9 Surprising Foods That Contain Alcohol

Foods That Contain Alcohol
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You might not realize it, but there are a wide variety of foods and beverages that are marketed as non-alcoholic yet are foods that contain alcohol.

The fact that it originates from the foods and beverages you’d least anticipate is even more astounding.

Despite the low alcohol content, it is practically hard to completely avoid alcohol because it is included in many of our regular items.

Here on our blog, we will list some everyday foods that w contain alcohol.

1. Rye Bread

Rye bread, likewise baked with yeast, is first on our list of foods that contain alcohol, with a content of just 0.18%.

Rye flour’s structure causes different reactions with yeast and sugar than white wheat, resulting in much lower levels of ethanol (alcohol).

2. Hotdog Rolls

Hotdog rolls and hamburger buns are also on our list of foods that contain alcohol ABV of roughly 1.28%.

Fermentation occurs when the dough’s yeast and sugar combine is the sole source. You may typically anticipate a few traces of alcohol in yeast products.

3. Pies and Cake

It is hardly surprising that these delicacies also include foods that contain alcohol, particularly pies and cakes.

Even when these treats are baked, only about 60% of the alcohol is destroyed by the heat.

Fortunately, there isn’t much harm caused by these products because there isn’t much vanilla extract used.

4. Sodas

It is difficult to imagine that most sodas, particularly sugar-free versions, contain trace levels of alcohol.

Coca-Cola, Diet Sprite, Diet Dr. Pepper, Fanta Orange, and Mountain Dew are a few of the brands.

From brand to brand, the amount fluctuates, but generally speaking, it is less than 0.01%.

So, while you might assume that alcohol is only present in apparent foods and beverages like wine, beer, and spirits, alcohol is present in many of your favorite goods.

Although the levels are small and safe, if you are concerned about drinking alcohol, this is important knowledge to remember.

5. Vanilla Extracts

Alcohol is required for most pure vanilla extracts and even certain synthetic varieties as a preservation strategy.

The legal requirement in the USA is that pure extract includes at least 35% alcohol.

Even though this may seem like a large quantity, it is rather small when you consider how little extract you need when baking or cooking.

6. White Wine Vinegar

As the name would imply, the vinegar has gone through a procedure analogous to that of making wine.

These foods that contain alcohol ABV are more difficult to determine accurately, but it is frequently close to 2.6g per liter.

The vinegar fermentation process is similar to winemaking in that yeast eats sugar to make alcohol.

7. Grape and Apple Juice

Grapes and apples are similar to how bananas naturally ferment; grapes, too, go through some natural fermentation, giving them an ABV of roughly 0.09%.

These foods that contain alcohol have wild yeast on the skin, which reacts with the sugar in the fruit, even though no yeast is introduced to the juice before it is prepared. 

Apple juice has a 0.06% ABV and also naturally ferments. Given that grapes typically contain more sugar than apples, this is slightly lower than grapes.

8. Soybean

Soybean is also one of the foods that contain alcohol. The ABV of soy sauce ranges from 1.5% to 2%, depending on the producer. 

Soybeans, wheat, salt, and water are used to make the sauce, which is then fermented to dissolve the starch and sugar.

There are trace levels of alcohol present because the procedure is comparable to that used to make beer.

9. Banana

Lastly, on our list of foods that contain alcohol, ripe bananas can contain up to 0.2% ABV.

Fruit, especially bananas, slowly start to ferment as they get older. The amount of alcohol produced by this technique is quite low because it also produces ethanol. 

The alcohol content increases as these foods that contain alcohol ripen. This is especially true for bananas whose skin has developed brown blotches.

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