9 Fruits That Contain Vitamin D

Fruits That Contain Vitamin D
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Sometimes referred to as the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D is essential for overall health and well-being.

If you are worried that you aren’t getting enough vitamin D through sunshine, you can increase your vitamin D intake by consuming the fruits that contain vitamin D that will be listed below.

Does vitamin D exist in apples? Do oranges have vitamin D in them? How about vitamin D and grapefruit? You’re asking these kinds of queries in your mind.

However, there are numerous other justifications for including fruit in your diet on a regular basis.

Here on our blog, we’ll discuss the health benefits of the most popular fruits that contain vitamin D. 

1. Apple

Apple Tree
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Apples are starting our list of fruits that contain vitamin D. The proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” attests to the health advantages of this widely consumed fruit. Guess what, though?

Eating apples raw, baked, boiled, with or without skin makes no difference in vitamin D content because apples are completely devoid of it.

However, they are also abundant in antioxidants like vitamin C and high in fiber (eat the peels).

2. Avocado

A nutritious fruit, avocados are one of the fruits that contain vitamin D  and good fats.

These fruits containing vitamin D are an excellent source of several nutrients, including several B vitamins and many letter vitamins, such as C, E, and K.

Avocados, however, are significant when it comes to fat-soluble elements like vitamin D. They aid the body’s absorption of nutrients, such as vitamin D. That’s all, then!

3. Blueberry

You’ve probably heard by now that blueberries are regarded as “superfoods.”

The food in question is also on our list of fruits that contain vitamin D, which is high in nutrients, full of health benefits, and low in calories.

They are rich in fiber, potassium, manganese, vitamin K, and antioxidants like vitamin C. 

4. Coconut

Coconuts include a variety of minerals, including calcium, sodium, iron, selenium, and many more, in addition to your Cs, Es, and several Bs.

Nonetheless, coconut milk varieties are vitamin D-fortified and available in stores. 

Therefore, check the label to find out how much vitamin D has been added to your preferred coconut milk brand if you enjoy the coconut taste and want to increase your consumption of these fruits that contain vitamin D. 

5. Orange

It’s possible that oranges are the nearest fruits that contain vitamin D.

Closer is still insufficient, though. Why do we say that? Many orange juices are fortified with both vitamin D and calcium. This is a smart way to include vitamin D in your diet. 

On the other hand, consuming excessive amounts of orange juice typically results in higher sugar content.

Thus, it’s generally preferable to consume the entire fruit.

Unless your doctor instructs you otherwise, there’s nothing wrong with beginning your day with a glass of fortified orange juice.

It is just one of the many health-promoting substances in orange juice.

Always choose freshly squeezed orange juice from scratch to avoid adulteration or fake substances. Vitamin D (100 IU) in one cup of orange juice.

6. Pumpkin

It may surprise you that pumpkins are regarded as fruits containing vitamin D rather than vegetables. (

There’s one question you no longer need to Google.) Pumpkin contains vitamins and minerals, including iron, copper, manganese, potassium, B2, C, and E. Sure enough, you guessed it.

7. Kiwi

Kiwis are tropical fruits packed with many nutrients, including vitamin D. Adding kiwis to your diet can help you consume more vitamin D.

Kiwi is well-known for having a high vitamin C content and a  quantity of vitamin D.

Put some of these fruits that contain vitamin D in your diet for something refreshing. 

8. Strawberry

Antioxidants are abundant in strawberries, particularly vitamin C. Strawberries cut in half provide about 150% of your daily need in just one cup.

Juicy strawberries are a great source of vitamin D and are delicious. Savor them by themselves, and mix them with your yogurt or porridge.

9. Banana

The tasty and somber bananas are among the best fruits on our list containing vitamin D. They are essential for our body’s vitamin D activation. 

Eat a banana before working out, add it to your bread dough, or cut it up and use it on pancakes or muffins.

In addition, you might take supplements containing magnesium to guarantee that your body activates vitamin D. 


In conclusion, we always advise obtaining most of the recommended daily dosage of nutrients from your diet.

Thankfully, there’s a good chance you have already consumed a good amount of the fruits on our list that contain vitamin D.

Here Comes the Sun, a vegan vitamin D supplement from HUM, is a great option if you don’t enjoy these fruits that contain vitamin D or if your levels are still low. 

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