18 Foods That Start With Q

Foods That Start With Q

The alphabet letters are often used to categorize food that starts with Q. In this case, we will focus on foods that begin with the letter Q.

Which offer different tastes and textures that you can use to create delicious dishes in your kitchen. From creamy cheeses to crispy cookies, here are some of the most delicious foods that start with Q.

1. Quail Eggs

Quail eggs might be small, but they’re a tasty treat that you can use in various ways. The best part is that foods that start with Q quail eggs are easy to find. You can buy them online, at farmers’ markets, and at many grocery stores.

While using quail eggs in a recipe, it’s essential to know that they’re significantly smaller than chicken eggs. If you’re used to large chicken eggs, use three quail eggs instead of one large egg. 

Note that quail eggs have different cooking times. In most cases, you’ll want to boil for a few minutes like you would with larger ones.

2. Queso Fundido

Cheese in its melted form is pretty delicious, but queso fundido sends things over the top. A bit of sliced jalapeño & a ton of gooey, melty cheese can elevate a plate of nachos to a must-eat.

Try topping it with some tomato salsa or pico de gallo. See how many different ways you can make your favorite dish better by adding gooey melted cheese.

Toppings are endless for foods that start with Q and queso fundido. You could also try making these dishes: Cheddar Bacon Ranch Chicken Salad.

3. Quickly-Cooked Quinoa

Quinoa is a complete protein containing all of your essential amino acids. This makes it a healthy and satisfying alternative to rice and other grains, especially for vegans.

Quick-cooking varieties are now available in most supermarkets if you don’t have time to cook quinoa from scratch.

They cook these foods that start with Q in just 5 minutes. You always rinse quinoa well before cooking; otherwise, your dish quiz tastes bitter.

Quinoa pairs with lemon juice or tomatoes—or if you want to eat something sweet, try making cranberry-quinoa muffins!

4. Quaker Oats

Nothing tastes quite as good as something easy to make—and these tacos are just that—top a handful of tortillas with shredded chicken, cheese, and salsa for some truly delicious eats.

You can even prepare them in advance, ready to go when you need them. However, what about a quick dinner recipe like these tacos?

These foods that start with Q are an excellent way to feed a family without wasting time. Best of all, it doesn’t matter if you use corn or flour tortillas—you can even mix them up!

5. Quick Chicken Tacos

Chicken tacos are part of the foods that start with Q and can be the family favorite. Quick chicken tacos make it even easier to enjoy on a busy weeknight.

The best part about these short chicken tacos is that they can be made using your slow cooker.

Just set up your slow cooker before you leave for work in the morning. You’ll have perfectly cooked chicken breasts by dinner time, waiting to add them to taco shells, tortillas, or lettuce wraps!

6. Quark

This delicious cheese product is a type of fresh cheese from Germany. Foods that Start with Q have a smooth, creamy texture and are slightly saltier than Greek yogurt. Try it with fresh fruit for a delicious breakfast or snack.

Adding some honey will make it sweet enough to eat as dessert. The nutritional facts speak for themselves – one cup has 220 calories, 8 grams of protein, and 9 grams of fat.

7. Quahog

What are these foods that start with Q? A type of clam or a funny-sounding Massachusetts town? It’s both! Quahogs are commonly known as quahog clams. These large mollusks are harvested off the east coast of North America.

This food can be eaten as an appetizer, raw or cooked. They have an earthy flavor and taste like corn (not surprising considering how close they are to oysters).

If you want to try cooking quahogs yourself, recipes usually call for seasoning them with parsley and garlic.

8. Quiche Lorraine

The quiche is a savory pie traditionally made with custard. It is crustless, making it easier to cut and consume, and great with a side salad or fruit cup. While there are many variations of quiche, one classic example is quiche Lorraine. 

Though many variations of foods start with Q, one classic example is Quiche Lorraine. A delicious dish that’s perfect for breakfast or lunch, Quiche Lorraine consists of eggs mixed with cream and Gruyere cheese. 

The quiche Lorraine includes mushrooms in its preparation and bacon, which makes it that much more flavorful. Eaten as an appetizer or meal-preparation food can be served alongside other entrees like roast chicken or pot roast.

9. Quince

A quince is a fruit that has a sweet-tart flavor, similar to apple and pear. This fruit tastes impressive on its own, in jams and sauces, or mixed with any fruit for pies.

While it’s more difficult to find than many other fruits, it can be found at farmer’s markets in late fall. Quinces are among the foods that start with Q, and they make delicious cider when fermented.

10. Quinoa Salad

If you’re looking for something a little different from your everyday diet. Quinoa is a nutritional powerhouse that is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Plus, it has an impressive amount of protein per serving.

You can use white or red quinoa to create a salad with different flavors, but either one will taste great. To make it, 1 cup of cooked quinoa (1/2 cup dry), 2 cups lettuce, and 1 cup cooked chicken breast—1/4 cup sunflower seeds, 1⁄4 avocado, two tablespoons olive oil, two tablespoons lemon juice, Salt & pepper. 

Place lettuce on a plate and add the remaining ingredients. Mix and enjoy foods that start with Q, and experiment with different types of meats and cheeses—it’s very versatile!

11. Quavers

Now, there’s an argument that not necessarily snack foods that start with Q should be on a diet. They have a few too many calories to qualify as healthy treats and aren’t necessarily what to eat every day. 

They make some fun snacking and can be incorporated into other recipes to cut extra fat or calorie intake. Some are very sweet, but you’ll enjoy quavers without breaking your diet plan if you stick with the lower-calorie.

12. Quandong

Indigenous to Australia, quandong is a fruit that grows on trees and tastes similar to a cherry. A quandong fruit can make a yummy addition to an apricot, apple, or pear salad.

Get creative with quandong, and you’ll be surprised how easily you can work ‘foods that start with Q’ into your meal.

13. Queen Elizabeth Cake

You deserve foods that start with Q if you’re having a birthday, a cake fit for royalty. Check out Queen Elizabeth Cake to find a delicious treat that will please your taste buds. This rich and moist cake is topped with an indulgent cream cheese frosting. 

14. Quenelle

A traditional French dish, a quenelle is often described as a dumpling or ravioli. However, quenelles aren’t boiled or fried like other portions of pasta—they’re poached. That makes them extra-light and wonderfully smooth. 

Quenelles are often found on menus at high-end restaurants because they’re so delicious. It’s easy to learn how to make them at home (and cheaper!). However, the delicate flavor goes well with just about anything in foods that start with Q.

15. Queen of Puddings

This savory pudding is a portion of traditional British comfort food often prepared during Lent. The name of foods that start with Q comes from its predecessor, made with chicken broth instead of milk and later created for Queen Victoria. 

Though there are plenty of variations, Queen of Puddings are usually puddings served with a savory sauce poured over them.

Serve these classics up alongside turkey, stuffing & other traditional thanksgiving foods for a memorable meal at your next family dinner.

16. Quadrettini

Opt for quadrating if you’re craving an Italian classic but don’t want to break out of your diet. The tiny version of cannelloni or manicotti pasta dishes usually contains fewer calories than their larger counterparts. Foods that Start with Q often come with a tasty parmesan-herb sauce. 

One serving contains only 150 calories and five grams of fat. Please keep it simple by enjoying it with a side salad; add mushrooms and onions for extra flavor. They’re lower in fat than meat—or top with sautéed shrimp for extra protein.

17. Queso Cotija

Cotija is perfect for sprinkling over salads, seafood, and grilled meats, a fresh, crumbly Mexican cheese. It is made from skimmed cow’s milk and has a sweet flavor with a hint of saltiness: Cucumber-Queso Fresco Salsa is a perfect light appetizer or side dish. 

Serve your guests with an assortment of fresh veggies & queso fresco dices mixed with fresh lime juice & cilantro leaves. Quinoa Pancakes are among those foods that start with Q, and these pancakes are good for you. 

They use quinoa as a binding agent instead of flour, which is considered whole grains. Try topping them off with your favorite syrup, or preserve them for a healthy breakfast treat!

18. Quindim

Also known as quindão or simply quindim, it’s a typical and traditional Brazilian dessert. It’s made with manioc flour, and foods that start with Q soft texture make it unique among types of desserts. 

To make a great quindim, you have to beat egg yolks and sugar together until they are light yellow. Add orange peel and vanilla extract, then mix in manioc flour (tapioca starch) one spoon at a time.

If you mix all of them at once, you might get lumps of flour in your dessert. Finally, add melted butter to get a lovely consistency and pour into individual molds to set for about 30 minutes.


Don’t you love how we ended with more than ten foods that start with Q? We hope that you have enjoyed our list. This delicious food should have inspired you to get a little creative in your kitchen. 

If you have any favorites of your own? Let’s know, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with. After all, eating is an experience meant to be savored, not something dreaded. 

So if there’s one lesson we hope you take from reading our 10 Most Delicious Foods That Start With Q post. Stop worrying about making great food choices; focus on having a blast while feeding yourself and those around you!

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