10 Popular Nigerian Foods

Traditional Nigerian Foods

There are diverse mouth-watering traditional Nigerian foods that leave a great impression on your taste buds.

Located in West Africa, Nigeria consists of heterogeneous cultures with unique elements. As a result, the country is known for the traditional delicacies from different cultures.

Below are some of the most sumptuous traditional Nigerian foods you need to try:

1. Jollof rice

Pronounced “jaw-lof,” this is one of the most popular foods consumed in every part of Nigeria.

Jollof rice is prepared with simple ingredients that include rice, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and other spices.

The food can be cooked in numerous ways and is often served with chicken, turkey, beef, or fish. Based on preference, plantains or vegetables can be added.

This dish is not only popular in Nigeria but is also popular in Ghana. There is also an ongoing ruckus between Nigeria and Ghana about what country makes the best jollof rice.

This beef has been on for many years now, and we’re still unsure who makes the best jollof rice.

2. Egusi soup

Made with grounded melon seeds, this Nigerian soup is tasty, spicy, and rich in nutrients. It is made with melon seeds, water, palm oil, fish or meat, and other seasonings.

Also, leaf vegetables like bitter leaves, or pumpkin leaves, are used. Egusi soup is best served with locally made fufu, pounded yam, amala, or well-made Garri (Eba).

3. Afang soup

Among the different vegetable soups in Nigeria, Afang soup is one of the best. It originates from Efik in Cross River state and Ibibio in Akwa Ibom, the southern part of the country.

It is made from a combination of Okazi leaf, waterleaf, beef, fish, periwinkle, crayfish, palm oil, and, seasoning. The palatable soup is usually served with mound food like Eba, pounded yam, or fufu.

4. Ogbono soup

Ogbono soup is another one of the traditional Nigerian foods common in the Eastern part of Nigeria. Due to its slippery nature, it earned the alias ‘draw soup’.

This traditional meal is one of the easiest soups to prepare. It’s essential ingredient is grounded wild mango seeds.

Other components of this tasty soup include palm oil, dried fish, and, other condiments. It goes well with well-made mound food such as eba, fufu, amala, or pounded yam.

5. Moi Moi

Another appetizing Nigerian food is moin moin. It is prepared by boiling grounded beans. This delicious dish can be garnished with meat, fish, or any spice of choice.

Other ingredients used for its preparation include palm or groundnut oil, salt, and spices. Moi Moi is well known for its high protein value and satisfying taste.

It can be eaten with custard, cornmeal, or soaked garri. Better still, rice or any other food of choice can be used.

6. Pepper soup

This is a very common dish in every part of the country. It combines an assortment of meat or fish (mostly catfish) and a blend of other spices that gives it an inviting aroma.

It has high nutritional value because of the natural ingredients used to prepare it. Pepper soup, just as its name implies, is spicy and has a liquid texture.

This meal can be taken as it is or with boiled potatoes, rice, or corn jello.

7. Efo riro

‘Efo’ means spinach and ‘riro,’ to stir. In other words, Efo riro means stirred spinach stew. The Nigerian vegetable stew is associated with the Yorubas.

Efo riro is made with a variety of vegetable leaves, stirred in pepper sauce that is well garnished with an assortment of fish and meat; iru, also known as locust beans, is sometimes added to this stew to give it an incredible aroma and flavor.

8. Tuwo Shinkafa

Tuwo Shinkafa is one of the best traditional Nigerian foods from the north. It is a rice meal prepared by boiling local rice until it is soft and then pounded into a semi-solid form.

Tuwo is served with different local soups like Bean soup, Miyan Kuka, and Miyan Kardashi.

9. Suya

Suya originated from the northern part of Nigeria but became very popular in Western Africa. It is also eaten in Sudan but known as ‘Agashe.’

In Nigeria, Suya is often sold at night. This is because the seller spends the day preparing the meat and only begins to grill towards dusk.

It is usually made with chicken or beef. When bought, it is served with cabbage, onions, and fresh tomatoes and wrapped in aluminum foil.

10. Ewedu and Amala

Ewedu soup is the slippery green soup made by cooking Ewedu leaves, also known as jute mallow.

Amala is a local food made from yam, cassava, or unripe plantain flour. Both are popular among the western people of Nigeria.

It is a good meal for weight loss, filled chiefly with calcium, and folate. It s served with gbegiri, a local bean stew.

Traditional Nigerian foods are prepared with natural ingredients that leave a sweet sensation and contribute tremendously to your health.

Aside from the above-listed foods, there are so many others to explore. Among these are Banga soup, Okpa, Nkwobi, ofe Nsala, coconut rice, Ewa agoyin, tomato stew, Akara, and so much more.

These different traditional Nigerian foods are richly packed with healthy nutrients and have tastes that will blow your mind.

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