How to Store Tea Bags?

How to Store Tea Bags
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If tea bags are kept incorrectly, they will quickly lose quality and even get stale. However, there are ideal ways on how to store tea bags if you wish to keep them fresh.

For long-term storage, you should store tea bags in tightly closed jars made of metal or glass. After tightly shutting the jar, put them in a dry, dark spot. Keep the tea bags away from other items with solid scents, as they could seep into them and alter the flavor. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how to store tea bags and the best storage places.

How to Store Tea Bags?

You can store your tea bags in various ways. Here are ways to store tea bags at home for the best flavor retention.

Keep it Cool

One of the best ways on how to store tea bags is to keep them cool. Dry weather can speed up the oxidation even when increased warmth is used to stop it. Therefore, the probability of stale tea bags will decrease by storing the tea bags in a cool environment such as a cupboard.

Avoid Strong Fragrance

Tea bags absorb any moisture in the air and any strong odors in the area. It’s important to not only separate your tea bags but also keep them away from any strong fragrance. Also, avoid storing them next to all your other herbs and seasonings.

Keep it Air Tight

Tea bags will continue to get stale if you expose them to air and oxygen. If you’re wondering how to store tea bags, use an airtight jar, one that is full. It’s ideal for keeping the jars full since the fewer tea bags there are, the less space there is for trapped air. 

Avoid Wet Areas

When you add water to tea bags, it releases flavor when you brew a cup of tea. To ensure that all of that flavor is kept in, it is crucial to prevent any touch with water until you are ready to brew. 

Also, an airtight container in a cool, dry area can help keep the tea fresh for longer since wet environments can be problematic. 

What’s The Best Spot to Store Tea Bags?

When looking for how to store tea bags safely, your best option is to use a metal or opaque jar with a lid. Keep the jar in a dry, dark area, such as a storage room. To preserve flavor, avoid harsh smells, bright sunlight, moisture, temperature fluctuations, and dampness. 

You can look for a dark container with a secure closure that prevents air access. You should save it because many tea bag varieties have come packaged in this type of jar. 

When you’ve had all the tea, wash the jar, pat it dry, and let it air out to eliminate the scent. Use the jar to keep tea bags sold in a cardboard box once the scent has subsided.

How Long Does Tea Bag Last?

Tea bags don’t truly spoil, although they lose quality over time. The expiring date on the brand helps to know how long you may get the tea’s entire flavor.

They will last for a range of 1 to 2 years if put away properly. However, the best time to take them is within six months of purchase.

Final Thoughts

If you’re wondering how to store tea bags, simply place them in a cold, dark, dry location. When the tea bag is exposed to moisture and a solid scent, its flavor and aroma reduce.

Therefore, the best way to ensure your tea is always at its best for drinking is to store it in airtight containers away from other items with a strong scent. 

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