19 Popular Hawaiian Side Dishes

Hawaiian Side Dishes
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We’ve compiled Hawaiian food recipes that will get you in the mood. The remaining question is which Hawaiian side dishes recipe you would make first.

The traditional Hawaiian dishes poi, laulau, kalua pig, poke, Lomi fish, and haupia are well known worldwide.  

However, it might be difficult to choose what to serve and how to prepare it when one can take part in a luau or wants to add those traditional Hawaiian flavors to a meal.

Let’s get started on the list of Hawaiian side dishes!   

1. Pineapple Rice and Poke Bowl

Pineapple Rice and Poke Bowl are first on our Hawaiian side dishes list.

This inspiration was the driving force behind compiling this list of sides, including the notorious Pineapple Rice and delectable Poke Bowl.  

Besides fresh fish, pork, and chicken, sweet potatoes, taro, pineapples, and coconuts are available on the major island.

And in case you were wondering, the answer is that Spam is a well-liked dish and a traditional ingredient in Hawaii.

We hope these Hawaiian side dishes will inspire you whether you are putting together a full luau, want a Hawaiian side dish for supper, or want to make something special with that fresh pineapple you just picked up!  

2. Pineapple Coconut Rice

This is also one of the fantastic Hawaiian side dishes options for casseroles or stews.

Any meal prep recipes you want to test can be built upon it. 

This rice side dish is perfect for summer because it is light and energizing. A meal of Hawaiian gammon? This is an excellent gammon side dish.

3. Air Fryer Pineapple

The simplest things in life can sometimes be the most enjoyable. This pineapple from an air fryer is proof.

When you bite into a caramelized slice, juicy pineapple juice oozes out.

These Hawaiian side dishes are addictive! Not to mention, making them is quite simple. All you need is an air fryer and a pineapple to make it.

Make use of the pineapple as a light snack or starter. It can be served almost anywhere because it is such a flexible dish.

4. Hawaiian Inspired Macaroni Salad

Who does not enjoy a tasty macaroni salad? The supreme comfort food!

This Hawaiian take on a traditional potluck dish whisks you away to the balmy sands of a tropical island.

Hawaii frequently uses Japanese ingredients and methods because of its historical ties to Japan.

Soy sauce and green onions entered this recipe in this manner. And it’s wonderful, I assure you!

5. Purple Sweet Potato Tater Tots

Looking for a special accouterment for your main course? Why not try some vibrant purple tater tots?

These naturally sweet puffs have a brilliant purple color from the ube and are crunchy and fluffy.

This dish is a fantastic way to start cooking with ube. You need five ingredients, and preparing won’t take more than 30 minutes. Who can refuse tater tots, too?

6. Hawaiian Potato Salad

This Hawaiian potato salad dish gives your favorite potluck classic a tropical twist. I’m a major potato salad fan; this dish is the best I’ve ever had.

This dish calls for various veggies and traditional potato salad components. Every vegetable, from frozen peas to carrots, offers a new flavor and texture. 

Add a dollop of sweet relish to finish everything off. The outcome? You can make A delicious potato salad ahead of time to save time (and wow your visitors).

7. Gluten-Free Pineapple Fried Rice

A traditional Chinese comfort food meal is fried rice. It’s quite cozy and fluffy! The best part is that it was designed to use leftover rice.

Therefore, if you have leftovers, it’s time to start cooking.

This dish of pineapple fried rice is One of the delectable Hawaiian side dishes.

The flavor of sour pineapple is present in every bite. Just enough sweetness is added to the rice without overpowering it.

8. Steamed Rice

The simplest Hawaiian side dish on the list is this one. But it’s also the most adaptable.

A Hawaiian dinner table must have steamed rice, especially when offering fusion cuisine!

The best approach to achieving perfectly cooked rice is to purchase a rice cooker.

But if you don’t have one, don’t worry. With the help of this recipe, you can make scrumptious steamed rice at home.

Green onions can be added as a finishing touch to give some freshness. The perfect side dish for prawns would also be this straightforward steamed rice!

9. Old-Fashioned Vegan Baked Beans

Many popular Hawaiian side dishes have roots in American cooking. Take these delectable Hawaiian baked beans as an example.

Home cooks should be familiar with this smoky baked bean recipe with sweet flavors.

Your taste buds will never want to eat canned baked beans again after experiencing these. They do taste excellent, yes.

Even better, this straightforward dish is considerably simpler to prepare than expected! You’ll steal the show if you bring a pot of these to your next barbecue or luau celebration.

10. Pineapple Fried Rice

Here is another version of pineapple rice to get you in the mood for the tropics.

Fresh pineapple, a wide variety of sauces, and other delicious ingredients combine to create the ideal side dish.

One of the best side dishes is fried rice with sweet pineapple, a fantastic weekday recipe.

It’s quick, simple, and a hit with everyone. When they smell this Hawaiian-style rice cooking on the stove, even the pickiest members of your family will rush to the kitchen.

Make this pineapple fried rice in about fifteen minutes throughout the evening.

Rice becomes fluffy and sweet thanks to the perfect amount of moisture from the stewed pineapple.

A busy week can be ended with this delicious meal. You can make something wonderful while cleaning out your vegetable drawer.

The best part is how easy it is. Even your little children could succeed.

11. Hawaii Pasta Salad

Another Hawaiian side dishes a quick and simple pasta salad.

To add sweetness, this recipe makes use of a special pineapple dressing. Additionally, the sauce’s mustard helps balance the flavors.

I strongly advise cooking this pasta salad in advance. So that it can cool in the refrigerator, the perfect pasta salad will be created as it sits since all the flavors will meld and soften.

12. Slow Cooker Baked Beans

Get the slow cooker out for these Hawaiian side dishes variations on wonderful homemade baked beans.

This is a side dish that can truly be prepared once and then forgotten about. But the outcome is amazing!

BBQ sauce ensures the smokiness, while pineapple provides an enticing sweetness.

Together, they create the ideal foundation for some tropical baked beans. You can eat them alone or as a nice side dish.

13. Ahi Poke

One of the most well-known Hawaiian side dishes is ahi poke. It utilizes fresh, basic ingredients and showcases all the greatest aspects of tuna.

There, the Japanese-inspired clothing is helpful! Ahi poke is a cold, hydrating dish.

This meal is a definite must-try if you like fish. Cube your tuna and combine it with the prepared dressing for a straightforward and traditional side dish.

14. Lomi Lomi Salmon

Salmon Lomi Lomi is a very well-liked side dish in Hawaii. All the greatest qualities of fresh, rich salmon are highlighted in this recipe’s abundance of vegetables.

In Olelo Hawaiian, “Lomilomi” means “to knead or massage.” The salmon is massaged with a curing concoction before being chopped, hence the dish’s name.

Salmon that is incredibly delicious and delicate as a result. With so many nutritious components, it is no surprise that these Hawaiian side dishes are also very healthful.

15. Mac Salad with Tuna

Add some nutritious tuna to the scrumptious macaroni salad for a new spin!

The ideal fish to include in a mac salad is tuna. It is delicious and flaky without overpowering the salad’s delicate balance.

Furthermore, everyone is aware of how well mayonnaise complements tuna. It, therefore, easily fits into this delightful mac salad.

Serve these Hawaiian side dishes in 10 minutes at your upcoming barbecue or party.

16. Hawaiian Meatballs

Our next Hawaiian side dish is Hawaii meatball, sweet and tangy flavors are the order of the day.

This outstanding dish may be made in under 30 minutes. It’s an excellent recipe for a side dish because it’s so adaptable.

Serve in a lettuce cup or with rice for a quick and simple meal. This is a low-carb and low-fat meal you can eat any night of the week because of the lean turkey. 

The meatballs become more juicy and flavorful because of the sauce’s tenderizing effect from the pineapple.

You’ll want to make this recipe repeatedly because it is so addictive.

17. Spam Musubi with Egg

A traditional Hawaiian side dish or snack called spam musubi was influenced by sushi from Japan.

This delightful, portable dish is filled with fried Spam and an egg.

You may personalize these Hawaiian side dishes! For a flavor boost, try flavoring the rice with garlic and chili.

18. Shoyu Poke

A cured variation of the traditional ahi poke is called shoyu poke.

It uses a lot of salty soy sauce instead of a light dressing to enhance the flavor of the fresh tuna (ahi).

A crowd-pleasing side dish is created by adding sesame oil and green onions to the mixture.

These Hawaiian side dishes are something you have to try if you like tuna.

19. Hawaiian Macaroni Salad

Hawaiian macaroni salad is ending our list of Hawaiian side dishes.

You may ensure everyone will have something to eat at your event by serving Hawaiian mac salad. This rich, hearty dish is sure to please everyone.

A mac salad comes together quickly, which is its best feature. A crowd-pleasing side dish can be made in a matter of minutes.

By using your favorite vegetables, you can personalize the flavors!

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