How To Make Food Less Spicy

How To Make Food Less Spicy
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Do you love spicy food yet find it almost unbearably hot and concentrated in some dishes? Also, do you want to know how to make food less spicy? Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce the spiciness of a dish without sacrificing flavor. 

Spicy food has become increasingly popular worldwide thanks to its unique combination of flavors and robust ingredients. But while some people may like spicy food, others want to enjoy the flavors without succumbing to tears or setting their tongues on fire. 

Luckily, there is how to make food less spicy, an easy way to reduce heat without completely changing flavor. This article will outline five simple steps to make your favorite meals less spicy – so you don’t have to sacrifice any enjoyment! Here are some tips on how to make food less spicy to build and tame down the heat in a dish.

1. Cut Back On the Spices

The first on our list of how to make food less spicy is cutting back on the spices. Depending on what type of dish you’re making, there may be multiple spices that can all contribute to heat. Start by reducing the amount of spice called for in the recipe. Once you’ve finished cooking your dish, you can add more if you still want it spicier. 

2. Use Yogurt or Cream to Balance Out the Heat

If your dish contains tomatoes or other acidic ingredients, adding something like yogurt or cream will help balance out the flavor and reduce some of the heat. Not only does this cool down any spiciness that may occur from those sharp flavors, but it also adds a delicious richness that might be otherwise missing. 

3. Add Sweetness and Other Flavors

Knowing how to make food less spicy is very easy. Spicy dishes don’t often contain sweet components, so try adding anything from honey to sugar when attempting to take away some of its kick. 

Since sweetness tends to tingle taste buds while reducing overall spicy qualities, it can work well against anything overly hot or pungent. Besides sweetness, add ingredients like coconut milk, mint leaves, ground ginger root, and cumin powder to add flavor while taking away some of its spiciness. 

4. Increase Liquid Components

Increasing liquids within a dish is an excellent way to reduce its overall spiciness without too much tampering with its flavor profile, as certain types of soups and stews tend to burn off once cooked for longer periods. Combining tomato paste with water or using low-sodium broth instead of stock cubes can counterbalance overwhelming tastes without ruining them.

Feel free to explore what works best for your palate. Looking for how to make food less spicy? Here’s a better way.

5. Make Your Own Red Pepper Paste

If dry red peppers are an essential part of your recipe, one potential solution is making your red pepper paste from scratch with equal parts olive oil, tomato paste, and vinegar. Add extra optional ingredients such as garlic if desired — ensuring genuinely mild yet flavorful results each time! 

Preparing red pepper paste yourself typically takes several minutes (assuming all necessary ingredients are available). Yet, it should remain fresher compared to store-bought pastes, which may already be immersed in preservatives and various additives before being bought off shelves at local supermarkets. Enjoy!


Making food less spicy is a simple process when thinking about how to make food less spicy. Once you know what type of spices or ingredients are causing the dish to be too spicy, you can reduce their quantities or completely omit them from the recipe. You can also consider adding ingredients that help reduce the spiciness, such as dairy products like sour cream, yogurt, and even mayonnaise. 

Finally, other options on how to make food less spicy include diluting it with more liquid or reducing the cooking time to allow some of the heat to dissipate before serving. All in all, many different techniques are available for making a dish less spicy if it is too hot for your taste.

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