served in a savory broth.

This noodle dish is a staple for locals and visitors alike, making it one of the most sought-after street foods in Hong Kong. 

Additionally, the noodles are cooked al dente and combined with the flavorful pork and shrimp wontons.

This makes it a satisfying meal that can be enjoyed at any time of day. Yun Tun Mian is a must-try for those looking to experience the true taste of Hong Kong.

13. Siu Mai / Shu Mai

Siu Mai (or Shu Mai) is a type of steamed dumpling found on many street food menus in Hong Kong.

Siu Mai is a traditional Cantonese-style dumpling made from pork, shrimp, and other ingredients such as mushrooms, carrots, and even scallops.

The pork and shrimp are ground together and mixed with spices, and then the filling is placed inside a thin wrapper. The Siu Mai is then steamed until it’s cooked through.

As one of the delectable street foods in Hong Kong, Siu Mai, is often served as a dim sum dish or appetizer.

It is typically eaten with a dipping sauce such as soy sauce or XO sauce. Siu Mai can be found in food stalls and restaurants throughout Hong Kong, making it one of the most popular street foods in the city. Siu Mai is sure to satisfy you whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a full meal.

14. Lo Mai Gai / Nuo Mi Ji

If you’re looking for a unique street food experience in Hong Kong, look no further than Lo Mai Gai and Nuo Mi Ji.

These delicious sticky rice dumplings and sticky rice chicken dishes are staples of the bustling Hong Kong street scene.

Both offer an unforgettable culinary experience and are an absolute must-try for anyone visiting the city.

The sticky rice dumplings are typically filled with pork, mushrooms, and Chinese sausage, all steamed together inside a bamboo basket for an aromatic, succulent meal.

Meanwhile, Nuo Mi Ji is a classic Cantonese dish of chicken marinated in soy sauce, garlic, and ginger and then wrapped in lotus leaves with sticky rice.

Both of these street foods in Hong Kong are delicious and perfect for snacking on while exploring the city.

15. Jyu Cheung Fun / Chee Cheong Fun

Jyu Cheung Fun or Chee Cheong Fun is a popular street food in Hong Kong. It’s a steamed rice noodle roll filled with shrimp, pork, and other delicious ingredients.

The combination of sweet and savory flavors makes this dish a favorite among locals and tourists alike. 

Further, the rolls are served with a side of soy sauce and chili sauce for an added kick of flavor. The texture of the rolls is usually firm and chewy, making it a satisfying snack. Eating Jyu Cheung Fun is an experience that no one should miss when visiting Hong Kong! 

The noodles are prepared using fresh ingredients and steamed over boiling water, giving them their signature taste and texture.

Since they’re served hot, they make for a great quick snack to have while exploring the city. They are also often sold in small packages to enjoy anytime and anywhere.

Whether you’re looking for a light snack or something more filling, Jyu Cheung Fun is a great choice of delicious street foods in Hong Kong!

16. Cha Ye Dan

One of the most popular street foods in Hong Kong is Cha Ye Dan, also known as Tea Eggs. This delicious treat consists of a boiled egg that has been soaked in a fragrant tea mixture, usually made with oolong tea, star anise, cloves, and cinnamon. 

The result is a slightly sweet and savory flavor that pairs perfectly with steamed rice. The texture of the eggshell is smooth and creamy, and the yolk is soft and custardy. This tasty dish is an easy way to add some extra flavor to any meal!

17. Gali Niu Nan

Gali Niu Nan, or Hong Kong Curry Beef Brisket, is a beloved street food found in many of the bustling night markets and street corners of Hong Kong.

This traditional dish consists of marinated beef brisket cooked slowly in a fragrant blend of spices such as cinnamon, star anise, ginger, and more. 

It is then served over a bed of steamed rice and topped with various condiments like sweet bean sauce, chopped scallions, and sliced red chili peppers.

Talking about the street foods in Hong Kong, this flavorful and comforting dish is one that you must try while in the city!

18. Jeen Yeung Sam Bao

Jeen Yeung Sam Bao, or Three Stuffed Treasures, is a delicious and popular street food in Hong Kong. It consists of three pieces of fried dough that are filled with a savory filling. This tasty treat can be found all around Hong Kong, from night markets to roadside stands. 

The traditional fillings are minced pork, Chinese sausage, and dried shrimp, although nowadays, some stalls will offer different variations, such as scallops or vegetables.

The stuffed treats, which are also one of the best street foods in Hong Kong, are usually served with sweet chili sauce or hoisin sauce.

Enjoying Jeen Yeung Sam Bao is a great way to experience the culture and taste of Hong Kong!

19. Ngau Lam Mein / Niu Nan Mian

Ngau Lam Mein / Niu Nan Mian, or Beef Brisket Noodles, is a Hong Kong street food classic. This savory bowl of chewy egg noodles in a fragrant beef broth, topped with thin slices of beef brisket, has been served in the city for centuries.

It’s a popular dish among locals and a must-try for visitors looking to taste Hong Kong culture. Additionally, the beef brisket adds a rich flavor to the broth, and the noodles are cooked al dente perfectly.

For an extra kick, be sure to add some chili sauce or pickled vegetables for added depth. Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Ngau Lam Mein / Niu Nan Mian is a flavorful dish on this list of street foods in Hong Kong that will satisfy you.

20. She Geng

She Geng is not left out of this list of classic street foods in Hong Kong. Also known as snake soup, this delicacy is often enjoyed as a hearty meal.

It is traditionally made with a mixture of black and white snakes, herbs, spices, and usually some kind of offal like liver or kidneys. 

Meanwhile, the broth is served with egg noodles, giving it a savory flavor. This unique dish has become an iconic part of Hong Kong culture, and for a good reason – it is delicious!

The exotic combination of flavors makes She Geng an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re an adventurous eater or not, it’s worth trying out this delicacy to get a taste of the real Hong Kong.

21. Zha Da Chang

Regarding street foods in Hong Kong, one dish stands out: Zha Da Chang. This deep-fried pig intestine is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

It’s typically served with a simple side of green onions and chili sauce, making it an easy snack to enjoy while exploring the city. 

Coupled with that, the crunchy texture and savory flavor make it an ideal late-night treat. Zha Da Chang can be found in many street vendors throughout Hong Kong, so you won’t have to go far to enjoy this iconic snack.

If you’re looking for something a little different, don’t worry – there are plenty of other options. Street foods in Hong Kong offer a variety of traditional dishes, from dim sum to noodles.

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or an indulgent feast, you’ll find something to satisfy your cravings.

With its vibrant flavors and vibrant atmosphere, Hong Kong is the perfect place to explore street food culture and try something new.

22. Kao Ya Fan

Kao Ya Fan, also known as Roast Duck or Goose on Rice, is one of the most popular street foods in Hong Kong.

This dish is made with a choice of either duck or goose, served over a bed of fluffy jasmine rice and topped with a sweet soy sauce. 

Plus, the roasted poultry is succulent, tender, and flavorful. The combination of savory meat and fragrant jasmine rice makes for a delectable and satisfying meal.

23. Ting Zi Zhou

Ting Zi Zhou is a classic street food in Hong Kong. It’s a type of congee made with rice and pork or other ingredients and served in a boat-shaped container.

The combination of fragrant broth, tender pork, and flavorful rice makes it a popular and delicious dish that you must try when visiting Hong Kong. 

It’s incredibly tasty, budget-friendly, and easy to find at various street vendors throughout the city. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a hearty meal, Ting Zi Zhou satisfies your hunger. We aren’t done yet with this list of delectable street foods in Hong Kong. Continue reading!

24. Kao Lizi

Kao Lizi, or roasted chestnuts, is next to be discussed on this list of beloved street foods in Hong Kong.

The chestnuts are usually roasted over an open fire and served in paper bags with a sprinkle of sugar. This snack is very popular during the colder months and is often found near local markets and shopping centers. 

The smell of roasted chestnuts can be quite intoxicating, making it impossible to pass by without getting a bag.

The flavor of the roasted chestnuts is unique and sweet. It has a slightly crunchy texture with a hint of smokiness from the fire. 

People in Hong Kong often enjoy these sweet treats as a snack or dessert, as well as an accompaniment to other dishes. Kao Lizi is sure to delight your taste buds no matter when or where you try it.

25. Zhang Zhi Gan Lu

Zhang Zhi Gan Lu is a popular street food in Hong Kong. This sweet and refreshing dessert consists of mango, pomelo, sago, and coconut milk.

The mango provides a sweet and juicy taste, while the pomelo adds a citrus flavor. The sago pearls give the dessert an interesting texture, and combining these ingredients makes for a delicious treat.

Furthermore, this dessert is also relatively healthy, containing fresh fruit and no added sugar. Zhang Zhi Gan Lu, one of the most amazing street foods in Hong Kong, is the perfect way to cool down on a hot day! 

Besides, this dessert is often served in a plastic bag or cup, which makes it convenient to enjoy on the go. It is sold at various street food stalls throughout the city and is relatively affordable.

Locals and tourists alike enjoy this delicious street food, making it a must-try when visiting Hong Kong!


Hong Kong is known for its abundance of delicious street food. Whether it’s a hot bowl of beef brisket noodles or a freshly made egg waffle, street foods in Hong Kong are the perfect way to experience the city’s flavors.

In this blog post, I shared my top picks for the best street foods in Hong Kong that you must try.

From classic dishes like siu mai and egg tarts to more unique creations like stinky tofu, you won’t be disappointed by the range of flavors available. Till later!

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