28 Foods That Start With J

Foods That Start With J

Jazz up your mealtime with these jazzy foods that start with J. Jazz can mean many things, but it means something unique and tasty when it comes to food.

The items in this list might seem so basic, but they’re waiting to be jazzed up so you can enjoy them. They’re arranged alphabetically by food item.

If you want to learn a specific food, start with the letter J, and you can jump straight to that entry without going through all of them.


This sweet, creamy drink is a traditional Tamil recipe, typically flavored with rose water and saffron. Jigarthanda translates to cold dessert, is one of the foods that start with J. Served ice-cold looks great when garnished with ground cashews or almonds. 

Maybe you’re looking for delicious drinks to calm you on a hot summer day. Look no further than India. You will be hard-pressed to find something more refreshing than any of these Indian favorites, Lassi.

A concoction of yogurt and water stirred together, and Lassi is similar to buttermilk but lighter in flavor.


The Chinese have dubbed JingBaiJan one of their national fruit foods that start with J, and it’s easy to see. It’s soft to eat, has a delicate texture, and tastes like a blend of strawberries and bananas.

This is an excellent fruit for Westerners trying something new, and it combines some very familiar flavors (strawberry, banana).

Moreso, did we mention that JingBaiJan is packed with vitamins? Yes, you get plenty of vitamin C when you eat JingBaiJan. Give it a try today! We guarantee you will love it.


Dried meats are an excellent source of protein and make a great snack, especially if you’re on the go. It’s hard to chew, so try slicing jerky thinly part of the foods that start with J into strips. Just make sure to store it in an airtight container so it doesn’t dry out. 

Please stay away from most flavored jerky as it usually contains unnecessary sodium. Instead, try a natural variety like spicy buffalo or teriyaki chicken.

They pack just as much flavor and have half of the fat and fewer calories than their commercial counterparts.

Jerk Chicken

Jerk chicken is one of the foods that start with J. It’s made from chicken marinated in spicy peppers and been grilled.

The best part about jerk chicken is; that you’re done once you marinate it and grill (or cook on a stovetop grill). 

What’s usually served alongside Jamaican food (rice, beans, plantains) can be side dishes for your jerked meat. You’ll need to add some fresh fruit or salad to have a complete meal at home.


Foods that Start with J, another is jameed, a paste made from dried & salted curdled milk, popular in Arab countries. The word is also used for cheese in some areas of Arabia. 

Jameed (جميد) has been described as having a sour and salty taste. It is very similar to Indian Paneer Tuna (तुना).

Jollof Rice

This food version that starts with J is a West African rice dish, and it uses tomato puree and paprika to remove any potential dullness. 

It’s versatile, too, which means you can make it into a meaty main or side dish. Either way, you’ll have an authentic taste that has fans throughout much of Africa.

Jelly Donut

This is one type of food that starts with J, a donut with some jelly in it. Jelly donuts are often topped with icing or glaze, as well. It can be purchased at most bakeries and coffee shops but is also commonly homemade. 

However, Jelly Donut was invented in 1801 by Joseph Reaux-Ducharme in Vermont. Jelly Donuts are delicious, soft pastries that taste great by themselves or paired with coffee or other breakfast drinks.


These Chinese foods start with J, dumplings filled with meat and vegetables, or just meat. Jiaozi can be eaten boiled or pan-fried. They may not seem jazzy, but their appearance certainly is. They’re steamed in a unique pleated shape. 

As such, these dumplings look different than most other dumplings. Until you take a bite of their perfectly seasoned meats and veggies, order some jiaozi if you eat at a Chinese restaurant. You won’t regret it.


Rather than just plopping an egg on a plain omelet, why not jumble good foods that start with J. Jumbles or scrambled eggs with cheese and breadcrumbs? It will jazz up even breakfast purists. 

This recipe is designed to be cooked in two skillets at once. If you don’t have two skillets (and you’re hungry), feel free to cook it all in one skillet. Though cooking it all in one skillet means it will take slightly longer to cook through.

Another alternative is just cooking each ingredient individually rather than combining everything. Scramble together some eggs and set them aside before scrambling some onions & setting them aside separately from each other.

Jaffa Cake

The Jaffa Cake was first invented in 1927 by a British inventor named William Currant. Jaffa cakes (foods that start with J) it’s 50 years later before they became known as Jaffas. 

What’s great about them? For starters, they have delicious orange jelly on top of their crunchy cake base. You can eat it all by itself or top it off with ice cream for an even more decadent dessert.

The choice is yours when you visit Canada and enjoy some deliciously rich Canadian cuisine like our favorite confection: Jaffas.

Jicama Salad

Jicama is a root vegetable among foods that start with J. It can be eaten raw and have a similar texture to an apple or pear. Peel using a knife to remove the outer skin, then slice and eat or chop into cubes for salads. 

Add extra flavor by mixing other ingredients into your jicamas, such as chopped apples, dried cranberries, walnuts, and cheese.

Be sure to remove seeds from any other fruits you mix. They may cause digestive discomfort later on when consumed. Enjoy with friends over dinner to create a healthy evening snack time for everyone!

Jungle Juice

A staple of grade-school lunchboxes, jungle juice, is a sweetened fruit drink that kids love. Some people would make their jungle juice because they say it’s foods that start with J and taste better. On its own, jungle juice can be considered healthy.

 However, adding soda or other sugary drinks to make it fizzy becomes very unhealthy. If you choose to make your jungle juice at home, try using fresh fruit and water instead of sugar.


 It might sound gross. Junket is a delicious dessert made from curds & whey—two dairy products foods that start with J. You may have already tried it if you’ve ever had cottage cheese or yogurt.

It’s surprisingly easy to make a junket at home, but you can also buy it. It has a creamy texture and slightly sweet flavor, making for a light snack. And maybe pair it with some fresh fruit for something more filling. 

Jalapeno Poppers

They may seem naughty, but not only are jalapeno poppers (filled with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon) delicious. Jalapenos Foods that start with J are high in vitamin C and capsaicin.

A compound that increases metabolism and speeds up weight loss is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.  

How’s that for a description? Dip them in ranch dressing or salsa for an even tastier bite. You could also try serving them alongside grilled chicken or fish dishes.

After all, bacon makes everything taste better! If you have dietary restrictions, get substitute cheddar cheese or spinach-feta filling.


Foods that Start with J, sweet and savory, jackfruit is a large tree fruit native to parts of Southeast Asia. Aside from being delicious, it can be used as a meat substitute in many dishes. There are plenty of online recipes that use jackfruit as the main ingredient. 

You can go to a good Asian market and ask what they recommend—they’ll have several ideas. This versatile fruit pairs well with other sweet ingredients, such as honey or maple syrup.

Japanese Plum

Japan is famous for its unique flavors, and it adds more advantages to foods that start with J. But one of its most underappreciated treats is also one of its oldest: Japanese plums.

These stone fruits have been cultivated in Japan since at least as early as 800 A.D. They boast a tart flavor that makes them delicious when eaten fresh or used in sauces and desserts.

They’re commonly used to make plum sauce in Japan, which combines perfectly with grilled meats such as pork and chicken. Easy recipe (blend sugar, soy sauce & mirin) for quick homemade sauce. You can use any meat or vegetables.


Enjoying fresh juice is a great way to get all of those essential vitamins and minerals you need in one delicious glass.

Juice isn’t just for breakfast, and adding fruit to lunch or dinner will add some fun & provide a boost of flavor. 

To shake things up in foods that start with J, try blending fruits that you wouldn’t usually mix. You might be surprised by how much you love switching it up at mealtimes. A little bit of variety can make a difference in keeping your diet on track.


It’s associated with Kentucky Derby Day. A mint julep is a refreshing cocktail made from bourbon, sugar, and fresh mint. Feel free to enjoy non-alcoholic foods that start with the J version of a mint julep if you don’t imbibe them.

Furthermore, the winter weather lends itself to cool cocktails (hot coffee). But adding just a hint of sweet citrus or spiced rum will brighten some holiday flair.

Here are some great recipes for both hot and cold variations. Hot: Mix 1 tablespoon of sugar in 2 teaspoons of crushed fresh mint leaves.

Add boiling water to dissolve sugar & mint; strain to 8-ounce mug; stir in 1 tablespoon brandy, Grand Marnier or Curacao.


Like a fruit smoothie, a julep is simply juice mixed with crushed ice. The name comes from America’s favorite drink: the mint julep. 

For example, you could prepare mango juice or cranberry juice for breakfast and add some crushed ice. Use fruits to sweeten naturally to avoid processed sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Mixing juices will also help make foods that start with J interesting, so give it a try today!


Food that Start with J as a quick and easy snack to prepare is Jello. This treat can be made in any flavor you like, and it looks colorful when you serve it.

The best part about Jello is that it tastes delicious too. However, you can also make a fruit salad or fresh berry trifle for a light dessert.

Suppose you want to add protein to your diet and vitamins and nutrients, and look for recipes that include cottage cheese or protein powder as a topping.

Jerk Chicken

A delightful take on classic favorite foods that start with J, jerk chicken is spicy and flavorful. Be careful when cooking with hot peppers: they can add some extra pep to a dish. They can also leave you feeling uncomfortable and running for water.


If you’re wondering what’s for dinner, consider a plate of spiced rice cooked with meat and seafood. Foods that Start with J are savory, satisfying, and oh-so-tasty. 

It has its origins in Louisiana, but variations of Jambalaya are now enjoyed around the world. The title jambalaya comes from words meaning hamburger in Provençal French (from Occitan jambe ‘leg’ + lai ‘come here’).

Jordan Almond

Now that you’ve mastered braising broccoli and browning beef. It’s time to look at foods that start with J that’ll make a splash—literally.

Jordan almonds are candied almonds coated in an egg white-based candy shell. These sweet treats are worth having on hand for company or any other reason you can think of. 

Jelly Roll

Everybody knows that breakfast is called the most important meal of the day. Occasionally, foods that start with J in American breakfast aren’t enough to keep you going until lunchtime.

Try a jelly roll, also known as a Swiss roll or sponge cake, if you’re looking for something different. It’s enjoyable because it requires no cooking and goes great with some fresh fruit or ice cream. 


The fruit of an evergreen tree from Brazil, jaboticaba, is a purple-colored berry that comes in sweet and sour varieties.

It tastes like grape jam and can be served either fresh or fermented. Jaboticaba, part of the foods that start with J, is rich in vitamin C, potassium, iron, and phosphorus. 

Juice can come from it if you cook it until its pulp is soft. Mix it with sugar & lemon juice. Jaboticaba also makes for great marmalade spreads.

Java Food

In addition to its well-known drink, java food is a diverse group of plant-based products. Foods that Start with J are so tasty that they’re being described as an entire way of life by some experts. And if you want more energy and vibrant health, then java food can help you get it. 

Ways to enjoy java include beans and pulses, leafy greens like kale and chard, and nuts & seeds like almonds and pistachios.

Fruits such as bananas, avocados, and kiwis; legumes such as peas or lentils. Spices like turmeric, grains like millet, or quinoa. All of these make for super-duper-healthy meals!


The jam will jazz up any morning with its irresistible flavor and texture. There’s a way to jazz up any meal with tasty spreads from peanut butter & jelly sandwiches to toast with grape/strawberry. You can even add chocolate chips for a truly decadent treat and enjoy parts of the foods that start with J.


This variety of mushrooms has a taste and texture similar to a shiitake, but it is much more affordable. These Foods that start with J tend to cook up on the softer side.

However, you can try roasting it whole in an oven or sautéing it until tender over medium heat. You can also eat cooked Jesuites raw, although they are usually served after other types of mushrooms as an appetizer. They’re trendy during the fall months for use in soups and stews.


So start searching for those (foods that start with J) jazzified recipes you’ve heard about. Grab yourself a sousaphone and get to cooking. 

These dishes will have everyone in a swingin’ mood. They’re so good that you won’t even notice there isn’t any actual saxophone music playing while you eat. Enjoy!

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