30 Popular Food Festivals Around the World

Food Festivals Around the World

Food festivals showcase some of the finest cuisine available around the world, as well as renowned chefs and wine and beer specialists. If food is your religion, you should put these festivals on your bucket list. 

Make sure you put these incredible gastronomic travel events on your calendars, purchase airline tickets, and begin saving.

It will be an unforgettable experience. Also, prepare for the trip of a lifetime as you travel the world eating.

Without much ado, here are some of the food festivals around the world. Please read on.

1. The Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival

Naturally, one of the top spots on this list goes to the Food Network’s most eagerly awaited event of the year.

Your favorite Food Network celebrities congregate in Miami Beach for a 5-day event where they demonstrate their incredible culinary abilities live. 

Past guests have included greats like Guy Fieri, Bobby Flay, Rachael Ray, Martha Stewart, and Emeril Lagasse.

More than 80 activities are also included in the festival, including lectures, private dinners, parties, tastings, and the well-known Oyster Bash.

Also, you can find a wide selection of superb meals, wines, and spirits in the Grand Tasting Village, which you shouldn’t miss.

2. Montreal Table

The 150 restaurants participating in this 11-day food festival in Montreal, Canada, provide three-course meals for $21, $31, or $41. The celebration is held in the autumn, just before a gentle dusting of snow falls across the nation. 

Also, the food more than makes up for the chilly Canadian weather. This food is one of the best food festivals around the world.

3. Hokitika Food Festival

New Zealand is the setting. It enthusiastically honors anything that is West Coast-related. They allow you to have some gourmet treats and some of the typical cuisine. A very open mind is advised because there are many diverse foods to sample.

4. Charleston Wine+ Food Festival

During their annual four-day food festival in March, Charleston’s fantastic food scene improves even further. The festival’s focal point is the focal point of Culinary Village, located in Marion Square in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina. 

Get a day pass to enjoy delicious food, fun activities, and other fresh, novel events that change the year. The event showcases the top eateries and chefs in the region and honors Charleston’s culinary expertise. 

While you can expect to find plenty of Southern staples like fried chicken, shrimp, and grits, they also provide fantastic wine, seafood, burgers, and many other dishes you shouldn’t miss. This cuisine is one of the best food festivals around the world.

5. The Taste

Los Angeles is the setting for this one. They provide you with a wide selection of appetizers to savor, likewise with food. You are being served food from L.A.’s top-rated eateries. Purchase your tickets for the following year now.

6. La Tomatina

It’s like playing Holi with tomatoes, as the movie “Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara” beautifully puts it. Spain’s Valencian town of Buol is where it happens.

When a brawl broke out between a few strangers in Spain in 1945, they began throwing tomatoes from a neighboring fruit stand at each other.

On that day, having a tomato fight steadily started to become custom, and the authorities were powerless to stop it. Because of the size of the festivity, more than 1.5 lakh tomatoes are consumed.

The “Palo jabón” event, which takes place during the last week of August, marks the beginning of the festival at ten in the morning.

Furthermore, the participants are doused with water using hoses to make the work seem more daunting.

The tomato fight, in which tomatoes are flung from vehicles, begins if someone manages to knock the ham off the pole. The tomatoes are grown specifically for this festival in Extremadura, where they originate. 

7. Maine Lobster Festival

It often takes place in Harbor Park in Downtown Rockland, Maine, which has a view of Penobscot Bay in Maine’s Midcoast.

This festival is a treat for lobster fans, with a variety of lobsters on exhibit (try 20,000 pounds!). The sea prince and princess announcement occur after the festival’s “Big Parade.”

This festival has numerous bands, floats, marching groups, etc. The festival also includes a section for entertainment.

This year’s all-star cast includes Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter, Vanilla Fudge, Peter Rivera, and Kim Simmonds from Savoy Brown. This cuisine is one of the best food festivals around the world.

8. Sarlat Truffle Festival in Dordogne

The region is well-known for its regional gastronomic delights and is a prominent hub for black truffles, frequently referred to as “black gold” in France.

At the mid-January Sarlat Truffle Festival, a delicious array of meals and products prepared with the potently perfumed mushroom are on display.

The black truffle, appreciated for its rarity and intense flavor but not dedicated to modern art, is often confused with the Belgian-style chocolate confection that resembles its appearance.

The event in Sarlat-la-Canéda also offers attendees the chance to visit the vendors and stands at the famed truffle market and enjoy a variety of foods, from delicate truffle slices on toasted bread to infused oils and fresh pasta laced with it.

There are also cooking classes, shows, and other events offered. This cuisine is one of the best food festivals around the world.

9. Texas Hot Sauce Festival

It’s impossible to argue against the fact that Texas, one of the top BBQ-producing states, also produces some of the best sauces in the nation. For more than 20 years, the Texas Hot Sauce Festival has been held, and it is still going strong.

However, admission to this Texas food festival provides you access to more than just a taste test of the best spicy sauce the state has to offer. Additionally, you can sample salsa, barbecue sauce, Bloody Mary mix, and more.

10. Erfoud Date Festival

Morocco’s date industry is concentrated in Erfoud. Hence the event is centered thereon, thanks to the abundant harvest of dates.

This item is essential to the Moroccan economy. Since the dates are harvested around late September or early October, this celebration is typically observed during those times.

Companies that want to market their goods made using dates have a display set up. In essence, it is a three-day carnival where the farmers can enjoy themselves and visitors may see something simple and energizing.

Throughout these three days, more applications for palm trees are showcased. The victor of the fashion parade, a component of the carnival, is dubbed “Miss Date”! As an illustration, items constructed from palm tree trunks are also on show.

11. Aspen Food and Wine

The location of this cuisine event is well-known. In the heart of the Colorado Mountains, it has a quiet beauty all its own. It is a culinary festival where you may sample wines while enjoying delicious meals.

12. La Trace du Fromage

La Trace du Fromage is a French celebration of the natural splendor of Aveyron and cheese, the nation’s most famous export.

On a single Sunday, anyone is welcome to participate in this planned hike in the beautiful Aubrac region. You’ll run into welcoming local food producers who’ll allow you to try some of their wares.

You’ll almost certainly try the local delicacy aligot and Laguiole cheese. Another favorite is mulled wine, which is warming.

La Trace du Fromage is a French celebration of the natural splendor of Aveyron and cheese, the nation’s most famous export.

On a single Sunday, anyone is welcome to participate in this planned hike in the beautiful Aubrac region. You’ll run into welcoming local food producers who’ll allow you to try some of their wares.

Furthermore, you’ll almost certainly try the local delicacy aligot and Laguiole cheese. Another favorite is mulled wine, which is warming.

You will give a two-course dinner in Aubrac following the climb to round off a full day of exploration. The trail has three configurations, from a stroll to a challenging hike. This is one of the best food festivals around the world.

13. The White Truffle Festival

It is a one-month festival that begins in October. White truffles are a rare variety of mushrooms that you can only find in specific regions of Italy. They are astonishingly expensive; in 2009, a 1.6-pound white truffle went for $150,000.

However, as unbelievable as it may sound, it is true. The Piedmont, Tuscany, Umbria, and Le Marche regions are where you may find truffles the most frequently. The truffle festival, now in its 84th year, has vendors offering them in all sizes and forms.

This store sells every conceivable truffle-related product, from truffle oil to truffle cheese. The greatest truffles are also auctioned off and bought and sold during a truffle auction that is invite-only.

The top chefs in the world travel to Piedmont, a little hamlet, to inspect the exhibits’ truffles and select the best ones. This is one of th best food festivals around the world.

14. French Cuisine Festival

This extensive celebration of French cuisine is held annually in several locations throughout France. It offers visitors several chances to sample conventional and creatively updated variations of these meals.

The schedule changes, but you can count on food carts, trucks, marketplaces, cooking classes, meet-and-greets with well-known French chefs, and a focus on local cuisine. This is one of the best food festivals around the world.

Additionally, this is one of France’s gastronomic festivals. There are now French-style dinners held at embassies and neighborhood restaurants in more than 150 countries, including perhaps one close to you, so if you can’t make it to France for the festivities, don’t worry.

15. Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival in China, called the Mooncake Festival, honors the moon and the year’s harvest.

Making and exchanging mooncakes, prepared from lotus paste with an egg yolk center to symbolize the completion and oneness of families, is one of the holiday’s customs. 

Watermelon, cassia wine, tea, lotus roots—which stand for peace—and other dishes are also provided during the celebration. Families leave their teacups outside at night and watch for the full moon’s reflection. 

That is a cuisine event with considerable significance, to be sure. This cuisine is one of the best food festivals around the world.

16. St. Moritz Gourmet Festival

The five-day St. Moritz Gourmet Festival in Switzerland annually honors the cuisine of world-renowned chefs. Last year, the festival focused on Japanese cuisine and its wide range of gourmet offerings. 

Over 40 activities took place over the week, including the Japanese Tea Ceremony, nightly gourmet dinners, the Grand Julius Baer Opening, and the Chocolate Cult, where guests may sample various treats prepared with the best chocolate. Prepare to waste your chocolate.

17. Gilroy Garlic Festival, Christmas Hill Park

One sometimes overlooked ingredient that improves practically every dish is garlic. Garlic festivals in California celebrations are, in fact, a fresh and intriguing concept. Also, it takes place this year from July 25 to July 27.

It features live entertainment, cooking competitions, and lots of garlicky food. Garlic ice cream and French garlic fries were among the foods produced with garlic last year.

The Gildroy Garlic Festival has donated more than $10 million to regional nonprofit organizations and charities over the past 35 years. Attending the food market is excellent because funds are donated to worthy causes.

18. Lyon Bière Festival

Beer lovers in France and throughout Europe have made the Lyon Bière Festival, which Bieronomy et l’Agence Tintamarre puts on in association with Le Petit Bulletin Lyon, a must-attend event.

Participants will get the chance to sample a variety of craft brews and ciders. You can ask the brewmasters questions on the brewing process, emerging trends, and food pairings.

The festival features French beer. With more than 100 brewers present, the Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Slovenia, Belgium, and England were represented.

La Sucrière, a significant building housing modern art in Lyon’s 2nd arrondissement, will host the event. This cuisine is one of the best food festivals around the world.

19. Tunarama Port Lincoln

The theme of this festival is seafood, as you might infer from the name. However, besides serving cold, fresh seafood, the Tuna Toss Championship is one of the festival’s most well-known activities.

Finalists will toss actual frozen tuna fish here, and the participant who tosses it the farthest will win. You can participate in the slippery pole, boat building, and the tuna toss, or try your luck at winning the championship title!

This four-day festival takes place on the weekend closest to the Australia Day holiday. This frequently occurs in January.

20. Meat Fight

With a name like Meat Fight, it’s obvious why this event is regarded as one of Texas’ best food festivals. What precisely is Meat Fight?

According to the website, it’s a “Texas non-profit with a mission to make giving charity an undeniably entertaining experience.”

However, the opportunity to taste some of the best barbecues in the state is at the center of it all—delicious beef dishes.

21. Chinchilla Melon Festival

The town of Chinchilla, which produces up to 25% of Australia’s melons, hosted the first melon festival in 1994. The initial festival’s goal was to lift the city’s spirits following a protracted period of severe droughts.

As the game competitors put on their watermelon skis and gracefully glide over the juicy rink during a Melon Ski race, prepare to see a little bit of a hilarious mess.

In addition to the marathon, the Chinchilla Melon Festival has additional events, including pit spitting and melon bungee. This is one of the best food festivals around the world.

22. Texas Citrus Fiesta

This annual festival in Texas has featured the Parade of Oranges and the Product Costume Style Show since the 1930s, with lavish costumes made from citrus and other regional Valley goods.

It starts in late January and honors the citrus harvests in the Rio Grande Valley. The Vaquero Cook-off, a barbecue tournament with various events like Pan de Campo and citrus desserts, is also a highlight.

23. New Orleans Wine & Food Experience

The Wine & Food Experience in New Orleans draws more than 7,000 gourmets and ecstatic fans from all over the world to share the stage and astound foodies with their abilities as it steadily develops into one of the most magnificent culinary events in the world!

Due to the abundance of small-scale, you will also see art and music fans, food specialists, and chefs at the event.

Even yet, fantastic music performances take place concurrently to keep the visitors amused while they chow down on delectable fare and sip the finest wine.

You’ll be astonished to learn that hundreds of restaurants and wineries are participating in this massive food festival, especially given that it’s expected to beat the record for being one of the world’s most sophisticated food festivals around the world in 2020.

24. Poteet Strawbery Festival

One of Texas’ best food events is this one. A little town in New York called Poteet receives over 100,000 visitors yearly for the Strawberry Festival. In addition to the procession, dances, art exhibition, rodeo, and “Taste of Texas” culinary show.

Also, nationally renowned country music singers and Tejano performers perform in this event, which has been around for about 60 years. This is one of the best food festivals around the world.

25. The Grape Throwing Festival

One of the oldest food celebrations is the Grape Throwing Festival in Mallorca, Spain, which started in the 1930s as a humorous means of getting rid of grapes that couldn’t be used to create wine.

Here is a fun alternative if paintball is your favorite sport. You can run to the vineyards and start throwing grapes at everyone you see. The decision to apologize later or never is yours.

If you don’t want to end up all sticky and pulpy, you could attempt the simultaneous grape-threading and grape-stomping activities instead! This is a joyful September activity.

26. Oktoberfest

In the Oktoberfest food festival, huge glasses of tasty alcoholic beverages will go perfectly with giant pretzels.

Every year, this particular event draws millions of partygoers and their families. In Munich, it’s never too early for a few drinks.

Drinking starts as early as 10 am, which makes this clear. Also, you can express your genuine self (there is no one here to judge you) and dance to top-notch music performed by numerous live bands.

The 16-day Oktoberfest celebration occurs in the middle of September in Munich. This is one of the best food festivals around the world.

27. New Yam Festival

The Igbo people of Nigeria hold the yearly New Yam Festival in the first few days of August to celebrate their cultural heritage.

The Iri Ji celebration, which means “eating new yams,” is celebrated throughout West Africa (mainly in Nigeria and Ghana) and many other African nations. It marks the conclusion of one farming cycle and the beginning of the next.

A festival is a cultural event that brings together several rural Igbo communities that depend on yam, the crop king.

At the start of the event, the yams are typically initially presented to the gods and ancestors before being dispersed to the locals. The eldest man in the community, the monarch, or other dominant titleholder performs the ritual.

28. West African Food Festival

The West African Food Festival has been hosted annually in Ghana since 2017. Leading West African chefs are drawn to the event to prepare food from their home countries and present it for public consumption.

Furthermore, the occasion seeks to promote harmony and peace through gastronomy. Visitors to Ghana can now sample distinct flavors of West Africa at a safe cooking competition between chefs from the participating nations. This is one of the best food festivals around the world.

29. Taste of Paris

What could be more ideal than a single site where you could experience a wide variety of treats from the best cafes, bakeries, patisseries, and gourmet shops in Paris? Visitors have the opportunity to do just that during Taste of Paris.

Every year in the spring, under the magnificent glass roof of the Grand Palais, chefs and restaurateurs gather for four days of tastings, cooking demonstrations, “meet and greets” with well-known and upcoming chefs, and culinary workshops.

One of the food festivals around the world is this one. Spend an afternoon exploring the festival’s temporary eateries and vendors.

About 100 of them attended the event, which started in 2015 and is now a regular on the gastronomic calendar.

30. Bole Festival

Bole festival Food Festivals Around the World

Bole festival is a popular Port Harcourt street cuisine that includes roasted plantains, yams, sweet potatoes, and roasted fish with correct pepper sauce.

The Bole Festival was established in 2016 to showcase the rich culture and variety of well-known food, focusing on Southern heritage. It honors the distinctive Port Harcourt street food.

The festival had an increase in attendance from 300 guests in 2016 to a record-breaking 25,000 attendees in 2021.

Despite the rain, there were more than 28,000 attendees and more than 100 vendors from all over Nigeria throughout the two days of the Bolè festival, which takes place in August 2022.

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