33 Foods That Start With N

Foods That Start With N

Whether you’re trying to add more nutrition to your diet or just want to eat better, the right foods can make all the difference in helping you achieve your goals.

Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to start thinking about new and exciting dishes to try at home. If you decide to settle for foods that start with N, then this blog is specially made for you; our special foodie.

Not only that, you are likewise included if you also want new and interesting foods to order when dining out with friends and family.

From eggs and fish to citrus fruits and mushrooms, here are some great new foods that start with N!

1. Napoleon Cake

To start with, on our list of foods that start with N, we have the Napoleon Cake, which is a traditional French cake.

It comprises layers of almond sponge cake and chocolate ganache, covered in icing sugar icing. It originated in Paris when it was named after Emperor Napoleon I, who had just recently lost power and was exiled to Elba.

It is considered one of the most famous French pastries, but its popularity faded after World War II. 

In recent years, it has been rediscovered by chefs and foodies alike, who have turned this classic dessert into a work of art.

The original recipe calls for equal parts butter, sugar and eggs, flour, milk, and natural vanilla extract.

These are beaten together until light and fluffy before being poured into individual cake pans lined with parchment paper or greased well with butter.

2. Nettles

The second on our list of foods that start with N is Nettles. They are a type of plant that is often foraged for its leaves, shoots, and stalks.

Humans have consumed it for thousands of years, and it can be found in many cuisines worldwide. When used as an ingredient, nettles are most commonly sauteed or boiled.

They have a subtle taste like spinach but are more intense and can be used as a substitute for other leafy greens like kale or chard.

3. Napa Cabbage

Napa cabbage is a leafy vegetable native to China. It is grown in Japan and California as well. Napa cabbage has a slightly sweet flavor and a similar texture to broccoli but is milder in taste. Napa cabbage can be eaten raw or cooked.

Raw tastes like a cross between lettuce and spinach, while cooked tastes more like Brussels sprouts or green beans. When boiling, this type of cabbage will turn an olive-green color on its way toward being tender. 

Meanwhile, the cooking time depends on what you’re preparing it for. But this vegetable usually takes around 10 minutes before it’s ready for consumption when boiled.

4. Nigiri

Nigiri is also one of the different foods that start with N. This is a popular Japanese delicacy consisting of sushi rice and fish.

The name is derived from the Japanese words meaning to grip. This dish is commonly served alongside wasabi, soy sauce, and pickled ginger. 

Nigiri sushi has been around since at least 1824 when it became popularized by Hayashi Razan. It is widely considered a specialty dish in Japan and is often served during celebrations such as weddings or birthdays. 

Moving on, Nigiri sushi can be made with any type of seafood as long as it’s pressed between two pieces of rice. However, tuna nigiri has become associated with this type of sushi throughout most of the world.

5. Nuggets

Nuggets are a type of food made from chicken, turkey, or other meats and then dipped in a batter and deep-fried.

This could be one of your new favorite foods that start with N! These are the procedures to prepare them:

  1. Start by cutting the meat into bite-sized pieces. Next, season them with salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, and onion powder before dipping them in an egg wash. 
  2. Roll them in breadcrumbs or any other crunchy coating you would like to use before frying them up. 
  3. Serve these bad boys up hot with your favorite dipping sauce!

6. Nigella Seed

Speaking of foods that start with N, Nigella seeds are commonly used in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine.

The seeds have a slightly nutty flavor and are often used for garnishing dishes such as hummus, baba ghanoush, and naan bread

Also they can also be sprinkled on top of bread or crackers. Nigella seeds can be purchased from spice shops or at some grocery stores.

7. Nargesi

Nargesi is a traditional Iranian dish consisting of chunks of lamb or beef in a tomato and onion sauce served over rice.

This dish is simple to make and relatively inexpensive. While most people enjoy it served with basmati rice, some people like to have it over noodles instead.

The best part about this dish? It can also be made into a slow cooker meal by throwing all the ingredients into the crockpot before going to bed at night.

Nargesi can be made from either lamb or beef and typically includes tomato paste, garlic, onions, cumin, paprika powder (optional), turmeric (optional), salt, and pepper.

Optional spices include cinnamon sticks and black pepper. Allspice berries may be added for more flavor as well.

8. Naan Bread

Naan is a traditional Indian food but is also common in other countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. The bread is traditionally cooked in a clay oven called a tandoor, but any oven will do.

The dough is made from flour, yeast, and yogurt (or milk), which are mixed together and left to rise for at least an hour. 

In the meantime, you can make many different types of sauces or side dishes. When your naan dough has risen properly, cover it with sesame seeds or poppy seeds if you want them on top.

Then roll it out into a long rectangle and cook it on a griddle pan for about two minutes on each side until done. This is one of the delicious foods that start with N!

9. Natto

Nattos are traditional Japanese foods that start with N and are made from fermented soybeans. It’s typically served hot but can also be eaten cold. When it comes to natto, you either love it or hate it. 

The consistency of this dish is similar to a soft custard and has a strong smell that takes some getting used to.

Its taste is earthy and slightly sweet, and its texture can be gooey or sticky. This depends on whether the beans are heated before eating them.

10. Nonpareil

Nonpareils are little sugar-coated chocolates that are small enough to eat in one or two bites. These candies come in various colors, but some of the more popular colors include pink, green, and blue.

Our list of foods that start with N is incomplete without the Nonpareil. In addition, the word Nonpareil means without equal or match-less.

Nonpareils were first created by Italian nuns who wanted to make candy for Lent during Lent’s prohibition against eating chocolate and other sweets.

11. Nashi Pear

Nashi pears are also foods that start with N. They are believed to have originated in China, but there is no evidence of their cultivation before the 13th century.

They have a sweet taste and resemble an apple in shape and color. These are eaten raw as a snack or cooked as dessert dishes. 

For example, you can peel nashi pears, cut them into quarters, remove their core and sprinkle sugar on top. Also, you can cook them by boiling them for about ten minutes until they’re soft.

12. Navel Oranges

Navel oranges are a type of orange that grows on trees. They are easy to peel and contain more juice than other types of oranges.

Navel oranges can be eaten whole or used in salads and desserts, but they also make for a great snack all by themselves. 

Navel oranges taste sweeter than other oranges because they contain more sugar. They are harvested from November through January.

Consequently, you’ll want to purchase them at your grocery store now if you plan on enjoying them during this time period!

13. Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng is a traditional Indonesian dish made of rice fried in a spicy tomato sauce and then served with various toppings.

A popular topping is a tempeh, which is fermented soybean cake. It’s also common for one to add a fried egg, hard-boiled egg, cucumber, green beans, and shrimp to the dish for additional flavoring. 

Nasi Goreng, a food that starts with N, is traditionally eaten for breakfast in Indonesia. However, it can be consumed at any time of day. Nasi Goreng’s name literally translates into fried rice or rice that has been fried.

14. Neep (or Turnip)

The neep (or turnip) is a root vegetable that originated in Northern Europe and is traditionally eaten at Christmas.

The French name for this plant is navet; Neeps are often boiled, mashed, and served as a side dish. Being on the list of foods that start with N, they can also be roasted or baked. 

Scotland has a popular Scottish recipe for cooking them with sugar and butter before mashing them up into little balls.

Mincemeat pie is another traditional dessert made from neeps mixed with beef suet and dried fruits such as currants, raisins, apples, pears, cranberries, and candied peel, usually made from oranges or lemons. Plus spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or allspice.

15. Nori

All edible species of the red algae genus Pyrpia, which includes P. Tenera and P. Yezoensis, are collectively known as nori in Japanese. This is certainly not left out of the list of foods that start with N.

Nori, which refers to dried sheets, is a common element in sushi, wrap rolls, and onigiri in Japanese cuisine and has a strong, distinctive flavor. Copper, iron, zinc, phosphorus, and potassium are a few nutrients found in nori.

16. Nasturtium

Foods that start with N? Nasturtium are one of them! Nasturtium leaves can be eaten raw or cooked, and they are often used as a garnish on salads.

The flower petals of this plant can be eaten raw or cooked. But they should not be consumed raw because they may cause stomach aches. 

If you want to cook with nasturtiums, remove the stamens and pistils before cooking them. The flower petals also make for a beautiful garnish on dishes such as salads and soups!

17. Natal Plum

The Natal Plum is a small, round fruit native to Southern Africa. It has deep purple skin and flesh ranging in color from orange-red to yellow-green. The taste of this fruit varies depending on its ripeness. 

When fully ripe, it becomes very sweet and creamy in texture, but if left on the tree too long or if it’s not ripe enough, it will be sour and acidic. This is a favorite food of animals in the wild because it is so sweet when fully ripe!

If you’re looking for some new fruits to try out this season, why not give natal plums a try? Of course, it is one of the foods that start with N!

18. Nankhatai

Nankhatai is a type of Indian flatbread on the list of foods that start with N. It is traditionally made of maida flour, water, oil, and baking powder. 

The dough is rolled out into a thin layer and then placed on an unoiled pan to bake until it becomes crispy. Once it has cooled, it can be cut into various shapes or sizes and eaten as a snack or breakfast food.

19. Nutmeg Melon

Just like its cousins, watermelon and honeydew melons, nutmeg melon has a sweet, refreshing taste. It is characterized by its namesake spice’s signature color and flavor. 

Nutmeg Melon is a bit more tart than other varieties of melons which can be attributed to its maturity while on the vine. The fruit is usually harvested at an early stage of ripeness.

This is so that it can be eaten immediately or exported overseas, where it may be stored for a short period of time before sale.

20. Nougat

Nougat is a sweet and chewy candy made from sugar, egg whites, and either corn syrup or honey. The first mention of nougat was in Europe during the Middle Ages. It was served as part of a course at medieval banquets. 

In 1872, an Italian named Giuseppe Nicelli invented the machine for making nougats. Nowadays, most nougat is made using this method. If you are thinking of trying foods that start with N, consider Nougat!

21. Neapolitan Ice Cream

Next, on our list of foods that start with N, we have the Neapolitan ice cream. This frozen dessert consists of layers of flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla.

Neapolitan ice cream was created in London in 1826 by Mr. Raffaele Esposito at his ice cream shop Pasteur & Esposito.

Meanwhile, he created this new flavor of ice cream because he wanted to create a simple and elegant dessert for Queen Victoria’s visit in April 1844.

Neapolitan is one of the most popular flavors in the world, which can be found everywhere, from high-end restaurants to food trucks.

22. Nut Brownies

Nut brownies are a delicious way to have a nutritious and healthy dessert. They are usually made with almonds, cashews, or walnuts.

The recipe is similar to a classic brownie recipe, but instead of using chocolate, you use whatever nut you choose. 

The nuts provide protein, healthy fats, and fiber while also giving the brownies a slightly crunchy texture. Nut brownies are perfect for those who want something sweet without all of the added sugar in regular desserts.

23. Noodles

The role of foods that start with N is not complete without Noodles. These are a type of Asian food made from dough, usually wheat flour. They come in many shapes and sizes but are usually long and thin. 

Further, they can be served hot or cold, as well as stir-fried or in soup. The most popular way noodles are prepared is served in ramen soup.

Ramen noodles are typically made from wheat flour, salt, water, and kansui (strong alkaline mineral water). 

Ramen is a Japanese dish that consists of Chinese-style wheat noodles in a meat or seafood-based broth topped with sliced pork and green onions.

The dish was first introduced to Japan by Chinese immigrants who brought their noodle recipes with them from China around 1899.

24. Nectarine

Nectarine is a popular fruit but is not as common in North America. It is a member of the peach family and was first discovered in 1810.

The nectarine has light yellow skin and can vary in its flesh color from pale yellow to dark orange. 

This fruit has many health benefits, including potassium, vitamin C, and dietary fiber. To eat this fruit, you must peel it and eat it as it is or slice it up into small pieces.

25. Negus

Negus is a drink made from red wine, sugar, and spices. It’s popular in many countries like Ethiopia, Spain, and Portugal. Negus is typically served warm or cold as an aperitif before dinner or at the end of a meal. 

The word negus comes from the Amharic word nagi, which means palatable. In Ethiopia, this spiced wine is often enjoyed on Christmas day.

In Portugal, it’s also known as Vinho Quente de Ninga Velha (old woman’s hot wine). In Spanish regions such as Extremadura and Navarra, it has been traditionally consumed by shepherds while tending their flocks near the Pyrenees Mountains during winter.

26. Nesselrode

This is certainly one of the amazing foods that start with N that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Nesselrode is a classic French dessert originally created in 1837 by Charles Nesselrode. It’s got a long history and an intriguing story: while traveling through France, Russian diplomat Charles Robert Count de Nesselrode came across this tasty treat and decided to bring it back home with him. 

Then, he served it to his friends and family in Russia, where it became popular. Since then, people worldwide have been making their own versions of this dish. In fact, there are now more than 100 recipes for this sweet treat!

27. Nipa

Nipa is a plant found in Southeast Asia. It can be used as an ingredient in many dishes, including soups, stews, and curries.

Also, the leaves can be cooked like spinach and eaten raw as a salad or cooked dish. Nipa leaves are popular during monsoon season when there is a lack of fresh vegetables available.

They have a taste similar to spinach and are high in vitamins A, B2, and C. One of the highly nutritious and healthy foods that start with N!

28. Nachos

Nachos were invented in 1948 by Ignacio Nacho Anaya, who was dissatisfied with what he found at the local diner. He decided to create a dish of melted cheese and jalapeños on tortilla chips.

The original recipe is said to have consisted of just cheese and jalapeños, but it has since evolved into something more complex. 

In his travels, Anaya encountered a version of nachos made from corn tortillas in Piedras Negras, Mexico. At first, he called his dish Nacho’s Especiales but eventually settled on nachos as the name for his invention.

29. Nutella

Nutella is a chocolate hazelnut spread. It’s often eaten on toast or crackers, and it’s also used in some desserts. Nutella contains sugar, hazelnuts, skim milk, cocoa powder, and vegetable oil

Nutella, a food that starts with N, can be found in most grocery stores near the peanut butter or jelly section.

I have tried this spread on toast, and it has a really rich flavor which I liked because you can taste both the chocolate and hazelnut flavors.

30. Naartjie Fruit

Naartjie Fruit is a citrus fruit native to Africa. It has a sour and tangy taste, similar to that of grapefruit, but much sweeter and less acidic.

The naartjie fruit can be eaten on its own or used as an ingredient in many different dishes, such as jams, cakes, ice cream, sorbet, and marmalade.

The naartjie is often served with banana bread or pancakes for breakfast. Naartjie Fruit is green when unripened and turns yellowish orange when ripe.

They are available year-round at most supermarkets but are best enjoyed in the winter months when they’re in season! You should try this tasty treat as it is also one of the foods that start with N!

31. Nance Fruit

Nance Fruit, also known as Chicozapote or Zapote Negro, is on this list of foods that start with N. The fruit is about the size of an apple and has brown skin and a sweet flavor. It is best eaten fresh and can be used in many dishes. 

Nance fruit, or Zapote Negro, is native to Mexico and grows wild in tropical forests. The outer skin is usually dark brown or black but may have red spots.

Moreso, the flesh inside varies in color from yellow to reddish-pink and has a sweet, tangy flavor reminiscent of pineapple or apple. Different varieties include those with red flesh (Zapote Amarillo) or even purple flesh (Zapote Rojo).

32. New York Cheesecake

The most popular New York cheesecake is usually made of cream cheese, eggs, sour cream, vanilla extract, and sometimes lemon juice.

These ingredients are blended together until they become smooth, and then they are mixed in a springform pan. The crust is made by mixing graham crackers and melted butter together. 

This mixture is then pressed into a pan and baked in the oven for 10 minutes. Once it has cooled down to room temperature, a thin layer of raspberry jam is spread onto the crust.

The cheesecake filling is then poured on top of this layer and baked for an hour or until it becomes set inside but not too firm.

33. Nut Bread

Nut bread is a delicious, moist, and healthy treat. It can be made in minutes and tastes great with spreads such as nut butter or Nutella. This recipe is not only vegan, but it’s also gluten-free. 

Additionally, Nut bread is a great alternative for those who are allergic to eggs. To make this bread, you will need flour (all-purpose), brown sugar, baking powder, salt, applesauce, oil (coconut or olive), and water. 

To prepare this bread, mix all dry ingredients, then add wet ingredients. Afterward, cook in a loaf pan at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes or until the toothpick comes out clean from the center when tested. Now you are done! This wraps up our list of foods that start with N!


Whether you’re an adventurous eater or tend to keep your food choices simple, there’s always something new and exciting to try out in the culinary world.

This list of foods that start with N will give you some suggestions to try the next time you go grocery shopping or order out.

And who cares if you don’t like what you are trying? At least you wouldn’t spend too much money on it!

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