How Many Bottles Are in a Case of Wine?

How Many Bottles Are in a Case of Wine
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In the wine industry, some questions linger in customers’ mouths as they want answers before deciding to make a purchase. One of these questions is how many bottles are in a case of wine?

There are typically 12 bottles in a case of wine in the US, each 750ml in quantity. The price usually starts at $100 but can cost up to thousands, depending on the maker.

Plus, buying wine in cases can help you save more. Yes! You heard that right; some companies offer discounted prices when you buy wine in cases. This is known as the ‘Costco factor.’

For wine lovers, there are times when the question “how many bottles are in a case of wine” doesn’t seem easy to answer. But while we’ve given you a straightforward answer, there’s still much to know about wine cases.

How Many Bottles Are in a Case of Wine?

It’s a common belief among wine lovers that wine fanatics know to get a case rather than just a bottle. 12 bottles in 750ml make up a typical case of wine, yielding nine liters of wine in a single case. 

That’s a lot of wine, and it translates to drinking 72 glasses of wine all at once. Make sure you have enough people to drink the entire case of wine if you intend to purchase one; otherwise, you risk having a really bad hangover. 

Different Types of Wine Cases

Naturally, a standard case of wine is 12 bottles. However, other variations are used depending on the occasion. For instance, we have the 6-bottle case, which is basically a half-case of wine. Then, there’s also the mixed 12-bottle case. 

For those who prefer larger bottles over the typical 750ml size, the 6-bottle case is ideal. This size is offered in a wide range of wine varieties, including sparkling wines and red and white wines. 

The mixed 12-bottle case, on the other hand, is precisely how it sounds: a selection of 12 various wines from which you can choose.

If you want to try out a range of wines without settling on one particular style, this is a fantastic choice. Simply choose your preferred styles, then indulge.

Why Should You Buy Cases of Wine?

This section of the how many bottles are in a case of wine article will look at the reasons why you should consider buying wines in cases.

Buying a case of wine could be for a variety of reasons. Getting a case that includes every variation of wine available is one of the most typical goals for a wine fanatic. It might also be a general collection that covers both everyday drinking and special meal pairing. 

Your choice of wines may also be greatly influenced by the occasion. For dinners, you’ll need more robust red wines, while if you’re getting the case for, say, a barbecue, you’ll want something more delicate.

So buying a case is the best option if you want to buy wine. You’ll receive more value for your money and have the envy-inspiring wine collection of all your friends.


When it comes to the question of how many bottles are in a case of wine, it depends on the size and shape of the bottle.

A case of wine typically contains twelve bottles. However, some people refer to a half case (containing 6 bottles) as a case of wine.

Check the number of bottles in a case of wine again before purchasing it, especially if you intend to store it in your basement home. Don’t pass up this chance to stock up on cases because they are frequently a great deal.

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