How to Make Mushroom Tea?

How to Make Mushroom Tea
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The use of mushrooms in culinary art and herbal concoction has been in existence for centuries.

Even in some traditional societies, mushrooms are revered and stable in health food stores. Keep reading as we examine how to make mushroom tea.

But then, let’s build on our understanding of mushroom tea.

What is Mushroom Tea?

Mushrooms belong to the family of Agaricales. It is the fleshy fruity structure of a fungus. Mushrooms are earthy ingredients that pair well with both spices and herbs.

Nevertheless, there are thousands of mushrooms in the world, but sadly, some are poisonous. It is eminent that you don’t go about picking just any mushroom. 

So, what then is mushroom tea, and how do you go about preparing it? Mushroom tea is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a simple process of brewing tea with mushrooms.

Now, that definition tells you how to make mushroom tea. It is the infusion of edible mushrooms and palatable water.

Mushroom tea is generally made from lingzhi mushrooms or psychedelic mushrooms, which are deemed healthy to consume and have numerous health benefits.  

In other words, mushroom tea is a tea infused with psilocybin. Psilocybin is the primary ingredient in “magic mushrooms” that produces psychoactive effects capable of creating colorful hallucinations.

Several types of mushrooms can be used to brew magic mushroom tea. The type to use for your tea is up to you. Consuming mushrooms in tea is not just tasty but easier to brew.

The effects kick in much faster and are gentle on the stomach. The plain taste of mushrooms can be difficult for some to consume. It has been known to cause nausea and possible vomiting. 

Mushroom tea is not just easy to make, but the recipes are also malleable, so you can mix it up with the ingredients you love.

Here, you get the health benefits of mushrooms without having to cook a full meal.

How to Make Mushroom Tea?

Every successful cooking requires good ingredients. When it comes to how to make mushroom tea, we have to prep our ingredients too. 

Good for us; we don’t require much here. Once you have the right ingredients, you are good to go. Let’s look at some of these ingredients;

Ingredients for Mushroom Tea

  1. 3.5-7grams of Mushrooms (you would need a scale here to get your measurement correctly)
  2. 2 cups of water, i.e., about 350-400 ml
  3. Decaffeinated tea or herbal tea 
  4. Herbs, lemon juice, honey, ginger slices, or whatever you want as flavor(completely optional). Although it is optional, here is why you should do it. A spoonful of honey will give the tea a unique taste. A piece of ginger helps to decrease nausea. Lemon juice, which is acidic, helps stimulate the tea’s effect.
  5. Sieve or coffee filter 
  6. Kettle, pot, or saucepan 
  7. Heat

Preparation Process

Now that you have your ingredients let’s embark on the journey of how to make mushroom tea. 

You can prepare this tea in several ways. We will look at two ways to craft a mushroom tea; the simple and the more detailed process.

Simple Process

  1. Bring your water to a boil.
  2. Break down the mushroom into smaller pieces.
  3. Pour the mushroom pieces into a bowl and pour the boiled water into the mushroom.
  4. Add the tea bag to the water and let it steep for 10-15 minutes.
  5. With the aid of a sieve, strain the mixture into your mug or glass(your drink, your choice).
  6. Now you have your mushroom tea. If you want, add lemon juice, honey, or fresh pieces of ginger to it for an exhilarating taste.
  7. Go ahead and enjoy your tea.

More Detailed Process

This process of how to make mushroom tea will give you the same result as the simple method.

  • 1st Step: Bring your water to boil in a kettle, pan, or pot. (Remember, we have measured our water already). But then, the quantity of your mushroom determines the amount of water. For 3.5-7 grams of mushroom, we will be using two cups of water. So, for our first step, bring one cup of water to a boil.
  • 2nd Step: Grind the mushrooms into small pieces with a coffee grinder or whatever is available. Then place the ground mushroom into a cup or bowl. Grinding your mushroom makes infusing the chemicals with your water easier. Now, you can pour the boiled water into the ground mushroom.
  • 3rd Step: Add the decaffeinated or herbal tea bag to your mushroom water and let it steep for 10-15 minutes.
  • 4th Step: Bring your second water to a boil. You can add your additive at this stage to this water. It could be a tablespoon of honey, ginger, a natural herb, or a splash of lemon juice: your tea, your choice of additive.
  • 5th Step: Brew the two cups of the mixture together in a saucepan, i.e., the mushroom and additive mixture. Allow it to steep for another 10 minutes.
  • 6th Step: Strain the mixture with a sieve or coffee filter into your mug, glass jar, jug, or whatever you want to drink it from or store it in. This process will remove mushroom pieces and particles from your delightful drink. Now you can do away with the grounded mushroom or use it in smoothies and oatmeal. It’s your choice, so long as you are not opposed to mushroom chunks.
  • 7th Step: This is our final step. Drink up. Oh yes! Nothing more, go ahead and enjoy this exhilarating drink.


In today’s world, tea can be made out of anything. Mushroom is not an exception. Mushroom tea has been around for years, and I bet you there’s a reason. It is healthy and easy to prepare too. Now that you know how to make mushroom tea give it a try.

Don’t forget to drink responsibly. You don’t need to consume everything in one gulp. Instead, revel in a smaller dose to monitor your reaction to the tea. 

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