30 Foods That Start With X

Foods That Start With X

So, you’re looking to add some delicious new foods to your diet? You may want to consider some of these delicious foods that start with X (that’s delicious foods that begin with X if you were wondering).

However, X can be a tricky letter to work with in food and drink names. This is due to its ability to double as the indefinite article ‘a’ in certain countries and its similarity to the letters ‘c and k’s. But not to worry—we’ve got the most eye-catching, unusual foods that start with the letter X, sure to delight your taste buds! 

This article can be especially helpful if you want to find new foods to cook or prepare but don’t have any ideas.

No matter what type of food you like, you’re sure to find something here that will interest you. So, let’s learn about different foods that start with X!

1. Xiang Jiao

To start with, on our list of the various foods that start with X is the Xiang Jiao. Often found in soups, Xiang Jiao is a type of noodle made from mung beans. Also, it’s gluten-free and very high in fiber, which will help you feel full faster and longer. 

Just add some chicken or beef stock for a simple soup to enjoy for lunch or dinner. This satisfying meal can be as quick and easy to make as one pot on your stovetop!

2. Xampinyons En Salsa

Spanish for pine nuts in sauce, xampinyons en salsa is a classic Catalan preparation. Pine nuts are first lightly roasted in oil. Then, simmered in a flavorful tomato and garlic sauce until they absorb those flavors. 

Simple and satisfying! Add these crunchy pine nut morsels to roasted vegetables or simply serve them as-is as an hors d’oeuvre.

They’re great in salads, too—just add your favorite greens and an Italian vinaigrette dressing. And that is the second on our list of foods that start with X.

3. Xnipec

Xnipec is one of the foods that start with X. The food we know as xnipec is one of Mayan cuisine’s signature dishes.

It is considered an important dish in Mexican culture and can be found in many homes or restaurants. The dish typically has fish or chicken, but you can adjust your recipe based on taste preferences. 

Additionally, the base of a traditional xnipec meal is made up of corn tortillas, white cheese, and a tomato-based sauce. Cooks will often add other ingredients to give it more flavor. 

Meanwhile, if you want to make a xnipec meal yourself, be sure to carefully prepare all of your ingredients before getting started. This is so that you don’t have any surprises along the way.

4. Xôi

Also called bánh xôi, these chewy rice cakes are popular street food in Vietnam. They’re made of a batter of rice flour and coconut milk steamed over mounds of shaved ice.

The resulting cake is soft and sticky, often flavored with fish sauce or pork cracklings. I’d advise that you keep on reading because we haven’t even started on the list of the foods that start with X!

5. Xacuti

This spicy coconut milk soup is a traditional dish in Goan cuisine. Although it might sound foreign to Western ears, xacuti is actually one of my favorite dishes!

It’s hearty without being heavy, and once you get past its exotic appearance, it’s quite simple to prepare. 

Here’s how: first, make Goan curry powder by adding red pepper flakes and cumin seeds to sesame seeds. Toast over medium heat until fragrant and nutty (about 5 minutes). Then, add cardamom pods. 

When these are fragrant (about another minute), remove them from heat and use a mortar and pestle or spice grinder to grind them into fine powder; set aside. Such a simple procedure to make one of those foods that start with X!

6. Xavier Steak

Xavier steak is one of the foods that start with X. Whether it’s a quick lunch or a late dinner, stop by Xavier Steak House for a fantastic meal.

Xavier Steak House will satisfy all your wants and needs if you want some great food in style. Their aged steaks are cooked to perfection and served without fail every time. 

Plus, this family-owned restaurant is located conveniently on Central Ave. It is open seven days a week, serving lunch and dinner until 10 pm Monday-Thursday and 11 pm Friday & Saturday.

It’s not hard to see why so many people rave about their meals – there’s something for everyone here! 

Great service, and awesome food, all at an affordable price! Make sure to stop by next time you’re hungry for prime-quality beef!

7. Xigua/ Xigua Popsicles

Xigua (literally Western melon) is a popular fruit juice in China. The pulp of a ripe xigua fruit is commonly eaten on its own, as are slices of unripe fruits. 

Also, the sweet and juicy flesh tastes like honeydew melon. When consumed on its own, it can be quite refreshing in hot weather, much like drinking ice-cold watermelon juice. This is also on the list of foods that start with X.

8. Xilacayota Squash

The xilacayota squash is not left out of the list of foods that start with X. It is a juicy orange fruit that’s used in both desserts and as an appetizer. 

Although many people have never heard of it, due to its rarity, one taste of xilacayota squash should be enough to convince you to try it.

More so, they are available for sale on amazon and local farmer’s markets. Pick some up today and try them out!

9. Xiaolong Bao

Originating from Shanghai, these soup dumplings have become a staple at many Chinese restaurants.

They consist of a savory filling (pork and crab are common) wrapped in thin dough and served in a large, delicate soup-filled wrapping. This is also included in the list of foods that start with X.

In addition, one is usually enough to fill you up without too many extra calories. You can find them at most major restaurants or if you’re feeling adventurous, try your hand at making some yourself! 

10. Xidoufen

If you’re looking for a fresh and nutritious lunch or dinner, look no further than xidoufen. Coupled with the fact that it is one of the foods that start with X, it is rich in protein and vitamin C. 

Xidoufen is a great alternative to processed meat and other fast-food options. Serve it up on a bed of mixed greens for an easy weekday meal!

11. Ximenia caffra

On the list of foods that start with X is Ximenia caffra. After climbing 1,400 feet over three miles in a rickety, soot-spewing cable car from Port of Mtwara on Africa’s east coast to Uhuru Peak at 5,895 feet above sea level at Tanzania’s Mt. Kilimanjaro, there are a couple of things you want: food and beer. 

Meanwhile, the vast menu in midtown Dar es Salaam restaurant Ximenia Caffra has both: dozens of hearty dishes like mchich kisoma (steamed and spiced pumpkin leaves), ugali (maize meal) and nyama choma (barbecued meat), as well as several tables full of ice cold bottled beers!

12. Xinomavro Grape

Xinomavro is a black grape variety used to make wine. This little-known Greek variety has lots of charm and character, so it only fits it is named after a feisty Cycladic island goddess (Xinóma means strength in Greek). 

Xinomavro does not have an official PDO or PGI (Protected Designation of Origin or Protected Geographical Indication) status.

However, its fellow Greek specialty varieties, Mavrud and Rapsani, do; notwithstanding, we believe that Xinomavro is one of Greece’s best-kept secrets. 

Aside from being one of the foods that start with X, it also offers one-third of all grapes produced in Greece yearly. And even as much as half of its vineyard surface is under cultivation.

13. Xoai

The soybean is a legume and, therefore, a member of a family of plants known as Fabaceae. The plant is native to East Asia, being cultivated there for centuries.

However, global climate change has also allowed it to spread across much of North America and South America. 

Also, it’s considered an invasive species in parts of Africa. In many cultures, its consumption is limited to adults; children are forbidden from eating them until they have their adult teeth to prevent choking accidents. 

However, some cultures allow consumption by children at earlier ages, like Japan, where they’re made into an ice cream treat called xoai. To sum up, it is on our list of delectable foods that start with X. 

14. Xoconostle

As part of the foods that start with X, this is a Mexican fruit that’s similar to an apricot. In Mexico, it’s often eaten raw; also, it makes for a wonderful jam or candy. This is an exotic food, to say the least, so make sure you add it to your next shopping list!

Although it might not sound appealing initially, xoconostle has a sweet and tangy flavor when cooked and is often used as a substitute for lemon in recipes.

A favorite fruit of Central America, xoconostle is also high in vitamins A and C and has almost no calories! What more could you ask for?

15. Xylocarp

A xylocarp is a fruit that grows on certain coniferous trees, composed of sweet tissue surrounding a woody, thickened stem.

No commercially grown xylocarp crops currently exist, but they are grown in gardens as ornamentals or for their edible fruits. 

The star anise (Illicium verum) is one such cultivar of commercial interest, though it is not true to its name because its fruit is more similar to olive than an actual star. It has five points and small black seeds inside. Meanwhile, it is on the list of foods that start with X.

16. Xihongshi

If you’re looking for new ways to get your protein, it might be time to try xihongshi. This food is part of the list of foods that start with X and is commonly served in China.

It makes a great meal choice if you want to meet your daily nutritional needs without compromising on taste. 

Plus, Xihongshi has almost no saturated fat content, unlike many other types of meat, which means it’s healthier than most meats out there.

Additionally, it’s low in calories and easy to cook so anyone can make a meal featuring xihongshi at home. 

17. Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum is a food additive, yet one of the foods that start with X. It is made from fermented corn sugar and is often used as an emulsifier or thickening agent.

In gluten-free baking, xanthan gum helps retain moisture in baked goods because it draws moisture to itself. 

What’s more? It has few calories, making it popular for dieters who want gluten-free bread or cake products.

Xanthan gum has no flavor, so most recipes don’t require additional sweeteners or flavoring to make them palatable.

18. Xiangcaojing

Xiangcaojing, one of the foods that start with X, is food in China. Some people eat it for breakfast or a snack.

It is easy to make at home and fun to eat because you can make different shapes, such as squares or balls. 

Equally important, the ingredients are not difficult to find either, and it costs less than five yuan per person if bought in bulk at a grocery store.

This makes it an affordable food option for people from all walks of life. Xiangcaojing is often served warm and has a distinct fragrance; its flavor is also very mellow but tasty. 

As for its nutritional value, one serving contains about 52 calories and more than 7 percent of your daily vitamin B2, B3, calcium, and magnesium intake.

19. XO Sauce

When you are in Vietnam, you can never miss out on these xo sauces as food. XO sauce is a mixture of fermented black beans and soy infused with various spices, like anise seeds and peppers.

The strong flavor of XO Sauce can liven up any dish! Anyways, the most popular way to eat XO Sauce is to use it in noodle soups.

If you want something extra special, try eating your noodles right out of a bowl filled with piping hot chicken broth and some slices of cooked pork or crab meat—perfect for those cold winter nights!

There’s nothing better than slurping up some steaming hot soup on a blustery day! This is one version of Vietnamese seafood noodle soup, and not found missing on the list of foods that start with X.

20. Xylitol

Xylitol is a natural sweetener that occurs in small amounts in some plants, including corn cobs and birch trees. Compared to other foods that start with X, they can be extracted from various hardwood trees, including maple.

Also known as xylose, it has about 40% of sucrose’s sweetness, which makes it useful for making a wide range of products, from mouthwash to beverages to cosmetics. 

In addition to its low-sugar properties and anti-cariogenic (meaning prevents tooth decay) properties, research shows xylitol may have beneficial effects on heart health.

These include keeping cholesterol in check, preventing blood clots, and reducing risk factors associated with diabetes. 

21. Xavier Soup

Our list of foods that start with X is incomplete without this Xavier soup. The best part about using French green lentils for soup is not their vibrant color but their unique and slightly nutty flavor.

This soup has much going for it—beyond its beautiful presentation—with creamy leeks, onion, and potatoes to contrast nicely. 

While most people use chicken broth in soups, we use vegetable broth instead because it’s healthier without sacrificing any of its rich flavor or saltiness.

Also, we add tomato paste for extra acidity and depth of flavor. But our favorite ingredient? Curry powder! Adding just a small amount transforms what could be an ordinary dish into something truly amazing.

22. Xia Mi

And yes! We have Xia Mi on the list of foods that start with X. Although it’s not as common in the United States, Xia Mi is popular street food in Japan.

They’re made from rice flour mixed with ginger, sesame oil, and soy sauce. These treats can be found wrapped in seaweed or fried to create a crunchy outside. 

In addition, the inside is sticky, sweet, and chewy. It has been said that they are also known as chocolate sushi because of how similar they taste to Japanese chocolates called Chocopie.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that these are better than regular sushi, but for those looking for something different, this may just be your dish! 

23. Xouba Fish

This one is special in the list of foods that start with X. It’s not every day you come across a fish called the xouba. This freshwater fish is found in the Congo River. 

Plus, it’s no wonder it has such a strange name, as it looks nothing like any other fish. It has a long, slender body and a large mouth to help it eat shrimp, insects, worms, and small fish.

24. Xiphias al

A xiphias, also known as a swordfish, is one of the most popular fish in the world. It’s lean and full of protein, so it’s great for people who want to maintain a high fitness level. 

Also, Swordfish is relatively inexpensive, which is good for people on a budget. They can be cooked in various ways; you might have tasted them grilled or even in sushi form before!

If you’re looking for something new to try this week on foods that start with X, then a xiphias might be just what you need!

25. Xia Gua Lao

Xia Gua Lao is a food originating from the Sichuan region in China. Xia Gua Lao is made from sticky rice, pork, oil, soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, and other spices. Importantly, it is one of the foods that start with X! 

Meanwhile, the ingredients are mixed together in boiling water before steaming for about an hour. It’s then fried until crispy on the outside to form a crunchy exterior before it’s cooled down. 

26. Xingren Donfu

Xingren doufu is a type of Chinese food that can be found in the Sichuan province. The xingren donfu is made from pork meat, eggs, vegetable oil, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, and salt. 

Then, the food is boiled until it becomes tender before being served. The xingren doufu can be eaten as a main dish or as an appetizer. Uniquely, this is on the list of foods that start with X.

27. Xocolatl

The cacao bean was an important beverage for Mayans, who consumed it in many different ways. They would grind them into a paste which they would then dilute with water or cornmeal to produce a more liquid product that could be drunk either cold or hot. 

More so, Chocolate drinks were used as a ritual offering and as currency. In 1828, Dr. John Schieffelin introduced the drink to the American public when he opened his personal supply of chocolates at the World’s Fair in Philadelphia. So yes! It’s part of the foods that start with X.

28. Xmas Cakes

Though abbreviated, it is on the list of foods that start with X. Christmas cake is a type of fruitcake traditionally eaten during the Christmas season.

The cakes are typically rich, heavy, and sweet to counteract the salty foods that often accompany them. 

It’s said that the tradition originated in England, where people would eat this rich dessert after the heavier fare of goose or plum puddings.

Since it’s cold outside, this is a great time for warming drinks like hot chocolate or mulled wine. While the fire curls you up, enjoy these strange but true facts about Christmas cake.

29. Xmas Cookies

For those who don’t know, Xmas Cookies are a very popular cookie in the southern United States.

They are traditionally served at Christmas and can be found everywhere that sells baked goods, like bakeries, grocery stores, or even convenience stores. 

Generally, the main ingredients for these cookies are butter, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, salt, flour, and eggs (and if you want to make them extra special, there is also cream cheese).

The dough is usually rolled into balls, then flattened into discs, and the edges dipped in either white or colored sugar. This is another special one of the foods that start with X!

30. Xalapa Punch

Last but not least, the food that starts with X is Xalapa Punch. This fruity beverage is made from boiled water, pineapple, orange juice, lemon juice, and ginger.

The drink’s name originates from the city of Xalapa in Veracruz, Mexico, where it was invented.

Here is the procedure to make it:

  1. Cut up two or three fresh pineapples into small pieces 
  2. Peel two oranges and squeeze the juice over the pineapple chunks 
  3. Slice off the top inch of fresh lemon, then slice it into quarters lengthwise (don’t peel). Voilà!


Sometimes when deciding what to eat, you may be perplexed about which delicious food items you want to try.

Maybe you want to eat something that starts with the letter X and doesn’t know where to start; if so, listed above are some of the most delicious foods that start with X! How were you satisfied?

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