23 Mouth-watering French Thanksgiving Foods

French Thanksgiving Foods

French Thanksgiving food is quite numerous, delicious, and sophisticated. Food is basically an art. It is no coincidence that the word “chef” came from the French word “chef de cuisine.”

Neither did the Michelin star restaurant rating mistakenly originate from France. Art, food, and fashion are to the French as Vodka is to Russians; this means they love their food and desserts.

Besides, a holiday is a perfect opportunity for the French to cook and display their love for all things art and food.

Since French Thanksgiving food is several, it could be confusing and difficult to decide on the recipe to cook this Thanksgiving.

Hence, I have narrowed it down to just 23 French Thanksgiving foods that you should try cooking this Thanksgiving.

1. Herbed Haricots Verts

This is one of the French Thanksgiving foods which can serve as a side dish on the Thanksgiving menu. Besides, this dish is a delicate bean dish that is sophisticated while being enjoyed during the holidays. 

Additionally, this dish is made with haricots vert (slender French green beans), butter, extra-virgin olive oil, salt, ground black pepper, parsley, tarragon, chervil chives.

2. Apple, Celery Root, and Carrot Salad

Another French Thanksgiving food is apple, celery root, and carrot salad. Besides, this is a simple, modern, and lighter appetizer. Moreover, celery root and raw apple are grown in abundance in the France region. 

Furthermore, the vegetables needed to make this salad are apples, apple cider vinegar, kosher salt, ground pepper, fresh lemon juice, celeriac, golden raisins, Dijon mustard, carrots, and vegetable oil.

3. Brioche a Tete

Brioche a Tete is another appetizer that is served as a French Thanksgiving food. It could also serve as dessert. Basically, this appetizer is the perfect showcase of butter. Besides, the name fits it perfectly as tete means head in French. 

This type of brioche has a large sphere topped with a smaller one (the head). Besides, it is made with the typically used ingredients for baking, which are eggs, milk, sugar, flour, fine salt, unsalted butter, and active dry yeast.

4. Turkey Confit

Well, we know turkey is the main dish on the Thanksgiving menu. There is no exception on the list of French Thanksgiving food.

Turkey remains the main event. Besides, there are numerous ways to cook or roast a turkey during the holiday. 

Anyways, curing and cooking turkey legs and wings in duck fat is one of the ways the French cook their turkey. This makes the turkey succulent, after which the turkey is roasted in an oven to make it crispy. 

Additionally, the ingredients used to make this dish are rendered duck fat, turkey wings, and legs, kosher salt, ground black pepper, bay leaves, rubbed sage and dried thyme.

5. Pomme Puree

Pomme puree is another French Thanksgiving food; besides, this dish is basically passing cooked potatoes through the fine holes of a potato ricer. 

Furthermore, this is done to make sure that the mashed potato has a silk consistency and serves as an ultra-rich side dish.

Additionally, this dish is made from Yukon gold potatoes, unsalted butter, kosher salt, heavy cream, and ground white pepper.

6. Apple Clafoutis

This dessert is one of the desserts on the French Thanksgiving food menu. Besides, this dessert is a Clafouti (which is basically a french batter cake) that apple cider syrup is added to. 

Moreover, apple cider syrup is added to the sauce of the clafoutare. Additionally, the clafoutis is made with eggs, salt, sugar, all-purpose flour, vanilla extract, milk or heavy cream, and unsalted butter.

While the apple syrup is made with unsalted butter, apples, sugar, ground cinnamon, and brandy.

7. Sage-Brined Roast Turkey with Oyster Dressing

This is another way of cooking your turkey on the French Thanksgiving food menu. Simply put, this involves stuffing a sage-infused turkey with hazelnuts, oysters, and wild rice. 

Furthermore, this dish is made with sage, kosher salt, turkey, wild rice, olive oil, dried thyme, bay leaves, vidalia onions, long-grain rice, white wine, and onions. 

Also, celery, chicken or turkey stock, cubed bread, unsalted butter, ground black pepper, bacon, garlic, toasted hazelnuts, and shucked oysters with juices are used in the preparation of the dish.

8. French Pumpkin Pie

Just like turkey, Thanksgiving dinner is not complete without a pumpkin pie. Hence, there is a pumpkin pie on the French Thanksgiving food menu. 

Besides this, French pumpkin pie is made similarly to the regular pumpkin pie made in the States. 

There is just a little twist. The ingredients used to make the French pumpkin pie are egg, butter, sheets of puff pastry, kabocha squash or Cinderella or cheese pumpkin, granny smith apples, brown sugar, pecans, and vanilla bean.

9. Maman’s Apple Tart

This is another dessert on the French Thanksgiving food menu. Besides, this dish takes about 2hrs 15mins to be ready and needs a large bowl, pastry brush, aluminum foil, knife, wooden spoon, and a 9-inch glass pie plate for its preparation. 

Additionally, all-purpose flour, apricots, whole milk, sugar, kosher salt, baking powder, egg, unsalted butter, vegetable shortening, and Empire or Cortland apples are used in its preparation.

10. Pear Tarte Tatin

This is another French Thanksgiving dessert that is traditionally made with apples. However, pears make a delicious, delicate alternative. 

Additionally, to make the pastry, you will need flour, butter, shortening, and salt. While the filling is made with pears, sugar, unsalted butter, and lemon juice.

11. Butternut Squash Ginger Soup

This is another French Thanksgiving food that can be eaten as an appetizer for a bigger meal or as a light dinner with crusty bread and a fresh salad. 

Additionally, this meal is made with butternut squash, onions, salt, garlic, grated and ground ginger, unsalted butter, and chicken broth. Then, garnish with sour cream or creme fraiche, which is totally optional.

12. Vegan Cauliflower and Potato soup

This French Thanksgiving food is one vegan will enjoy as it involves no animal produce. This meal is gluten-free.

Besides, unlike most potato soup recipes that use butter, this uses vegan margarine, vegetable broth, and bay leaves to add flavor. 

Besides, the ingredients involved in making this meal are garlic, olive oil or vegan margarine, potato, cauliflower, vegetable broth, bay leaves, onions, green onions, nutmeg, vegan cheese, salt, and ground black pepper.

13. Raw Tangy Cranberry Relish

Is it really a Thanksgiving meal if there is no Cranberry? Because cranberries must be present at Thanksgiving dinner, this is one of the ways it is made on the French Thanksgiving food menu. 

Besides, this method is easy to freeze and can stay for up to 3 months. Furthermore, cranberries, sugar, honey-crisp or Pink Lady apple, and zested and juiced oranges are used in this cranberry recipe.

14. Roasted Maple and Orange-Glazed Turkey

Well, no one wants to cook the turkey the same way every Thanksgiving. It becomes too predictable and almost boring. Hence, this is the third method of cooking a turkey on our list of French Thanksgiving food. 

Besides, this is one of the quickest ways to cook your turkey. Also, the orange and maple glaze brings out the rotisserie-style flavor of the turkey, thus, making it perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner. 

Additionally, the ingredients used are white onions, celery, chicken stock, dry white wine, orange zest, orange juice, carrots, turkey, ground black pepper, fresh thyme, sage, salt, butter, olive oil, and maple syrup.

15. Caramelized Apples

Apples are available in abundance in the France region. Thus, there are a number of meals involving apples on the French Thanksgiving food menu. Besides, this is an ideal cheater version of a Tarte Tatin or even an apple pie. 

Moreover, it is made with unsalted butter, crisp apple (Honeycrisp, Crispin or Jonagold), ground cinnamon, lemon zest, granulated sugar, and apple cider. However, you can optionally add cornstarch as needed to it and water.

16. Swiss Chard Gratin with Vegan Bechamel

This is another French Thanksgiving food that vegans can enjoy. Moreover, it is made with Swiss chard, non-diary bechamel, yellow onions, grated Comte, salt, oat bran, and pepper. 

However, the egg can also be added to it optionally. While you could substitute the Comte with any grate-able cheese of your choice or nutritional yeast.

The oat bran could also be replaced with bran from any other grain or even dried breadcrumbs.

17. Spaghetti Squash Gratin with Walnut and Bacon

Next on our list of French Thanksgiving food is Spaghetti Squash Gratin with Walnuts and Bacon. This dish is made with spaghetti squash, walnut, smoked bacon, mozzarella, dried breadcrumbs, chili pepper, salt, olive oil and pepper.

18. Elbow Macaroni with Comte Cheese and Baby Spinach

This is another French Thanksgiving food. An unpopular popular Thanksgiving dish is mac and cheese, and this dish is a posh mac and cheese. Someone could refer to it as a grown-ish mac and cheese with an extra serving of greens. 

Besides, it can be prepared in 10 minutes with elbow macaroni, ground pepper, ground nutmeg, salt, baby spinach, salted butter, and Comte cheese or Parmesan or Gruyere cheese.

19. Squash Bisque with Smoked Duck

This is a French Thanksgiving food that serves as an appetizer. Moreover, it is made with carrots, smoked magret duck breast, potatoes, butternut squash, Spanish onions, celery, chicken broth, heavy cream, pepper, honey, and salt. Then, garnish with toasted pumpkin seed oil.

20. Muriel Chicken

A fun fact is that the French only eat turkey during Christmas; they normally eat chicken during Thanksgiving. 

However, due to the fact that people(Americans) expect to see a turkey on the Thanksgiving table, they incorporated some turkey recipes into their French Thanksgiving food menu. 

Anyways, Muriel Chicken is one of the food found on the Thanksgiving dinner table. Moreover, this method of cooking chicken is simple and foolproof. 

You simply need a few quality ingredients and patience to cook them slowly. Furthermore, these ingredients are chicken, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, olive oil, salt, garlic, ground pepper, and lemon.

21. Salt-Crusted Chicken

This is another French Thanksgiving food that is simply chicken cooked in a different method. Besides, this method allows the chicken to cook in its own juices and allows flexibility in cooking time. This dish can be prepared in 2hours. 

Additionally, the ingredients used in cooking this dish are chicken, parsley, ground flax seeds or egg whites, fresh or dried thyme, garlic, all-purpose flour, and coarse salt.

22. Chicken in a Bread Crust

This is a French Thanksgiving food that is really fancy and is sure to leave an impression on your guests. Besides, this is a two-in-one French recipe that involves the bird being tucked inside a bread crust. 

Moreover, this method of cooking the chicken allows you to mop up all the flavorful cooking juices with the bread crust.

Additionally, the bread crust is prepared with bread flour, salt, sourdough starter, dried thyme, and water. While salt, garlic, and parsley are used on the chicken.

23. Sourdough Baguette

Is it really a French holiday dinner without a Baguette? So, obviously, a baguette is on the list of French Thanksgiving food.

Besides, instead of getting those store-sold baguettes, you can quickly make this sourdough baguette for your Thanksgiving dinner at home. 

Some equipment that is useful in making this baguette is a pizza peel, baker’s blade, flexible dough scraper, dough cutter, plastic shower cap, square or rectangular baking stone, and linen kitchen towel.

However, this equipment is not compulsory. Furthermore, the ingredients used in making this baguette are wheat flour, purified water, natural starter, powdered gluten (optional, but it is useful when working with French flours as they are soft), and sea salt.

Conclusively, these are some of the French Thanksgiving foods you should try making this Thanksgiving. However, if for some reason you cannot cook or just do not want to spend a lot of time cooking, you can get some Thanksgiving canned food.

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