What Are the Ingredients for Zobo Drink?

Ingredients for Zobo Drink
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Zobo drink, also known as hibiscus tea or sorrel drink, is a popular local Nigerian beverage. It is made mainly from the dried sepals of the Roselle plant.

It is a versatile drink that can be served on any occasion, such as naming ceremonies, weddings, birthdays, and thanksgiving services, you name it.

Zobo drink is a very nutritious and refreshing drink that has a wide range of health benefits because of the ingredients it is made from.

The ingredients for zobo drink are as versatile as the drink itself, and when it is made the right way, you just cannot go wrong with it because it is that good.

Ingredients for Zobo Drink

1. Zobo Leaves

Zobo leaves, also known as hibiscus, sorrel, or red sorrel, are the main ingredients for zobo drink. The plant is red, and this gives zobo its iconic red color.

Zobo leaves are very nutritious, and they have a lot of health benefits which include but are not limited to the alleviation of menstrual pain, fertility boost, improvement of sperm count, protection of the liver, reduction in cholesterol level, anti-inflammatory properties, e.t.c.

2. Water

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Water is a universal substance that is used in preparing almost every type of food and drink, so this makes it an obvious choice of ingredient.

The main purpose of water as a zobo drink ingredient is to extract the juice from the zobo leaves by bringing it to a boil.

Water is beneficial to the body because it has several health benefits like aiding digestion, transporting nutrients to various parts of the body, preventing constipation, regulating the body temperature, and lots more.

3. Fruits

Different varieties of fruits, depending on preference, are also ingredients for zobo drink. Fruits like pineapple, cucumber, apples, and citrus fruits like oranges, lemon, or lime are added to zobo to spice up the taste, improve the aesthetic, and give it a sweet aroma and enticing flavor.

Apart from improving the appearance and flavor of the zobo, fruits have several health benefits, which include boosting the immune system, reducing the risk of some diseases, lowering blood pressure, aiding digestion, provision of essential nutrients.

It is important to note that zobo drink has its natural taste and aroma, which is excellent. The addition of fruits and sweeteners is purely preferential and can be consumed with or without.

4. Sugar

Sugar is an artificial flavor that is added to zobo to sweeten it. If you do not want to have your zobo drink in its pure form, you can enhance the sweetness by adding sugar.

The amount of sugar added depends on the quantity of zobo and your overall preference for sugar.

5. Ginger

Ginger Ingredients for Zobo Drink
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Ginger is generally used as a spice in food. It has various health benefits like anti-inflammatory, nausea relief, immunity boost, and stress relief.

Using ginger as one of the ingredients for zobo drink gives the drink a spicy kick which makes it more refreshing. 

6. Cloves

Cloves used as spices in foods and drinks are part of the ingredients for zobo drink. They are dried aromatic flower buds from the tree Syzygium aromaticum that are added to zobo drinks in order to improve the aroma.

Cloves are powerful antioxidants that provide a lot of beneficial nutrients to the body.

How is Zobo Made?

  • Step one: The first thing you need to do when preparing zobo is to get your ingredients and materials ready; zobo leaves, sweetener, fruits, water, ginger, cloves, pans, and bottles.
  • Step two: rinse the zobo leaves, ginger, cloves, and any fruit you would prefer to add, peel off the skin nicely and slice.
  • Step three:  put everything in a saucepan, add enough water, depending on the number of ingredients you are using and bring to a boil for about thirty minutes.
  • Step four: allow it to cool for a while, and then strain it in a sieve or a cloth.
  • Step five: add sugar or any sweetener of your choice to suit your taste, then mix well.
  • Step six: pour into a bottle or jar and refrigerate.
  • Final step: you can add diced fruits like apple or cucumber to further garnish your drink before serving 


Zobo is a very refreshing local beverage with numerous health benefits. When prepared the right way, it can be enjoyed on its own or garnished with sweeteners and fruits. It is a versatile drink that can be served on any occasion and is best enjoyed chilled.

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