How to Become a Food Critic?

How to Become a Food Critic
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Getting paid to taste and write about delicious or not-so-delicious food?. Sounds like a dream job, especially if you have a thing about food.

Becoming a food critic might be the best job for you! No need to waste that talent. In this article, we shall discuss how to become a food critic. Let’s get into it.

What Is a Food Critic?

A food critic also called a restaurant critic or food writer, is someone who gets paid to sample and review foods. Yea, no jokes!.

They taste the food at different restaurants, eateries, and cafes and then write about their opinions and experience. However, that is usually done with a written and video review.

Food critics usually consider taste, food quality, restaurant ambiance, and quality of service provided by the staff.

A reader seeing this review will then decide whether to visit a particular eatery or not. So you see, food critics can also make a food joint popular due to their reports.

Even though top food critics get paid well, some fly from one country to another to taste new dishes. It’s quite harder for novice food critics who mostly start by submitting unpaid reviews to develop their profiles.

But there’s no harm in doing what you love, right?. Besides, food critics are now gaining a head start by posting about their experiences on social media platforms.

How to Become a Food Critic?

Although there are different ways to become a food critic, good taste is essential. Another important thing is to be a good writer to give your opinions to readers worldwide. Here are some tips on how to become a food critic:

Get a Degree

 A bachelor’s degree in any writing-related field will boost your chances of becoming a food critic. Writing and communication skills are very important in this job; therefore, these fields will prepare you for the work ahead.

Attend a Culinary School

A Culinary education will give you the skills to assess different dishes. It also increases your understanding of food preparation methods.

A food critic needs to understand the flavors of foods, how they are prepared, what ingredients are used, and the history of different cuisines.

They also need to have the ability to taste multiple dishes at once and compare them side by side. This is why attending a culinary school isn’t a waste when thinking of how to become a food critic.

Learn More About Other Food Critics

Check out, popular food critics. View their writing samples to learn more about how they feel about cuisine and writing style. This could be beneficial in knowing how to become a good food critic.

Start a Food Blog

You need to start writing about food, and how do you go about this?. This is one way to showcase your talent and put yourself out there as a food critic.

Furthermore, you can create a social media page and dedicate it to food. Give reviews and feedback about different dishes and restaurants. This will increase your audience, and soon enough, you’ve become everyone’s favorite food critic!.

Do More Research

Learn more about the expectations and skills needed to be a food critic. Go out and try new dishes and different flavors as well. Familiarize yourself with different types of flavors to enable comparisons when the new dishes.

Apply for Writing Jobs

You can apply for internships if you do not get a full food writing job immediately to get you started. Not to mention, there are freelancing jobs you can take for several digital publications. This will improve your writing skills and help build a good profile concerning your work.

Getting in touch with good food critics and asking for advice isn’t also a bad idea. Who knows? They might even be looking for a mentee!. 

Should I Pursue a Career as a Food Critic?

Learning how to become a critic isn’t a problem, but do you have the required skills?. If you don’t and are not interested in learning,  don’t bother pursuing a job as a food critic.

Aside from writing and communication, there are necessary skills that will pave the way for you on your journey.

  • Time management 
  • Possessing a creative mindset
  • Capable of meeting deadlines and well organized
  • Food knowledge: Food critics must constantly strive to broaden their palate and have a broad understanding of ingredients. They are also knowledgeable about the flavors and textures that work best together and open to trying new things.
  • Objectivity: Food critics must not let personal matters interfere with their reviews. Your food experience might be affected by your mood or how the staff attended to you on your visit. This is why most critics visit a restaurant twice or thrice before giving a review.
  • Anonymity: Food critics must know how to remain anonymous. If you want a real experience, don’t showcase your face everywhere as a big reviewer.

What Difficulties Do Food Critics Encounter?

Well, there’s always another side to a coin. Food critics often get negative remarks when they leave a review that others disagree with.

Who would love to get a bad review about their restaurant? No one!. This makes most restaurant owners get upset about a food critic review.

Also, being popular doesn’t usually go well with food critics. This is because they get special treatment from a restaurant as soon as they’re recognized. I guess giving an honest review will be difficult in this case.

How Much Does a Food Critic Earn?

There’s no detailed salary information available for a food critic. However, according to a job site, the average annual salary for a food critic was $88 000 as of 2013.

Another thing to note is that salary may vary according to the region and where they work in certain industries. However, those with years of experience may have more chances to be hired by publishers.


There you have it, tips on how to become a food critic. Have you started your journey on this career path, or you’re about to?. Let’s know what it’s like by sharing your thought in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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