52 Foods That Start With L

Foods That Start With L

There are many different foods that start with L that I’m sure you don’t know about. Regarding the alphabet, L seems to be near the end of the list regarding foods that start with that letter. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any good choices at all! 

As you will see below, there are plenty of options for starting your day or ending a meal with foods that start with L.

So dive in and see which ones you like best!

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1. Lard

To start with, on this list of foods that start with L, Lard is a common food item and cooking oil in many cuisines.

It is prepared from fatback, a fatty deposit found on or under the skin of slaughtered pigs, to extract its fat. 

Furthermore, Lard plays an essential role in food. It is part of what makes pastries flaky and crispy (as opposed to greasy) and adds richness and flavor to meats, as in pork crackling.

It can be used for frying and as a soap base like other animal fats (tallow and drippings) or vegetable oils.

2. Lavender

Lavender is a perennial African herb and belongs to a group of flowering plants called Labiatae. It is the second on the list of foods that start with L.

The English word lavender is also applied to many other plants, often from Mediterranean Europe.

However, some are used as culinary herbs (with an aroma like true lavender). Other kinds are grown for oil production or ornamental reasons. Lavender can be used in cooking, baking, stuffing, sauces, and drinks. 

Also, one can use it for medicinal purposes such as aromatherapy or even bath oils. Lavender is safe when consumed only in moderation and could benefit one’s health due to its antioxidant content.

Not only that, but its properties reduce stress levels when inhaled through either steam or essential oils diffused into water vapor.

3. Lekvar

Lekvar is a traditional fruit paste eaten in parts of Eastern Europe; it can be made from apples, plums, or apricots.

Other ingredients, such as nuts or honey, are sometimes added to give this delicacy of foods that start with L a sweet flavor. 

Moreso, the exact recipe varies depending on where you find it and what time of year it is. Nonetheless, you can use lekvar as a filling for cakes and pastries or serve it alongside pancakes and other foods such as cheese.

Also, this ingredient has been known to appear in compotes, tarts, soups, sauces, and even desserts.

4. Lemon Balm

This herb has a very strong flavor and an intoxicating scent that’s often used to relieve anxiety and restlessness.

The herb can be eaten fresh, but it’s mostly used as a tea to aid in sleep. Lemon balm is also good for helping ease headaches, cold symptoms, and sore throats. 

If you don’t have fresh lemon balm on hand, try brewing up some traditional herbal tea made from lemon balm. You can find dried or fresh lemon balm at your local health food store.

If you’re looking for healthy foods that start with L and taste great, you can’t go wrong with Lemon Balm.

5. Lady Fingers

This small cake, also known as a Savoiardi, is a common cookie in European desserts. The light and moist sponge is often soaked in espresso or amaretto liquor to give it an extra kick. We aren’t leaving it out of our list of foods that start with L. 

We love Lady Fingers because they’re versatile. They can be topped with chocolate, fruits, or frosting to make any occasion more festive. Plus, they are bite-sized, so you won’t feel guilty enjoying a few of these on your next coffee break!

6. Lemon Bars

Nothing says summer like lemon bars; one of the foods that start with L. They’re a sweet treat (with just four grams of sugar!) and, when made right, are perfectly tart. The next time you’re craving something sweet, these will do it for you! 

And because they have a short ingredient list, there’s no excuse not to give them a try. If you don’t want to make your own crust, feel free to use store-bought—but trust us: homemade is way better!

7. Limoncello

An Italian lemon-flavored liqueur, limoncello is a summertime favorite in many homes. While you can find premade versions of limoncello, it’s also fairly simple to make at home. 

Besides, one recipe uses just three ingredients and requires only about 15 minutes of preparation time. If you have fresh lemons on hand, limoncello is a great way to use them and enjoy your favorite citrus year-round.

Not only does it have few ingredients and is very quick to make, but it is also a relish dish on the list of foods that start with L!

8. Lemon Meringue Pie

One of my favorite desserts of the foods that start with L is lemon meringue pie. The tart, lemony custard combined with a sweet, flaky crust is amazing! I love that it’s not too rich and leaves you feeling satisfied but not overly full. 

In addition, it’s perfect for dinner parties or just an easy dessert to whip up after a long day at work. Since it does have lemon in it, I wouldn’t recommend serving it as breakfast, though! It might give you heartburn for days if you do that. 

Given that, just make sure to enjoy it in moderation, and don’t be afraid to add a scoop of ice cream on top! That makes any dessert taste better anyways!

9. Liqueur

Liquor is an alcoholic drink made by distilling it from a mixture of alcohol and water. The term usually refers to distilled beverages lower in content than 15% ABV (40 proof).

Generally, it is used for drinking without dilution or mixed with water, sometimes ice. Liqueur, a variety of foods that start with L, also has its own varieties.

One of the varieties, Brandy,  is a form of distilled wine. It’s known as ‘burnt wine’ because during production; it’s fermented twice, resulting in a very strong spirit. 

Also, there’s Chocolate Liqueur. This is a sweet alcoholic beverage made from chocolate. Typically, it is mixed with other ingredients such as sugar, cream, fruit, or vanilla.

10. Lime Pie

When it comes to lime pie, most people think of key limes and meringue. The most traditional recipes call for a base of sweetened condensed milk. This is then mixed with egg whites and juice from key limes. 

Of course, more modern variations on the recipe exist, and some cooks choose to omit meringue entirely. Lime is essential in many classic recipes, including guacamole and ceviche.

However, not all dishes made with lime are savory in nature—lime is also commonly used in many margarita variants. So many advantages attached to one of the foods that start with L!

11. Lollipop

Lollipop is also one of the foods that start with L; while it might seem harmless, it actually isn’t! Too many pops in one sitting can lead to tooth decay and weight gain. Too much sugar is bad, even if you’re only 4 years old!

Avoid sugary treats, especially if they contain artificial ingredients, preservatives, or dyes. Again, ensure your child doesn’t have excessive amounts of added sugar in their diet.

To do this, keep them away from sugary processed foods and encourage them to eat natural sweets (like fruit!) instead.

12. Lynchburg Lemonade

I’m a fan of Jimmy Buffett, but I’ll admit it: his lyrics are kind of sexist. It doesn’t help that they involve much objectification and sexual innuendo. 

Yet there is no denying he is extremely talented—and certainly charming. Buffett is one of my favorite singers because his music always puts me in a happy mood.

This is exactly how Lynchburg Lemonade does when I think about it. Don’t mind the digression; it was necessary to buttress how thoughtful and happy we can get when taking this Lemonade.

Oh wait, you thought we were done with our list of foods that start with L? Oh no, we are just getting started! 

13. Lozenge

A lozenge is a sweet, medicated candy; used to treat sore throats, coughs, colds, and other ailments of a similar nature.

Many doctors recommend that small children and toddlers soothe irritation in their throats after being sick or catching a cold.

Lozenges are liquid or chewable at most drugstores or grocery stores. Equally important, they are on this list of foods that start with L.

Meanwhile, purchase lozenges as needed to keep on hand when you or your child is sick. But be sure not to exceed the dosage recommended by your doctor—or risk an overdose!

Follow the safety precautions included on packaging and take extra care not to let small children get into them without adult supervision. Store in original packaging at room temperature; do not refrigerate.

14. Lucky Charms Chocolate

Chocolate is a great food to eat when on a diet because it contains so many essential nutrients and only small amounts of sugar.

While chocolate isn’t naturally low in calories, you can make it healthier by choosing dark chocolate over milk chocolate or low-fat over high-fat varieties. 

Additionally, eating just one serving of dark chocolate can provide more than 80% of your daily needs for vitamin C and more than 100% for manganese. Still, wondering whether or not to try these foods that start with L? You are missing out really big!

15. Latte

A latte is made with espresso and steamed milk. You can add flavorings like almond or vanilla extract to change things up.

But it’ll never be as healthy as a straight black coffee. What’s more about this delicacy that is one of the foods that start with L?

For those who want something different from their usual cup of joe, lattes are a great choice. Also, they’re versatile; you can enjoy them hot or iced anytime. The only downside is that they contain more calories than many other coffee drinks.

—This means if you make a few of them daily, it can add up to extra pounds quickly. If you’re trying to lose weight or watch your calorie intake, stick to black coffee for now. In the meantime, put flavored lattes on hold until further notice.

16. Lemonade

While it may seem like a summertime staple, lemonade can actually be a great way to help you lose weight.

To illustrate, researchers had participants consume lemonade mixed with water and had other participants who consumed just water; then compared both. 

They discovered that those who drank lemonade had lower ghrelin levels (the hormone responsible for hunger). Not only that, but they also burned off more calories than their counterparts. 

In fact, as soon as 30 minutes after drinking their beverages, those in the lemon-water group felt an increased sense of satiety and consumed nearly 100 fewer calories.

Compared to those in the water-only group. The reason? Lemons are packed with dietary fiber, filling your stomach, so you feel fuller faster. What more can you ask of these foods that start with L that they can’t offer?

17. Limeade

Speaking of numerous foods that start with L, if you’ve got a hankering for something cool and refreshing, try limeade.

Loaded with vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, folate, and potassium, limeade is a guilt-free way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Simply squeeze in some lemon juice and puree raspberries.  

Next, stir in ice, agave syrup, and water for a delicious thirst-quenching treat! With 4 calories serving, you can enjoy it as often as you like without feeling guilty!

If that isn’t enough to get your taste buds excited, add fresh berries or top off with mint leaves. – Both are great additions to an already tasty concoction. 

18. Lupin Beans

Although most beans can be cooked in about 30 minutes, some take longer. Lupin beans, for example, need about two hours to cook thoroughly.

These large legumes tend to remain firm when cooked and are a popular food in many parts of Asia. 

Like lentils and split peas, they’re also rich in vitamins and minerals, including potassium and magnesium. They’re high in fiber as well.

Because they’re very small and quick-cooking, they make a great addition to soups or salads. This is also one of the foods that start with L.

19. Ladyfish

The ladyfish, also known as a red drum or channel bass, is native to estuaries of North Carolina and Virginia.

If prepared correctly, these fish, one of the foods that start with L, are quite tasty. They’re usually pan-fried in cornmeal and served with a tartar sauce. 

But you’ll want to be careful when buying them from commercial suppliers. This is because numerous types of fish sold as ladyfish (such as black drums) can have unpleasant flavors.

When buying at a grocery store or butcher shop, it’s important to ask for it by name: ladyfish. Moreso, you should never buy ladyfish if it’s frozen and has been previously skinned; you’re likely being sold something else entirely.

20. Lahmacun

This Turkish flatbread pizza is a real dieter’s delight. A single serving contains about 400 calories, 23 grams of protein, and just one gram of fat.

Don’t skimp on toppings—the meat adds plenty of flavors, plus a dose of omega-3 fatty acids from ground lamb. 

Serve it as a whole pizza, slice it into quarters, or use it to make pizza pockets (use pita bread instead of thin crust). Lahmacun is available in grocery stores and at many pizzerias; if you can’t find it, try making your own. 

21. Lamb

Lamb is a culinary name for meat from sheep and is now widely used to refer to all types of sheep meat. In Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Britain, and some other countries, it refers to the meat of an adult sheep, usually killed between one and two years of age. Above all, it’s one of the foods that start with L that you can’t go wrong with.

22. Land Snails

Snails are a delicacy for much of Europe and Asia but were never widely eaten in America. However, escargot restaurants have begun popping up all over. Today, contests are held to find out who can gather these snails in their natural habitats. 

Mmm…delicious! But how do you catch a land snail? It’s easy if you know how. Find some land snails. (They usually hide under rocks or logs.).

If you don’t know what they look like, take along someone who does. Looking forward to having a sumptuous meal that is on the list of foods that start with L? Land snails might just be perfect for you!

23. Lasagna

Italian food is excellent for many reasons, and lasagna is certainly one of them. Lasagna is a food in which multiple ingredients are layered together between pasta sheets. Lasagna, being one of the foods that start with L, has different types.

Ordering from a restaurant typically comes as stacked layers of sauce and cheese between pasta sheets.

Going further, cooking lasagna is an art form in itself since so much can go wrong to ruin it. To make great lasagna, cooks must precisely measure out ingredients.

They also master specific cooking techniques to ensure their food turns out right each time. Luckily, ordering a meal at a restaurant will always result in fantastic-tasting lasagna (usually).

24. Limpets

I ask: do you like eating foods that start with L? Whatever answer follows, I’ll enlighten you on Limpets. Eating limpets might sound unappetizing, but they’re a great source of vitamin B12. 

Further, the colorful mollusk, which adheres to rocks by a toothed tongue, contains one of the best natural sources of vitamin B12. 100 grams contain as much as 2,250% of our daily recommended intake. 

25. Lingcod Fish

Considered one of the tastiest kinds of cod, lingcod meat is flaky and delicate when cooked. This fish is found mostly in Alaska but can also be purchased on both coasts.

As one of the most versatile foods that start with L, it can be grilled, fried, or baked. Morso’s flavor pairs well with many different foods, including tuna and lime. Its taste has been described as a cross between lobster and scallops.

Lingcod fish is healthy for humans to eat because it contains little mercury and large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.

26. Linguica

This traditional Portuguese sausage is made from pork and has a rich, smoky flavor. Linguica is typically smoked but can also be dried or cured. 

Often, it’s used to season soups and stews in Portugal or eaten cold on its own as a snack. If you feel like trying one of these foods that start with L just for the sake of it, Linguica will top with its own advantages!

27. Lionfish

While there are some fish you can feast on in your diving adventures, lionfish are definitely not one of them.

While not poisonous to eat, lionfish are known for their ability to spit venom into their attacker’s eyes. 

Thus it is recommended that even if it is safe to eat, those who take part in spearfishing expeditions should be very careful. Especially when handling and preparing them for meals. 

Also, cooking lionfish is a risky endeavor because it would essentially require cleaning and preparing their spines as well.

The pain and discomfort from getting hit by their venomous spines are said to last up to five hours or more! Well, you might want to take a step back with Lionfish to try foods that start with L. 

28. Littleneck Clams

These juicy clams are small, white, and located on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. You can bake, steam, or fry them, but you should not overcook them because they easily become rubbery. 

Also, they taste great in soups. Forget Lionfish for a sec.; consider Littleneck clams, as they are also foods that start with L.

29. Liver

There’s a reason it’s often called nature’s multivitamin. Unlike animal flesh, the liver can be consumed raw, preserving its nutrient content.

The soft texture makes it an easy food for small children to chew, and its high nutritional density makes it well-suited for vegans. Or perhaps vegetarians who might otherwise have trouble getting some of their daily nutrients. 

But there’s still nothing inherently special about organ meats regarding their health effects. —They tend to be very high in certain nutrients because they contain so much tissue relative to muscle mass.

For example, 100 grams of raw beef liver contains 33 percent of your daily recommended vitamin B12 intake and 15 percent of your riboflavin requirement.

30. Liverwurst (Leberwurst)

Liverwurst is a type of German sausage made from chopped pork offal (internal organs and entrails). It is mixed with pork shoulder, usually encased in a natural casing-like stomach. 

Liverwurst is brownish-grey and looks similar to pâté or head cheese; it’s eaten cold, either straight from the refrigerator or at room temperature. Liverwurst isn’t left out of our list of foods starting with L.

31. Loin

There are so many foods that start with L, including Loin. A loin is a cut of meat taken from various parts of an animal.

The loin is often used as a roast, as in pork loin or beef tenderloin. Also, Loins are commonly sliced into steaks, such as T-bone and porterhouse steaks. 

Meanwhile, they can be prepared in many ways, either grilled or pan-fried. To prepare them for cooking, they are often butterflied to make them thinner and more uniform in thickness so that they cook evenly. Also called a sirloin butt steak when removed from the bone.

32. Lo Mein

I love me some lo mein, but it’s not something you often see in restaurants. It’s a Chinese dish made with stir-fried long pasta, chives, and veggies like cabbage or bok choy. 

Note, this is an easy take on lo mein: add tofu and veggies to your spaghetti. The sauce is soy sauce flavored with garlic (or sub-out soy sauce for low sodium tamari). Read on to find out about other foods that start with L!

33. London Broil

People often call flank steak London Broil, but there’s nothing particularly special about it. It’s a good cut of meat, yes, and it can be cooked in many ways. 

However, flank steak is as good as any other choice if you have to pick one for a dinner party or for your spouse to bring home from work.

The name London Broil means any beef roast — often marinated — cooked quickly over high heat.

34. Lox

If you’re a beginner at sushi, you may not have heard of salmon roe (better known as ikura), but it’s a good place to start.

The salmon eggs in ikura are salty and briny, with a bright orange color reminiscent of summer sunrises. 

Lox isn’t just for bagels anymore! Try it on top of some seaweed salad or even on its own – whatever way you choose, an order is sure to delight your palate. I hope you are satisfied with whatever you eventually choose from these foods that start with L!

35. Lutefisk

This Scandinavian dish is traditionally made from dried whitefish, onions, and lye. Lutefisk, a part of the list of foods that start with L, is a cultural delicacy.

Interestingly, it is one of just eight foods on Earth that does not naturally occur in any color other than white. 

This makes sense when you consider how lutefisk is produced. First, seawater (with a few secret ingredients thrown in) is mixed together to create an alkaline solution called out.

Next, cleaned and salted whitefish are soaked in a tub of said solution for anywhere from several weeks to several months. 

Finally, once sufficiently transformed into mushy strips of fishy death and defeat — so tender that they fall apart when cooked –- lutefisk is then ready for consumption!

36. Lemon Basil

Tomatoes and basil are two common ingredients in Italian cooking, making them a perfect choice for a healthy chicken recipe.

This lemon basil chicken is served over zucchini noodles (also known as zoodles), making it low-carb and gluten-free.

To save time, purchase ready-to-cook whole boneless, skinless chicken breasts at your local grocery store.

As always, the chicken comes out perfectly juicy every time. Cooking a whole breast lets you cut slices off to create fast weeknight meals down the line too!

For example, you can slice some up for breakfast sandwiches or use it in soups and salads later on in the week. Zoodles or pasta?

There’s room for both of these delicious dishes on your plate! As long as you are filling and satisfied with these foods that start with L, you are good to go!

37. Linguine

As known, there are many different foods that start with L, and Linguine is one of them. This pasta is basically long, thin, flat strips.

Linguine is typically served with seafood-based sauces and can be incorporated into various dishes. 

Besides, it’s one of those pasta that doesn’t need a sauce because it has its own flavor. If you want to spice it up, add some crushed red pepper flakes for added heat or incorporate garlic into your sauce.

Like most pasta, linguine pairs well with tomatoes and parmesan cheese, so consider serving it alongside both (but don’t overdo it). 

Since linguine is thinner than spaghetti, choose smaller-sized shells for an easier time eating. And also less chance of overcooking (overcooked pasta = mushy, inedible noodles!).

38. Lemongrass

Lemongrass is an edible plant species of Asian origin. It is referred to in English as lemon grass and is widely used across Southeast Asia, mainly in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia, as a culinary herb. 

Fresh lemongrass stalks are widely used in Southeast Asian cuisine as a flavoring herb. Additionally, they are used in marinades for meat and fish dishes. Are you checking out the list of foods that start with L that are worth trying? Lemongrass!

39. Lima Beans

These beans are great for weight loss because they are so low in calories and carbohydrates. What’s more about this delicacy that is one of the foods that start with L?

Hmmm, you can use them in soup or just put them on your plate like you would a vegetable. Plus, they are very versatile and super tasty! 

40. Lentils

Still, on the list of foods that start with L, Lentils are healthy, high-protein foods. Lentil soup is a dish made from lentils and stock (broth). 

Moreso, Lentil soup is very popular in Slavic countries like Poland. It is also eaten in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines.

41. Legumes

Legumes are foods from a plant of the family Fabaceae and have a high protein content, carbohydrates,s and fat.

Legumes include all beans, peas, lentils, and peanuts. Soybeans are also considered legumes, although they’re more closely related to peanuts. 

Furthermore, Legumes such as limas, lentils, and beans provide folate, iron, and potassium and are an excellent source of protein.

One serving provides around 15 percent daily value for iron and 10 percent daily value for folate. Looking for healthy foods that start with L, are affordable, and taste great? You can’t go wrong with Legumes!

42. Latke

Latkes are a great way to take potatoes, which is a slow-digesting carb, and turn them into something that tastes delicious but digests quickly.

Potatoes are loaded with fiber and resistant starch, both of which help us feel full longer.  We add a few simple steps, like grating your potatoes instead of cubing them or not mashing them too much.

With that, you can cook up latkes quickly and return to feeling full faster. Also, they’re an easy way to sneak vegetables into your day.

Typically, most people choose these types of foods that start with L for their low-calorie count (and those certainly have their place).

However, there are some added health benefits if you choose foods rich in other nutrients but lower in calories.

43. Loaf (Of Bread)

A loaf is a small bread product, typically made from dough of wheat flour and water or milk (and sometimes yeast).

This amazingly delicious loaf, on our list of foods that start with L, is baked in shape suitable for slicing. A common way of making several loaves at once is to use a large commercially-made oven called a bakehouse. 

Now, to make your own loaf at home, follow these easy steps: First, get some wheat flour and water or milk if you want it to have any taste.

Next, mix them together and bake them in an oven that should be about 350 degrees for about 35 minutes on each side. 

It’s important to let it cool before eating. Lastly, get some spices like salt or pepper, so you don’t die if you eat it hot out of the oven!

44. Limpa

Limpa is a Swedish rye bread traditionally eaten at Christmas. It is a sweetened, fruited loaf flavored with anise and spices like cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom. So many benefits from these foods that start with L don’t you think? Let’s proceed.

Although not nearly as well-known in North America as its Danish, cousin, rugbrød (hard/rye bread), it can be found from time to time in specialty stores selling Scandinavian delicacies.

It has been baked in Finland since at least 1870. Also, it was made into official state bread by decree of President Kyösti Kallio on December 19, 1938.

45. Lavash

Lavash is a very thin, crisp bread. It is usually served as a side dish to Armenian dishes or wrapped around other foods.

Lavash is made from flour, water, and salt and baked in an oven. This is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying foods that start with L!

What’s more? The word lavash can also refer to lavas (Armenian: լավաշ), a flatbread found throughout Eurasia.

To make lavas, flour (or sometimes wheat berries) is placed in a large, circular container called a katanchi and left to ferment for 24 hours.

This is similar to how some cultures produce sourdough starter dough. They do this by leaving out wheat flour overnight so that natural yeast activity will begin before adding more flour and proceeding as usual in their dough-making process.

46. Lalanga

As one of the foods that start with L, Lalanga is a plant that’s found in South America. It can be eaten fresh or dried, ground into a powder, and added to other foods. Lalangas are high in protein.

Additionally, those who live in areas where they grow it regularly cook them and add them to soups, stews, meat dishes, etc.

They as well eat them raw on occasion. In addition to being high in protein, they’re also high in Vitamin A and antioxidants — especially when eaten fresh. 

While you don’t see these plants growing much further north than Florida (and not at all in most places), they’re very common throughout South America — including Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, and Venezuela.

47. Lovage

Lovage (Levisticum officinale) is a perennial herb native to Europe, northern Africa, and southwestern Asia.

Common lovage or garden lovage is an unrelated plant. It is in the Apiaceae family but originates in southern Europe, North Africa, and western Asia. 

The word derives from the Latin Levisticum, borrowed from the Greek ‘leitikion’, which means Lectus, a place in Thessaly where it was cultivated.

Other names for lovage include celery-leaf, garden-loving, or gilt-leaf. All in all, Lovage is not left out of this list of foods that start with L.

48. Liver Cheese (Leberkäse)

Speaking of the numerous foods that start with L, Liver Cheese (Leberkäse) is a traditional German sausage (German: Wurst) that originates in northern Germany.

It is traditionally made from raw minced pork liver and very finely textured, air-dried beef meat. 

Originally, it was known as Leberwurst because it contains liver, but it became widely known as Leberkäse (liver cheese) when it became widely available outside its home region. The most common variant is Mett Leberkäse from around Hanover.

Normally eaten sliced with rye bread or Brotzeit (German for bread time, i.e., snack time), or sometimes just spread on bread/toast by itself.

49. Lime Mint

Popular in Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine, lime mint is a herb native to Southeast Asia. Unlike other mint varieties, it can be consumed raw. 

Plus, it has a strong taste reminiscent of peppermint but milder and more refreshing than spearmint. It’s also great for making tea or for spicing up your water bottle! Pick some mint that is on the list of foods that start with L up at your local grocery store today!

50. Limburger

This stinky cheese made from cow’s milk is a popular offering at state fair events. Also, it’s been referred to as a stinking bishop, and it’s not hard to see why.

Limburger has its fans, but most people find it too pungent for their tastes; one whiff and you might think twice about having another slice! Nonetheless, as different as it may be, it’s still one of the foods that start with L.

51. Liederkranz

How do I feel about foods that start with L? I love it! Before you groan and say not another one of those posts. Liederkranz is, in my opinion, an under-appreciated cheese.

It’s essentially Brie but from central Wisconsin instead of France’s Loire Valley. The curds are larger and a little softer than regular Brie. What’s not to love about it? 

52. Licorice Root

Licorice root, licorice root, or glycyrrhiza glabra, is the last on our list of foods starting with L. This perennial herb grows in cold climates and has been used as medicine for hundreds of years. 

Further, it is cultivated primarily for two substances: an extract from its roots known as glycyrrhizin and licorice flavonoids.

Glycyrrhizin has anti-inflammatory properties and is used to treat stomach ulcers, sore throats, and coughs. Licorice flavonoids have antioxidant properties and may help ease inflammation, pain, and fever caused by cancer treatments.


Taking a closer look at some of the most popular foods that start with L that are listed above, you’ll see that they range from fruits and vegetables, then move on to dairy products.

Even to meats and seafood, grains, sweets, and more. We are sure that you are surprised at how many L-containing options there are to eat! We admonish you to get started on your adventures in trying these foods that start with L out!

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