10 Best Grand Marnier Substitutes

grand marnier substitutes
by Simon A. Eugster is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Orange liqueur Grand Marnier has a sweet and zesty flavor. It has a distinctly alcoholic flavor and is frequently used in baking or drinks.

There are some Grand Marnier substitutes if you want something to drink on your lonesome.

It has exactly the right amount of sweetness to counteract the alcohol and is smooth and simple to sip.

Grand Marnier is frequently used to mix cocktails and improve the flavor of various foods.

Although it tends to be expensive, it is freely accessible in any liquor store with a full inventory.

Therefore, these Grand Marnier substitutes will please your palate if you want to investigate additional options that might help you duplicate a comparable flavor.

1. Cointreau

by Scott Beale is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Looking for Grand Marnier substitutes? Cointreau is a fantastic choice! Using a rich flavor ideal for cocktails, this orange-flavored liqueur is prepared using sweet and bitter oranges. 

In contrast to Grand Marnier, which has an amber color, it is also transparent.

In addition to savory meals and glazes, Cointreau can be used instead of Grand Marnier in cocktails. 

Additionally, since the alcohol evaporates during baking, it is used to manufacture sweet pastries, allowing chefs to bake without concern about the alcohol concentration.

Any recipe that asks for Grand Marnier may be altered by substituting Cointreau, making it a fantastic option to change up your go-to cocktails. Try it the next time you’re in the mood for a tasty drink!

2. Cognac

The grand Marnier can be replaced with a variety of other orange liqueurs. Utilizing cognac is one choice.

The brandy used to make cognac is aged in wood barrels, giving it a rich, nuanced flavor.

Additionally, it has more alcohol than Grand Marnier, so you might want to use it less frequently. 

If you don’t need the orange flavor of Grand Marnier, you can substitute cognac. Just replace Grand Marnier with Cognac or brandy in a 1:1 ratio.

Alternatively, you might use a bit less brandy and add some orange liqueur to enhance the flavor.

3. Curacao

Curacao is also one of the Grand Marnier substitutes. The rich flavor of this orange-flavored liqueur makes it ideal for sweets and cocktails.

The bitter orange peel used to make curacao is aged frequently in oak barrels to give it a smooth, mellow flavor. 

Its sweetness and power are comparable to Grand Marnier’s, and its alcohol percentage is the same, making it a Grand Marnier substitute in any recipe. Curacao can be used instead of Grand Marnier in baking and sweets at 1:1. 

Avoid using the blue variety because it will alter your sweet dish’s overall appearance and give it a distinctly blue tinge.

Therefore, try Curacao if you’re looking for a delectable way to add a little flavor to your next cocktail or dessert.

4. Brandy

Brandy is an excellent choice for a less expensive Grand Marnier substitute.

Grand Marnier-like in flavor, brandy is produced by distilling wine. Additionally, it is more affordable and accessible. 

So the next time you’re cooking a dessert or cocktail that asks for Grand Marnier, consider substituting brandy.

It’s a delectable, cost-effective choice that will still provide you with the desired flavor.

5. Orange Extract

There are no shortages to worry about if you like a little Orange Extract in your Grand Marnier.

You may manufacture your own Grand Marnier using items that are undoubtedly already in your home by making a few straightforward changes.

Three oranges, a cup of water, and a cup of sugar are all you need. In a pot over medium heat, merely blend the sugar and water while stirring until the sugar has dissolved. 

After that, add two oranges’ worth of peel to the stew and cook for another 15 minutes or so. The pan should be taken off the heat so that it can cool.

Add the juice from all three oranges after it has cooled, stirring well. Put the mixture in a bottle or jar and place it in the refrigerator.

6. Orange Juice Concentrate

Grand Marnier can be substituted for orange extract if orange juice concentrate is unavailable.

However, orange extract has a higher concentration than orange juice concentrate.

These affordable Grand Marnier substitutes provide the same flavor without breaking the wallet. 

Grand Marnier can easily be replaced with orange drink concentrate in mixed beverages. It has a similar flavor profile and is produced with actual oranges. 

Additionally, it costs a lot less money than the name-brand liquor. It’s also excellent for baked items without alcohol.

However, using orange extract would be simpler than using orange juice concentrate.

7. Triple Sec

This liquor is colorless and tastes like both bitter and sweet orange peel.

Because triple sec is drier than Grand Marnier, it was given the name sec, which is French for dry. 

Triple sec can be used as a Grand Marnier substitute in numerous recipes, even if it is not as well recognized as Grand Marnier.

Both liqueurs are produced from orange peel and have comparable alcohol content. On the other hand, Triple Sec is less expensive and has a softer flavor. 

You might need to add a little extra to the mix to get the required flavor when using triple sec for Grand Marnier substitutes.

However, triple sec functions admirably in place of Grand Marnier. So the next time you want to replace this French liqueur on a budget, turn to triple sec.

8. Campari

Due to its characteristic bitter-sweet flavor, it goes well with prosecco or soda water and can be used in various drinks.

Did you know that Campari can also be used as Grand Marnier substitutes?

You can get the same great flavor without the alcohol by adding a dash of Campari to your favorite cocktail mix.

9. Bourbon

Bourbon might be the ideal Grand Marnier substitute. While bourbon doesn’t have the same rich flavor profile as Grand Marnier, it does have a special sweetness all its own.

The bourbon’s amber color will give your food a lovely golden hue. So the next time you need a Grand Marnier replacement, turn to bourbon!

10. St. Germain

St. Germain is last on the list of Grand Marnier substitutes. Another French liqueur is St. Germain.

However, it’s produced using elderflower rather than orange peel. It can be used similarly to Grand Marnier and has a similar flavor profile.

In addition, it is frequently less expensive and simpler to find than Grand Marnier. Therefore, give St. Germain a shot if you seek Grand Marnier substitutes.


Knowing the components is useful whether cooking with Grand Marnier or blending cocktails.

Knowing why we selected these particular Grand Marnier substitutes and when to utilize them will make sense to you.

Alcohol is, of course, the closest Grand Marnier substitute in everything.

While it is possible to replicate the flavors of this liqueur without alcohol, doing so will prevent you from achieving the body or richness of an alcoholic beverage.

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