46 Foods That Start With F

Foods That Start With F

Foods that start with F are an eclectic bunch that includes everything from fried fish and beans to fruity fries and fabulous fudge.

You’ll find favorites such as French toast, falafel, and focaccia alongside fun foods like fritters, fries, and fondue. 

In this food list that starts with F, you can find more exotic fare like feijoada (Brazilian black bean stew) and foie gras (rich duck liver).

Check out the foods below for some interesting eats!

1. Fugu

Fugu, the starter of our list of foods that start with F, is the Japanese name for a puffer fish. Pufferfish are interesting creatures, to say the least.

They’re poisonous when eaten raw and are considered a delicacy in Japan as long as they’re prepared properly by professionals trained in their preparation. 

Certain species’ livers, ovaries, and intestines contain tetrodotoxin (TTX) and other similar compounds. These can cause paralysis, respiratory failure, or even death if consumed improperly—and sometimes even when eaten correctly!

While many countries require licenses to prepare fugu, it is still on menus across Japan. This is due to demand from tourists who want to try its supposed aphrodisiac properties—but be sure you know what you’re doing before ordering one!

2. Fennel

Fennel, the second of our roll of foods that starts with F, is a plant similar to celery, grown for its seeds or fruit. The vegetable has crunchy stems and large leaves; it’s also used in soups and salads. 

Fresh fennel can be purchased year-round from supermarkets or markets, but it’s more expensive than celery, which can often be substituted in recipes calling for fennel. 

Another option is to freeze fresh fennel and then chop it up when needed as an alternative to buying canned fennel (which is often mushy).

It works well cooked in tomato-based sauces like spaghetti sauce or chili con carne since it doesn’t wilt as quickly as other vegetables.

3. Fudge

Though fudge may be one of life’s greatest pleasures, it’s definitely not one of life’s healthiest treats. A single serving of fudge has more than three times your daily recommended amount of saturated fat (about 20 grams). 

This means a heart attack is always around the corner—not to mention all those added sugars and preservatives you might be scarfing down along with your piece! 

Nonetheless, we understand—you can never resist fudge. But take solace in knowing there are much healthier chocolate options out there than Ben & Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Chunk Fudge Core ice cream. – Or you could even stick to enjoying it without a spoon! This is one of the foods that start with F!

4. Fox Grape

The fox grape is an excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamins A and C, and manganese. Eating fox grapes also helps protect against degenerative diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Remember only to eat fresh grapes or those stored in your refrigerator. 

Even though these fruits are considered non-toxic and edible, some people do experience mild to severe allergic reactions after consuming them. Fox grapes are a great addition to smoothies or salads but can also be consumed by themselves. 

While they don’t taste like regular table grapes, they have a unique flavor all their own that is just as delicious! Of the foods that start with F, they aren’t only very tasty, but there are equally very nutritious!

5. Faggot

This old-world peasant dish is not nearly as offensive as it sounds! A faggot is a bundle of herbs, nuts, breadcrumbs, and pork fat.

The recipe originated in England and was brought over to North America by early British settlers. 

It’s traditionally served alongside beans in a tasty broth for those looking to add variety to their traditional meat and potatoes diet.

If you are at a loss for what meal from the list of foods that start with F to make for dinner tonight, give faggots a try!

6. Fabada

Although it may not sound like your cup of tea, fabada is actually an essential Spanish dish. It is from one of Spain’s most famous regions: Asturias, a Spanish autonomous community in northern Spain.

Fabada (Asturian for bean stew) is made up mainly of white beans and pork products such as chorizo and bacon, as well as onion, garlic, paprika, and cider vinegar. 

For vegetarians, fabada doesn’t have to be out of reach, thanks to vegan chorizo substitutes. Additionally, traditional recipes can be altered to include mushrooms or beans.

7. Feijoada

The traditional Brazilian stew is packed with flavor and nutrients, including healthy fats, protein, and plenty of veggies—not to mention deliciousness. 

It takes time to make; however, it’s worth it in both taste and health-wise. The perfect Sunday dinner from the roll of foods that start with F!

8. Francesinha

Francesinha, which is one of the foods that start with F, is a Portuguese Sandwich. This cheese and bread heaven is a rare find—and not just because you might have to travel to Lisbon, Portugal, to get your hands on one. 

The Francesinha is a sandwich made up of layers upon layers of melted cheese. This is topped with ham and then bathed in a spicy beer sauce (frizzled).

A less daunting option for stateside lovers: The Francesinha at Jose Tejas in Austin serves one stuffed with short rib

Practically, it’s impossible not to finish this thing in about five minutes (time it if you can). But hey, when you’re eating through more than 6 million calories a day, why worry?

9. Farro

Farro is a popular grain in Italian cuisine with a flavor between wheat berries and spelled. It has high amounts of fiber, thiamine, vitamin B6, magnesium, and potassium — plus more protein than any other whole grain! It is equally one of the foods that start with F.

Further, you can find it at many supermarkets these days in both pre-packaged and bulk form. However, I prefer to use farro for my healthy recipes as it lends itself to hearty dishes like soups and stews. Top your bowl with arugula or chard and a crumble made from goat cheese or feta – YUM!

10. Flan

A classic dessert originating in Spain, flan is a creamy, caramelized custard made from milk or cream and sugar. This delicacy on our food list that starts with F is usually served alongside fruit sauces such as raspberry and fig. 

Uniquely, the secret to great flan lies in its consistency. It should be slightly wobbly when sliced into but firm enough to hold together without running off your plate. If you’re still unsure how to prepare your flan at home, check out Food Network for an easy recipe!

11. Fettuccine

This pasta is made from soft wheat flour and egg and has a flat, ribbon-like shape. Fettuccine works well with light sauces and meat dishes; it’s also delicious and served alongside seafood or chicken instead of regular pasta. 

Check out these flavorful fettuccine recipes to get your feet wet: Seafood Fettuccine, Chicken Alfredo Fettuccine Bake, and Lemon Chicken Piccata Pasta Salad.

Do you wish to taste combined deliciousness and awesomeness from just one of the foods that start with F? Then, Fettuccine is definitely for you!

12. Falafel

Falafel is deep-fried balls made from ground chickpeas and fava beans (chickpeas are the most commonly used).

There are many variations throughout Middle Eastern countries (notably Egypt and Turkey), but it typically has a texture between nutty and crispy when done properly. This is one of the foods that start with F that you certainly should try out! 

13. Focaccia

Focaccia isn’t missing from our list of foods that start with F. If you like to eat bread as a side dish or as an appetizer, focaccia is perfect for you! It is a delicious Italian bread traditionally made with olive oil, salt, and yeast. 

Moreso, this type of bread originated in Liguria, Italy, and it can be enjoyed hot or at room temperature; it goes great with salads, soups, or cheeses! What are some of your favorite ways to enjoy focaccia? Comment below!

14. Fish Sticks

This popular comfort food is surprisingly good for you, although it’s no substitute for fresh fish. Because they’re breaded, stick-shaped, and deep-fried (making them a calorie bomb), avoid eating fish sticks too often. —The nutrition benefits don’t really kick in until after two servings a week. 

Make sure to read labels to look for low-sodium versions and keep an eye on calories: One serving can have over 400! A better alternative is a piece of grilled salmon topped with herbs and veggies. You’ll get your fish fixed without many calories and unhealthy fat from frying. 

For those who prefer non-fish alternatives, consider tofu, beans, or edamame. An easy way to prepare legumes is in a stir fry served over brown rice.

15. French Beans

When you’re cooking French beans, it can be helpful to remember that they have a long growing season. This means they can be quite fibrous and tough; thus, always cook them in salty or acidic water.

Try cooking salt in water, or use white wine or vegetable broth instead of water for extra flavor and nutrients. (reduced sodium broths don’t work as well for French beans because their high acid content can cause more toughness). 

Also, you should only stir French beans once during cooking to avoid bruising—and make sure to serve them immediately after draining!

And no need to add any seasoning while they’re cooking—they have enough natural sweetness on their own. Looking for foods that start with F to try? Consider French Beans!

16. ForeRib

One of the delectable foods that start with F is Fore Rib. The fore rib, or pork rib, is cut from a pig’s chest near its spine. As a rule of thumb, they are typically leaner and less fatty than spare ribs.

However, they do have some fat in between their bones to provide flavor and help them stay moist while cooking on a grill or roasting in an oven. 

If you plan on grilling ribs instead of baking or roasting them, you can immediately use your preferred dry rub and marinate just 30 to 60 minutes before cooking.

The meat will be tender enough after 30 minutes to withstand exposure to smoke as it cooks over an open flame without falling apart. 

17. Falooda

From the food list that starts with F, this sweet, colorful dessert is one of India’s favorite desserts. It is made from rose syrup and vermicelli noodles, known as seviyan. Then, it is cooked in milk and topped with nuts, seeds, and cream. 

Meanwhile, you can make a falooda for yourself at home using simple ingredients like milk, rose syrup, and flavored gelatin.

These are mixed in chilled milk to make a pink-colored concoction topped with vermicelli noodles, pomegranate seeds, and pistachio nuts sprinkled over it! It’s an easy-to-make dessert that kids, as well as grownups, will love.

18. Fava Beans

A staple in Mediterranean cuisine, favas are delicious, cooked, and served warm or cold as part of a meal. Fava beans are rich in vitamins A, C, and K, folate, protein, and iron.

Plus, they contain some potassium, manganese, calcium, zinc, and selenium in smaller amounts. When buying favas, choose those that are smooth-skinned without cracks or blemishes.

A few browning spots on their leaves won’t make them bad, but they certainly won’t make them good, either! Seeing all these benefits you stand to gain by eating these foods that start with F, why not try today?

19. Feta

Feta is a white cheese that crumbles when it’s fresh and hardens when it ages for about a month or so. The rind will turn dark in color and become brittle, but there’s no need to throw out its deliciousness.

Just crumble off as much as you want and store it in a container in your fridge until you’re ready to use it again. 

There are many different varieties, including smoked fetas and herb-infused versions, that you can find at your local grocer (and online). It pairs perfectly with kalamata olives, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and more.

20. Figs

When it comes to fruits and veggies, a healthy diet includes both. This makes figs a great fruit to include on your plate—and they’re actually more like berries since they grow on plants instead of trees! They’re also high in fiber and low in calories.

This makes them an ideal choice for any weight loss or weight management program you choose to follow. 

In fact, studies show that eating just six figs each day can help boost metabolism by up to 10%. You can eat them raw or use them for meals like salads and smoothies.

Either way, you enjoy them, these foods that start with F will surely give your body everything it needs for continued healthy living.

21. Fodder Melon

Foods that start with F? Fodder Melon is one! The fodder melon is a sweet, fragrant melon grown for livestock feed and can also be eaten by people.

However, it is much smaller than most types of melons and has a slightly bitter taste. Proceeding, it ranges in size from 2-4 pounds, and its flesh is usually white or yellow when ripe.

This type of watermelon originated in Southeast Asia but has recently spread to many other countries as well. This is due to its large yields and high nutritional value; now, it’s even sold in some U.S.

22. Farsan

Dishes and foods from different parts of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh have been highly influenced by cultural mixing for centuries.

That was when they were part of the Mughal Empire or dominated by such Mughal rulers as Akbar, Shah Jahan, and Aurangzeb. 

Also, Mughlai cuisine was popular during British rule in India (1857 – 1947). Northern India is famous for Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken, and Rogan Josh, all made in a clay oven called Tandoori Oven.

Fish preparations in the northern region are mostly spicy curries like Sarson da Saag (mustard greens) with Buttered naan bread are very popular meals there too. Tandoori literally translates to Tibet.

23. Fritters

The main ingredients in fritters, a part of foods that start with F, are most commonly sliced, diced, or ground vegetables.

They are sautéed with flour and other seasonings to form a dough, which is then cut into shapes and fried.

A popular version of fritters is tempura, where shrimp or vegetable pieces are dipped in egg-and-flour batter before being deep-fried until golden brown. 

Tempura can be either savory or sweet; traditional Japanese tempura almost always contains seafood. However, some varieties have been developed for non-seafood restaurants to serve vegetarian customers.

Regarding fritters, there’s a huge variety available depending on your taste buds and preferences—if you can think it up, someone somewhere has likely done it (or will).

24. Flour Tortillas

This Mexican staple is a great option for carb lovers, making them an awesome choice if you’re craving tacos, enchiladas, or burritos.

For those worried about gluten intake, wheat flour tortillas are a relatively low-carb choice at only 12 grams per eight-inch tortilla. Still not convinced?

Check out these delicious recipes from our friends: Chicken Enchilada Stuffed Poblanos, Chipotle Chicken & Cheese Taquitos, and Sausage & Pepper Breakfast Quesadillas. We are still on our roll of foods that start with F. Read on! 

25. Frittata

A frittata is an Italian omelet, usually made in a shallow pan and not folded in half before cooking. Its closest relative is a Spanish tortilla and a French omelet.

But unlike those other classic egg preparations, a frittata does not include any cream or cheese, just eggs, and seasonings. 

The only limit is your imagination: Your frittata can contain meat, vegetables, or cheese; it can be large (one for every meal!) or small (hand-sized).

In addition, it can be served hot or cold as part of lunch, dinner, or dessert. And it can have endless flavors and styles from around the world depending on where you grew up. We are talking about foods that start with F here, and Frittata is included!

26. French Onion Soup

French onion soup is the perfect dish to have on a cold, rainy night! This hearty soup is full of vegetables and flavorful broth.

And, when combined with fresh-baked bread and a green salad, it can easily turn into a whole dinner party! 

If you don’t have time to make French onion soup from scratch, plenty of restaurants serve it on their menu! Don’t forget to check out our recipes section for more ideas!

Try one today and discover why French onion soup, one of the foods that start with F, is so beloved worldwide!

27. Flaxseed

Flaxseeds are rich in fiber, protein, and lignans, a type of phytonutrient which has been shown to help protect against certain cancers.

While flaxseed is not unique in terms of its nutritional value, it does contain higher amounts than many other foods that start with F. 

Moving on, Flaxseeds are relatively easy to add to meals or snacks. Plus, they don’t have an overwhelming flavor or texture, so that most people will enjoy them as part of a meal. 

Here are some suggestions for adding flaxseed to your diet: You can add ground flaxseeds to smoothies, oatmeal, cereal, or yogurt. Also, you can use whole flaxseeds in baking recipes where a nut meal would be called for.

28. Finger Lime

As we know, many different foods start with F, and Finger Lime isn’t excluded from the list. Considered one of nature’s true delicacies, Finger Limes have a tart flavor similar to sour citrus fruits such as lemons, but with a sweetness. Enjoy them fresh, or add them to salads and soups for an extra pop!

29. Flathead

In Montana, fishermen troll for Flathead using live-bait rigs and downriggers, targeting them at depths from 90–130 feet in reservoirs like Fort Peck Lake and Canyon Ferry Reservoir.

The fish tend to run around 50 pounds or so. (In Canada, where they’re called yellowfish, it’s a different story: these critters can reach 200 pounds!). Our list of various foods that start with F is not complete with the Flathead!

30. Fish Chowder

Whether made from beef, chicken, or fish, chowder is a one-pot meal and an excellent way to keep costs down on a tight budget.

It’s almost impossible to make chowder without dairy products like milk and butter, so if you are trying to lose weight—this recipe isn’t for you! 

The amount of calories in each serving depends on which fish you choose, but most have around 200 calories per 100 grams (about 3.5 ounces).

If your portion sizes are reasonable, then a single bowl won’t kill your diet! But beware! Be very careful with portion control when eating out at restaurants—large servings can be upwards of 600-800 calories per serving or more!

31. Frogs Legs

Frog legs are perhaps one of those foods that start with F that most folks simply think gross. It’s an acquired taste, to be sure, but frog legs come from a variety of frogs from around the world and can be prepared in several ways.

If you’re interested in adding some slightly exotic meat to your diet, try ordering up some frog legs when you’re next at an upscale French restaurant. 

Meanwhile, you might find them on par with chicken wings for finger-food appetizers! Frogs’ legs cook relatively quickly and don’t need much help from seasonings or marinades to get their flavor across.

They stand up well on their own. Many people fry them in butter or pan-fry them without any oil until they’ve got crispy skin on each side.

32. Fufu

This cassava-based dish is a traditional Ghanaian side dish. It’s typically served at celebrations and on special occasions like Easter, New Year, and weddings.

Surging, the ingredients are boiled together in large pots over an open fire until they’re soft enough to form into balls by hand.

It’s then eaten with various sauces and dips, such as soup or peanut sauce, for dipping (or dunking) chunks by hand without utensils. I recommend Fufu on the list of foods that start with F if you desire something different!

33. Frankfurters

The frankfurter was invented by German immigrants living in New York City around 1871. The first frankfurters were made from beef, but when pork became more common and less expensive, they switched to using it instead. 

Today, there are countless variations on the frankfurter theme; corn dogs, veggie dogs, and jumbo dogs. With this on our roll of foods that start with F, the list goes on forever!

34. French Toast

French Toast isn’t left out of our list of foods that start with F. A delicious breakfast meal made by frying slices of bread in a pan and adding some sort of topping or sweetener.

Usually served alongside something to drink and some sort of fruit or vegetable on top, making it a nutritious and filling meal or snack. 

Additionally, some common toppings are syrup, honey, jam, peanut butter, and powdered sugar, depending on your tastes. French toast is typically eaten for breakfast but can be eaten anytime during the day!

35. Fireweed

This plant is most recognizable for its large ball-shaped clusters of purple/pink flowers, which flower in late summer and into fall.

It’s a common wildflower native to North America, but its dried stems and seeds can be used in cooking or brewing beer.

Furthermore, Fireweed gives off a naturally sweet smell that smells great when dried and quickly fades upon heating.

The leaves are also safe to eat, tasting similar to rhubarb stalks; just boil them before consuming them raw or in a salad recipe. You are bound to enjoy this delicacy on the list of foods that start with F!

36. Fajitas

This Mexican dish is typically made with flank steak or chicken, but grilled fish is also a good option. Try topping your fajitas with sliced avocado and salsa to give them an extra boost of flavor and healthy fat.

Serve alongside brown rice or whole-wheat tortillas for added fiber and protein. Choosing lean proteins like chicken breast and tilapia will help keep you satiated throughout your meal.

And this is without adding too many calories to what are usually high-calorie meals by default, even if they’re loaded up with veggies like peppers and onions.

37. Flatbread

No one wants to eat a plain piece of bread. It’s not appetizing, and it’s not filling, either! But by adding a little cheese, vegetables, meat, or some other edible ingredients, you can make flatbread one of your favorite foods that start with F. 

Plus, its shape makes it easy to eat (no utensils needed!). So next time you want something tasty for lunch or dinner, try eating flatbread as an appetizer or main dish – one of them might even be your new favorite dish!

38. Frozen Yogurt

Did you expect Frozen Yogurt to be on our list of foods that start with F? It’s delicious, healthy, and above all else, it’s easy to eat – frozen yogurt is one of my favorite snacks, and I never get tired of it.

My two favorite frozen yogurt places in NYC are Red Mango (74 4th Ave) and Pinkberry (152 3rd Ave). 

While both have excellent flavor profiles, I prefer Pinkberry because they also have low-fat options that are much better for you (especially if you can control yourself from adding toppings like I can’t!). If you try either place out, though, let me know what your favorite flavor is!

39. Flapjacks

These are traditionally made with oats, mixed in a pan, and then cooked over an open fire or on a frying pan. They can be eaten alone or filled to make a sandwich-like snack. 

What’s more? Flapjacks come in sweet and savory variations and can either be cooked for breakfast or enjoyed as an afternoon snack, especially when you need something a bit more substantial than cereal, chips, or chocolate bars but are not quite ready for dinner yet.

Some flapjack recipes use leftover boiled potatoes to give them extra substance; others add dried fruits to sweeten them up even more.

40. Fioretto

Fioretto is a pastry dish invented in Milan, Italy, which later became popular throughout Europe. Made primarily of puff pastry and custard powder, Fioretto can be served as a sweet snack or dessert, plain or with chocolate on top. 

Also, Fioretto is known by many other names depending on where it’s served. For example, it is known as terkeni in Cyprus and as cornetti all over Italy and Switzerland. 

Similarly, France had its name for fiorettos until recently when they gained popularity in their country: croissants aux amandes.

As you can see from its long list of synonyms, there are many ways to spell fioretto. However, there is only one way to eat this delectable item on the list of foods that start with F: deliciously!

41. Feijoa

Feijoa is one of the foods that start with F. It is also known as guava fruit and can be grown on trees in your backyard. It’s an exotic and uniquely flavored fruit, meaning you may have never tasted it.

The feijoa looks like a tomato or pumpkin when it is unripe and green but ripens to a bluish-green or red color once fully ripe. 

When you cut into it, you’ll find juicy flesh filled with tiny edible seeds—you can eat it alone or use it for desserts and drinks.

You might recognize its flavor as tasting similar to pineapple and strawberry—it has a rather unique taste! You should eat them when they are fully ripe because they lose their flavor once they get too soft!

42. Farina

Farina also called cream of wheat, is made from grinding wheat until it forms a fine white flour. Due to its high starch content, farina has little flavor on its own but absorbs other flavors easily.

Especially when cooked in a liquid or pureed, and is commonly used in thickening soups and sauces or as a base for puddings. 

Coupled with that, Farina can be used to make a variety of bread and baked goods, too, such as muffins and casseroles. It adds texture without overpowering more delicate ingredients like nuts or fruits. 

In addition to being served for breakfast with milk or fruit juice, farina can be served plain alongside savory dishes like meatloaf or chicken breast for added body and fiber content, similar to grits or polenta dishes. From the role of foods that start with F, I can guarantee your enjoying of Farina!

43. Fiddleheads

If you’re strolling through a forest and see a bunch of brown spiky balls, don’t touch them! Those are fiddleheads and just as good in your belly as they look on your lawn.

Although it’s impossible to know where their name came from because they look like tiny fiddles—as in violin bows. —

Nevertheless, it’s safe to assume someone was hungry when he/she first found them in nature. And luckily for us, people still eat these hair-like greens today. Thanks to how good they taste raw or sautéed, mixed in with pasta or rice dishes like risotto.

44. Flank Steak

Flank steak is a cut of beef from a cow’s abdominal muscles. Other names for flank steak include London broil, butcher’s steak, and minute steak.

Though it can be confusing, other cuts may also go by these names, depending on where you live. But no doubt, this is one of the delicious foods that start with F.

Typically, Flank steaks are 11⁄2 to 2 inches thick and weigh between 1 to 3 pounds, which makes them a fairly economical choice if you prefer more tender cuts of beef.

Because flank steaks are relatively thin, they only require about 4 minutes per side when broiled over high heat. Or 7 minutes per side when grilled over medium-high heat—making them perfect for quick weeknight meals.

45. Filet Mignon

As we are about to bring the list of foods that start with F to an end, Filet Mignon will not be left out. Filet Mignon is a cut of beef taken from beef tenderloin, one of three primal cuts. The high-fat content makes it an expensive meat.

Also, it is considered to be tender due to a lack of connective tissue compared to other cuts like pot roast or ground beef. 

Plus, it can be grilled, pan-fried, braised, broiled, or roasted. Filet mignon was once reserved for nobility but is now available in most high-end grocery stores worldwide. It can occasionally be found as low as $8 per pound at many Costco locations in North America.

46. Flounder

Flounder is a flatfish in salt and fresh water, although it prefers shallow waters over 200 feet deep. This fish has an oval body shape, making it perfect for filleting. People use it as an ingredient in soups or just fry and serve it as seafood for dinner. 

What’s also great about flounder is its low-fat content, which makes it easy to cook without overdoing fats in your diet.

You can also grill and steam flounder; if you prepare it, you’ll love its taste and texture. Just be sure to keep away from any fish bones when eating! Flounder ends our list of the various foods that start with F!


Food is a staple in our lives. Without it, we’re not sure what we would be able to do daily. Including performing routine tasks like work and school for most people just to get by. 

This makes it important to understand as much about food as possible and have your finger on everything related to it so you can make informed decisions every time. You should never take food lightly because you’ll find yourself in tricky situations without it!

And this leads us to compile the list of foods that start with F. We hope our article was helpful enough!

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